tagLoving WivesErin's World Ch. 03

Erin's World Ch. 03


The new life change was overwhelming. We were both on edge. Ryan would ask me daily about whether or not I thought Rob would want to use me that day. Often, I'd barely woken up. We'd then snap at each other for awhile before we'd just smile and realize what was really behind it. We both were totally excited by the things that had transpired but we also knew that we needed to occasionally slow things down or else the heat we were creating would cause us to spontaneously combust. We both agreed we needed to not get off for awhile so that we could both recover from our constant lovemaking as well as rekindle the passion to do some of the other things we wanted. We did agree though, that if Rob called, I'd do what I was expected to do. We talked about that at some length, it only got us worked up again.

The work week went by quickly. Our idea was working, we talked about it every night, we both felt the heat, the desire and the excitement building again. It helped that Rob hadn't "bothered" us. I think the fact that Ryan was around again kept him at bay. I had been worried about that after the 2nd time, when he made me dress up in my lingerie under a coat and meet him in the company bathroom. I knew he had the full capacity to be perverted, which kind of surprised me so I knew he had the potential. By the weekend Ryan was incredibly horny. I don't think we'd taken that long off without sex since we'd been married. He couldn't keep his hands off me.

"Cmon babe, it's been long enough, I have to have it."

I was horny too, I couldn't deny it but his horniness opened up opportunity so I used it to our advantage.

"Ok babe, you can fuck me...or we can do something else."

His hands were all over me. He was kissing my neck passionately. My own lust was growing. I started to moan.

"And what would that be, you wicked woman?" He said in a hoarse whisper.

I began to think that maybe he was playing me as much as I was him. "Just a fantasy of yours...perhaps."

"Oh man, I'm so fucking ready for something. Did Rob call you? Are you going to fuck him this time? When are you supposed to meet him?"

"Whoa, whoa, slow down. I haven't heard from Rob. I was thinking more of something....different," I said as I smiled wickedly.

"Wow, like what? Should I even know?"

"Yes, this one you'll need to know beforehand. But you are sure you are ready?"

He rubbed his crotch. "I think you've got me ready for anything, babe."

"Well, I was thinking of your stranger fantasy. The bar thing."

"Oh man, I think about that all the time. What are you thinking?"

"Oh, I have some ideas. But, I'll keep some of them to myself. What I was thinking, though, was you taking me to a bar and you let me go in first. I know you've read hundreds of stories like that on your porn sites, but this time, it's real, this time it's your wife."

He nodded excitedly. "So, I wear something slutty. I go in and sit down and hopefully get hit on by a number of guys."

"Oh you will, you could wear a burlap sack and attract guys, honey."

I laughed. "Well, I have some better outfits than a burlap sack but thanks, sweetie! So, I sit there for awhile, maybe let them ply me with drinks. You'll be inside by that time, you'll find yourself a good vantage point. Maybe I'll wear something that flashes a lot of leg so I can see you watch other guys trying to catch a glimpse of my panties...if I wear them."

"That sounds so great. I'm so nervous, though. Is that to be expected?"

"Nervous because your wife is going to go to a bar dressed like she's easy, let guys hit on her and buy her drinks, then let them do god knows what to her? Yeah, I'd say that's a normal reaction," I giggled.

"You know what I mean, though. I'm nervous, but excited as hell. What are you going to let someone do? Are you going to suck them? Are you going to let them fuck you?"

"Slow down, cowboy! I said some of it should be a surprise. You like these surprises don't you baby?"

"I do, but gawd, you have to give me something...anything."

"I am. I'm going to let you help pick out an outfit you think a guy would want to rip off of me," I grinned.

We both bolted to the bedroom. We went through my closet and he tossed potentials onto the bed as I sat there.

"Honey, some of these things are great, but are you sure you want that on me in public? Remember, pick something you want a bunch of other guys to see."

Reluctantly he took back some of the outfits that were meant to be best left in the bedroom. I teased him as he'd grab another outfit.

"Mmm, I bet I'd look good in that one, on my knees sucking on some strange cock. Wouldn't I, baby? They'd be able to see all the way down the front and see my titties. I like that one."

His eyes would shoot daggers at me at first but then he'd sheepishly smile. I knew he liked the thought, too.

