tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 04

Eros Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Homecoming

Jessica loaded her things into the truck and got into the passenger seat. Once her seatbelt was on she and her father left. Nothing could keep her from getting home; nothing could keep her from her brother!

Jack was anxious. He only had a short amount time for sexual gratification before his family got home. Once they did his mother, and most likely his grandmother as well, were off limits. The only person he might be able to seduce in the family would be his younger sister, and he refused to do such a terrible thing.

Victoria was also hoping that she would be taken advantage of before her husband got home. By the time work was over and she reached her drive way her pussy was already soaked. She rushed through the yard, up the porch, and through the front door, eager to find her son waiting for his, thick cock erect and ready for milking. Her stomach was rumbling with hunger, needing to be filled up with his warm cream.

When the door opened she was greeted by no such sight. Her son was no where to be found. Victoria checked his bed room, his bathroom, and he wasn't there either. Crestfallen, she opted to take a shower for release. Masturbating was not nearly as fulfilling as sucking his cock, but it is true that a beggar can't be a chooser. With a heat like her vagina was giving off she had to do something.

When she opened the door to her bedroom she found him. Jack stood in the center of her room, near the water bed, smiling at her. He was fully dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. It wasn't quite what she wanted, but she was still awed by his beauty. Also, the considerable bulge in his pants gave her hope that she would be able to service him some how.

Running up from his crotch to his eyes, she found herself lost in his gaze. It was becoming simpler for her to become overwhelmed by his presence and it happened again. Her already scalding loins became a wild inferno. It was if she had a star birthing in her womb, and she desperately needed to release the heat.

"J-Jack," she said breathily. Her voice was straining from her passion. Just from his mere sight she was sopping and hungry.

"Slut," she called. Jack stared her down possessively. Just from that one look he knew that he owned her for that day, and he could do whatever he wanted with her. That was the plan. He was going to get her naked and then he was going to possess her.

A thrill ran through Vitoria when she heard the word. The origin of this thrill was unclear, because she had always found such derogatory terminology unacceptable. When Jack said it however, it sounded like the most beautiful of music being offered to her hears. It made her want him all the more.

She swallowed hard and sorted her thoughts. Words were becoming elusive as she stared into his eyes. "Wh-What might you be doing here?" Her gaze drifted to his crotch momentarily, eying the lump, and then went back to his grinning face. Jack was a work of art, crafted so perfectly and molded from the cosmos. She licked her lips.

"I, my dear mother, am here to get my balls drained."

So vulgar, yet he was also very direct and to the point. Victoria stepped towards his eagerly, her hands reaching for his lump, but he refused her by withdrawing and waggling his finger. Her brow creased in confusion. Had she read him wrong? Why else would he be in her room and say those things if she wasn't to service him again, as she had done all week?

"I want you to be naked first. In your full glory this time."

Stunned and embarrassed, Victoria was ashamed of her brash behavior. The two of them would have to wait all weekend for another opportunity, so this blowjob had to be special. She nodded and threw her hair back, giving him a full frontal view of her perfect body.

She lifted the heavy red work shirt over head and tossed it onto the bed with out any caution. Under that her breasts were constrained by a white bra, which had two little points formed from her inflamed nipples. The bra pushed her smooth, tan breasts together, giving a perfect view of her cleavage for her son to stare at.

She reached back to undo the clasp on her bra, and arched her bosom forward purposefully. This caused her breasts to strain against the flimsy white material even further, accentuating her small nipples even more. The strain was so much that the bra almost popped off before she could fish the clasp open.

When freed her breasts fell forward. They were perky and amazingly up-thrust for their size. The small, brown areolas were capped by stiff, equally small nipples which were extremely sensitive. Having her breasts free was such a relief for Victoria that she let out a sigh.

Dropping her bra, she moved on to her pants. She undid her belt and swayed her hips dramatically. Pulling it through the loops, she snapped it once it was free and threw it to the side. That left her to undo her khakis, which were quickly discarded as well.

Victoria stood before him in equally plain white panties. Small tufts of her thick, brown bush curled over the top of the low-riding undergarment. Clingy and wet, the center of her panties was almost completely transparent and hugged her labia like a glove.

