Erin's World Ch. 02


I tried on several more outfits for him, mostly the sheerest, tiniest bra and panty sets. I twirled and danced around for him.

I had more outfits in mind but I saw the clock and it was already past 12:00. If I was going to make it happen I needed to move it. I knew I had to skip some outfits and give him the most revealing ones. He turned away. I got out the next one. It was a white teddy. It was cut down the front all the way to the navel in a large "V" shape. It covered only part of my tits at the top of the V. Only from the nipple outward were hidden, everthing else was on display. It rode up my pussy which exposed my lips through the thin material. In the back there was a large heart shape cut out of it which exposed a large part of the crack of my ass. I saw him shift uncomfortably in his chair. This one really got to him. His tie came off, he unbuttoned the top few buttons for relief.

"You like this one?" I said as I smiled shyly.

"Very much," he stuttered.

"It's know...too much?" I asked with a peep. I wasn't sure he'd buy the whole scared, innocent act, especially after all the times he'd seen me dressed to thrill, like at the BBQ but I began to suspect maybe we just both playing the game.

"You are trying to turn him on, aren't you? Well then, I'd say it's not too much."

I acted relieved and like I was starting to open up and enjoy it. I asked him, "Do you want me to show you what I want to do with Ryan when I have this on?" He nodded vigorously.

"Ok, but only because you've been so good to do this for me," I said.

I bent over for him and backed into him. I sat on his lap, my back to him. I ground my ass onto him slowly while bending over. The bottom of the heart shape allowed most of my ass to be on display for him. I could feel him harden under me. I was getting him worked up as I'd hoped. His hands were on my hips, he was "helping me" grind on him. I did that for quite a while. He sighed when I got off of him. I winked at him. "Let me show you one more," I giggled.

I caught him sneaking a glance at me while I stripped down. I called him a naughty boy, reluctantly he turned away. The last outfit I had time for was the one I knew I'd have to clinch the deal with. It was a lavender open front shelf bra. That meant my tits were basically just resting on top of material which supported them from underneath. Everything would be open to him. Underneath I had matching garters which hooked onto lacy boyshorts. There was a slit running down the front, which allowed "easy access" although they weren't quite crotchless.

I told him to turn around. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He was fidgeting uncomfortably. I came up to him. I leaned in close.

"This is what I want to do with Ryan."

My tits were right in front of his face. I slid down his face, allowing my tits to rub their nakedness on him all the way down to his crotch. I heard him exhale loudly. I stopped with my head resting on the tent in his pants.

"Oh my," I exclaimed. "Did I do this? Do I even need to ask you which was your favorite?"

He just nodded with the goofiest, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world," kind of grin. I wondered about my plan now. I'd enticed him with the sexiest outfits I could muster but he wasn't attacking me as I'd figured. "Fuck," I cursed to myself, "I've found the one true gentleman in the world."

I started to put the things back in the bag. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him stroking his cock through his pants, he'd stop when I'd turn to him.

"Well, thank you so much, sir. You aren't going to tell anyone about this, are you?"

"Of course not," he said with some discomfort, his cock was straining to get out.

"Good, because that would be bad if it got back to Ryan. I don't know what I'd do if he found out you got to see this," I said as I turned to him with my tits still out, my nipples hard and proud. I held them in my hands for him and I tweaked my nipples for him. I sighed, it sent electrical jolts straight to my pussy.

"Ryan is a lucky man. Hell, if those things don't turn him on and make him fuck the heck out of you...."

"Then what?" I asked, hopefully.

"Well, I'm sure you could find someone who would."

"Someone? Someone like you?" I said with a sly grin.

"Hell yeah, I want to, I mean I'd love to, if you weren't married."

"Wow, you think I'm sexy? That's so wonderful of you to say," I gushed.

"Honestly, I'm so hard right now...I can't remember the last time I was so hard," he said. He was in pain. I had my opportunity.

"I'm so sorry," I said as I walked up to him. I was still in full slut regalia, the open front bra, the garters, stockings and boyshorts. I knelt in front of him. I looked him deeply in his eyes. I could see the lust, the pain, the need. I slid my hand up his leg, stopping just short of his balls, he jumped when I pulled up short.

I giggled. "Wow, you are in quite a state there."

