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Erasing Julie Ch. 03


Sorry for the delay in posting the final part: both technical and personal reasons.

This is the third and final part to the Erasing Julie story. It is suggested that you first read the other two parts.

No sex in this chapter. Sorry.


Erasing Julie Chapter 3: A Ghost of a Chance

Friday, April 9

"Thanks for meeting me for a farewell breakfast; my plane leaves in 4 hours." Gus said.

The City Diner waitress had just delivered a steaming hot breakfast in front of them. Gus loved City Diner omelets, and he was going to miss his favorite Anchorage haunts. But even more, he was going to miss close contact with his children.

"Dad, mom emailed me yesterday. I know that you don't want to hear about her, but she coming back to Anchorage tomorrow. She wants to see all of us," Josh handed Gus a copy of the email.

Gus glanced at the email, then, called his attorney on his cell phone. He left a message with Julie's flight information and requested that she be served as soon as she left security. He had not told the kids about Julie's Mexican adventure, and he wondered if her early return was precipitated by those events.

"Thanks, son," Gus replied handing the email back to his son.

"Daddy, what do you want us to do?" Bess asked.

"Do only one thing for me: let her know in no uncertain terms that I do not want to ever see, speak, or communicate with her. She is erased from my life, and I am moving on," said Gus emphatically.

"For you, well, she is your mother. You will likely want some type of relationship with her. I expect you to live your lives as best you can: be truthful and be respectful. I would let her know that you want the lies, deception and betrayal to stop if she wants to be in your lives. Don't ever put up with disrespectful behavior, even from your mother. Okay?"

They both nodded in agreement.

"If she has any questions about me," Gus reminded them, "have her contact my attorney, John Davis. He has an office in mid-town."

They finished their breakfast and spoke on other topics. Josh discussed his current classes and his plans for next semester. Bess talked about her new job and the wedding plans. Their conversations were subdued, however, since both children were already missing their father.

They left the diner and had one last hug in the parking lot.

"Remember, I love you both. I'll send you a mailing address once I get settled in Houston."

"We love you, Dad" they both responded.

Saturday, April 10

Julie walked slowly through the security checkpoint at the Anchorage airport and looked for Josh. Her cunt and ass were still sore and four hours in an airline seat was painful. Julie had difficulty pulling her carryon with the splints on her broken fingers. Josh had replied to her email and agreed to meet her at the airport, but she was very concerned about what the rest of the family knew about her Seattle affair. Her credit cards were declined at the Seattle airport, but her debit card was still working.

She saw Josh and waved to him. As they began to walk towards each other, a young lady intercepted her as she neared her son.

"Excuse me," she said with a smile, "are you Julie Randall?"

"Why, yes, I am"

"You've been served," she stated firmly while thrusting a large manila envelope into Julie's hands. "Have a nice day," she added before walking away.

Julie gazed at the envelope and looked up to see her son standing in front of her. He was not smiling. "Josh, what's going on?" Julie demanded.

"Dad is divorcing you," Josh replied. "Come on, let's get your luggage." Josh turned away from his mother and began walking towards the baggage claim area.

A shocked Julie followed behind him. Divorce! She had been gone less than five weeks. What's happening here? Josh's behavior was barely civil. They must know everything, she sadly realized. She didn't want a divorce. She needed Gus more than ever now.

Julie sat down near the baggage carousel and looked in the envelope as Josh waited to collect her luggage. It was a Dissolution of Marriage form, about twenty pages total. It also contained a brief handwritten note from John Davis introducing himself as Gus's attorney and asking her to call or see him as soon as possible. Shit, she thought, this is my worst nightmare.

"Okay, I have your luggage," Josh informed her. "Let's go to the car rental counters." He walked away from her pulling her luggage behind him.

"Josh, wait!" Julie called after him. "I don't need a rental car. Just take me home."

Josh stopped and placed the luggage upright. He turned to confront his mother.

"You don't get it do you?" he shouted. "You don't have a house. It's been sold. You don't have a car. It's been sold. You don't have a husband. He's divorcing you. And you don't have a family. Dad just cleaned up the mess you created when you destroyed our family." Josh was red-faced and shaking when he stopped. Julie burst into tears.