"Don't you think I should wear one that really shows a lot of my ass, my curves? I feel like that's something a guy will want from me tonight, he'll want to see my ass. Pick something that really shows it off nicely."

He'd blush but then he'd pick an appropriately themed one.

"Mmm, I can't wait to get a strange cock in my mouth tonight, baby," I cooed.

"Is that what you are planning on, just sucking them off?"

"What do you mean, just. You don't think they'd love that?"

"Of course they'd love it. I'm just asking."

"Maybe. I'm not saying. But I guarantee that I'll be sucking on his cock, even if it is just the preliminaries."

He'd laid out three different outfits after we weeded out the others. I kicked him out of the room. I told him I'd make the final choice with the final decision being based on whether or not I thought it gave guys enough to look at and whether or not it had the, "rip it off me," factor.

The little black dress. So simple, yet so sexy. It was a mid length cocktail type dress. It had a plunging neckling which was highlighted by an interlaced pattern that matched the bottom hem. It was airy and it stuck out at the sides due to its ruffly nature. I lifted it in the mirror which flashed my nakedness. It was so light, so airy, it wouldn't take much for it to be lifted to reveal what I had underneath. It was loose enough on top that anyone taller, looking down, could see my tits. I wasn't going to impede anyone's view of them this time. I also chose not to wear panties, adding to the danger of wearing the easily fluttering dress. I did so mostly so that Ryan would know I was naked under the dress so that he could appreciate the views in the bar.

We headed out. He wasn't sure which bar to pick. He wanted upscale, basically places where businessmen hang out.

"Are you sure? You don't want your wife giving it away to some guy from a country bar, some local dive or a biker bar?" I was just asking, it was mostly his fantasy. I was just trying to interject some of my own fantasy into it. I thought just by bringing it up he could choose which type of guy he was basically giving his wife away to. Did he want a businessman, a cowboy, a local, or a biker having his wife?

He knew I didn't care much for dancing so nightclubs were pretty much ruled out. We drove for awhile before we pulled into Martini bar. I had never been there before. Ryan said that some of his coworkers took him there once for a liquid lunch. I shrugged, as long as there were sexy men in there it didn't much matter. I was so horny I just wanted to do it, then end up at home for a epic fuck session with Ryan. I'm sure that's what we both wanted.

Ryan let me go in. The place was dark at first. There was a jazz trio playing in the corner. It wasn't like the bars I was used to, the music wasn't loud, or thumping, it was soft, smooth, sensual even. There were many stools at the bar, which I thought was a bad sign, but I did notice several older guys in business suits sitting there, as well as a few more groups, mostly guys, sitting in booths along the side. I sauntered in and sat down. I felt almost instantly that I was the center of attention. In the bar mirror I slyly spotted the eyes of many of the guys looking my way. I was sitting on the stool carefully. I had to make sure that I'd tucked my dress in enough so that it didn't just ride up and show everything. The bartender came up smiling.

"Hey beautiful, what'll you have?"

He was a young guy with short, black spiky hair. I'd guess he was barely 21 or 22.

"I don't know much about martinis, make me one of your specialty ones. I like fruit, so anything flavored like that.

He brought me something called "a very sexy martini," it had vodka, lime juice, raspberries, syrup and mint leaves. He smiled as he handed it to me. "Very sexy martini for a very sexy lady."

It was totally delicious and really strong, which I think he did on purpose. I could feel the alcohol warm me, that, along with the music made the first drink go down easily. It must've been 15 minutes before I checked behind me to see if Ryan had made it in. He had, he was alone in a booth in the corner. It was the same corner of the bar I was sitting. He was right behind me, basically 10 feet away. I smiled into the mirror as I caught him looking at me. I winked. I went to order my second martini when Sam, the bartender, told me it was already paid for. One of the nattily clad businessmen slid down to the seat next to me. I thanked him for the drink. He chatted me up for awhile. I knew that between the music, Ryan could hear most of it. He was mostly boring. He talked about himself, how great his job was, how much money he made, how his wife didn't understand him and how he had "ideas" that could revolutionize his business. He told me all this in the ten minutes I'd known him.

