tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 04

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 04


Epistle to My Captain No. 4


Author's Note: This letter is part of a collaboration between myself and SEVERUSMAX. It is a part of the Epistle To My Captain series, complementary to the Epistle To My Lady series that he is writing. I do hope you are enjoying reading them. I know I have had fun writing these little blimps into a couple's life and look forward to more. As always please fill free to comment. ~ Red.


My Loving Captain,

Your letter arrived at a most opportune time for me. I was feeling melancholy and missing you, so when the scroll of your words reached my eyes I could hardly wait to retire to a more quiet place to read. I hurried to the gardens and settled quietly under the great trees there. They are lovely this time of year, but you know this. You and I have loved there often. Though it is not done on our bare backs. . .but as you recall I am sure of the times we have secreted away and . . .well my love I can still feel the bite of the bark against my chest as you ram into me from behind. Oh, how my pussy craves a time when we can do that again.

I will think of that later though, for now I must tell you I am only disappointed in Anexagoras capture because it means we lost a battle, not because I lost a lover. He was and is a useless one except for the secrets he passes to me and I was tiring of him, perhaps he will enjoy his stay there and if I am lucky I will be rid of him for quite some time. The loss of life is horrid as is the number of men captured.

I do not like it when a Captain does not die with his men. I see it like a ship at sea. You do not allow yourself to be captured - - oh but saying that I think of you. I fear I would want you captured instead of death, but you my love, I think you would rather die on the battlefield than on the enemies rack. I do not wish to think such thoughts, so I will leave them buried where only my nightly dreams can find them.

Your admission of jealousy calms me, because I didn't want to upset you with the admission of my weakness. I am embarrassed by my words, but I could not stop myself from speaking of them to you. Your idea of Philomela marrying Ganymede is a well thought one, my love. I knew you would find a way for this to work for both of us. I will still be jealous, but knowing I do not have to see her swell with a child I will never have is one that I thank you for. My heart will still ache, but it will be bearable.

I will also take your suggestions of placing a spy in Laertes bed, for I too need to know what he thinks and what his actions are. This conspiracy though is not new. There are conspiracies that circle every house of royal families and I will prevail over it. I am not an easy victim.

Anexagoras "oddities" are a story of their own my love. He is a Captain of thousands, commands them with an iron fist, though he obviously is a poor judge of battles and foes strength. He is not one to command the bed or the partner in it. He enjoys it when I force him to crawl to me. He is not one to take the lead in our play, but insists that I do it. One time he had me sit on his back and paddle him like he was a great stallion and I was the rider. I bridled him, too, led him around the room as if he were a dog on a chain, which he was.

There are other things... he was not just interested in men and women, but in creatures of the woods, but that is something I shall only discuss this type of thing with you in person. I did not participate in that play, but provided him with the objects of his fascination as well as the men and women he needed to enjoy himself. As you know, the happier my lovers are the more information I get from them.

Ganymede... was and is impotent. He tried to shove his small member into me, but could not. I had several woman try to rise it for him. I even brought in one of my male slaves, but even he could not bring the softened tool to rise. When it comes to the other you mentioned, the licking of ones sex. . .If I could have licked the folds of myself I would have gotten more pleasure than his hurried tongue. I just do not think the fool likes sex, but he only does it so he is useful to someone... not me anymore. I do not have the patience for such a waste.

I do have patience though. You know this. I wait for you and I to reach the elder age where we are thought to be useless and allowed to be left alone. I would give it all up once I knew my people were settled behind a King that could take care of them. To wake beside you and brush away the grays of your hair every morning as my withered fingers move across your brow will be a wonderful sight.

Abdicating the throne is something that I will do when my body is weak and my heart failing. Then my love you and I will leave this place of politics and war and we will love only each other. My heart stills at the thought of that. I have never looked forward to growing old and wrinkly, but now I wish to rush it.

Until we meet again,

Your Queen

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