"Oh, god," she whispered, crying softly. "I've really screwed things up."

Josh calmed down as he waited a few minutes for Julie to stop crying.

"Sorry, I yelled at you, mom," Josh told her. "I've reserved a car for you and made a reservation at an extended stay hotel in mid-town. We didn't know how long you were going to be here."

"Okay," Julie responded. "Lead the way, and I'll follow." She followed him silently to the car rental counters. After renting a car for one week, Julie spoke with Josh again. "I need to talk to your father. Did you bring my iPhone?"

"Yeah, here it is. But it won't work. Dad cancelled the family plan, so you will have to get another service provider. And you can't contact dad. He's left the state, and he wants absolutely nothing to do with you at all. He was very adamant about that. Talk to his attorney."

Julie took her cell phone from her son and put it in her purse.

"Thanks," Julie said. "He's still my husband and I will talk with him."

Josh didn't reply. He just turned and walked away.

Sunday, April 11

Gus scrolled through the "Furnished Apartments for Rent" section on Houston's Craig's List. There were hundreds of listings, and the rents were cheap compared to Anchorage rates.

It had been a long journey from Anchorage to Houston . He was glad he had Sunday to rest and relax before going into work. Gus was temporarily staying at a company apartment. He would meet his new supervisor tomorrow and find out where he was assigned to work. Most of the staff worked out of the Houston office, but a few were assigned to work either on the platforms or the pipeline terminal bases on the coast. His next week would be orientation and training, and he could stay in the company apartment for up to ten days. As soon as he knew his job site he would ask around the office for recommendations for living quarters. It appeared that he would have a lot of choices.

John Davis had sent Gus a text message that Julie had been served on Saturday. That was good. She would probably see John on Monday. Gus hoped that she would just sign the papers without any fuss. From all their recorded conversations, Julie wanted to stay with Greg. So be it. I'm better off without being married to a cheating slut, Gus told himself.

Monday, April 12

Julie sat in the reception area waiting to see John Davis. She wanted to meet and apologize to her children, but both children refused to meet with her until she saw John Davis. So, here she was.

"A voice caught her attention. "Mrs. Randall? I'm John Davis, your husband's attorney," he said offering his hand to shake. After shaking hands, John led Julie to a conference room near the reception area. "Please have a seat. Would you like coffee or water?"

"No, thank you," Julie responded. "But I do want to see my husband as soon as possible."

"That will not be possible, Mrs. Randall. Your husband left specific directions with me, including a complete prohibition of any contact with you. Perhaps I can start from the beginning, and if anything is not clear when I am finished, please ask questions."

Julie nodded her agreement. What else could she do?

"Your husband had an industrial accident at his job on the North Slope a few days into his shift. He was flown to Anchorage for treatment. When Gus discovered you were not at home, your children explained the story you told them about taking accounting classes at the university. After contracting with a private investigator, your affair with Greg Peterson was uncovered and confirmed. He also discovered over two hundred saved emails between you and Greg Peterson documenting an affair over a two year period."

"Oh, god," Julie exclaimed. "He was never supposed to see those!" Tears came to her eyes, as she recalled the many unflattering comments she had made about her husband in an effort to increase the sexual tension with her lover.

"This is your copy of the PI report in an electronic format," John continued as he handed Julie a flash drive. "It contains a report, over two thousand digital images – many of them explicitly sexual – and several hours of audio recordings. You may want to provide it to your attorney. I have electronic copies of all the emails, as well, if they are needed for any court filings.

"Mrs. Randall, when I first met your husband, he was devastated. He really loved you and was devoted to you. He spent a quarter of a century working for his family and marriage. And suddenly he found that you didn't love him and didn't respect him. Perhaps you never did."

"I do love him," Julie cried in her own defense, "and I don't want a divorce."

"The two hundred thirty-seven emails and seven trips to Seattle to be with your lover tell quite a different story," John said coldly. "Perhaps we should just stick with the matters at hand. I'm sorry if I have upset you."

Julie looked down and continued to quietly cry, but she nodded for John to proceed.

