Erin Andrews


She surprised me with her aggressiveness, I could feel her body against mine leaving little to imagination. At one point her legs straddled mine and her firm breasts pressed my chest as she danced with her arms drapped on my shoulders, hips grinding. We must have stayed out for 3 songs working up a sweat. I looked down noticing the sweat from her body making the nightie cling to her, outlining her tits and even nipples perfectly. She started gyrating more and dancing in a bigger area seperating us for a bit as people filled in any available space. I could see her dancing with her back to a muscular shirtless black guy, obviously grinding her ass towards him. As I made my way closer I was surprised to see not only was she totally rubbing her ass against his crotch, his hands slid up her hips and he was cupping a handful of her tits, squeezing and kneading them a bit before sliding back down to her hips. She didn't seem to mind a bit and in fact her nipples were completely hard as she kept dancing and flipping her hair from side to side, pantomiming that he was doing her from behind. I watched his hand begin roving up again and this time Erin grabbed one and squeezed it over her tits as if to say it was alright as she said good bye to him and moved back up against me. It was obvious his cock was hard and he had to have been rubbing all up and down her ass and maybe even her pussy as she ground against him for those few moments.

Erin's hair was sweaty and a bit stringy but she still looked amazing as we found ourselves under the balcony. I heard the shouts occassionally over the music of, "Show your tits!"

Erin finally smiled up and stepped back from the wall, gripping the bottom of the baby doll top. In one fluid motion she pulled the top up to her chin freeing each cantaloupe sized breast. Her small dark nipples pointed straight ahead, the rounded curve of the flesh barely changed position relative to their former captive state. She shouted something impercetable back up as the beads showered down. Her tits swayed back and forth with her laugh and she even gave them a shake before dropping her top back down and wrestling her boobs into place.

"Don't look so surprised!" She shouted in my ear as she leaned back into me laughing. "I've seen you checking them out all night, so now you've seen them. It was fun to just do it once. Guys always yell, show your tits, at me. I haven't flashed anyone since spring break about 10 years ago."

Normally, I'm not big into dancing but I had no problem spending time on the floor having her pressed against me by the crowd or just her own style of dancing. She seemed to love rubbing herself up and down my body, almost like a cat who is starved for attention. At one point she slipped a hand inside my shirt and caressing my bare ribs and abs while she essentially dry humped my thigh to the beat of the music. My hands remained around her waist holding her close but too afraid to get too grabby and content to just let her hands wander. When the music stopped and we seperated her hand fell out of my shirt and she brushed it down against my semi erect cock. I didn't know if she did it on purpose or just by accident because she only paused for a second before continuing on to grasp my hand and head for the bar area while the D.J. announced some contest winner.

Everyone else seemed to have the same idea and the bar was three or four people deep all around it. A girl next to me wore a sheer bra, leaving nothing to the imagination. Erin of course busted me checking her out and tried to sound offended. "I can't believe you are eyeing up that girl right in front of me."

"What?" I played innocent. "I can't help it if she is wearing next to nothing and is right next me." I countered leaning down so Erin could hear me, catching awhiff of her hair still smelling great even mixed with sweat.

"Are you ready to get out of here? I am going to be a wreck tomorrow if we stay out any later and I can't even get drink anymore it is so crowded up here."

I agreed and we retrieved our jackets from the coat check and hailed a cab. Erin squeezed my arm and huddled next to me for the short ride back to the hotel. My regular clothes were still up in her room so I escorted her all the way inside.

Once back inside her room she grabbed a bottle of water from the mini bar and tossed me the second one. The cool dry night air and the air conditioned room had dried our sweaty skin but the silky and satin pajama wear was clamming and still damp. Erin's nipples still looked like hard diamonds poking out of the clingy top. She surprised me by bending down and pulling the pajama bottoms off. I wasn't sure if she did it on purpose or really didn't notice that she pulled the shorts off with the pants, leaving her in just the baby doll top and her white panties. The T back underwear exposed most of her ass as she walked towards her bedroom and threw the bottoms inside before walking back and sitting on the chair across from me. She crossed her legs and leaned her head back, letting out long sigh. "That was so fun, I haven't been out like that in a long time." Her head came back up to look at me, "Thank you. I really needed that but my legs feel dead."

