"I believe you ordered entertainment, Sir."

You open your front door to find me draped against the doorframe in a black trench-coat. I look up at you coyly with eyes lined heavily in black, my lips glossy, parted, and whore-red. I step through the doorway and trace my hot pink nails, a stark contrast to my black lace fingerless gloves, down the side of your cheek. My eyes look intently into yours as I graze your lips lightly with my thumb. I smile, then cast my eyes down. I turn from you and slip my jacket off, letting it fall to the floor, revealing matching hot pink bra and panties, black fish-net thigh high stockings and peep-toe, black, lace-up booties with sky-heel stiletto heels.

You watch me as I walk slowly, deliberately overextending my step to emphasize the curve of my hips. I run my hands through my long, loosely curled hair, shaking it over my shoulders, giving you a pronounced view of my tiny waist and perfectly round ass.

I turn around when I reach the front of your couch. I tilt my head and bring my forefinger to my mouth and watch you come to stand in-front of me. You're so close I can feel your body heat and smell your intoxicating cologne. I have never been so hot for a client, and my pussy immediately dampens as I take in your presence. "Tonight is all about you, Sir." I run my hands up your chest and through your hair, bringing you down close to me. "Sit, relax. I'm here to please you." You lower yourself onto the couch, your face now level with, and only inches from, my wet cunt. You must be able to smell my arousal, but I somehow keep myself from straddling you. "In fact, your pleasure is my one...and only...concern tonight." You hear me explain. You imagine ripping my panties off of me, picking me up right there and driving your cock deep inside me. How I'd scream in pleasure and ride your cock hard. You know I want it...and you decide to make me work for it.

You recline back on the couch and get comfortable, "I ordered you here to dance." You pick up a remote and press a few buttons, music blares through the speakers around the room, "...so dance, slut."

"Yes, sir." I turn around and walk to the center of the room, swaying my hips to the beat, and playing with my hair as if it were your hands entwined in it. I rock my ass and hips for you, running my hands all over my body. My pussy drips, imagining you touching my breasts, my ass, your rough fingers entering me. I work down to the floor then straighten my legs, bringing my ass up high in the air and giving you an unadulterated view of my soaking wet panties, then I arch my back, my long hair whipping backward, and I slowly rise. You watch me grind my body hard, as if I had you there. As if I wanted you to feel every inch of my body on yours. I roll my hips and lower myself to the floor again, this time getting on all fours and spreading my legs to fuck the floor before starting to slowly, exaggeratingly, crawl to you on hands and knees. You've taken your cock out of your pants and have begun stroking it. It's huge, stiff, and deliciously wet with your pre-cum.

"You want my cock, bitch?" you challenge me, looking down at me on my knees before you.

"Yes..." I whisper. "I want your cock...I need it." I run my hands up your thighs and wet my lips, I can't keep my eyes off of it. My pussy is so hot and wet, I yearn to be filled. My trance is broken by you roughly grabbing a fistful of my hair and wrenching my head to the side. I gasp and close my eyes, my nails immediately digging into your legs.

"Yeah? Tell me about it. Fucking beg for it, slut." You give a strong yank for good measure, stand up abruptly, and tilt my head back. You smack your cock on the side of my face quickly, your pre-cum wetting my jaw just out of reach of my longing mouth. I'm stunned, in pain, and incredibly turned on. I let out a stuttered moan and open my eyes to take in the man using me, degrading me so blatantly.

"Please...please let me taste it. Let me just turn my head, take you in my mouth. Let me make you feel good." You rub the head of your cock over my cheek, spreading the drops of your pre-cum into a thin glaze. "Oh fuck...please...mmm" I close my eyes again and revel in it. "I want to run my tongue up your cock. Taste those delicious drops. Feel your cock hit the back of my throat. Please...let me take you in my warm, wet mouth. I need it."

"Of course you do, bitch." Smack, smack. "What the fuck else are you good for?" You pull my head back by my hair and position the head of your cock to rest on my bottom lip. I reach out my tongue and circle your head. I close my lips around it, massaging the bottom of your head while I suck at you in pulses. Your cock just barely in my mouth, I moan in ecstasy. I try to take you deeper, but your firm grip on my hair reminds me I don't have that option. I whimper in disappointment and look up at you. "You're fucking pitiful." you smirk. "Whining. You will take what is given to you and you will fucking love it. Maybe if you're a good girl I'll reward you."

I cast my eyes down. I want to please you so badly. I shake my head the infinitesimal amount that I can, your cock gliding around the edges of my lips. I move my hands to one side so you can watch me slip my middle finger up my palm and peel my gloves off slowly. I slide my panties to the side and slip one and then two fingers deep inside my dripping wet cunt, coating them well with my juices, then bring my hand up and start to jack you from your base while I suck you off.

