Erica's Debut Ch. 03


Dr. Andrews kept speaking for several more minutes. Then my wife lifted her head and opened her eyes. Dr. Andrews took what looked like a photo album out of her medical bag and opened it up, placing it on my wife's lap. The doctor turned through four pages and my wife alternately smiled, blushed, shook her head and sat with her mouth agape. Dr. Andrews turned back to the page that made my wife blush and Erica nodded, quickly, while gently biting her lower lip. The doctor laid the open album on the coffee table and took out a cell phone. It look like she was typing a text message as Erica stood up, smiled at me and walked out to join me on the balcony.

I stepped forward and gave my wife a quick kiss. She was trembling. "What happened honey?"

She stepped up to the balcony railing and looked over the edge. I stood beside her and looked down at the pool from the fourth floor balcony. Since this was the slowest part of the off-season, the vast majority of the units in this adults-only complex had their hurricane shutters closed, indicating that they were vacant. The pool area was almost vacant as well, with only one older gentleman swimming laps.

My wife looked down at him and said to me "She told me not to tell what we talked about. But she wants to talk to you alone now...I have to stay out here and wait and watch while you two talk." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and opened the slider. My wife turned around and leaned back against the railing. "Don't take long, honey, Jennifer says she'll let us play as soon as you're done, and I'm soooo horny!" My wife gave me a wicked smile as I closed the door.

"Jennifer?" I asked aloud.

Dr. Andrews looked up, putting the cell phone away. "Yes, I told your wife she could use my first name if that makes her more comfortable. She can call me Jenn, or Jennifer. I'd prefer you address me as Dr. Andrews, or just Doctor. I think that you'll prefer that as well, John." She was right...again. I liked the power that I gave her by calling her doctor. As I approached she pulled a black silk scarf out of her bag and draped it over the photo album so that I couldn't see what they were looking at. I moved to sit down but she stopped me.

"No. Stand, please." She spoke quietly but firmly. "Stand here by the end of the coffee table, in front of me, facing your wife. Look out at her." I complied. In this position I was standing sideways to the doctor, maybe a foot or so from her knees, with the scarf-covered book on the coffee table in front of me, and my wife smiling back at me through the window. Erica was acting flirty, smiling and waving coyly. I noticed that she had taken the object the doctor had given her, a thin silver chain with a heart-shaped silver pendant, and fastened it around her neck.

"Did you hypnotize her?" I was wondering what happened to change my wife's attitude...she seemed completely relaxed and absolutely bubbly.

"She thinks I hypnotized her, but really she is just giving herself permission."

"Permission? To do what?"

"To explore her sexual nature, to take give someone else power over her, to enjoy herself without guilt or regret. She thinks she's hypnotized and that's all that's necessary. That makes her think she's not responsible, and that makes her free. Do you want her to be free of her inhibitions?"

"More than anything." I answered quickly.

"No matter where that leads?"

"Yes. I want her to be herself. She's always hidden herself behind what others might think."

"She cares the most about what you think, John. Right now you're the only person she worries about disappointing, or hurting. That's what's kept her from truly being free. She's afraid that if she does what she really wants, you'll reject her. She's also afraid that if she does what she wants and if she really enjoys it, she might not be able to control herself, and she'll take it too far, even for you. That would be the worst thing for her, because she's afraid that you'll be angry, and she really doesn't like to make you angry."

"I'll always love her. I'd do anything to please her."

"I think that's true, but I also think that you don't know exactly how far her sexuality will develop. Few men do, and few husbands especially realize the depth and power of their wives' sexual nature. You have to realize that sexual development may take you in different directions...or it may take you in the same directions, but at different times. It may be difficult, but it's a lot better than the course that most couples take which only ends up in long term-resentment and often bitter divorce. You'll be going through these treatments together, and I'm confident that the two of you can make it work if you really try."

"I know we can."

"Good! Are you ready to start, today?"

"Yes, I am. What are we doing?"

"You're going to help Erica become a sex toy for another man. This won't be the kind of lovemaking that the two of you had planned with Mark today. This will be raw, animal fucking." Her use of that word was jarring, even causing her to pause. She continued.