"Not a problem. I had a great time and even though I don't like dancing that much, you made it fun." It wasn't a stretch of the truth by any measure. She looked amazing sitting across from me in the filmy lingerie, the elastic band accentuated her large firm tits and the damp fabric left little to the imagination. Her long tan legs crossed and bouncing with nervous energy.

"Oh really?" She commented bringing both her feet up onto the chair and her knees to her chest taking all the weight off them. Her knees now blocked my view of her tits but it also gave me an incredible view of her thinly veiled pussy squeezed between her thighs, outlining her lips and slit between them. Her forearms remained on her knees letting the bottle dangle for a few moments before she moaned, "I should probably get changed and let you get your clothes on."

My heart sank as I realized the night was coming to an end. She stood up, giving me a great view of her ass again as she headed for the suite's bedroom. "I'll change in here and give you the living area to get changed again." She said over her shoulder, closing the door behind her.

I sat quietly for a minute or two, just taking in the moment before pushing myself to my feet and unbuttoning the shirt. I had just stepped out of one leg of the pajamas when Erin's door opened and she stepped out wearing a robe, slightly open revealing her white tank top underneath. She froze and I froze as we both realized I was standing there stark naked except for the pajama pants and my boxers around one leg.

"I was just coming out to get my toothbrush from the sink out here." She explained walking to the area near the door. "I thought I gave you enough time to get changed, how long do you take anyway?" She looked back at me obviously checking me out. I still hadn't made a move to cover myself, happy that she remained in the room and didn't just close the door giving me more time. My cock was half hard and had risen to slight angle rather than hanging straight down, it's own weight not allowing it to stick straight out. I always trimmed my pubic hair very short, keeping my balls nearly bare and the area around my penis bare with plenty of smooth skin to match the hard smooth phallus sticking out.

I stepped out of the last leg leaving me completely naked and stepped toward her. Her hair was held back by a dark band leaving her face completely uncovered as she stared first at my face then giving me a once over until I was only a couple feet away. "What are you doing?" She asked, holding her ground.

"Nothing much, just seeing when you will stop me." I figured it was now or never, how often would I end up in a hotel room with a half dressed Erin Andrews and myself completely naked.

"So you'll stop coming closer if I ask you to?" She raised her eyebrows and cocked her head at me.

"Yep, all you have to do is say stop and I'll turn around and finish getting dressed." I noticed she still hadn't moved so I stepped right in front of her and slowly tugged the robe belt that held the loosely bound robe together.

"I thought you were just coming closer, not touching me." She seemed to warn.

"I'm not really touching you, just your robe. Besides you haven't told me to stop yet."

The robe opened up and showed her still wearing the same panties and obviously no bra under the white tank top. I must have looked like a hungry lion staring at a fresh kill the way I stared at her body and licked my lips. She half twisted and set the toothbrush back on the counter behind her while my hands moved to her hips pulling her tight against my naked body. She still hadn't objected to anything and I pressed ahead letting my hands rove up her sides and over both firm tits, lifting up and and letting my fingers slide back down from the top toward the center, pressing them together and running the rough fabric over her sensitive nipples. Her body tensed for just a second as I touched her but quickly relaxed. Just like in the club she writhed like a wanton cat against me and slowly turned her back toward me letting the robe fall away as she dropped down to her knees and slid her back back up against me. My hands moved back to the front sliding my palms from her thighs up her flat stomach and working both breasts again. Her nipples rolled like glass marbles on the dense meatiness of her tits. Her hands reached up and back to the back of my head as she leaned into me, letting my hands rove all over her. I finally put my lips on her neck and gently kissed her, letting my tongue even tickle her ear lobe a bit. Erin sighed mightily, making the first sound she questioned my opening her robe.

"That feels so good," she whispered. I felt the little shiver in her body as I continued the light kissing while touching her everywhere.

"Yeah, do you like it when I kiss your neck like this?" I asked blowing and kissing around to the back of her neck, nuzzling her hair out of the way.

"Mmmhhhmmm," she muttered.

