tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 03

Eros Ch. 03


Chapter Three- Tilling and Plowing

One more day! It was just one more day away. That's when Jessica would get home. She wasn't quite sure why she was so excited. It was her decision to go with her father on the business trip, and why wouldn't she? It was a perfect chance to go to the big city shops. Unfortunately the trip didn't turn out how she had imagined

It was all great until they reached the hotel. She felt lonely as she went to sleep, and she ached to go home. At first she didn't realize why, but the longer she stayed away, the deeper the void grew. It took four long days before the realization hit her: she missed her brother.

This information did nothing to ease her longings, but she decided that it would be okay. Three more days would pass and she would be back with him. That left her two days to deal with a new problem that arose. Jessica had a crush on her own brother.

Really, how could she not? How could anyone not find him appealing? Jack was cute, funny, smart, and confident. There wasn't a person on the planet nearly as good as him. At first she had tried to deny it, but her feelings were too strong, and she came to accept them.

She knew nothing could happen. Her family would kill them if anything did, and her brother wouldn't touch her anyway. He wasn't a freak like that, and he would never do anything to hurt her.

A part of her wished that he would be her boyfriend, and that the two of them could be together forever. That same part was also very jealous whenever she thought of other girls with them. She knew him best and could care for him best.

It was strange to think like that. A few months before Jessica wasn't attracted to Jack in the least. One day that changed. She woke up and her brother became perfect.

Not to insult him. Jack was also cute in her eyes and smart as well. He would've made any girl a catch if he could've gotten his act together and prioritized. There was just no attraction. Because, after all, it was her brother and that was wrong.

One day a few months before something happened and he became amazing. She found herself thinking about him with longing and blushing whenever he looked at her. Every time he made a joke she would laugh, even if it wasn't funny. She also found it difficult to be angry with him and, whenever she was in his presence her pulse raced.

Whatever it was she decided it was real. It saddened her to think that her dream guy was her brother, and that she could never be with him. That didn't have to stop her from flirting or teasing. On the trip she impishly bought a number of lewd outfits: short skirts, short-shorts, and lewd tops, some of which she had to hide from her father.

One day on the trip he found one of those revealing tops and she told him that they were pajamas. She promised him that they would never leave the house and he relented, allowing her to keep them. It wasn't a lie, because those outfits were for her big brother's eyes only!

One more day and she would be back with Jack.

Rebecca found herself staring up at her grandson, who was staring down at her. She was on her knees in her garden, a pair of dirty old gardening gloves on her hands. Around her were a number of tomato plants and a chain link fence stood between her and Jack.

In her old age gardening was Rebecca's favorite activity. It was hard work which kept her healthy as she grew aged. Everyday she went out to tend to the fruits and vegetables. On that day in particular she had went out to check on the ripeness of her tomato plants and then went on to prune and groom the plants.

That was when her grandson crossed the street. He stopped on the other side of the fence, leering down at her in the way he had before. In reaction Rebecca was honestly hoping that he enjoyed the view.

She hadn't had the time to make it to the store and get some sexy underwear for him. So that day she had forgone the bra, leaving her big breasts to hang heavily against her blouse and jiggle unrestrained whenever she moved. She also wore tight short-shorts which hugged her rear and thighs.

She wasn't sure why she had dressed so provocatively. All she did know was that when she woke up she thought of her grandson. On the off chance that he decided to come and see her again, she wanted to make sure he had a good view to look at. She wanted to make sure his big cock was happy.

And Jack was happy. He stared blatantly at how her shirt hugged her breasts, bearing a marked crease where her cleavage was. Already his cock had stiffened, as thoughts of her servicing him pulsed freely in his mind.

It wouldn't take much effort to get that. It might take a bit of struggle at the start, but things would inevitably play out how he hoped. Just like the situation with his mother ended up. So he decided to play a bit.

"How're you doing, Grams?"

Rebecca blushed as he ogled her full bust, but also puffed out her chest when she spoke. This made her bosom strain against the shirt more, as if she was smuggling two ripe melons in her top. Erect as could be, her nipples stood out against the fabric.

