tagFetishErin and the Wonder Bra

Erin and the Wonder Bra


Erin was up late night, doing a little bit of studying. She had the television on, watching one of her favorite late night movies while studying. Suddenly, Gary Coleman pops up on the television wearing a business suit in front of shelves, stacked with bras. He began advertising for the Mega Wonder Bra.

"For all the ladies out there with humongous breasts that are near damn bigger then your heads and for those ladies whose bras don't like to fit on those huge soft boulders any more, I recommend this one time offer on the Mega Wonder Bra. The Megan Wonder Bra will provide the coziness and comfort that your huge baby feeders deserve. I know a lot of women out there who are tired of paying too much for custom made bras from Victoria's Secret. Well, the Mega Wonder Bra stretches as you grow. The bigger your boobs get, the wider the bra stretches to fit comfortably without the back pains and the dipping over. So I recommend the Megan Wonder Bra for those of you with massive knockers, especially you, Erin. Those J cups seen to be working your trashy bras into overtime. Dial 1-800-Big-Bras that fit huge tits and only pay $19.95 for your Mega Wonder Bra."

The advertisement ended with Gary Coleman giving a smile and his teeth sparkling. Erin felt like Gary was actually watching her and giving her the smile.

Erin began feeling her massive J cups through her large tee shirt and started to remember about complaining to Samantha about how her breasts seemed to have gotten bigger. Then Samantha ended up ripping the bra off Erin and trying to suck some milk out of Erin's huge breasts. After a half an hour, there was no luck in getting milk out of Erin's enormous flesh bags. Erin however, milked her pussy during the intense titty sucking.

Erin came back to the present and quickly picked up the phone. She dialed the 1-800 number and was immediately connected to a Mega Wonder Bra specialist. Erin ordered the size she wanted, and the specialist informed Erin that she should be getting her Mega Wonder Bra the next day. Erin hung up the phone with a happy smile.

Of course, Erin couldn't sleep at all, wondering about how good her breasts would feel once she tried on the wonder bra. Samantha's head ended up smashing against one of Erin's massive jugs. Erin wrapped her arms around her shemale friend with benefits and started counting sheep until she finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Erin woke up to her pussy being eaten. She released some moans and looked down between her covered cleavage and saw Samantha, ramming her huge cock between a man's ass, while the man was eating her pussy. The man raised his head, and it was Samantha's boyfriend Rich. He smiled at a flushed face Erin and drove his head back down between her thighs and continued to munch and devour her sweet cunt.

Erin had no choice but to let Samantha's boyfriend finish his business. Plus, Erin was enjoying having her pussy eaten. She lifted up her legs and felt Samantha's hands grab her ankles.

As Samantha was ramming her boyfriend's ass savagely with her huge cock, she held Erin's ankles as Rich rapidly licked and sucked Erin's juicy cunt. Erin's body was trembling with pleasure, trashing about on the bed. Her humongous tits flopped and wobbled violently under her stretched out white tee.

Erin's drenching pussy became wetter as Rich moaned between her thighs, his hot breath blowing all over her pussy as he continued to lick and suck her snatch. Rich drove Erin mad, working her clitoris with his tongue and teeth.

Samantha blew a huge load of cum inside her boyfriend's tight ass as Erin started flooding his mouth with her sweet cunt juice.

"Thank you, Erin. I needed to see him eating your pussy to really get me hot and horny," Samantha said, trying to catch her breath.

"You're...so...welcome," Erin could barely say, trying to gasp for air.

Samantha and Rich both got out of bed with their big cocks flopping between their legs, heading to the bathroom. Erin noticed that Samantha's cock was a few inches larger and thicker then Rich's.

Erin rested for awhile on the bed and heard a knock on the door. She looked at her alarm clock and saw it was 10:30 am.

"Oh, must be my new wonder bra," Erin said in an eager voice.

She hopped out of bed with her massive tits flopping and bouncing all around under her shirt. She answered the door and a delivery guy was standing there, holding a package. He nearly fainted when he saw Erin at the door. His eyes immediately dropped to her breasts.

"Wow! Are those suckers really going to fit into this bra?" the delivery guy asked.

"Yes!" Erin answered in a sweet voice.

Erin signed for the package and wanted to tip the guy. She started feeling around her bottom and realized that she wasn't wearing any pants or underwear. She dropped the package and lifted up her shirt.

The delivery guy blew his load instantly when Erin revealed her mammoth sweaty melons and hard nipples.

After letting the delivery guy stare a deep hole into her chest, she pulled the shirt back down over her giants and closed the door.

"Guess that's a tip he's never going to forget," joked Erin.

Samantha and Rich came out of the bedroom, all dressed up for a big date.

"Hey, Erin, would you like to come with us? I think it would be fun for the three of us to really enjoy this weekend. It'll be lots of fun," said Samantha.

"No thanks, Sam, I've got plenty of stuff I have to finish. Perhaps I'll join up with Rich and you later," Erin replied.

"All right then. See you later," said Samantha as she hugged Erin and moved her hands all over Erin's bare ass.

Erin moaned softly in Samantha's ear.