"What about when I squeeze your tits and tease your nipples like this?" I pressed her tits together and gently gave her nipples a tweak.

"Uh, huh, I can't believe you waited this long to touch me. I saw you staring at them all night. I finally had to let some other guy feel me up." She added as she let her hands fall back down over her tits and pulling mine back up to them.

"Where else do you like being touched?" I teased slipping one hand down from between her hand and her right tit and down to her hip. Slowly I pressed forward letting my fingers run into her inner and thigh, caressing down then back up. I moved back toward her ass letting the back of my hand float over her bare cheek until just my finger tips were inside the fabric. Pulling gently I ran my two fingers inside that band like a trail around her hip and to the front feeling the heat from her pussy just inches away. The rough stubble of her pubic bone soon gave way to the wet slit emenating heat like small furnace. Her legs spread slightly more, encouraging my fingers to keep going, rubbing her lips together and then probing between them. She was definitely wet. I used the secretions to lube my fingers and tease her opening before slipping a finger inside her. Erin leaned forward supporting herself on the counter as I stimulated her clit and continued rubbing her lips and randomly pushing inside her with a finger or even two. As I picked up the pace with both fingers working her clit, rubbing in circles faster and faster her breather picked up to match. She reached back with her left hand feeling around until she gripped my completely hard cock and began tugging firmly, trying to give me a hand job.

"Oh God yes," she moaned as she matched my clit play with her strokes. She reached down and pulled my hand from her panties with right and turned to face me, letting go of my cock only long enough to change hands. She brought my hand to her mouth and slowly licked her own wetness from my fingers, apparently savoring her own taste and teasing my two fingers as she sucked them in. Her right hand pumping my cock in time with her mouth on my fingers.

I led her over toward the couch, letting her sit in front of me, fulling intending to kneel down and giver her pussy a taste but she had her own ideas. The second she sat down her hands were running up the backs of my thighs and she was pulling my hips closer. Her mouth opened and she began sucking my cock in a fluid no hands motion.

"Ohh fuck," was all I could say. Erin guided the pace pulling my thighs closer, pushing me gently away as she worked my pole. She was an amazing cocksucke, deep throating my none to small length the entire time. My hands fell to her head stroking her hair gently while she stopped to catch her breath.

"You like that? She asked somewhat rhetorically. "I love sucking a nice fat shaved cock. I always save my best blow jobs for guys who keep it clean down here." She immediately began proving herself, lifting my cock up and licking from my bare balls up the underside of my dick and kissing the tip. It was like a teasing game for her as she licked the sides and ran my erect cock around her face, stroking it and sucking my balls.

I leaned over and began pulling her shirt up her back, dragging it up over her tits from behind. Erin sat up momentarily to let the her arms out of the holes and I watched her tits spill out the bottom. Just like when she flashed the crowd they barely moved when freed from the fabric. A small bounce and they were still, firm and pointed with a slight curve from their own weight. I was moving the shirt so slowly that once Erin's mouth was exposed she leaned forward and just started hungrily sucking my cock again, leaving her arms still trapped in the shirt above her head. I held the shirt with one hand trapping her hands up like that and gently thrusted my hips forward to meet her no hands blow job. Nothing seemed to faze her as she kept sucking until I finally pulled the shirt all way off letting her arms fall back down. Immediately she gripped my cock and pumped it into her mouth, breathing through her nose as she picked up the pace. I finally had to make her stop because I was going to cum and I still wanted to fuck her.