"I'm fine, Jack. Coming by for a visit?" She sounded hopeful, though she wouldn't to acknowledge it. Part of her was hungry for his penis and desired little more than to play with it. Another part wanted him to turn around and leave. The horny part was significantly


Jack nodded and leaned his chest against the chain link.

At that angle his grandmother had a great view of his package through his jeans. It looked like he was becoming bigger, which in turn made her nipples become even more prominent. It made her feel like a bigger slut, but she was happy for it, as it kept him staring.

"Yeah. I figured that I should see how my cum-baptized-slut was doing today."

Face still hot from embarrassment, Rebecca didn't shy away. She wanted to speak but her words became lost in her throat, as did her spine. All will to reprimand him fled. Being called that had a strange effect on her, the opposite effect that she longed for. She wanted to suck his dick and to swallow his sperm. Ashamedly she acknowledged her own sinful cravings.

"So, how're you doing," Jack asked.


"Doing a little bit of gardening?"

Still having difficulty speaking, she nodded mutely. What was there to say? Perhaps if she didn't speak to him he would leave! That wasn't what she really wanted. If he did, she worried that she would accost him to her house, which would be worse. In the public she was safe. Yet...

"Would you like to come into my house, dear? Or go to yours?"

Jack grinned at her. She was a woman who knew her place. Obviously that offer ruined any chance of the chase going further, but he wasn't going to complain. After all, there was a certain thrill to have such an affect on his grandmother.

With out warning he whipped his thick pecker out. Aiming it, he slipped it through the fence and pressed the limp tube into her face, letting her soft skin delight his cock. Quickly it grew hard, extending out far and inflating considerably.

Reservation left Rebecca. There she sat, in broad daylight, staring in great excitement at the exhibition in the situation. With the sunlight on it he looked even grander. Pre-cum bubbled out, pouring from the tip, and she was eager to sample it.

"What would you like for me to do, Jack?"

Jack pretended to be thoughtful for a moment. "How about you blow me?"

She nodded, and his cock kept on rubbing against her face. She loved the feeling. "What about my clothes? I-I can't take my blouse off, but you can't stain it, either."

Jack shrugged. "Then let me shoot into your garden." He laughed. "Maybe my thick fertilizer will help the plants grow!"

Not wasting a moment, Rebecca threw her gloves to the side and attacked his cock like a mad woman. Her mouth engulfed the head and began suckling on it, eager to let her garden feed on his delicious ejaculate.

The taste of his pre-cum was succulent and calming, filling her body with delight. The taste was so wonderful that she couldn't fathom how it could come from a human being. Maybe Jack wasn't a human anymore. Maybe he had become something more somehow.

In a slip between his boxers and zipper she could see his huge testicles, which she knew were full of delectable cum for her to gorge her plants on. She wished they were free, so she could see them in the beautiful light

It was exciting to be out in the broad daylight, worshipping his cock. If someone were to chance upon it, she was sure that she wouldn't cease her operations. In fact, she would work doubly hard to show them how much she truly enjoyed sucking his cock. It was an exhilarating thought.

Her spine tingled. At any moment her husband could come out, or someone on the street could happen by. Then she would be caught with a huge cock filling her mouth. The thrill was almost as intoxicating as Jack himself. She wouldn't stop herself, that wasn't an option. She would just have to get him off twice as quick to protect her reputation.

To amplify his pleasure she teased his urethra with her tongue, and tasted the delicious pre-cum that oozed out from it. She sucked hard, trying to milk him as quickly as possible. Not since the day before had she craved an orgasm more. It may have even been a greater craving because of their situation, because someone could catch them at any moment.

The thought of him climaxing also filled her with sorrow. She knew that she wasn't allowed to taste his cum during this orgasm. Instead she would simply allow him to empty his balls all over her plants. Unfortunately she wouldn't be able to savor his essence as she so wanted to.

But his will was her will, and if he desired for his cum to be spilled out of her mouth, then that is what she wanted. She would use his amazing nectar line the flower bed.