"I'm still not sure if she's an idol or a toy. But at the initial stages the treatment is almost the same, and the only way we'll really know is if we try both approaches and see which works better. Today she'll become another man's sex toy...a sex doll, if you will...and next treatment she'll be the idol in a more ceremonial setting. When we've seen what suits her better we'll go forward from there."

I gulped. While the doctor spoke my cock had grown fully hard in my pants. If she needed any confirmation that I was in support of the idea she had it now, since my crotch was level with her head and my bulge would be obvious from this angle. "I'm ready."

"Yes, I know. I can clearly see that. I think you are ready to do anything you've fantasized about. I also think you are ready to do some things you haven't let yourself fantasize about. Our treatment for you will be your participation in the education of your wife. In doing that, you will test and stretch your own limits. We'll push you a little more each time." What the doctor was saying made me even harder.

" First, I need you to take off your shirt. Don't let it drop, hold it in your left hand."

I quickly complied, holding my shirt in my hand farthest from the doctor.

"Good, now look at Erica, hold your shirt out at arm's length and drop it."

I did as she said. as my shirt fell to the floor, my wife smiled at me and reached behind her neck with both hands, undoing the halter top of her dress. She held the ends for a second, then let them drop, exposing her perfect breasts to me. She looked back up and smiled broadly as a gentle breeze brushed through her long blonde hair.

"Slip off your shoes and socks, without bending down, and kick them over by your shirt. Keep looking at Erica."

Again I quickly did as I was told, using my toes to awkwardly pull off my socks without bending over. When I was done, I looked up at my wife. She smiled and stepped out of her black stiletto pumps.

"You realize that in the state she's in she thinks she's following some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion. She looks so free, standing there with no guilt or anxiety, just enjoying the exposure. Now, drop your pants, leaving your underwear on, and kick them over by your shirt."

This was much easier and much quicker. I watched as Erica untied the wrap of her dress and let it fall loosely into a pile at her feet. She now stood naked on the balcony except for her sheer black thong panties.

"My boxers now?" I asked hopefully.

"No. Not yet. First, you need to see who your wife has chosen as the man who will make her his toy. Pick up the scarf."

I bent over and picked up the black scarf. Beneath it was the photo album, and the page was open to an 8X10 picture of a big, hard, black uncircumcised cock. It looked like a life sized picture of a 7 inch cock. I could see why my wife blushed.

I looked up to see Erica's reaction to my enlightenment. She was waiting for me to acknowledge her, and had her thumbs hooked under the waistband of her panties. She licked her lips sensuously as she dropped her panties down to her ankles, and, surprisingly, kicked them backwards over the edge of the fourth floor balcony.

Even more surprisingly, my normally demure wife turned to face away from me, with both her hands gripping the rail of the balcony, exposing her completely naked body to the man swimming laps and whoever else might be looking our way from the pool area or the surrounding balconies. She bent over, spread her legs slightly and wiggled her butt, and I got a pretty good look at her backdoor pucker and could just barely see her pussy lips peeking out between her upper thighs.

Dr. Andrews left me standing there with my cock making a tent in my boxers as she picked up her bag, stood up and went over to the bedroom door, opening it. "Mark, you can come on out now."

Mark came out of the bedroom, still stark naked, still hard and still slowly stroking his slippery cock. Dr. Andrews reached into the bag and pulled out the bottle of lubricant, handing it to him and looking back at me, "Take John out to get Erica ready. Otis will be here shortly." Mark smiled when he heard the name. The doctor went into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Mark walked up to me.

"Erica made a good choice...Otis is a talented guy with an impressive dick. She's going to have a lot of fun." He looked out at Erica on the balcony. "God damn your wife is hot, John. Take off your boxers, grab that scarf and let's go get her ready."

