tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 02

Eros Ch. 02


Chapter Two: The Two Queens

After his encounter with his mother, Jack stumbled back to his bed and went to sleep. That night he had another feverish dream where the man draped in rose fog came to him. Memories of the dream were hazy, coming to him in a series of seemingly unconnected images when he woke. One thing was sure though: the mysterious figure was proud of Jack.

When Jack woke the next day he seemed even better. There was something in the air; the light was brighter, the air was fresher, and his life was better. All of the events that transpired the day before came rushing back to him, and he was left in a wonderful mood. There was no moral dilemma; he had done nothing wrong the day before. In fact he was just fulfilling his personal destiny.

He got out of bed and stretched out his muscles. Unsurprisingly his penis was throbbing and erect. The morning wood which was so common in men was almost a plague to him. His cock stuck out from his crotch like a pillar, and it pointed toward the sky proudly.

Staring down at his giant erection he thought, for the first time since my dream, I don't feel like masturbating. It wasn't that he didn't desire release, he did. He just didn't want to do it himself. Having engaged in the amazing sensation of his mother submission to him, as well as the softness of her flesh, he just knew that it wouldn't be the same as before.

Jack looked to the clock. It was only ten thirty in the morning, which meant his mother wouldn't be back for hours. Looking back to his erection, he decided he couldn't wait that long. He would have to find release somehow.

Pint up and desperate, he thought about all of the women around him in the neighborhood. Some of them were real lookers. Shuffling the beautiful mothers and daughters around in his head, he thought of them servicing his giant cock, looks of adoration etched onto their pretty faces. It would be amazing.

Concern interrupted his day dream. What if people saw him sneaking around to the houses of these young women, or what if people found out what he was doing? He wasn't even sure of what had happened between his mother and him the day before, so how was he going to go about dominating various, unknown females?

Groaning in discouragement he leaned into the wall, his hand holding his painfully stiff pecker. He needed release soon, but he had to regard the problem calmly and logically. Whatever happened to his mother the day before may have been a product of her sexual neglect. Thus, if he wanted the same sort of power over a woman it would have to be someone as equally neglected, as well as someone he knew.

A woman came to his mind then. She was close to the family and had plenty of curves, more so than his mother even. He also knew that she had to be sexually frustrated and could be easily coerced into sex.

Jack grinned and got dressed.

After her shower Victoria continued to think about her son and his beauty. After the blowjob he had disappeared into his room, leaving her alone in the living room to watch television in peace. She was too afraid to check on him after she had lost control and was afraid that she would be bewitched by his beauty again. Somehow she had to resist it; she had to treat him like a son, not like a divine work of art.

Shortly afterwards she went to sleep. Both her mind and body were exhausted from the day's activities, and she had an early morning at the general store, so she needed rest. Almost as soon as she hit the water bed she slipped into a deep sleep.

That night Victoria had a strange dream. In it she was surrounded by a thick rose colored fog. She was naked and her gleaming gleaming, as if it were slick with oil. The only thing she wore were chains and cuffs, which were clasped around her neck and arms. They, too, were colored pink with golden inlays.

Sitting there silently, with the chains on her body, she felt hot. Aroused. Suddenly the chains began to tighten around her wrists, around her throat, cutting off the air. She thrashed, struggling madly with the chains in a futile attempt to escape.

They continued to tightened, cutting off her breath. She felt herself getting high as less and less oxygen reached her brain.

Dazed, she looked up and found Jack standing above her, smiling. He was naked and between his legs hung an impossibly large penis. Behind his eyes she saw a bright light. One glowed the same color as the fog that engulfed them.

The chains blended into her flesh and her breath returned. Overcome by feelings of love and devotion, Victoria bowed to him, hanging her head all the way to the ground. It was only natural to worship such beauty.

Victoria jerked up in a cold sweat. Her vagina was a balmy swamp and was in desperate need of attention. Quickly her deft fingers rushed down and fondled her to brief satisfaction.

As she did this she thought about Jack. Not just in a sexual servitude, but in obeying him in any way. She found great arousal in the thought of cooking for him, cleaning for him, shopping for him and, of course, performing for him more lascivious tasks.