"That's it bitch. Milk my cock." You bring your other hand up and grab another fistful of my hair. You allow me the pleasure of a couple more delicious inches in my mouth. I can taste my pussy juice on your cock as I work you. I suck and lick, loving every second, twisting my wrist as I jack you, making sure every inch of you is getting the attention you deserve. I look up at you with my mouth full of your cock. You moan and start to aggressively fuck my mouth, your cock hitting the back of my throat. "Yeah. Yeah, bitch. Take that cock. Take it down your throat." you demand. I gasp between thrusts, and try to relax. I extend my tongue, eagerly offering you my throat to fuck. You take it, and ram your cock ever harder into my mouth, down my throat...once, twice, and again...then you hold it there, your hands roughly pushing you deep. I gag. I can't breathe. I can't move. You snicker and pull out. I gasp for air.

"You love it, you dirty...fucking...cunt."

"Yes...sir...I love it." I stammer, breathing deeply. I do love it. I am unbelievably aroused being used so selfishly...being the tool which allows you this depraved pleasure. You shouldn't treat a woman like this...and I fucking love it. I crave to be your little fuck toy. I want more. I reach up and place my hands on your abdomen, look up at you and beg, "Please...fuck me. Fuck my cunt. It's so wet for you. Have I been a good girl? How can I please you? Use me. I want to feel your cock in me."

"You're wet for me, slut?"


"Yes, what, slut?"

"Yes, sir. I'm wet for you. Please fuck me. Please. I want you to slam your hard cock...deep...into my hot, wet pussy."

"Did I say I give a fuck what you want?" You grab my wrists firmly and pull me up to my feet. "Bend over the arm of the couch. Now." you demand. I quickly move to the side of the couch and bend over, placing my tight round ass in-front of your stiff cock, giving you full access to whatever you desire, "Lets see how wet you are for me." You rip my panties off of me, and I gasp at the rush of cool air. I've been dripping wet since I arrived, and it's amazing to finally be stripped and spread for you. "Oh yeah, you're fucking soaked you filthy slut." You shove two fingers inside me.

"Oh, thank you, sir." It feels amazing to finally be filled, I moan and begin to rock my hips, the arm of the couch stimulating my throbbing clit.

"Fucking whore. You like fucking my fingers? You need to fuck something don't you."

"Yes, sir. I am such a whore. I need to fuck." You pull your fingers out, and I gasp in frustration.

"Such a fucking slut." You run the head of your cock along my glistening pussy slit, "You come over here dressed in nothing put panties, dance for a complete stranger and get your fucking cunt all sopping wet. Look at you, bent over, begging to be fucked, you look like a fucking whore."

Your cock parts my pussy lips over and over; I'm aching to be filled, to be fucked hard. "Yes...please...fuck me." I whine. Nothing else seems to matter to me now. You begin to trace your head up from my pussy slit to my asshole, covering it with my juices, "Oh, fuck. Please. I need it. I need to feel your cock in me." I plead. I inch back toward you.

"I don't give a shit about what you need. You're just here because you're wet and apparently ever so willing, whore. And my cock needs to fuck." You grab my hair again and slam your cock deep inside my cunt in one thrust. I cry out. God, you're fucking huge, and so, so hard. You fuck me forcefully in solid thrusts. I grip the couch as you pull my hair back so firmly it forces my back to arch. Every thrust you make into my tight, hot pussy makes me scream. Your cock fills me fully. The pleasure of being fucked is immediate and incredible...almost surreal. I drink in the feeling of your beautiful cock ravaging me, your delicious grasp on my hair. I think about how my body must look, my arched back pushing my ass towards you and my tits, cupped in pink lace, pushed out, the look of absolute ecstasy on my face as you use me.

You abruptly stop thrusting and push your hips forward hard, letting go of my hair and pulling my hips back onto your cock. I gasp, never thinking a cock could be so deep inside of me, my mouth hangs open relishing the force. Leaving one hand firm on my hip as you pulse into my depths, you reach around and slide your hand into my bra, roughly fondling my breast and pinching my nipple. My pussy automatically tightens around you, and I immediately feel my orgasm skyrocket to a dangerously close level. You watch me convulse, trying pace myself. You smirk, digging in even deeper and lean forward to growl in my ear, "You're making an awful lot of noise, bitch. Shut the fuck up. And don't you dare cum until I say you can."

"Yes...sssir." I manage. You feel so good it's beyond belief. Before I register your actions, you force me fully down over the couch, my head forced into the cushion, my ass high and conveniently ever so open to you. "Fuck!" I cry out.

"Don't you fucking move." You say through clenched teeth and unfasten my bra, tearing it off of me, so I'm left in just my thigh-highs and heels. You straighten up. "Yeah, bitch, much better." You smack my ass hard and palm it while slowly sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt, "Yes...this definitely suits you, fucking whore." You say almost detached from the situation. You wet your thumb and begin to circle my asshole with it. "You like your ass fucked? You seemed to like the thought earlier. Fuck...you look so good, bitch. Who the fuck cares what you like." You press your thumb fully into my ass. I moan and rock my hips. "Yeah...that's what I thought. Dirty little whores love their asses fucked. You like me in both your holes, cunt?"

"Yes...it feels amazing, sir." I whimper.

"Beg me for it; beg me like a good little bitch."

"Please fuck my ass. I know I'm a dirty slut. I can't help it. I want to feel your hard cock in my ass. Please..." I plead with you.