"I know, I'm going to have to go to the restroom and masturbate the minute you leave."

"So you like this outfit the best? You won't tell anyone you saw me like this?"

He nodded. He was stroking his cock through his pants still as I was on my knees in front of him.

"If you promise not to tell about this, any of this, maybe I can help you out. Let's call it buying your silence."

He looked at me with intense need. "How can you help?"

I grabbed his erection with my hand and gave it a squeeze. "Trust me," I grinned. "Let me hear your promise."

"I promise!"

"You promise what? You promise not to tell that you saw me in sexy lingerie?"

"Yes, yes, I promise!"

I unzipped his pants carefully. I took out his cock. I stroked it gently. "You promise not to tell anyone about this, either?"

"Not a soul."

I slipped my mouth over his cock as he gasped loudly. I sucked him gently at first until I looked at the clock. It was 12:45. I had to let him get off, and quickly. I tickled his balls with my hands as I sucked him. I brought him closer by swirling my tongue around the head as I engulfed him. He was squirming wildly. I had him on edge. I glanced at the wall mirror. There I was, barely dressed, my tits out, my ass swaying with each thrust of my mouth sucking the cock of my husband's boss. That thought was interrupted as he grasped my head in reaction to his impending explosion.

I pulled off quickly and asked him, "do you promise not to tell anyone that I sucked you off in your office?"

He groaned and tried to get my mouth back on him so he could cum. I gripped the head tightly and held him off. "Tell me."

"I promise, I won't tell anyone you sucked me!" He wailed in agony.

I added one last twist, which I think helped get him off.

"Or that I swallowed your cum like a good slut?"

"Yes, yes! I promise!"

I slipped over his cockhead and released the pressure in my grip. I was rewarded with his overdue spurts. Over and over he filled me with his spunk. I slurped and lapped it up eagerly. Finally, he was spent.

"Oh my god, that was great," he said. "I haven't had sex since my wife died."

That made me sad, it touched me. I kissed his cock softly and licked it. "I'm glad I could be the one to give that pleasure back to you, sir."

I looked at the clock. 12:55, we had cut it very close. I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to give Ryan something he'd recognize. I asked Rob to take a picture on my phone. He asked why. I didn't answer. He did it anyway. I knelt in the corner of the room, in front of a plant that was in front of the wall mirror. I knew Ryan would recognize where it was, he'd been in and out of Rob's office for five years now. I was on my knees, my tits exposed in the exotic lingerie. I put my hands on my knees. I looked up into the camera as Rob's cum dribbled out the sides of my mouth. Rob stood directly over me and clicked a picture. It turned out perfectly. I was looking up in the camera, my head tilted to the side, my eyes slightly lowered. It appeared as I'd desired, a picture of some submissive slut who just sucked some guy's cock.

He asked again, "why would you want a picture out there like that? What if Ryan or somebody sees it?"

I said, "that's why I want it. I'm going to let you have a copy. I know you promised to keep this a secret and all. But I know how guys are when they are hard and excited, they'll promise anything. I know better. I know it isn't that easy. I'm giving you this picture so that when I need to continue to buy your silence it will give me the motivation I need to make sure it happens."

He looked puzzled. "But if you don't give me the picture I wouldn't be able to blackmail you like that."

I leaned in and squeezed his cock. "But then you also wouldn't get your cock sucked when you need it, get it? I'd be scared to leave it like this. I think I need to make sure I have to continue to convince you to be silent. If you didn't have something like that on me, I think I'd be too scared to come back. Don't think of it as blackmail, think of it simply as motivation."

I gave him my number. I said, "send that picture to me in a text every time you want, need, have to have your cock sucked and I'll have to do it. Every time. If I tell you I can't, or that I'm busy with something then you motivate me with the picture, or just the mere mention of it. You just text and tell me where and when and I'll have to be there or you'll show the picture to Ryan and everyone else."

"Can I tell you what to wear also?" he asked excitedly.

"Or what not to wear," I winked. I left him with that thought. In the car I sent the picture to Ryan with the caption, "Your boss now knows what it's like to cum in your wife's mouth."

He texted back immediately. "Oh my god!"

We had a long, horny phone sex session that night, though much to his credit, Ryan didn't allow himself to cum until he could cum inside his cocksucking wife. He got more than he bargained for when I met him the next evening at the airport. He got in the car, I was grinning wickedly.