After this she looked at her clock and realized that she was running late. The morning rushed by like a whirlwind. She had been in such a hurry that she forgot to wash her hands, and so she just threw some clothes on, bolted out the door, and went to work.

Later that day she was working and she accidently caught a whiff of her hands. They were still covered in her own musky scent. Staring at them in shock and disgust, her mind wandered, spiriting her off to thought of Jack and his equipment.

A sudden bout of horniness hit her again, leaving her body to react with great need. Even her cigarettes didn't curb her desires or calm her nerves.

At around ten o' clock in the morning it grew worse. Arousal and sexuality flared up inside of her, and she started to get hot and distant. Trying as hard as she could she couldn't fight it; she needed release.

The customers sensed something was wrong and were giving her strange looks. Victoria tried to hide it, but she wasn't wearing a bra and her small nipples were somewhat visible underneath her thick work shirt. Even worse, whenever she moved her nipples would chafe against the course material, making them all the harder.

Selling a six pack to a man who was leering at her chest, she gave him a small, fake smile and realized that it was going to be a very long day.

Fully dressed, Jack snuck across the street, trying to avoid attention. He hopped the fence into the back yard, and used the rear door with out greeting the owners of the house, as he always did. It was his game. Ever since he was a child he would sneak over, and he continued to play it on the rare occasions that he visited.

Quietly he opened the back door, he snuck passed their laundry room and passed the hall which lead to the bed room, down into the kitchen where she was always at work. Just a little farther away her husband sat in the living room, watching the news as always.

Jack snuck up on her and whispered, "Boo," before she was even aware. The older woman jumped a little and looked back at him in shock. She smiled and wasn't mad, she never was. It was quite the opposite in fact, she was happy to see him. They embraced lovingly, like family would.

The woman was Jack's grandmother, Rebecca, who gave birth to his mother. She was a very nice somewhat quiet woman, who was still extremely sexy in her old age. This was something that Jack hadn't noticed before his sexual awakening the day before.

Seeing her again he regarded her in a new light. Her light brown hair was curled just above her shoulders, and her lips were pale, pink, and thin. Small, round glasses were perched on her nose, with light blue eyes peering from behind them. This gave her a shy appearance which was just adorable.

Rebecca's skin was very fair, like moon light on water, which was a perfect contrast to his previous conquest. Her body was plumper than his mothers, fuller in all areas. She had very nice, feminine curves, which Jack found extremely arousing.

Jack's mother was all lean and mean, while his grandmother was more comfortable, rounder and softer. This build was congruous with her full, plump breasts, which were slightly larger than his mother's.

"Hey, grams," Jack said as he reclined against a counter. He hadn't showered since his run in with his mother, and he was sure that he still smelled vaguely like some sort of sexual conduct. His erection was still at full force too, at attention and ready for action.

"Hi." Rebecca smiled bashfully and went back to stirring up some chocolate chip cookies. She was a good chef and quite an adept baker, as all grandmothers seemed to be.

Staring at her, Jack's new sexual sixth-sense was picking up something from deep within her. Lurking in a part that was mostly forgotten there was a need, a craving for intimate contact which was not being fulfilled.

Stirring, Rebecca stole glances at her grandson. She always loved him and had never been one to turn him down. It had become increasingly difficult to turn him down a few months before. Around that time she adopted a new ideal: he shouldn't have to visit if he didn't want to. If he did want to visit, she would always have some sort of snacks and gifts on hand.

That was why she was making chocolate chip cookies that day. Just on the off chance that her truly favorite grandson had decided to visit her.

It had been a few weeks since she saw him last, and she seemed somehow awkward around him. She blushed a bit and felt wonderfully warm. Her loins erupted in a forgotten flame which hadn't appeared for years, and shame washed over her at the same time. How could she become aroused by her own grandson?

Despite her anguish over it, she understood it perfectly. Jack was astoundingly beautiful, as if cloths of masculinity and femininity were sewed together into a beautiful tapestry: her grandson. How could she not find him so captivating, even arousing? He was perfection.

"Jack dear, what brings you over here? Not that I'm complaining!" Rebecca flushed further and started placing the cookies onto a baking sheet.