I turned away from him when someone sat down two stools from me on the other side. It was Ryan. He was saving me. He tried to buy the next drink but Sam told him that someone else had. It was a guy from one of the booths. He got up from his friends and shook my hand sweetly. He sat on the stool between Ryan and I. He was very flirty and complimentary of me, my hair, my dress, my legs. I knew Ryan was eating it up because he could hear it all. His name was Trevor. He was in town visiting his friends. He motioned at them so I turned and waved at them all. I know the rotating in my chair gave them a nice look at my legs, far far up my legs. He was nice, even if he was on the prowl. I was comfortable with him. He made me laugh. He and Ryan also made small talk before Trevor started to protect his prey. It was cute, he was shutting my own husband down so he could claim me as his own. I'm sure it pissed off and inflamed Ryan at the same time.

Trevor had his hand on my legs by the time I finished the second drink and began working on the third. I love buzzed fucking but I do not like being drunk. On occasion, when Trevor wasn't looking, I'd dump some of the drink down the bar glass sink in front of us, or, I'd secretly add some of my drinking water to it to dilute it. I wasn't going to fuck this up by being too drunk to enjoy it. Trevor's hand inched up my thighs until I either had to stop him or let him find out I wasn't wearing panties. I excused myself. I walked to the restroom. Ryan caught me on the way out.

"Is that going to be the guy? I think he's kind of a jerk, really."

I laughed, "He's a jerk because he wants to fuck your wife, silly man? He was just claiming me for his own. I don't think he's the type that would share me, like some guys," I teased.

"Ouch," Ryan said with a wince.

"Stop, you're going to love it. I think I am, too. Go back to your booth like you gave up. Let him be more forward with me, let's see if he resonds."

Ryan reluctantly agreed. I walked back first, Ryan came back later. In the meantime, Trevor had leaned in. His chat had become more seductive, lower in tone, many of the things he said he whispered in my ear, as lovers do. It made my skin tingle, it gave me goosebumps. It also hardened my nipples, which I know he took notice of. Once or twice he brushed them with the back of his hand as he withdrew his hand from my leg, or when making a point with his hands. I knew it wasn't accidental, but it was driving me crazy. My pussy was now wet, and since I didn't have underwear, I had to be careful that it wouldn't be obvious. Soon, the back of his hand would just rest on my tit as he leaned in, he didn't even bother removing it. I couldn't resist sliding my hand to his leg, then to his crotch as we both got heated up. His hand went back to my leg and soon found its way to the top. His expression was priceless when he realized my pussy was unobstructed. I let him graze across it a few seconds before pushing the material down, denying him.

Sam kept flirting too, he took every opportunity when Trevor was either in the bathroom or back chatting with friends to talk me up. It was cute, he was adorable. He was just a horny college kid trying to flirt with an older woman. It didn't help my pussy any. I could feel it ache. Something had to happen soon. I didn't think I could take it much longer and I knew Ryan couldn't either. I got lucky, again. It seems Trevor's friends weren't as excited about the hot woman at the bar as he was, probably mostly because they knew they had no chance at me now. They were pressing him to leave. He kept trying to get my number. I told him no, numerous times but allowed and encouraged the continuous flirting. Sam overheard one of my "no's" and approached us.

"Sir, the lady said no several times. We don't need our customers uncomfortable here. Are you ok, miss?"

"I'm fine, Sam, thanks for asking," I said, smiling sweetly into his jet black eyes.

It irritated Trevor but his friends were gathering their things to leave and then he was getting hassled by the bartender. I could see he was about to call me a fucking tease and be done with it. It was now or never.

"So, no number eh? I get it. You just like the attention," he said with resignation.

"You've got to give me something," he begged. "You're so fucking hot, you've got me so worked up."

"I do, do I?" I teased. "I like attention," I grinned. "But that's not all I enjoy," I giggled.

His eyes changed.

"I'm not into the giving out numbers thing, as you can probably guess, I'm married."

"Yeah, I figured," said Trevor, seeing his hopes vanish. "It looks like I have to go, anyway. My ride is getting very impatient."

I leaned in to him and whispered in his ear. "I'm married, I like attention, but I also like nice hard cocks. If you want your cock sucked like I want to suck it, wait five minutes, then meet me in the ladies room."

I walked away and gave Ryan a wink on the way by. He started to rise but I gave him, "the look." He knew not to follow.

It was probably only two minutes before there was a soft tap on the door. It was a small bathroom. It was one of those single ones with one toilet and one sink and you have to lock the door when you use it. I quickly pulled him in. I shoved him over to the sink. He sat on it. I knelt down in front of him.