Bending at the waist, she pulled her panties down in a quick movement and threw them to the side. This left her naked, completely revealed for her son's inspection.

"Turn," he commanded coolly and she did. Jack took in her long, chocolate hair, her full, firm breasts, her taut stomach, her sopping, bushy cunt, and her tight ass. His cock was straining to get out from its confines.

"Okay. Now you can come and get your prize, you slut."

Victoria jumped to, gripping the lower portion of his big cock through his shorts and the upper portion through his shirt. Her hands ran along his shaft, amazed by its hardness. Even having it in her hands was so much pleasure. No matter what, she couldn't get passed what a perfect physical specimen her son was.

She pulled his shorts down and released his meat from under the shirt. There it was, bloated and red at the crown, awaiting her service. Jaw stretched wide, she accepted him and began eagerly suckling on it like a pacifier. In unison with her bobbing head, she jerked her hands quickly.

She was trying to milk him as quickly as possible out of conflicting desires. Jack's pleasure equated to her pleasure, and she wanted his pleasure to last as long as possible. On the other hand, her husband would be home soon and if the happy mother/son couple were caught things would get complicated. With the recent events in mind, Victoria couldn't handle any more complication.

Jack stood, stiffed legged above her, as he should. He stared down at the beautiful woman whose mouth bulged with his obscene erection. Her eyes were locked with his, staring intently. He smiled, and his fingers curled in her hair. Slowly at first, he began to pump into her mouth. It was a comfortable, steady pace that didn't show any haste or fear. It was obvious that he wanted the experience to be a lengthy engagement, as he was no longer possessed by fear at the thought of his father. Why should he be?

No resistance was offered to Jack's rhythmic mouth-fucking. Instead, Victoria's hands danced down to his balls in spider-touches and groped them as she happily slurped along what was being fed to her.

This continued for a few minutes. Her mouth stretched along his shaft, her hands alternating between ball jiggling and jerking on his shaft. Saliva lined his cock, pooling up and dripping down onto her full bosom or the carpet. Then one particularly hard thrust sent his cock deep into throat. Experience allowed her to adjust easily and accept her massive visitor with little difficult. All she had to do was savor the experience, as fresh flesh was pressed onto her tongue.

All things were going well. Jack was about ready to pull out and fuck her, as she was completely drunk on him by that point. Right there on her bed, where she had done her husband so many times, Jack would possess her once and for all. He was about to make his move and seal the deal when they heard the living room door open, and his father say, "We're home!"

Victoria struggled to free him from her throat's grip. Staring up in shock, she hurried him away and muttered, "Hurry up, we've got to hide!"

Jack didn't make any effort to move, nor did he rush to pull up his pants. Mostly he stood there, being shoved around by his mother, until he closed away inside of the walk in closet.

Quickly Victoria turned and was shocked. She found her husband standing before her, his fat body jiggling, and his walrus mustache wiggling. As usual he was in a ball cap and he had a wad of tobacco in his mouth, and as usual she was disgusted by the sight of him. Her disgusted did seem more intense after having seen so much of her lovely son the past week.

"Well, hello, there," he said happily and eying her crotch. He barely acknowledged her breasts, as he had never been a breast man. He had even gone so far as to say that women with large breasts were disgusting. So he stared intently at her exposed, wet pussy. "Were you waiting for me?"

Victoria swallowed a curse. Her husband was such a bastard. How could he not like her tits? They were amazing. Though she couldn't bring herself to say it, she wondered how he could ever think that she would masturbate to such a fat beast, especially after having been with her son. Lying through her teeth, she nodded and said, "You bet!" With a suppressed gag reflex, she leaned in to kiss his cheek, only to be shunned.

"Sorry, hon. Got the grande at the bell, so I got to go."

He sped passed her, making his way to the bathroom and slamming the door shut. Victoria shuddered, wondering why she had ever married such a pig.

She turned to the walk-in closet and peeked inside. It was a blessing to see such beauty after having seen one so disgusting. In the closet Jack was fully naked, his beautiful frame revealed in all of its glory. His long hair eclipsed part of his face, leaving one eye to leer at her from behind that mask. That leer was a sign of possession.