Jack shrugged, eyeing her frame openly. "For whatever reason, the water at my house isn't working. So I was wondering if I could take a shower over here because, as you can tell, I'm starting to smell a little funky."

Her grandson couldn't have been more wrong. Whatever the scent he was giving off was it was wonderful, arousing, and potent.

"So, can I?"

Rebecca pondered the situation briefly. If the water was off at his house, then chances were that it was off everywhere in the neighborhood. Even more suspicious, he hadn't brought shampoo, soap, a towel, or a change of clothes. Instead all he possessed was what he was dressed in.

Feeling a bit untrusting over the situation, she nodded despite those reservations. Whatever her mischievous grandson was plotting, she would eagerly go along with it. Rebecca just couldn't bring herself to refuse him.

"Of course, darling."

"Thanks. I'll use the master bath, okay?" Jack started off toward the bathroom, a shit-eating grin on his face. His plan was progressing perfectly and there was only one more knot to tighten.

Stopping, he turned to face his grandmother. "By the way, grams, don't tell g-pa, okay? I don't want him to know I'm here. Let it be out little secret, okay?"

Dumbfound, Rebecca only nodded. Why would he not want his grandfather to know? She couldn't comprehend what was going on inside of his mind, or why she his nude visage had appeared in her mind in a flash.

She didn't try to suppress the thought. Instead she soaked in every detail. Her cookies were all but forgotten as she strung them across the pan messily. All she could think about was other, less acceptable ways of making her grandson happy.

Leaving her to work on her cookies, Jack went to the master shower, which was accessible only through his grandparent's bedroom. Stepping onto the black and white tile floor, he went to the shower and turned the water on. Then he stripped his shirt, dropped his jeans and boxers, and hopped in.

Inside he made a real effort to clean himself. With the steam surrounding him, he lathered up, washing his smooth, feminine flesh, and moved ever gradually down to his crotch.

He took hold of his throbbing erection and thought of his mother. Jack remembered what happened the night before between them, and wondered what it would be like with his grandmother. He hoped it would be the same, because he loved the feeling of being in control of his mother, he loved the power.

Not to his surprise his cock was stone hard. It hadn't grown soft since he woke, yet it was even more erect, with the veins prominent, the head thick, red, and bloated.

In the kitchen Rebecca was putting the finishing touches on her cookies. Humming and swaying to music in her head, delighted by a visit from her grandson, she placed extra chips here or there, loading the cookies up with chocolaty goodness.

Her spirits were higher than they had been for a while. Her grandson's visit was for her and no one else it seemed. Having contemplated his words further, she decided that he had come up with a lie to come over, but it was really just to see her. She didn't mind, honestly she was flattered that he went through so much trouble to keep it just between the two of them. His favoritism felt wonderful.

She was also quite delighted by the looks he had given her. Quite openly he had examined her figure, and judging from his expression, he liked what he saw. That fact, in addition to his already high appraisal with the visit, was a compliment better than any other.

Being fifty-four, she knew she was gorgeous for any age. Indeed, she had put on a few pounds in her years, but they complimented her. Like wine, Rebecca Davies had aged quite well.

Once Jack's shower was finished he had an erection like no other. Throbbing hard and red, his balls ached with incredible need. Carefully he made sure not to submit to his desire to masturbate, he dried himself.

Throwing his towel down, Jack decided to take the initiative. He had hoped that his grandmother, overcome with desire, would come down to the shower and service him. She hadn't, so he had to stumble back to the kitchen awkwardly, his cock leading the way.

At the end of the hallway that led away from the bedroom Jack peered around cautiously, checking in on his grandmother. She had her back turned to him, and her cute bum was wiggling in front of him. Completely oblivious to his presence, she was laying out a second sheet of cookies, smiling and humming.

Staring at her ass he felt even stiffer. If he wasn't careful he was going to explode before he was ready to. With the confidence of a man who thought he was God, Jack strode out behind her. Once he close enough he pressed his bloated prick against her back twice.

Rebecca was working away on her cookies, thinking about how nice it would be to give them to her grandson, when she felt a rubber ball press into her back twice. Baffled by what could press a ball against her back, she turned and nearly screamed in surprise. Choking on a sharp intake of air, she stared wide-eyed at her naked grandson.