I dropped my boxers and glanced down one more time at the picture as I picked up the scarf. Mark opened the slider and Erica didn't even turn to look as he stepped up behind her and opened the bottle of lube. I moved in beside him and noticed that the man who had been swimming laps was now lying on a deck chair on the opposite side of the pool, facing my brazenly naked wife. He was wearing a dark blue speedo, sunglasses and nothing else. From the look of it, he was sporting a pretty big erection and was subtly squeezing the head of his cock through his bathing suit. He smiled when he saw me looking at him, and made no move to look away.

"First, use that scarf to blindfold her. It's more erotic for her if she can't see what's going on, at least at first." I stepped forward to the railing. The man by the pool was talking on a cell-phone as he looked up at us. He was more openly tugging at the erection in his bathing suit, every so often casting furtive glances around to see if someone else was watching him watching us. Except for Erica, who was staring right at him, and the two naked men who were attending to her it didn't appear that there was anyone else around. As I raised the scarf to her face, Erica gave him a knowing smile and a little wave. He waved back as I covered her eyes and tied the scarf snugly behind her head.

Mark waved me over to where he was standing next to my wife's bent-over backside. He opened the lube container and dribbled some of the clear viscous liquid down Erica's crack. As it flowed gradually over her hole and toward her pussy he looked up at me. "Work that into her ass. Otis likes to use his sex toys in the ass, especially pale white ones Erica. With a dick as big as his you're going to want to make sure she's well-lubed"

My wife wiggled her beautiful bottom and moaned as I pressed my fingers against her opening, sliding at first one finger then a second into her tight anus. Mark kept dribbling on the lube as I worked it into her. Finally I had three fingers inside her and she felt completely slippery as far up as I could reach. I figured she was fully lubed and looked up for the next instruction.

He looked at Erica then at me. "I don't think that she's going to need any lube in her pussy, she looks pretty damn wet and I can smell her juice from here. Still, to make her better for presentation, you should work her open and spread out her lips. This is the way he's first going to see her, and let's show her off as well as we can."

I knelt down behind my wife, looking up at her glorious blonde pussy. I think she had trimmed it closer than I'd seen in a long time; her wispy pubes barely covered her mound, and her hair was short enough so that her sex was completely exposed. I was really tempted to stick my tongue inside her, but refrained and instead did as I was told. I reached up with both hands and tweaked her full outer labia, spreading and massaging them with my thumbs, opening her vagina. When her outer lips were fully engorged I reached between then and unfolded her thin, pink inner labia, pulling the flaps toward me as far as I could without hurting her, then spreading them out over her mound. She was squirming the whole time, and moaning slightly. I leaned back and took in the full effect. My wife's hot, moist pussy was spread and open like a lascivious orchid blossom.

I stood up and looked out over the pool area again. Two other men had joined the first. They looked all about the same age, maybe early seventies, so the first must have called his friends from neighboring condos to come enjoy the show. Erica was still dutifully bent over holding onto the railing, and while I was arranging her cunny Mark had reached under her to massage her breasts and pinch her nips.

The first man, who had been swimming, slipped back into the pool without his bathing suit as he watched Mark get my wife's nipples puffy and erect. He was using the water as cover to play with himself as he watched. The other two had their hands stuck deep into their shorts pockets, not very discreetly rubbing themselves as they took in the free show. I thought it would be nice if the men had a more unobstructed view of my wife's naked body, so I gathered her long blonde locks, and laid her hair out across her back where it wouldn't be in the way. The man in the pool flashed me a thumb's up in appreciation.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the bedroom door open. Dr. Andrews emerged, having changed out of her conservative business attire into a white surgeon's labcoat...and just a labcoat. Her hair was pulled into a bun, and she had put on a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. Around her shoulders she wore a stethoscope, and though she still had the white stockings on, she had changed into a pair of white pumps to match the overall outfit. She opened the slider and asked for Mark and me to go back into the living room. She stepped out onto the balcony as we both did as we were told.

"Erica, honey, you looks so beautiful and sweet. Otis will be here soon. Hold on to your silver heart." My wife reached up with her right hand and held the necklace dangling down from her neck.

"Are you in that special place, Erica?"

"Yes, Jennifer."

