tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 03

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 03



Author's Note: This is an ongoing series of letters that compliment SEVERUSMAX's Epistile to My Lady. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I and SEVERUSMAX are. I know I am having fun and look forward to doing more. Thanks SEVERUSMAX As always please leave comments if you like. ~ Red

My Captain,

You have just left me and Antigone has finished cleansing your seed from my pussy. Oh, love I was tempted to leave it there so I could feel the seeds of you as I slept, but I did not. The pleasure though of having my face and breasts bathed in your hot juices will not be lost to me and so it is that scent I will sleep with.

Your letter arrived moments before you did as you very well know. After our formal business was discussed and you were able to slip to my side and our evening began I fought so hard not to whisper words to keep you with me through the night. Not to tell you words that I myself have never thought to utter. I am a jealous woman. Yes, my love. . . I know I am a wise Queen, though I am a woman that is young and has lost her heart to another. I know also that what we share is unique and can not be found simply by lying in bed with some dandy from court or some wench that serves you drink. But it is special and I long to be your only one as you long to be mine. . .I will stop this childish behavior. I am not a child. I am a woman and a leader. Please forgive me my love, I lost my head there for a moment.

I will discuss things with you that I have found trying lately, things I did not expect to feel, but was unsure how to express them to you. I agree that Philomena will make an excellent woman to bear your child. . .there my love. I have wrote it. It was hard to do, though it was my idea that you find someone to take as a potential prospect to breed with. I can not say the words make love, for I would find myself jealous of her gift. Yes, your child would be a gift to any woman.

She would be my slave and I know this, but Cadmus I do not know if I am that strong of a woman. The truth pours from my lips as I confess that seeing her swell with your child, I am afraid would pain me and so I ask that if you wish this - no I do not hold ill will toward you or her - but if she does become the womb for your seed and it flourishes. . .please allow me to send her away. I will not shun her, but will shower her with wealth to stay healthy for your babe. . .Oh Cadmus, it will be harder than I thought. I fear you do not see your lover and Queen as weak.

There I have said it. It is out. Now I must concentrate on other things, things that will bring me back to the joyous state I was in before I thought of the proposal.

You were beautiful my love. The phallus brought me much pleasure and I look forward to having you use it again on me. Antigone also hungers for the experience, though she like I wonder what it would be like to have your sex claiming us. When you rammed the beautifully sculptured glass into my welcoming rosebud and Antigone drank from my body I knew that I would not last long. As you know my Captain, your Queen was weak. I was weak for you and for the pleasure raking my body.

Cadmus I stopped breathing for a moment as the shots of liquid fire escaped the inner depth of my arousal and cascaded down to slather my slave's face. Then when she drank her fill and you pulled the smooth toy from its tight home and grabbed my hips, only to ram your phallus into my licked pussy I shouted again the orgasmic bliss that crashed through me.

Do you know what you do to me? Do you know how my body screams for you? I know my love that you hear it. I know that you see it. . .but can you feel it? Can you feel that eruption of my fluids running as if it were falling from a great cliff and crashing along the rocky shores? Can you see the beams of light that shoot across my clenched lids as I feel my body tighten and my fingers dig into the blankets? I don't know if you can. . .but that is what happens. That my dear and so much more.

I shiver and quake beneath you and you my favorite lover are like no man I have ever had or will ever have. You own me in a way that not even my husband will own me. If I could mark myself in some hidden way I would. I would burn for you a symbol of my love anywhere on by body that you desired. Oh God; how I long to throw caution to the wind.

Damn... this talk. I do not know what is with me. I know it is the scent of you that I wear like a rich cologne that drives me to distraction. I must concentrate on other things. I will concentrate on other things.

You mentioned Anexagoras and I will use that to bring myself back to the reality that we are forced to live in. Do not think that your Queen doesn't know about his falsehoods. I know we lost many a good man in his victory over Pythaeum. He tried to be convincing of the numbers, telling me they were not as high as many were saying, but he is a fool to think that just because I am a woman I am not kept informed. He will be dealt with in time, for now he plays his part in this war. . . but believe me my Captain, he is an oddity that I will deal with in a way that only he and I know about. Perhaps one day I will share with you the lusts that he has for oddities. For now rest assured that he is not "pulling the wool" over this female's eyes.

I will go now. I have calmed my pulse and my heart and know that when I sleep it will be the memory of what we have and not the thoughts of what we can't have that flow through my dreams.

I remain yours,

Your devoted Queen and Lover

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