"Your husband presented four requirements to me. The first was: he wanted to divorce you and erase you from his life."

"Do what to me?" Julie asked.

"Erase you. He wanted all trace of your marriage erased from his life. Accordingly he sold almost all your assets and converted them to cash."

"Almost all?"

"He took your engagement ring – I believe that it belonged to his grandmother – and he gave it to his daughter. He took your wedding ring set and together with his wedding ring, he had a local jeweler melt them down into scrap. Then he sold the scrap gold to the jeweler. He took pictures. Here, this is for you."

John handed Julie the photo album. Julie glanced through the pictures.

"Why did he do this?" Julie asked.

"He said that you had scrapped your marriage, so he wanted to scrap the symbol of that marriage – the marriage rings," John responded. Julie was shocked. She was just beginning to understand the anger and hatred Gus must be feeling. "The rest of your jewelry and personal items are stored in a locked storage facility in Eagle River. Here are the keys and information." John handed Julie a large manila envelope. "Your husband also destroyed all the anniversary gifts that you gave yourselves. Here's the photo album." John handed Julie a second, thicker photo album.

Julie looked through the album and began to openly weep again. All those lovely presents given to themselves, smashed into thousands of pieces! Julie loved those gifts from the heart and now they were all broken and gone! Like her broken marriage.

"Your husband divided the cash and investment accounts equally between you both. You have about a half a million in the investment account and over three hundred thousand in cash. Your husband provided the financial documentation for the conversion of your possessions into cash. Nothing physically remains of your marriage except the money. Here is the account information." John provided Julie with a folder.

"The rest of the terms are quite simple. He wants you to take back your maiden name. All assets split 50/50. You get no alimony and no part of his retirement accounts. The basis of the divorce is irreconcilable differences. If you fight the divorce in any way, I am instructed to change the basis to adultery and to file the PI reports as court documents. Your children will also be provided copies of the PI report."

"No," Julie shouted. "That will never happen! I don't want a divorce! I want my husband. I demand to see him!"

"No. I am following your husband's specific directions. He is not in Alaska, and he will not see you. He has erased you from his life."

"What? I'm still his wife, and I want to talk with him," she shouted.

"Mrs. Randall, all of this must be a shock to you. Right now you are emotionally distraught and not thinking clearly."

"I don't want a divorce! I'm pregnant! I'll get an attorney and fight this," she yelled.

"Pregnant?" replied a visibly shocked John Davis. "It's not Gus's child, is it?"

"Maybe it is," she lied. "I'm going to delay this fucking divorce and Gus WILL talk with me."

"I must advise you to retain an attorney to advise you. Please have your attorney call me," John explained as he ended the meeting. John escorted her out of the conference room and back to the reception area. "Mrs. Randall, thank you for coming," John said handing her a newspaper. "You might find interesting an article in this morning's paper. I have circled it."

"Thank you," Julie responded automatically.

She sat in the reception area for a few minutes to compose herself. She most definitely did not want a divorce. She just needed to talk to Gus and explain everything. Julie glanced through the newspaper and found the circled article. She only read the headline and the first paragraph before she stopped.


Greg Peterson, a prominent Seattle philanthropist, was charged in Seattle with illegally financing an international drug operation. The arrest highlights a new international cooperative drug program designed to catch the individuals who finance drug operations in the US and Mexico. Peterson was released after posting a one million dollar cash bond. The charges, if proven in court, could result in a maximum of twenty years in federal prison.

Tuesday, April 13

"Alright. This is a good place for a break. Let's take twenty minutes and be back in your seat by half past the hour."

Gus left his seat and visited the men's room. The orientation session was useful, but somewhat boring. Most of the new employees were at least ten years younger than he was, so he kept to himself. Leaving the restroom, Gus purchased bottled water from the vending machine in the break room and sat at one of the empty tables.

John Davis had called him last night and updated him on Julie's visit and Greg Peterson's arrest. Well, well, well, Gus thought, little Miss Julie is royally fucked. She is pregnant and now has lost both of the men in her life. Gus smiled to himself.