"Good. Remember, it is your choice to be a sex-toy for his big, hard, black cock. As a toy, no matter what he says to you, or does, you may not speak unless he tells you to, though you may moan and make other sexual noises as appropriate. You will assume any position he places you in or asks you to assume without resistance, and maintain it with minimal movement. You will perform any sexual act he asks you to perform without delay or objections. You will gladly take anything that he gives you and put it into any hole he asks you to put it. Do you understand?" Erica nodded.

"You may not have an orgasm unless he specifically allows it. Any time you have an orgasm you are not only allowed to cry out with whatever words, sounds or moans that possess you, but you will make sure you make more noise than you have ever made during sex in your entire life. Do you understand?" My wife nodded once.

"Oh, there are three elderly gentlemen watching you at this moment from the pool area. They are masturbating while they look at you. Arch your back to better display your breasts to them and hold that position until Otis arrives." My wife did as she was told without a word.

Dr. Andrews turned back to the living room, leaving Erica outside alone, blindfolded and naked, with the sliding door wide open.

"You two, clear off the coffee table and place it in the center of the room, and move the couches back to the edges. I want the coffee table to serve as a stage for the sex. Take the loose pillows and cushions off the couches and put them on the table, whatever is left over put on the carpet around the table." She went to sit on one of the high stools by the kitchen counter, as Mark grabbed the silk flower arrangement off the coffee table, which left me to pick up the photo album. A strong tremor of excitement coursed through my body as I picked the album up and gazed again at the thick black cock that would soon be inside my wife. By the time I got back from the mini-bar where I left the book, Mark was already trying to move the long heavy carved-wooden coffee table by himself. I went to help, and soon we had the table and couches moved and the pillows arranged as Dr. Andrews had asked.

It was just in time, because a loud knock at the door signaled that our director had arrived. The doctor looked at me and told me to go answer it. I went, fully naked and making no attempt to hide my near-bursting erection, and opened the door without checking the peephole. Standing before me was a thickly-built black man, somewhat shorter than me, and older, maybe early fifties, with a grizzled close-cut beard that matched what little hair was left on his male-pattern bald head.

"Otis? Welcome!"

He stepped quickly, confidently into the condo, shrugging off his camel colored blazer and handing it to me. "You must be John. I'm looking forward to fucking your sex toy." He looked down at my hard-on. "Looks like you're looking forward to me fucking her too." He walked around the Chinese screen and scanned around the room until his eyes alit on my wife's naked form on the balcony. He smiled broadly, and turned toward the doctor, "What a beautiful doll you've brought me, Jennifer. Unless you have other plans, I'll get started right away."

It wasn't really a question. He was on his way onto the balcony before she could answer, "Of course, you are the director, go right ahead."

As he stepped out onto the balcony he let out a long low whistle. "Wow. You are a perfect little plaything, aren't you. What a gorgeous white ass. Long, sexy legs. Beautiful long blonde hair up here." Otis stood behind my wife, grabbed a handful of her hair in his left hand and used it to pull her up into a standing position. With his right hand he reached between her legs and pushed his finger quickly and roughly into her pussy. "And beautiful short blonde hair down here...just like I like it."

He kept pulling back on my wife's hair and started thrusting his finger in and out of her pussy, each time lifting her more until she was on her tiptoes with her head tilted back, and her hips and chest thrust forward to maintain her balance.

Still finger-fucking her as he leaned over Erica's shoulder and shouted down to the spectators below, "You like this blonde, pale fuck-doll of mine, old men? She's wet and she's tight and she's all fuckin' mine. I bet you old geezers don't even dream this good. Before I'm done with this little white doll I'm gonna cum all over her pretty face, I'm gonna cum in her tight pussy, and I'm gonna cum in that sweet ass. Then maybe I'll do it all again. I'm gonna leave her limp and wet like a fucking rag doll."

Otis turned his head toward the living room for a second, his finger still moving in and out of my wife swiftly and roughly. "John, get your naked ass out here!" I moved quickly to take a position at Erica's side. From the balcony I could see that at least one of the men had given up being discreet about masturbating, and had taken out his dick to give it a good tugging. Otis turned his attention back to the men.

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