Samantha and Rich took off, leaving Erin alone with her new wonder bra.

Erin decided to take a shower first before trying on the bra. Once she got out, she was eager to try on the bra. She sat on her bed, dripping wet, with a towel wrapped around her enormous breasts. The towel hung away from Erin's body, exposing her lower torso. Erin ripped the package open and pulled out her new Mega Wonder Bra.

The Mega Wonder Bra looked like an ordinary bra with large cups made of cotton, especially designed to fit her monstrous tits and thin straps to go onto her shoulders and hold up her enormous rack.

Erin got in front of a mirror and put on her new bra.

"Wow! The cups feel so warm and my breasts feel so light," Erin gasped in amazement.

As Erin started modeling off the bra, she felt a weird tingling feeling surging through her body. Her pussy became moist with her juices and her nipples became extremely large and hard.

"What's going on?" Erin questioned herself.

All of a sudden, Erin's body started trembling and her breasts were shaking massively inside her wonder bra like a huge earthquake was just attacking them. Erin felt her breasts becoming a lot heavier and fuller. Her breasts started swaying from side to side, and she could hear the squishing of liquid, filling up inside her melons.

"Oohhhhh!" moaned Erin as her body felt like a giant heating pad.

Erin began reaching behind herself, trying to unhook the wonder bra from her chest. She was struggling to try and release her breasts from the strange wonder bra. Erin looked down at her chest and saw two huge wet spots on the center of both bra cups. Erin shook her heavy breasts and felt a heavy liquid substance, splashing around inside her mammoth tits.

"Oh no! Could that be...Milk?" Erin wondered. "I'm lactating? Impossible! I have no children. But how? The bra? It caused me to produce milk."

Erin swayed her huge breasts again and could hear the sounds of milk, splashing inside of them.

Suddenly, the wonder bra fell off of Erin's chest and hit the floor. Erin picked up the bra and read the tag.

"J cup bra. Caution? Trying on the New Mega Wonder Bra may produce milk if you never had milk stored inside your huge tits. It can also restore empty breasts full of rich, delicious milk when you run out of it. Makes sex a whole lot better knowing babies aren't the only one sucking liquid from a woman's massive hooters. Wonder Bra may also cause unbelievable cravings for sex."

"This wasn't on here before,' Erin said curiously.

Erin glanced at her hanging tits in the mirror and gasped.

Her areolas were now puffy and large, toppled with enormous brown nipples that were leaking milk. Her pussy was very soaked and felt hungry for a nice juicy cock.

"Oohhhhh! I must return this bra immediately," moaned Erin.

Erin quickly got dressed, just throwing on an oversized shirt and a pair of jeans along with her slip-on sandals and headed out the door with the wonder bra stuffed in a handbag.

A lot of male wondering eyes were following Erin's fast pace walking as her huge bare tits were jiggling and bouncing underneath her shirt. She stood at the bus stop, waiting for the next pick up.

An elderly old lady was standing next to Erin at the bus stop. The elderly lady couldn't believe her eyes at the size of Erin's humongous breasts as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. The elderly woman really got an eye full when Erin's nipples started leaking, forming two big holes on the front of her shirt where the nipples are.

Erin just looked down at the elderly lady and smiled at her not even knowing about her leaking problem.

Soon the bus pulled up, and Erin was polite to let the elderly old lady on first. When Erin got onto the bus, the bus driver watched her huge breasts leap up and bounce back down as she came aboard. His cock became extremely hard, and he felt it was going to explode in his jeans.

Erin's body started feeling all tingling and warm. Her pussy became very moist and her leaky nipples became hard as rocks. As the bus driver took off, Erin sat up front in the seat right across from him. The bus driver made sure he ran over huge bumps in the roads, just to see Erin's enormous tits bouncing wildly.

The bumps actually made Erin feel like she was riding a male sex partner. The bus came to a stop at the red light, and the bus driver looked over at a flushed Erin and smiled at her. Erin smiled back and leaned over and started rubbing the bus driver's thighs. She could feel his hard cock resting up against his left thigh. She squeezed at it and felt his crotch up. The bus driver wanted to cum just by Erin feeling his crotch. As soon as the green light hit, the bus driver pulled up into an empty parking lot and Erin started unzipping his jeans.

His thick 6-inch cock sprung out and immediately got swallowed between Erin's lips. Erin was sucking the bus driver's fat cock like a mad woman, swallowing his entire shaft and using her tongue to work over his mushroom head. She cupped his sagging balls and gave them a few squeezes.

The bus driver held Erin's head buried in his crotch with one hand and used his other hand to fondle her massive jugs, swaying beneath her inside her shirt. He felt the two wet spots on her shirt as he twisted and pulled on her enormous nipples.

Erin dropped his slobbery cock from her mouth and began licking and sucking on the thick sides. Erin then stood up and lifted up her large milk-drained shirt, revealing her gigantic soft orbs to the bus driver's lucky eyes. The bus driver couldn't help but drool all over himself staring at Erin's milky breasts.