John also let him know that his children would not meet with Julie until she spoke with John. Blackmail on their part, perhaps, but completely justified. They really no longer trusted Julie, and for good reason. John said that Julie didn't want a divorce. He also strongly urged her to engage an attorney to represent her. He warned Gus that the pregnancy might delay the divorce.

Now that her fuck-buddy was probably going to be in prison for a very long time she wants to stay married. She is so screwed, Gus thought. There was something quite satisfying in the way things were turning out for Julie. Gus smiled and drank his bottled water.

Wednesday, April 14

Julie was partially distracted by her thoughts as she drove her silver rental car to meet her new attorney. Bess and Josh were willing to meet her for dinner tonight. They promised they would be civil and listen to what she had to say. At least she could begin to rebuild a relationship with her children. That was something. And she needed to tell them about their new sibling. She waited impatiently at the stop light...ah, it turned green. She was on her way to her new beginning.

Mark Fischer had been driving dump trucks for the Municipality of Anchorage for twelve years. He liked driving trucks and was good at his job. Except today. His wife was visiting her sister in Soldotna, and his thirteen year old daughter was calling him every ten minutes or so with trivial questions about her after school activities. If she thinks she can run wild because her mom is out of town, she had better think again, Mark thought.

His cell phone rang again. He angrily reached for the phone in his shirt pocket, and it slipped out of his hand on to the floor. He reached down to retrieve it and took his eyes off the road. He didn't realize how close his truck was to the intersection. He didn't see the traffic signal turn red. He didn't see the silver sedan crossing in front of his truck, either. But he did hear the crash and felt his truck shudder.

Thursday, April 15

"Sorry to pull you out of your training class, Gus. Something has come up," John Davis's voice explained over Gus's phone.

"No problem, John. It was getting boring. What's up?"

"It's Julie. Her car was hit by a Muni dump truck yesterday as she was on her way to see her attorney. She survived, but just barely. She has only a few days to live. The injuries are too extensive. Your kids are with her now."

"Too bad," Gus replied without emotion.

"Gus, your kids asked me to get a hold of you. They want you to come back. Julie wants to see you before she goes. The kids want the four of you to be a family one last time."

Gus didn't say anything.

"Gus? What do you want me to tell them?" John asked.

"Tell them our family died when Julie started fucking her lover. We no longer have a family. Tell them that Julie doesn't exist for me; I erased her from my life."

"Gus, she's dying. You were together almost twenty-five years," John reminded him.

"No, I'm not coming to see her. I'm fucking glad she is dying. I get all the money, and she is really out of my life. No need for a divorce. Perfect!" Gus replied forcefully.

"Okay, Gus," John said quietly. "I'll let them know."

Gus disconnected the call and smiled. Yes! There is a God!

Friday, April 16

Bess and Josh took turns sitting with their mother in her Providence Hospital room. She kept cycling in and out of consciousness. She was getting close the doctors told them, and so they stayed nearby.

Julie had insisted that they orient her bed so she could see the door. He will come, she told herself firmly. He still loves me. I have to ask his forgiveness before I die, Julie desperately thought. I can't die with Gus hating me. We had too much love together.

Bess watched her mother slip unconscious again. She had cried all her tears, and now it was all about waiting. She and Josh had forgiven their mother. It was the Christian thing to do. As much as they hated what she did, they still did love her. She wondered about her unborn sibling, the life growing in Julie who would die with her. Was it a brother or sister? Bess was doubly sad now that two lives, not one, would soon pass.

John Davis had told them that Gus was on a work assignment and couldn't get back to Anchorage in time. Bess felt that John was covering for her dad. He was so hurt by her mom, he probably was glad she was dying. God, what a screwed up mess!

"Is he here? Is my Gus here?" Julie whimpered as she awakened.

"No, mom," Bess replied. "He can't make it, remember?"

"He will come. I know he will come," Julie said forcefully. "He still loves me. I have to apologize to him."

Julie began to cry as she faded into unconscious.

She died that night.

Fifteen Weeks Later: Saturday, July 31

Gus zipped up his pants as he walked back to the rental car. No one else was visiting the cemetery in the early morning hours, so no one saw his activities. He was enjoying himself.

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