"Give it to me, take that cock out," I growled. I wanted it from the first time my hand touched it. He took it out. It was long, perfectly curved, the skin on it looked soft and wonderful. Standing, I just bent at the waist and took his head in my mouth.

"Fuck, fuck yeah," he panted. "I thought you were going to be a tease."

"I'm no tease," I said between sucks.

"I can see that now," he grunted as I worked my magic on him. This wasn't about foreplay or stamina, he wanted to cum in my slut mouth as bad as I wanted him to do it.

I pulled off him quickly and smiled. "Since you've been dying to see it all night the least I can do is let you see it once before this is over."

I slipped off the dress, it was all I was wearing besides my jewelry and my shoes. He gasped and his hands pawed at me with delight. I continued my assault on his cock. The whole room was mirrored, I could see me sucking his cock from every angle. I was a naked, cock hungry slut and some strange guy was going to bust in my mouth. My pussy couldn't have been wetter. He was watching me too, he could see me from all angles, it got him off. He busted his nut in my willing mouth. He nearly choked me. I gave up trying to swallow and just let gobs and gobs of it hit me and pour down my skin.

He just gave me a look of wonder, mixed with embarrassment. He quickly thanked me and bolted. I was still standing there, naked, his cum fresh on me and he was gone. I just smirked, "that went well." I dressed, cleaned myself off and returned to the bar.

Ryan was back on the stool at the bar, Trevor and his friends were gone, but were sharing a sexy story, no doubt. Sam smiled when he saw me and offered me another drink. I declined. He was so fucking cute in his puffy white shirt, black bow tie and black silky pants. It was the club uniform, no doubt, but he looked like a very sexy groom or groomsman in it. Ryan was chatting me up, I saw Sam eyeing him. I thought I saw jealousy in his eyes. I had to laugh at that, some guy jealous of my own husband's attentions. Ryan got up to go to the bathroom. Sam moved in.

"That guy, is he bugging you?"

"Sam, just because guys flirt, doesn't mean they are all bad," I laughed.

"I'm just asking because I think...well, I don't think he's a stranger to you."

"You don't?" I asked with curiousity.

"No, in fact, I'd bet he's probably your boyfriend, or maybe even your husband."

"He's what?" I said, acting surprised. "Why do you say that?"

"Look, I may be young...but the way you two interact, the way you look at each other...the game...."

"What game?"

"I've seen it so often. Woman goes into a bar, her husband comes in after. She flirts with a guy or two, she shuts them down, then they go home after and fuck like rabbits."

"You think that's what's going on here?" I asked, surprised at how clever he was.

He just smiled as Ryan returned. This was interesting now. I'd had in mind to take Ryan home after sucking Trevor's cock and showing him what a slut wife he had but now I hesitated.

Ryan asked me what happened when I disappeared. I told him I couldn't tell him right then. I told him something else came up and if he trusts me and if he wants tonight to be special that he should just go home, or drive around, or whatever, until I call him. I saw the fire in his eyes as he left. I wasn't sure how much of it was anger, how much was frustration, or how much was desire.

Sam returned with a drink, a free one, from him. I didn't dilute this one. I needed another drink to let me go through with the idea.

"Sheesh, that guy finally left," I huffed. "He was relentless."

Sam just nodded, but added a little smirk.

We talked when we could for the next hour or so, it was past one am, the bar was getting barer by the minute. I kept leaning forward when we talked. I wanted him to see "the girls" as much as he could. He also touched my hands when we talked, they were strong, but soft. The band was on their last set. I really had no feel for Sam, I knew how to flirt and I knew when guys were interested but I really couldn't gauge if he was interested in me, "like that." I didn't know if his idea that I was married might be an obstacle. I knew there was only one way to find out.

"Well, it's getting late," I said with an exaggerated yawn. "I guess I should be going."

"Aw," said Sam. "Do you really have to? What about one more drink?"

"No, no, really, that's enough. I hate being too drunk."

"Too drunk, too drunk for what?" He asked with a smile.

"Too drunk for, you know, whatever," I giggled.

"One more, just one?"

"No, I really shouldn't. You've been so nice, thanks for the drink and the chat, I enjoyed it."

"Will you be coming back any time soon?" He asked hopefully.

"I doubt it," I said sincerely. "This is probably my first, and last visit."

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