Enjoying the blowjob, Jack watched his grandmother work. Her eyes were closed as she nursed on his cock lovingly. In quick, rapid movements her fist worked his shaft, trying to milk the orgasm out of him. Already his knees were growing weak, and his mind was growing foggy. The cum was boiling up inside of him and he was about ready to unload.

On the other side of the fence Rebecca felt the signs. His body was growing tense and his pole more turgid. It was pulsing in her mouth, growing thicker, and she reluctantly released it as she had been commanded. Long strings of saliva stretched from it to her gaping lips as she pulled retreated.

She released him just in time, because as soon as her face was out of the firing zone a thick strand of cum sprayed out. It flew at least a foot, soiling her plants, as well as the area around them.

Another huge spurt released into the gardened, and this was trailed by a third release. At least a dozen long strands were fired off into the garden. At the end his cock was leaking a little bit along her arm, which she cleaned with her nimble tongue so she wouldn't make a mess.

Arm cleaned, Rebecca swished the juices in her mouth, savoring them. It wasn't as good as being drenched and drowned in his sperm, but it was still delicious and satisfying to some extent. She sucked more into her mouth from his huge slab of meat, which was still hanging through the chain link. Once cleaned it was pulled back through and, much to her dismay, put away.

"Thanks for that, you cute little grandma-slut."

Those words, that title, it made her feel prideful. To be recognized as a slut, as his slut, was almost as much of a pleasure as to suck him off in such a dangerous manner. Her whole body was left burning from the experience.

Once she was finished gardening she planned to go inside and shower up. In the shower she would masturbate, using the dildos she hid from her husband all those years to please herself. It wouldn't be as pleasurable as sucking her grandson's cock was, and she knew that those tiny pieces of plastic would never be able to reach all the places he could, but she would make do.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Jack said. He waved to her, a grin on his face. "Later."

She waved back to him from her knees. "I'm looking forward to it," she called as he walked away.

Jack went home and killed time. He played video games and took a shower. In the shower he tried to wash the musk off of him, because he was somewhat worried about how things were changing. It was true that he enjoyed the sexual gratification, but his sister was coming home and he didn't want to take advantage of her.

It was different for his mother. She was a rude woman, self-centered and childish at times. So when he could exact revenge on her he did. It was also a way to release those wild inhibitions, to put her in her place, and to get the motherly affections he had lost out on.

His grandmother was different too. She was an older woman, in a relationship with a man who couldn't even get an erection anyway. By using her he wasn't ruining anyone's lives, and he didn't bother anyone at all.

Jessica wasn't fair though, and he wouldn't make that sacrifice. His sister was the star of his life, and he refused to let her end up some skanky bimbo like his mother and grandmother seemed to be.

He let those thoughts float away like steam when he got out of the shower. Drying his cock to an erection, he stepped out and checked the clock. It wouldn't be long before his mother was home and he was sure her mouth could handle his affections quite well.

He went to the living room and sat quietly, waiting for his mother. As he sat there, he contemplated the morals of his actions. Using his mother was justified, as was using his grandmother, but it would never be okay to do the same to his sister, hew thought. But wasn't that wrong to some extent as well?

Furthermore, how justified should his behavior be with the women in his life? Getting blowjobs wasn't really sex. Sure, it gave both parties orgasms with Jack's strange abilities, but sex was different and he refused to sink that low. No matter how nice it would've been, he would not release himself in some poor woman's cunt when she was related to him.

That lead him to wonder about other women, one who he could sink his cock into with out worries. Could he control other women so easily? He wasn't so sure, and he was afraid to try. The effect was strong on the women in his family, his mother and grandmother were quite susceptible. On the other hand, they were also sexually unsatisfied wives whose husbands aren't there for them.

Maybe it was that connection, the bond of blood family, mixed with their unmet needs. Those two factors allowed him to easily slip in, slip out, and get what he wanted. Taking another woman wouldn't be easy and would require a lot of planning.

Planning was wasted on him at that time. His big cock pulled away so much blood that he was left unable to think of anything but sex. So, inevitably, his mind wandered and it moved to the forbidden fruit first.