He saw it, "What? What have you done?" He asked excitedly.

I'd told him the night before how I'd made sure Rob now had the goods on me so that we could continue that. "Well, turns out the old guy is randy," I giggled. "Just before I drove here he texted me the picture. He knew you weren't going to be back until now."

I showed him Rob's text. "Meet me, 5:45. 4th Floor men's room, just off the elevator. Wear the red teddy, skip the underwear. Cover it up with a coat."

Ryan mouthed a suprised "wow."

"I know. I didn't know if he'd take advantage of the fact that he had one more day where you weren't home but he did. I think I might have unleashed a monster," I chuckled.

"Were you excited by the text? Did it turn you on he wanted you again?"

"Yes, very much. I knew how hot that would make both of us. I wanted to gauge his commitment to it, though. I texted him back that I wasn't sure I had time, that I was getting ready to pick you up. But he came through. He texted back that it would be a shame if one of the secretaries in the office checked his phone for messages, which he said they often do, and would run across the picture."

"And?" Ryan asked excitedly.

"And I found myself back in the building in a long coat. I had to walk past several of your coworkers, I'm sure they wondered why I was there. Hopefully, they will think I was there to meet you, hopefully they'll forget you weren't going to be back until later. If not, oh well," I grinned.

"Fuck, that could be humiliating," Ryan sighed.

"Do you like that?" I asked hopefully. "We both know that it always is possible that it could blow up in our faces. Are you willing to risk it?"

"I think so," he said with just a bit of discomfort. "Just because you do it doesn't mean they can prove it, except for the Boss, but I really don't think he's the type that would reveal anything, especially if it ruins his chances with you. Just the fact that we're dancing on the edge, though, makes it hot. Oh god, I just had a thought.

"What is it, baby?"

"What if he makes you suck his dick somewhere in the office, while I'm working?"

"Would you like that?" I purred while I stroked his rock hardness. He was starting to really think these things through. I'd already calculated that in my head. I had already played out numerous possibilites. He was starting to think like me. He was new at all this, but he was coming around.

"That's just so fucking hot...and dangerous. You'd really have to work it out and be careful. It's not like I'd want you to stumble out of his office with your blouse open and your face dripping his cum. But, secretly, to be doing it as everyone goes about their business, then, wow. Anyway, what happened with Rob?"

"I sucked him off while he sat on the toilet. He made me get on my knees, dressed like a total slut. My tits, pussy and ass open to view while I sucked him off on that cold, dirty bathroom floor. He felt me up good, too, baby before, during and after. He only let me go after I told him I had to come get you. I was dripping his cum out of my mouth onto my tits. I wanted you to see it like that."

I opened my top to show him the dry, crusted cum on me. He gasped in appreciation.

"He felt me up after, and got my juices all over his fingers, baby," I cooed. "He whispered that he wants to fuck that pussy."

"Wow, I mean, I know I asked you to do it, but wow. Hearing it sounds so fucking dirty. My boss fucking my wife, cumming in her slut pussy. That's just a big, fat, dirty, wow."

I kissed Ryan deeply, he didn't resist. "Can you taste him?"

"Yessss," Ryan hissed. "Fuck."

"I think your boss is going to take more advantage of me than I intended," I grinned.

"God, probably so. Is he going to be your new regular lover?"

"It wasn't my intention. The picture and the blackmail was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I just had that wicked idea come to me and I thought we'd both get off on it. Plus, I knew I didn't have time to fuck him that first time so I thought that it might be the only way to insure that it actually happened. Are you ok with that, baby?"

"I guess we don't have a choice now," he said lustily. "So he came in you two days in a row? Wow, guess old guys can still perform."

"I know. Are you sure you want to continue this?"

"Yes, but help me with it. Help me get through it. Make me excited by it, tease me with it, taunt me, get me so worked up that I need it as much as you do."

"I certainly will if that's what you want."

He answered me by fucking me for half the night. There were still so many fantasies ahead. I wondered if we both could take it. Just before we went to sleep he told me, "I have a few more fantasies I might be able to add." I just told him to write them down as well. That thought kept me up rubbing myself as he dropped into an exhausted, blissful sleep.

{End of Erin's World-2}

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