Victoria entered and pulled the door closed behind her. "Jack! You need to get dressed and get out of here." The words came hesitantly, because that wasn't what she really wanted.

Jack shrugged and stared at her. "I'm not going to leave until you come over here and at least touch my penis."

"Jack!" Victoria couldn't believe his audacity. They were so close to being caught and he still took the time out to cause her trouble. The anger she felt was mixed with extreme arousal. Unfortunately the arousal was so much stronger than her anger, especially with the way the room captured his scent. If filled her head with all sorts of unbecoming ideas.

So she rushed him and wrapped her palm around his big, firm cock head. At first it was her intention to simply hold it, which she did. She also stared. It looked so big and red, so bloated, in pain; he needed release. Her stare trailed up to his apparent eye and she licked her lips. With out even a thought she submitted again. Her fingers trailed along his cock lovingly and she giggled. Jack thrust into her hand and she asked, "Feel good?"


She kept her grip on him and smiled at him adoringly. He was so cute that she couldn't contain herself. She leaned in and kissed his soft neck gently. "You need to leave," she whispered into his flesh before kissing again. The words were a soft request, not a command at all.

She moved her hand along his shaft, down to fondle his full testicles. The head jerked along, prodding her bicep, as he fucked her arm.

"Not until you kiss it, mom."

Sometimes he was a real bastard, and she thought that as he took advantage of her and her lust for him. At least the closet was locked, so her son could take advantage of her until they had to leave. That would be a problem she would face later, if that time came.

Fight fled Victoria, leaving her to simply drop to her knees and stare at her son's thick prong. It was perfectly suited for him, as he was perfect in every way. The encounter with her husband, whom she hadn't seen in a week, made her realize how truly amazing the child she birthed was. He was worthy of the worship that she showered him with.

That thought made her realize the major problem with her husband and why she craved her son so much. It wasn't just his thick sexual aura, or his amazingly virile penis, or his beautiful aesthetics; those things were all separate factors, but not that clincher.

The problem was there her husband treated her as an equal. Jack was a higher being, someone far better than her and he let her know it. Victoria was his slut, his cunt, his tool, and he acknowledged that. While it was true that he shower mercy for her, he still acted on his desires and used her to fulfill them.

There were no illusions or lies in their relationships. He did whatever he pleased with her, and she pretended like she was offended while she still serving him because it pleased her to do so. The truth could be seen in her actions. She wanted to be her perfect son's tool. That was what he made her, and she was happy to live out that role. She was a tool to be used however Jack saw fit, and she took joy from that.

Inside of the closet Jack's scent was deluged. It became all-consuming, and as Victoria drew closer to his crotch she could scarcely smell anything but her son. It was everywhere, even inside of her, quickly consuming every nerve in her body and igniting it with passion. Her nipples were harder than she knew they could be, and her skin was incredibly sensitive. She could feel a stream of arousal in her nether region.

Spurring her arousal even further was the thought that her husband could catch them in the act. It was the only thing that held her back, but not for the reason she thought. She wanted to be caught in reality. It was her true desire to be seen doing such an act, so that it could be known to her husband that he was not the true man in her life. That he didn't have a say in her life and that he didn't have what she needed.

Only her son belonged in her life as she could see it. Her only reason for existing was her beautiful, glorious son. Pucker lipped, she stared at her son's glorious erection in admiration. It was the key, the thing that freed her from the illusion she was stuck in.

"Take a picture," Jack chided. Smiling from above her, he looked as if he could read her mind. It was almost true. Jack was peering into her emotions somehow, seeing the searing passion that culminated from all of the teasing and manhandling his mother endured. He wasn't sure what she as to him at that moment, but he did know that she was quite obedient and willing.

Victoria glared at him, but it wasn't real. The effort of trying to express anger as such a wonderful creature was beyond her. Instead she just looked playful and said, "Shut up."

The idea of a picture didn't repulse her. She just didn't need one, because the image was burned into her brain. Whenever she saw her son she could see his thick cock, and whenever she thought of him she could feel his glorious aura.