His younger sister, Jessica, was a beautiful girl. Figure-wise she was built more like her grandmother, with soft, feminine curves that drew his attention. Her breasts were about the size of her mother's, full Ds, and they drew his attention on her short frame. Hugs over the years also told him that they were quite firm, and that her skin was quite smooth.

Throbbing with need, his cock began to hurt a bit. Outside he heard his mother pull into the drive and he knew that release was about to be found. He was waiting for her!

"Mommy, mommy," a young Jack said as he came up to her. As a child he had a bowl haircut, which looked ridiculous with his facial features. Even then Jack's eyes were discernable. Large for his head, they were incredibly deep, filled with a wisdom that was uncommon for that age.

His arms wrapped around her leg as he clung to her. Victoria sashayed around, her son following her about. At that time she wasn't so angry, because her job wasn't so strenuous and her relationship with her husband was stronger. Younger age, better days, it seemed.

She patted her son's soft hair and smiled at him. "Yes, hon?"

Jack looked up with deep longing and love, the kind of love only a child could possess and asked, "When I get older can I marry you?"

She laughed politely. "Yes, of course. What mother wouldn't want to marry such a handsome young man? But you have to be nice!"

"I will! I promise!"

As soon as Victoria opened the door she froze. The first sight that greeted her was a wonderful sort of torture. All day she had thought about it, and there it sat before her. Really, she had hoped things would be different until her eyes laid upon, that's when she knew that she was wrong. She craved it.

The beautiful sight was her son, who was naked on the couch. His soft, tan skin was glowing and freshly washed. His long, thick hair was slung over his shoulders in a wet clump, obscuring his dark eyes which examined her frame, as they always did. Drawing her attention almost as much as his eyes was the thick, bloated cock that she loved so much.

Immediately the never ending heat wave in her crotch grew stronger. Her nipples began to grow more sensitive and erect in her bra cup, and her mouth salivated at the thought of tasting him again. Ever since that first day, all she could think about was him. Her son's pleasure dictated her mind and her every thought. Whether she was thinking about the ethicality of her actions or just her craving for it, it was on her mind. In the end she would never know the right answer. All she did know was that she wanted to do it for him.


"Come here, you slut, and suck me off!"

She couldn't consider it, she didn't have the time. Her body acted for itself and she was suddenly on her knees before him. In one swift movement his cock was in her mouth and she was suckling on it, while her hands were whipping along the thick shaft.

It all happened so quickly. Victoria had spent all day thinking about her son, but not in a positive light. At least it wasn't a fully positive perspective. Many times she considered him a terrible deviant and pervert. She was convinced he had somehow bewitched her, which made her act like such a whore in his presence.

As soon as she saw him those thoughts fell to the wayside. Once she stepped through that doorway her heart beat increased rapidly, and her thoughts became incoherent and jumbled. This left her mind cloudy and horny.

Before her sat Jack, and his dick stretched her mouth. As he got sucked on, he wondered what drove her so. That dream so long ago had given him something more than a big cock. He acquired a strange aura which gave him power over women.

How far did that power extend? Was it older women, like his mother and grandmother? Was it sexually frustrated women? Did both marks apply?

Maybe he could use it for all women, taking advantage of everyone he met. Whatever the limitations were, he was going to take it slow and just enjoy the his mother's ministrations.

Victoria had grown used to sucking his cock. Her lips stretched over the hardened cock more easily, and her tongue had grown used to massaging him despite the lack of accommodating space. She even found a perfect rhythm for sucking and jerking at the same time, so as to milk him more quickly.

Jack's hands drifted to the back of her head, twining his fingers in her hair. Using it as reigns, he began pacing her movements. Slowly he pulled her up and down, and then he put quite a bit of pressure on the back of it.

His cock pushed back to the entrance of her throat, and she gagged. Eyes wide and fearful, she looked up at her son. Around his cock she gurgled, and she pleaded with her stare, asking him not to push down further.

Some sort of guilt appeared to Jack. Even if his mother was rude and short-tempered, she was his mother in the end. Feeling mercy he let off of her head, stopping before going any farther.

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