tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 05

Eros Ch. 05


Chapter Five: Intermission

Everything turned black, as it always did in the dreams. Jack found himself seated on a throne of gold, a scepter in hand. A large, flowery crown was perched atop his head, gleaming in the non-light. As usual he was naked, though his enhanced penis was replaced with the normal one. Still he exuded sexuality.

At his feet sat two women, both bound in chains of pink and gold. They were both naked. Their large bosoms stood firm on their bodies. One was his dark haired mother. The other was his sister, whose pale skin contrasted against the tan of his mother and his own. Her younger frame was fuller, like a young version of his grandmother, while her breasts were about the same size as her mother's.

Both were looking up at Jack worshipfully, their eyes full of love. Their hands were resting on his thighs, as the hugged his legs devotedly.

Jack woke suddenly and was unsurprised to find himself plagued by another huge erection. It tented his sheets obscenely and he jokingly thought that the family could go camping whenever he took a nap. He looked to the clock and remembered how the night before ran late with those two blowjobs, which left his mother cum-soaked and intoxicated.

The dream of his mother and sister at his feet was fascinating to Jack. He began to contemplate the nature of the dreams and what they might be saying to him. Whatever mysterious force had chosen him for the gift was obviously trying to deliver some sort of message. From what he could gather the message was to garner control over those two women, though he wasn't quite sure that how accurate of translation that was. In the end, he was experiencing something greater than him, and he was just along for the ride.

Slipping into the boxers he had worn the night before, he got out of bed and dressed in sweats before leaving the room. As stealthily as possible he snuck into his sister's room to see her. The time he had spent with her the night before was short due to his sexually charged state. He just didn't trust himself around her.

Even though he had made a decision to keep his sister pure, the dream made him unsure. When he was erect all he could think about was his sister, and he craved her body as he craved his mother. On the other hand, he couldn't stand to see her turn into what his mother had become. She's his baby sister, and he refused to hurt her like that.

Standing before her sleeping form, Jack took the opportunity to examine his sister's body. A white comforter rested at her waist, giving him a view of her beautiful upper-body.

Her hair was cropped short, framing her face, and breasts were about the same size as his mother's. She was a bit shorter and a little bit of baby fat clung to her frame. It gave her belly a slight bulge, which was revealed to him from her skimpy pajama top. Close examination also revealed her erect nipples, which were apparent because she was sleeping braless.

Jack's body reacted on its own. His hands slipped into the sweat pants and withdrew his cock easily. There he stood, his meat poised above her face, when he regained awareness. It was so close to his sister's sweet, innocent face, and the sight wasn't unattractive to him.

A voice told him to fuck here right there, but he restrained himself. At that moment he felt like her brother, not her lover and he refused to break the bond their shared. The connection was too strong for him to betray.

The dirty thoughts came regardless of their relationship. A little bit wouldn't be too bad he rationalized and he lowered his penis to her face, just within range of her nostrils. Immediately her breathing increased and her nipples hardened considerably, becoming stiff little points. She inhaled his scent deeply.

Jack wasn't sure how, but his empathy was through the roof since the dream. Even though it made no sense, he swore that he could feel arousal radiating from his sister. If he wanted to he could have used her right then and there, and she would not have complained.

He contained it, and rushed to his mother instead. Stumbling into the room he was glad to find her alone. It was the weekend, so his father had went to a friend's house to play guitar and drink a few beers, as he always did.

His mother was alone in bed, still sleeping off the night before. She went to bed late and tired out from all the work she had done on him the night before. So much cum was squirted into her hungry mouth and deposited into her belly that she could hibernate for the winter with ease.

Jack stripped his clothes as soon as he stepped into the room and locked the door. His mother wasn't naked, but her night-shirt hugged her frame tightly. Especially around her breasts it strained, showing off their full shape and roundness.

It only took his presence to draw reaction from her body. Immediately he saw her erect nipples indenting the material of her shirt. When his mammoth erection was hung above her nose she began to sniff it in her sleep. He pressed it against her face, grinding it along her soft flesh until his large testicles eclipsed her chin.

The base of his penis hung just above her mouth and she kissed it. Then he pulled back and felt that her tongue was out, running along his shaft until it reached the head. There her mouth gaped, and Jack took his shot and plunged it in. She gagged and woke; her eyes went wide with shock until she saw him. She didn't fight, but she purred upon sight and began her work.

Her eyes were full of tears but also very loving. She began to fist his cock and coughed until he removed it. Still she was all smiles, regardless of her breathing troubles. "A perfect way to wake up, darling. Do you know when your father will be back?


