tagInterracial LoveEri Entertains Ch. 02

Eri Entertains Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Eri Exposed

Steve found Jeff in the lounge, he was sitting on the couch with drink, and he looked a little anxious over what had been happening in the kitchen. As Steve walked in Jeff shot a fierce and questioning look at him, then at his wife. Steve turn and indicated to Eri that she should remain by the door. He walked over to Jeff and sat in a chair facing him, his back to Eri. He assumed she would stay where he had left her - just out of earshot - and she did.

'Well', said Jeff, 'What's happened?'

Steve answered in a quiet tone, 'I asked Eri if this was her idea or yours, I clarified for her that anything which might now happen between us is about sex not love; there's a difference - certainly for me, and asked her to take her dress off.' He paused, ' She said that she was not being forced by you into anything, and as you can see that she complied quite happily with my request about the dress!' Steve turned so that they could both admire the splendid vision of Jeff's half naked young Japanese wife standing, quite modestly by the door. Her head bowed, her hands clasped in front of her just over her public area.

'How much do you know about Eri's sex life Jeff?' asked Steve.

'You mean since we've been married? I've no reason to think she's been anything but faithful to me'

'And before? asked Steve.

'Well I don't know too much about before. We met up at a rather unusual club in Tokyo. I was taken there late one night by a Japanese co-worker, we were pretty smashed by the time, we got there and I never really followed what he said about the club.'

'You were introduced to Eri?' asked Jeff. 'Yes, I think so, we'd fallen in with a mixed bunch of ex-pats and locals, I'm not sure who knew who at that point. But Eri seemed to know one or two of the group and she was really very very friendly to me. Well you can see how friendly - we were married within 6 months.'

'Jeff, she seems amazingly comfortable standing over there in her undies, I mean we've only just met, and she dropped her dress without a seconds thought?'

'Steve, we've been talking of nothing else but this party and meeting you for weeks - we've been preparing for it for weeks!'

'Yes, I guess that might explain it.', said Steve thoughtfully. 'Eri,' called Steve, 'come over here and kneel in front of me.' Eri immediately responded. She knelt and with her hands on her bare thighs and resumed the pose with her head bowed. 'No, Eri,' said Steve, 'When I speak to you I want you to look at me, and when you reply you will also look me in the eye.'

'Now Eri, I want you to tell me what we three are doing here?' Steve said in level neutral voice. ' I don't understand,' Eri replied very softly, but she did lift her head and spoke directly to Steve. 'Eri, I think you must have worked it out by now, we're here - all three of us - because you want us to be. Oh, I might have had the odd fantasy after meeting you that maybe some kind of affair might be possible, after all we seemed to hit it off pretty well tonight. Maybe I thought I might even have scrounged a rather nice goodnight kiss from you - but never in my dreams would I have imagined this.'

'I don't understand Steve, don't you want me?' she said softly, again looking directly into Steve's eyes. Eri seemed pretty good at remembering what she was told when it suited her.

'Oh yes Eri, I want you alright, and amazingly it seems my friend is prepared to give you to me, but neither of us guys could or would have arranged this - this is all about you!'. Jeff interjected at that point, 'What are you getting Steve, I'm beginning to wonder now. Have we made a mistake, do you want Eri? I thought she would have been right up your street, and what with your divorce and all, just what you needed.'

'Well, okay, don't think I'm not delighted that you thought of me,' Steve replied, ' and I image you might have thought I'd be pretty desperate but, I just want us all to understand what's happening here, that's all. We're all grown ups, we're reasonably intelligent and responsible people, I don't want any of us falling for some guff about the inscrutable east - Eri knows exactly what she's doing, and I want to make sure I do too!'

'Jeff, how long have you been married, coming up for two years? And in that time as far as you know you're the only one who Eri's been with?'

'Yes, Steve, exactly.'

'And Eri, you've been faithful to Jeff, until this idea came up in the last few weeks?'