Ornery and aroused, Jack grasped the base of his unwieldy cock and smacked her cheek with it. The act made a signature sound of flesh on flesh, and left her staring up at him in shock. Grinning, he did it again and again, plopping his thick meat down on her face over and over.

To his surprise his mother didn't struggle. Her body simply went limp before him as he continued to smack her face repeatedly. Before either of them could register it, pleasure washed over her, draining her body of energy just before revitalizing it again. She squealed, and to silence her Jack stuffed his cock into her mouth. She released her liquids onto the floor

When he withdrew a string of saliva kept her mouth and his cock connected.

"Wh-What..." Victoria couldn't speak, she couldn't think. Being smacked, being dominated by her son made her so horny that thought was lost on her. Unrestrained her fingers went down and started working her clit and cunt, trying to bring them the pleasure she had just achieved.

"Ah-huh," Jack said and he smacked her with his cock again. His mother smiled, loving the abuse, and Jack wasn't sure how to react. She was so fuck happy right then that he could drag her into the living room and do her in front of everyone.

The thought appealed to him, but he was trying to be classy about all of it. It wasn't his intention to hurt anyone with his pursuits, just to derive pleasure from them. So he just waved his cock in her face and said, "You know what I want."

Immediately Victoria left her twat alone and, like the loyal little bitch she was, stare at his cock. A long line of pre-cum was leaking out of it, running down and dripping onto the ground. It was so thick for not being his real ejaculation and so delicious she knew from experience.

She felt inclined to let him know how much she adored him. So she looked up his torso, into his eyes, and venerated his beauty by placing her puckered lips to the tip of his cock. The kiss lingered a while, and it was full of moans and coos from her as she let his pre-cum soak into her lips. Then she retreated, licking what she had accumulated on her lips and separating the string of cum that had attached itself to her. Even that small sample was divine.

"Good," he said, "Now show me how you really like to kiss my cock."

Hastily she plunged herself on him. Mouth agape she swallowed a third of his cock with one massive push, accepting his cock into her throat eagerly. Happily gagged, he could tell that he was her favorite thing on the planet.

Jack allowed her to indulge, enjoying both the moment of control and her worship. He also savored the suction and warmth of her mouth, as her tongue ran rampant on his flesh, busily tickling every thing it could touch.

Before he lost complete control, Jack grabbed his mother by the hair and threw her to the ground. Quickly she rose up, sitting on her knees and exposing her large breasts for his appreciative eyes.

"You know, mom, you're kind of cute when you're slutty like this," Jack said as he slipped his shirt on. Then he went to the task of hiding his erection away in his boxers.

Victoria felt like a bimbo, but she smiled at the compliment. If Jack liked slutty then she would be slutty for him, no complaints.

"Don't get me wrong," he said as he slipped into his jeans and struggled to zip them up with out hurting himself. "I also like it when you're feisty, too."

Mentally Victoria noted that down as well. She was more than willing to put up a fight for his attention. Be slutty, but be feisty. It would be easy to handle that, because there were still conflicting feelings warring for control over her mind. That meant the best thing to do was not to think about it and to just go with the flow. Be slutty when he made her feel like a slut and act pristine when he didn't.

Jack left the room and Victoria along with it. She hated to see him leave but she accepted it. Her son was obviously the one in control of their sexual relationship, and she just didn't have the will to argue.

Alone in the closet she pouted and petted her cunt. Even if the pig was home, her son could have at least left her a load to swallow down. Victoria counted her blessing and reminded herself that she at least got the chance to have him down her throat before he left.

Late in the night Jack was alone in his room, plagued by a raging boner. He had spent the night with his sister, doing his best to keep in control. With her beauty and playful attitude it was difficult. The provocative clothes she wore and her flirty behavior made it even worse, and he was about to explode.

His mother didn't calm down either. She was cum-hungry, and he could see it in her stare. Even though his father was home she barely noticed the poor man, and instead spent her time monitoring Jack and his sister. Perhaps staking would be a more appropriate term, because she mostly stared from the side, never really interacting with the duo.

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