She kissed his cock as her normal sign of devotion and said, "Then I suppose we'd better hurry." There was no more time was wasted on speaking. She buried his cock down as far as it could go, which was a little bit over a forth of his full length. Her eyes bulged as she did her best to accept him further, but her body had gone as far as it would. Her jaw was stretching, as were her lips, and she just couldn't take it any farther. Not with how she was lying, and not with her inexperience in that type of sex.

Victoria loved to suck on her son's penis more than anything. He was so much thicker, so much longer, and so much more attractive than any man she knew. It was a completely different experience to be sexual with him. It felt like she was destined for her to there. Destined to have him inside of her mouth, and destined to have his essence filling her weak little brain with sensations she didn't deserve.

The pleasure of sucking his cock was enough for her, but the actual sexual gratification on her end came in form of his orgasms. They were so intense, and she was so tuned in, that she had her own orgasms. Ones that were so powerful that they eclipsed any pathetic orgasm she had managed to give herself in all those years before. Plus the taste was divine, and the feeling of his hot sludge pouring into her mouth invigorating.

Jack noted that it grew easier and easier to manipulate his mother. Every time he was with her she submitted more easily. He also thought that he could see into her mind; that he could see her desires, her cravings, and somehow directed them to his will. Gradually his mother was becoming a slave to that will as he shaped her to his design. It was like his mind was so grand that it eclipsed her, and she became some sort of product of that. A beautiful mixture of her own identity and the identity he crafted for her.

She still maintained a feisty edge at times, which Jack found admirable and cute. He enjoyed the struggle, as if it gave him a little bit of excitement and play. That made her less of a mindless slut and more of a tease, except he got beep throat blowjobs from this tease whenever he wanted, so the situation was perfect.

The mixture of his scent and taste assaulted Victoria's senses. She twisted and yank on his flesh hungrily, trying to coax an orgasm out of him and into her awaiting gullet. The whole time she appraised his beauty with her eyes, finding his aesthetics numbing. If there was ever a moment of paradise to be found on Earth, it was in her son. She decided this when he grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth slowly, while watching her possessively.

Honestly she had never thought about being owned before, and it wasn't a desire she was aware of. Her first husband had beat her and owned her, but she had hated him so much for it that she left. When she met Stan, her current husband and Jack's father, she felt like she had found the perfect mate. He respected her, listened to her, and loved her.

Then Jack began to treat her like a slut, and she had felt so excited. It awakened a new part of her, one which had been lost. Perhaps part of her emotional scarring covered it up, and she denied it out of disgust with her ex.

Maybe it was jut the fact that her son was different, better than the two who came before him. Her first husband was a weasel, violent fuck, while her second husband was just a disgusting pig. Her son was nothing like either of them. He was perfect: the perfect taste, the perfect looks, the perfect feel, the perfect sound, the perfect everything. The only thing she could ever find in him is total happiness.

Fucking his mother's mouth, Jack's balled fists tightened and he thrust harder with the seeming intent to drown her. His gaze locked on hers and he realized she was his at that moment. His mother was no longer just a mother; she was his slave, his slut, his toy. The very thought of betraying him was completely absent in her mind.

He yanked his cock from her throat, leaving the tip in her mouth. His hands replaced her hands and went to the task of jerking his shaft. Victoria looked up at him with pleading eyes, begging him to spray her mouth full. She wanted him to shoot so much inside of her that it was coming out of her ears, eyes, and nose, so much that she would be able to taste him for the rest of her life.

At first she was awed by the sight of her son masturbating into her mouth. Next she was awed by the familiar experience of his orgasm. He tensed, his body becoming rigid along with his cock. His hands moved quicker and spaced out, nearly hitting her in the face. Still his gaze locked on her, and she never strayed away from it.

After that she was graced by an orgasmic rain, which coated her face, hair, and breasts with a thick load. She was thoroughly soaked from her shoulders up, and her torso also caught some. Her senses were maxed out, as she was shoved into a field of his essence, and she savored it. During this time she had three intense orgasms, one after another. In her mind she found elation and fulfillment in that debauched act.

Before she could regain her bearings his half-stiff prick swatted her cum soaked face. She giggled and nearly rolled off of the bed.

"Clean me off," Jack ordered arrogantly, holding his cock before her. "You'll do it if you're a good slut."

Eager to be more than a mere good slut, Victoria accepted him into her mouth and sucked. She wanted a great slut, and she sucked with the enthusiasm of one. His cock was lathered in a healthy coat of his cum, which gave her all the more reason to gorge herself.

When his cock was clean Victoria went on to lick her fingers. She happily cleaned on each one, making sure to catch any cum she could. When finished she had an approving smile, as her son was proud of her work.