Pulling her to her feet gave me the chance to finally suck her hard bare nipples and tease her gigantic tits. She cupped on breast up to my mouth as I sucked her entire areola inside and moved from tit to tit making sure each nipple stood at complete slobbery attention. My hard cock stood straight up pressed between our bodies while we kissed for the first time. I couldn't wait any more and turned her back around gently pushing her shoulders over to present her pussy towards me. I didn't want to give her a chance to think about what she was doing and realize she was about to fuck a bartender in her hotel room. With one hand in the middle of her back and one hand guiding my rigid cock I pushed forward, sliding into the slick crevice to about half my cock in one motion. A brief sigh escaped her lips and to my wonder she immediately began rocking, fucking me back, and pushing my cock deeper with each motion. Within 4 or 5 thrusts my heavy balls were slapping against her stubbly pubics and swollen clit. My hand slid down her back to match my other gripping her hips and steadily pulling her against my thighs and pushing her away as my cock plunged in, separating her glistening lips and probing deep inside her throbbing pussy. I could feel the wet juices leaking out of her and running down my balls as the friction picked up. She was supporting herself with one arm on the back of the couch as she stepped up to put her knees on the cushions and allowing her to provide a more stable base to take the pounding from behind. Her free hand alternated between trying to control her swaying tits and reaching back to encourage my hammering her. Her movement up onto the couch caused me to break rhythm for a moment to which she ordered, "Oh God, don't stop now, keep fucking me, just keep fucking my pussy."

I easily slid back in and resumed the slap,slap,slap,slap against her ass. I moved one hand up her side and gripped a handful of sweaty breast, kneading it and pulling her nipple a bit. She took the opportunity to slide her free hand down to her pussy, splitting her fingers apart on either side of my pistoning cock and then rubbing her clit pushing it upwards against the underside of my cock sending shivers through her body as she added to her pleasure. I couldn't take anymore and pulled out just in time as the ropes of cum splattered her ass cheeks, back, legs, and asshole.

Erin was still gently rubbing her clit when I guided her back around so she was sitting on the couch facing me and my only slightly less hard cock. She was still breathing heavy and flushed, her tits pointing away from one another rising and falling as she stared up at me. Feeling the euphoria of climax I got a little more bold and ordered her, "Suck my cock hard again. I wanna fuck you more."

I saw a brief look of surprise on her face, guessing she probably hadn't been talked to that way before, I tried to back off my bravado a bit leaning down I whispered, "Your pussy is so fantastic, I just want more."

Erin smiled a bit and answered, "Maybe I'm not done yet and I want more cock.?" She started lightly stroking me, slow and deliberate as I started to harden again. The stopping on one down stroke and gripping the base of my cock she leaned in and swallowed it all in one motion. A few deep throats and I was close to full erection again. Encouraged by her aggressiveness I started getting more assertive, "Suck that cock, suck my big fucking cock."

Erin countered by speeding up, stroking me and taking my entire length like a pro. I asked, "Do you want me to fuck you some more? Do you want this hard cock inside you?"

She nodded in agreement as our eyes met, not able to speak with her lips stretched around the base of my cock. "Good girl. Tell me what you want. What do you want to do?"

My cock fell from her lips and slipped along her neck as she firmly stated, "I want you to fuck me. Fuck my pussy right now."

I sat on the couch next to her pulling her back across me as she faced me on my lap. "Well go ahead," I challenged, "fill your pussy with my cock. Ride me and see if you can make me cum again." I knew I was good to go for some time after the first round.

Erin wasted no time and leveraging up and guiding my stiff pole to her open pussy as she slid back down on it. Her hands pushed down on my chest as her arms squeezed her tits together and she began the hip waves that let my cock stimulate her lips, clit, vaginal walls and deep inside recesses of her pussy. She speed up, biting her lip, and leaning forward smothering my face with her hair and tits as she came in a rush of fluid down my cock and balls to the cushions. She lay flat against me, my cock still inside her sensitive pussy. "My legs are shot, I can't be in this position anymore."

I slid out of her feeling the cold room air on my wet cock as I let her roll off and onto her back. Still aroused I pushed right back inside her warmth as I pushed her knees up to her chest and fucked her deeply. I felt the full depth of her vaginal canal a few times bouncing off her cervix and eliciting a yelp from Erin. I let her legs back down and concentrated on the long deep thrusts and caused her to writhe and moan, playing with her tits and tugging her nipples as the waves of pleasure emanated from the deep tissue of her engorged and stretched pussy. Sweat was dripping off my body onto hers. Her nipples stood hard, the pink giving way to darkness from the blood rushing and constant tugging or sucking as I leaned down. The deep slow fucking lasted for what seemed like forever but finally I warned her I was about to cum. I was slowly pulling out when she gripped my ass, "Don't worry. I can't have kids, just cum inside me. I want to feel your cock cum deep inside me."

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