"Such a fucking whore." You fuck my ass with your thumb in opposing thrusts to your stiff cock in my cunt. You pull out, your cock soaked in my pussy juice, and push just your head inside my ass. "You want it?"

"Yes! Yes, I want it. Please fuck me. Please put your cock all the way up my ass." You pulse in and out of me, just the head of your glistening cock entering and then leaving my ass. "Please! Oh my god, don't tease me. I need you fully inside me...please..." you snicker again, and impale my ass with your full, thick shaft and fuck me hard. I cry out, and it hurts...it hurts so fucking good. You fucking hammer me, your carnal instincts taking over. I scream and writhe with every thrust. You pull my hair brutally; use it to drag my head around like a rag doll. You spank my ass hard, repeatedly, and I fucking scream. God, do I scream...the control and power turning you on even more.

"Fuck, bitch...yeah? You fucking want it. You fucking want my cock hard up your tight little ass? You're such a fucking whore. Fucking...slutty...ass...cunt." You grab my hips and drive my ass mercilessly onto your cock. I plunge my fingers into my dripping wet pussy and then start to feverishly work my clit. "Yeah...work that cunt for me baby...are you going to cum? Cum with my cock up your ass? Fucking slut."

"Yes...sssssir...oh my god...please...I need to cum. Please...let me cum." My fingers dive into my pussy, fucking my hole, rubbing my clit, I'm fucking drenched in my juices. Soaked from being treated like I should...a complete and utter whore. "Please...please sir...may I cum?" I plead.

"Alright, bitch. Cum. Cum now. Cum with my cock up your ass. Fucking slut. You look like such a fucking whore with my cock in your ass. You like that? Fucking cunt. Cum now. NOW bitch." I tighten my asshole around your cock and furiously rub my clit. Within seconds you're standing still, your hands on my hips, watching me fuck your cock with my ass...my orgasm washing over me, screaming in pleasure. "Feel good? Feel good cumming with my cock in your ass? Dirty fucking whore." you sneer. My climax begins to subside, and I collapse over the couch. I take a sharp breath as you pull out of me quickly, the absence of your cock shocking my now stretched wide asshole.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" You grab me by the hair, drag me around and throw me on the couch. You pin my wrists in your hands above my head and drive your cock into my wet cunt. You pound into me fast and hard, with all of your weight. I'm humiliated taking your cock from my ass to my pussy...it's so dirty...but I can't help but allow it for you. I turn my head aside, to not look at you, ashamed, and just take it. I know what I'm here for...I have no right to refuse.

"Don't you fucking look away. I want to you see what I'm doing to you. Fucking whore." You growl in my ear. I turn my head back and you stare into my eyes as you pound me. The intensity of your eyes on mine is commanding. You thrust into me with that powerful gaze a few times before bending down and running your tongue up my neck ravenously. Shivers run up my spine, my nipples harden. I arch into you, close my eyes, and moan in pleasure, "That's right baby...fuck my cock." you whisper into my ear. I wrap my legs around your ass and ride you, rotating my hips, feeling you deep inside me.

"You want my cum deep in your pretty pink pussy?"

"I want it wherever would please you, sir."

"That's a good girl..." at last you sound pleased with me. Your incredible cock deep in my cunt, and finally, your approval of me, bring forth my second orgasm all too quickly.

"Please sir...I need to come again...you fuck me so good, sir....please...please let me cum..." I beg you.

"Heh." you smirk, "Not yet, bitch."

"Please...please sir...fuck...your cock feels so good. I need to cum. Please may I cum? Oh my god, I need it. Please. Please!" I plead. You pull out of me, and again I gasp at your cock's abrupt absence from my longing body. "No...please..." I whine.

"Get on your knees and finger your cunt." you command, stroking your cock fast. I obey and immediately kneel in-front of you, fucking myself hard with my fingers. "Cum." you demand simply. I rub my clit watching you stoke your beautiful cock. My climax comes on fast and I close my eyes, my juices soaking my fingers, and I bounce up and down on my knees. You grasp my hair again and your cock hits the back of my throat. I suck your cock hard, the moaning of my orgasm vibrating on your sensitive head. I revel in all my juices, so dirty, and I don't care. Your cock is amazing, and I want your cum. "Suck it. Suck my fucking cock, bitch. Yeah...make me cum. Make me fucking cum. Fucking suck my cock with all your pussy juice on it. You like my cock in your mouth after it's been in your ass, bitch? Huh? Fucking whore." You fuck my mouth and shoot your load, the first blast delivered down my throat. You pull out of my mouth and let the rest of it coat my face, allowing me the pleasure of the last few drops on my tongue. It's fucking incredible.

"Thank you, sir..." I say between sighs of pleasure, "...thank you for your precious cum...thank you for - " you cut me off.

"You've served your purpose, cunt." You grab me by the hair and drag me, crawling, naked but for my fishnets and heels, to your front door. You yank my hair back to admire the cum dripping down my face and snicker. "Now get the fuck out." You shove me out the door, toss out my trenchcoat, and close the door.

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