tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 02

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 02


Author's Note: A complimentary letter to Epistle to My Lady written by SEVERUSMAX ~ Enjoy, Red.


My Dearest Captain,

Your letter stilled my heart the moment I received it. My fingers were somewhat shaky when it finally reached my hands. I wanted to rush out and read it, but alas I was in conference with my tutor, Leonippus. Yes, he knows of us as many do, but I knew your words were for me and no other so it was with great control that I waited until I was alone.

I must tell you that it was wise of me to read the words you penned for me while I was alone, for if I had not been then their would have been witnesses to the scent of my arousal. Yes, my love, your words aroused me. The first sentence evoked images of our loving and made my sex tighten with anticipation for more. Even now as I pen this to you, I feel the moisture of my sex gathering and threatening to slide free of its warm home.

Whenever I think of the wine, I blush. I too enjoyed it. I have since added different wines to the mix. I long to find the perfect blend. Just as one would serve red or white with a particular meal. . .I too wish to serve the best when mingled with the essence of man and woman. I think it will be a most delicious quest for me to take on. It will give me pleasure during these times of separation that we must endure.

I was thrilled to clean the juices of you and my lovely Antigone. She is a most beautiful lover and she too was thankful, not only for the cleansing I gave her, but the gift of allowing her to have you as a lover too. Her crush will thicken, but I know where her loyalties lie, as I do yours. You may use her when you wish. . .as long as I am present to enjoy the view and cleanse you both. You mentioned if I indeed knew how close you were to relieving your seed into her and yes, my love, I knew. I can see your release in your face. Your features grow tight. Your breath stops for a moment and your teeth clench tight. I love to watch you. I love to see the passion and fire that is so evident in your eyes.

That brings me to another subject you have shared with me. I love you all the more that you have trusted me with the secret of your one and only male encounter with a comrade. I will say nothing of your experience to anyone, you know this of me. I give you my word not only as your lover and friend, but as your Queen as well.

I would never force you to do anything in our mating that would not bring you pleasure. I have experienced intense climaxes when my anal passage has been played with, while my womanhood was also being teased. I have a suggestion my love. When next we meet again, I would like you to use one of my glass phalluses on me. While Antigone licks at my sex, you can insert the glass and I think once you see my pleasure, you will long to be a more physical part of it. I want to have you deep within me. I will not pressure you, but I do hope you consider it. Trust me, my Captain... I will not allow you to hurt me. I have all the things we will need to make the entrance of the glass or you - if you change your mind - very easy and very enjoyable.

Philomela is a child when it comes to her feelings for Epimenas. The boy only loves boys and she should accept this, but she is young and does not wish to believe she is not attractive enough to pull her to him. I tell her she is, but alas when she covers me in her release it is his name she calls. She apologizes, but once she is done licking away my nectar, I tell her that it is okay, I too love another. You know my Captain. . .it is you. Eris and Helle are extremely happy with each other. I am envious of their happiness sometimes. To be free in who they enjoy is a rich treat. I know I am free in a way, but not like them. I sometimes wish to just come to you and steal you away with me and leave all things behind. I won't. We both know this. But at times I am jealous of their freedom.

I miss you so very much. My fingers curl at my sides when I think of how we are separated by our circumstances. The "if only" run rampart in my mind as I think of our lives. Your beautiful wife, though barren is quite lucky. I do enjoy my station, but because of my vow, which I will NOT break, I can not be with you. I will marry a royal, but know this my love, when I close my eyes it will be you that I come for.

I remain forever yours,

Your Lady and Your Queen

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