Erin grabbed the bus driver's sweaty hands and put them directly on her breasts. The bus driver groped and mauled Erin's huge tits, running his fingers over her entire fleshy orbs. Milk was even beginning to leak onto his palms. He took one of his hands off her breasts and licked his palm. He immediately fell in love with Erin's milk.

"Mmmm! I've got to have more," moaned the bus driver.

The bus driver scooped up one of Erin's massive jugs and smashed his face into it, taking the large nipple between his lips.

Erin began to moan to the sounds of the bus driver, sucking and slurping on her big tit.

The bus driver felt his mouth being filled up with Erin's sweet milk. His mouth was so full, that milk began leaking from the sides of his mouth and running down his chin. He switched breasts and sucked really hard on Erin's puffy areola, using his tongue to trace circles around it and flicker at the juicy nipple.

"Ohhhh God Yesss! Suck my titties! Drink my milk....Mmmmm! Drink," moaned Erin as she held both her mountainous tits up as the bus driver alternated sucking between them.

The bus driver wrapped Erin's gargantuan breasts around his entire head. Squeezing her smooth, spongy jugs against his head and rubbing his cheeks against the smoothness of Erin's breasts. He even jiggled and wobbled Erin's tits against his head, beating himself with them, smothering himself inside her milky cleavage. The bus driver licked and sucked the milk between Erin's breasts. Her nipples were gushing out milk all over the bus driver's back.

"Oh God! I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhh God!" moaned Erin as her pussy juices were leaking down her thighs, and the bus driver started sucking both her giant nipples at the same time.

It was all too much for Erin to take. The bus driver had a milk mask on his face from squeezing Erin's giant tits on his face.

Erin grabbed the bus driver's hard cock and started jerking it. The bus driver continued feasting and fondling on Erin's massive milk hangers. The excitement was too much for him to bear as he blew an enormous load in Erin's hand. His hot gooey cum poured all down Erin's hand and his cock and balls.

Erin took her gooey hand and started licking the bus driver's cum off it while the bus driver rested his head between Erin's enormous milk and saliva-covered melons.

Erin threw her shirt back over her chest and walked off the bus. The bus driver had fainted from his sexual encounter with busty Erin. Erin decided that taking the wonder bra back would have been a waste of time. She headed straight back to the dorm room, where a surprise was waiting for her.

The elderly lady on the bus was the only witness to Erin and the bus driver but she ended up dying right after Erin revealed her jumbo J's.

Erin walked up to her dorm room door and heard loud moans and bed spring noises. She opened the door and saw Samantha, lying on her back with Rich, drilling her asshole with his incredible large dick. Samantha's huge cock was slapping against Rich and her stomach, oozing out a mother load of cum.

"OOOHHHHH ERRRRRIIIINNNN! You're just in...time to...join...us. OHHHH FUCK ME, RICHIE!" shouted Samantha in between catching breaths.

Rich had Samantha's legs wrapped around his waist and his cock furiously pounding Samantha's ass. Rich put one hand on Samantha's large breasts while the other gripped Samantha's huge cum-covered cock and started stroking.

Erin's body once again felt that tingling sensation. She climbed on top of the rocking bed and slithered her mouth over Samantha's sticky dick. Rich continued stroking Samantha's cock at the base while Erin sucked and licked all the precious cum off it.

"OH God, Erin, suck her cock," moaned Rich as he started jerking Samantha's cock swiftly and watched it bump up and down inside Erin's mouth.

Erin could feel Samantha's cock head invading the back of her throat, oozing with pre-cum.

Rich took his hand off Samantha's bouncing breasts and cupped an overflowing amount of Erin's clothed tit in his hand.

"OH Damn! These things are so fucking soft! You've got so much big tit to go around. Take the shirt off, Erin," moaned Rich.

Erin didn't hesitate and lifted her shirt up, showing Rich's eyes for the first time her humongous milk-filled orbs. They were still covered in saliva from earlier.

Rich started pounding Samantha's ass harder as Erin fed him one of her large milky nipples.

"Get on my cock, Erin!" moaned Samantha.

Samantha's huge cock was flopping around and Erin took it in both hands. She straddled herself over Samantha's dick and quickly eased her soaked snatch down upon Samantha's pulsing cock.

Erin's started riding Sam's cock. Rich was seriously turned on by Erin's flopping giants and grabbed onto as much of the tit flesh as he could. He stuffed his mouth with as much of Erin's huge breasts as possible. Sucking her huge hard nipples and enjoying the refreshing milk that came out of them.

Erin squeezed her milk-pouring nipples and drenched Rich's face and chest in her milky liquids.

Rich and Samantha double-penetrated Erin, filling both of her holes up with thick huge cocks. The double stuffing was too overwhelming for Erin. She lost control of her body and started cumming and cumming and cumming. Her breasts milk was even spraying out from her nipples, drenching Rich a whole lot more. Rich was enjoying the milk bath and increased his pounding in Erin's cunt while Samantha filled Erin's rectum full of juicy she male cock.

By the end of the 3 hour fuck session, Erin, Samantha, and Rich were soaked in each other's cum and Erin's breast milk. Thanks to the mysterious Mega Wonder Bra, sex never felt better for Erin.

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