'Yes Steve, but while I was being faithful with my body in wasn't always in my thoughts. I have thought about some of the things I wanted to do - sometimes when I was with Jeff.'

'You mean when you were making love to your husband, sometimes you were thinking about having sex with someone else?' pressed Steve.

Eri dropped her eyes, 'Yes Steve.' she said almost inaudibly. 'No Eri, when you speak to me I want to hear you clearly, I want Steve hear too.'

'Sometimes I thought of someone else when Jeff and I made love.' Eri repeated it more loudly, almost through clenched teeth. That was what Steve wanted. He was breaking through that detachment, she flushed a little, she was even getting a little cross. Perhaps it suited her not to have her motives too clearly exposed, as she acknowledged her part in what was happening so she would also have to deal with the guilt and the shame. Steve like that too, it was too easy for Eri to play the dutiful wife as a smokescreen to her own desires. 'Jeff, you know I think your pretty young wife has already been unfaithful. Maybe not in the flesh but certainly in her head. She didn't wait for your permission there!'

'Bow your head Eri,' Steve ordered. Then when she did so he reached over to the back of her head and unclasped the black laquer comb which held her hair up. The long black tresses fell around her shoulders and, in her kneeling position, almost brushed the floor. Steve had to hold himself back - she looked so vulnerable and so within his grasp - but he wasn't ready for that yet. He wanted to get the timing right. He wanted to keep the initiative so that this complex little scene would play out just the way he now wanted. He waited a few minutes; no doubt Eri was wondering what would come next, what Steve would do next. Steve wanted to keep her off balance - he did nothing for a few minutes.

'Jeff,' Steve asked, 'would you strip off the rest of your wife's clothing please? Eri, you may go over to Jeff.' Eri stood, maybe not quite as confidently as a few minutes ago, then turned and walked over to her husband. She kept her head down but remained standing. 'Oh well, ' said Jeff, 'I guess this is the crunch.' He stood and put his arms around Eri and held her to him for a few moments. Steve said 'It's one crunch anyway!' Jeff then reached around his wife, as she lifted her arms, and undid the clasp at the back of her bra. The cups fell forward into his hands and he removed the fine black lace and dropped it on the couch. And, after looking directly into Eri's eyes for her confirmation that he was to continue, he placed his hands each side of the waistband of her panties.

It wasn't easy to draw her panties down, they were a very snug fit; it's the sort of movement which is easier to do for yourself than for someone else. As the black satin slipped down his wife's thighs and away from the curves of her ass Eri helpfully opened her legs just a little to ensure that the garment would smoothly drop away from her. She stepped out of them, bent, and then picked them up and handed them to Jeff. She was now naked and Jeff, with his hands on her shoulders encouraged her to turn and face their guest.

Eri kept her eyes averted. It was Steve's turn to be silent for a moment as he took in the sight of his friend's beautiful Japanese wife now entirely revealed to his hungry gaze. Her breasts were high and full and stood away from her chest. They were perfectly shaped and not an ounce too heavy. The fine pale upper slopes led to beautiful thick nipples of delicate shades of pink and coffee now erect, the lower globe of her breasts curved in gently toward her chest. Her breasts looked a little heavy for her slight frame and a slight roll to the side of each breast made her nipples point outward and up. Her waist pulled in below those breasts, almost too sharply, then flared to give definition to her narrow, almost boyish waist.

Eri thighs were slightly parted, but Steve noted that even if her legs were together her thighs would not have touched. Though shapely, the curve of her inner thighs reached crotch without meeting. Steve loved the beautiful clear definition this gave to her cuntlips and the swelling of her public mound. There was a wisp of jet black straight hair which rose vertically from her slit contrasting with her pale clear skin that identified the hot focus of their attention.