He stood with his wet hair hanging over his shoulders, his naked body as beautiful as any painting she had ever seen. Sticking out from his crotch was the most beautiful penis she had ever seen. It was incredibly long and thick, and it pointed straight up towards the sky. The faint heat in her crotch grew stronger.

In her youth Rebecca had enjoyed a healthy sex life with her husband. They weren't especially kink, but she had enjoyed herself on what she had considered a very large penis.

Suddenly her grandson shattered that image which she had built up. He was far better hung than her husband, his body was younger and more beautiful, and his soft features surprisingly masculine to her. It was like his body bled sexuality, which was wafting over her, suffocating her.

Once her breath was rejuvenated she tried to speak but only a squeak came out. She didn't want the moment to end. Fire returned to her loins, burning them with desire. This fire also illuminated her soul, filling her with life after years of deep depression. It felt like she was breathing for the first time, and her whole body was tingling.

On the other hand, great guilt was also swelling in her chest. She was ashamed at her arousal because it was her grandson causing it. What kind of grandmother did that? It was her flesh and her blood; she wasn't supposed to want that. Instead she was supposed to reprimand him, to tell him to get dressed.

Jack stood for a moment, letting her conflicting feelings settle. In his head he could feel her contemplating the situation, and he watched with glee as her arousal won out. Staring at her intently, he hoped that she would forget all about her shame and focus only on her carnal needs.

If her cunt was a wildfire, then her head was a sea of shame which was ready to douse it. Yet it didn't. Instead, the shame made the flame burn brighter. So she stared unabashedly at him.

Picking up her submission, Jack smiled at her seductively. "Come here," he whispered as he started to stray from her. He retreated to the bathroom, his hands gesturing for her to follow. Rebecca did follow, too, as she gazed at him ravenously.

In the bathroom, Jack ushered her in, closing and locking the door behind them. He shuffled by her to the toilet, where he took a seat. He held his back straight, his head high, like he was a king on his throne. From between his legs stood out a thick, long scepter.

The scent was trapped inside of the room, becoming thicker and encompassing her. Rebecca became hotter and wetter, as her arousal from her younger days returned in full force. Hell, even her husband had never made her feel so hot.

Her whole focus funneled in on Jack. Inside of the room, with his smell enticing her, she thought only of his needs, of his pleasure and release. Immediately she kneeled between his legs, looking up at him devotedly.

Jack couldn't restrain his smile. It was easy to take her, so much so that it was almost boring. He assumed the reason being her extreme sexual needs in her youth, which were neglected in the more recent years of her life.

That would change quickly, Jack decided.

At work Victoria was losing control. Her nipples were rubbing against her shirt, sending terrible chills through her body, and she had her legs pressed firmly together, trying to contain it in some way.

Her arousal had hit her suddenly, almost overwhelming her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to fight it, but it was a fruitless attempt. Nothing could keep her from losing control. She needed release too badly to resist it.

Looking up to the clock, she was horrified to find that it was barely even eleven in the morning.

"Miss," a customer said. It was a female, who was staring at her harshly.

Victoria laughed nervously and took the money. Her frazzled mind barely returned change. She tried to focus as she counted back someone's change, but she couldn't contain her excitement. Her mind was swelling with thoughts of her son, of his eyes, of his scent, of his skin.

Meanwhile her stomach growled at the thought. She was hungry for his sperm, craving it like a cure for her sudden sexual appetite. Even stronger was her crushing desire to pleasure him in anyway she could. Yet there she was, stranded at work, leaving her poor boy at home with his big, thick affliction sticking out from his crotch.

A large man came up, placing some food on the counter. He openly stared at her breasts, but she didn't care. She was too lost in thoughts of her beautiful boy.

Rebecca stared hungrily at the sight before her. The most wonderful grandchild in the world sat naked on her toilet, his legs spread wide, with a phallus unlike any other standing up. It was very long, longer than her husband's, and much thicker as well. The head was broad, bloated, red, and based on how it felt when he pressed it against her back, very firm.

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