Eri keep her head down, her eyes on the rug, and it was that gesture which ultimately produce a reaction from Steve. He was completely awed by her beauty, she was without doubt a quite perfect woman, but there was also no doubt for Steve's that in this situation he wanted to be the one on top - both literally and metaphorically . There was something about Eri's almost excessive display of modesty which irked him. She wasn't a simply an object being gawped at, she was his friend's wife and now she was willingly offering herself to another man.

Jeff decided that her almost other-worldly beauty did not exclude her from responsibility for what was happening here. He wanted Eri to face what she was doing, but also he had an idea that it is was important for her to admit to them that what she was doing was wrong. That she knew that, and she still wanted it! This evening wasn't being forced on to her; she wasn't simply doing as her husband instructed - the faithful wife! She'd been very willing to be stripped and that before the evening was over she would share the responsibility that she would commit adultery and his old friend would be cuckolded.

'Eri,' said Steve, 'You are a very beautiful woman; but tell me, what are you doing now?'

'Whatever you wish Steve.' Eri spoke very softly and kept her head bowed. 'Eri, first of all I want you to look at me whenever you speak to me, this is the second time I've had to remind you. Eri I think you know very well what you want and I think you are used to getting it. You're a beautiful woman you can do it so easily! 'I don't understand what you mean.' she replied. 'How do you think this makes your husband feel?'

'I don't know how he feels, I hope he is proud of me.'

'Yes, Eri, I'm sure he is proud of you, but something else, I think he is also excited by watching you don't you?.'

'You should ask him Steve.' she said. Eri wasn't stupid, and Steve felt he was now flushing her out. Whatever was going to happen here he wanted it to be explicit.

'I think your husband is watching his wife become a slut Eri, I think Jeff is finding out something new about his beautiful wife tonight. What do you think Jeff - what do you think of this beautiful and cultured woman who is standing here naked. I think that she's wet, down there between those soft thighs, I think she's actually very keen to get something hard between her legs. Think it's time for a little cultural exchange. I think she's gagging for some cock, and that could be anyone's cock!

Now it was Jeff's moment to think again. He was now wondering himself what he had in mind when they set this up? The idea of watching his beautiful wife being fucked by someone else had certainly turned him on in his matrimonial bed at night - on more than one occasion. He remembered getting particularly excited with Eri a few weeks ago when her had been fucking her doggy-style. He had the image of his sweet wife bent over with one cock in her mouth and another in her cunt . He wanted to see her loose her cool for once. It occurred to him that he hadn't really thought it through. He realised that he also wanted to see her drop her detachment - he wanted to see her the way he often felt himself - he wanted to see her pure sexual lust . But did he want her to enjoy being fucked by other men? For the moment he has lost track of what was happening here. Had he has suggested it to Eri, had he been led to this by what she wanted? Steve questions and Eri's responses had made him doubt.

Steve voice cut through the uncertainty. 'Jeff,' said Steve firmly, 'I think your wife's a hot little bitch who enjoys knocking men for six with her looks. I think she wants you to think it's your idea that she gets laid whenever she feels like it, by whoever she wants, but actually she's not doing it for you - she doing it for her! I think its time we taught Eri a little lesson that she doesn't always get what she wants. She's not going to pick and choose, the way she clearly picked you in Tokyo, and now she thinks shell have me in London. I think she gets what we give her. Oh, she'll enjoy it all the same - she'll get plenty of what turns her on - but on our terms. Let's say just for now, on my terms. If you don't like what you see, just say the word Jeff, I'll stop. But let's agree now, it's what we say that goes, from now Eri will take orders.'

But first one last question for Eri. 'Eri, you have one last opportunity to back out, no hard feelings, I'll just disappear out of your lives once more. Eri, you're a beautiful woman, a prize for anyone. I'm going to use you for my pleasure, oh, I won't keep you to myself, I'll let Jeff use you too and who knows who else - but not for your pleasure, for theirs. Your husband says fine, he's nodding his head, what do you say?'

What do you think her answer's going to be? I'd like your views.

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