"I am going to go. You should clean up. We don't want your husband and daughter to see what a slut you've become."

She wasn't sure she agreed with that. A strange pride was found in her new role. She belonged to her son and she was not ashamed. Still, if he wanted it to remain a secret she would obey.

"I'll definitely be seeing you later."

She giggled and licked her lips as he left. His cum was cooling on her face, a perfect gift for her. She would have a lot of cleaning up to do once she licked up that mess he made.

Later in the day Victoria was showered and clean. She couldn't get the morning out of her head. It had been so easy for her son to take advantage of her, and she didn't regret it in the least. He just came in and let her do as she pleased, and she truly did want to suck him off. She loved it and savored each and every moment of their time together.

Her husband came home just after her shower and the two were watching T.V. together. Victoria had escaped the kitchen to separate herself from him. She was trying to be kind to her fat, loser of a spouse but she was still high from her son. That just made her disgusted with him.

This disgust forced her into the kitchen frequently to escape him. She was busy making snacks for the two to eat together, hoping they could share them, even feed each other. Maybe that would rekindle the fire which had been extinguished by her son.

That was the hope until Jack sauntered in. He was clothed, though she undressed him with her eyes. The moment he came in she stared at his crotch silently, hoping that he had an erection. To both her disappointment and self-loathing he didn't, at least not one that was discernable.

When he walked in she could see some reaction though. He grinned and walked over to her, cupping her rear in his hands and pulling her tight. Her hand slapped his chest lightly in an effort to pretend she didn't enjoy. Really, she loved it.

"Take your hands off of me. You shouldn't touch your mother like this."

"My mother," Jack laughed. A smile graced his face as he enjoyed her mettle. "Earlier you were my slut," he said confidently.

Those words made Victoria uncomfortably hot. Whenever he teased her, commanded her, and told her what she was it made her wetter than a tropical storm. She looked into his endless eyes and felt her fight slipping away. He enjoyed a little struggle though, so she shoved.

"I am not a slut," she bit out in simulated anger. "I am your mother and you will show me respect."

Jack allowed his hands to be removed, though his stare continued to molest her. Under his gaze her nipples hardened, but her bra kept him from seeing that. Still, he was aware of her arousal. Somehow her son knew her body better than she ever did.

"You can be my mother and my slut, you know."

"And the respect," Victoria asked calmly, turning her body to face him full on.

"I respect you," Jack said, placing his hands on her hips. "I just happen to know where you belong."

She gritted her teeth, her anger flaring up somewhat. It wasn't anger at how she was being treated, but rather her enjoyment of it. The cockiness just made her hotter and hungrier. It amazed her how she wanted to inflate his ego.

"And where exactly do I belong," she asked venomously.

A smile touched her son's lips and she melted. He had the most adorable smile, with delicious dimples that framed it. He cupped her left breast and mauled it, and Victoria didn't resist. Part of her wanted to, but that was only in an effort to tease him as he wanted to. No part of her truly wanted him to stop.

"I asked you," Victoria said in a breathy tone, "Where do I belong?" Her panties were growing clingy and she was starting fall pretty to her arousal again. The delirium which made her do such horrible things was returning. Struggling to resist somewhat she retreated into the counter behind her.

Jack rushed her, his hand pressed firmly against her breast and crushing it against her. He separated her legs with his own leg, grinding his crotch against hers and sending an orgasm rushing through her very delicate and suddenly willing body.

"You belong in whatever position I want," he said through his dimpled smile. Playfully he kissed her nose, letting her know it was all a game to him. She was just entertainment to him and it didn't bother her. As long as he derived pleasure from her she was happy.

She cooed and nibbled on her son's collarbone, drawing a small sigh from him. Neither wanted to be too loud, neither wanted to draw attention. So he bit back his whimpers, which were so cute that she had to keep them coming. She pulled him against her, until she was pinned against the counter, and her hands roamed his body, feeling his sides until they reached his crotch.

Jack humped her hand desperately, and this made her feel like she was in control. In reality she wasn't, it was just his desire to be receptive. It gave him a thrill to thrust into her palm, using her hand as he had used her mouth earlier that day.

Meanwhile his right hand slipped into her pants and passed her panties. His soft fingers ran along her bush, raking across the hair and skin. The middle finger tickled her clit and that triggered her. What should have been a scream was brought down to a soft simple by a simple kiss. She had a powerful orgasm grasp her and drag her to the edge of nirvana.

When her son's finger entered her vulva she went overboard, and slipped over the edge of material existence. Furiously she fucked his fingers, allowing them to bring her one orgasm after another. She shook and her tongue delved into her son's mouth, treasuring his succulent taste. Passionately she pulled his face closer, and she mused silently at how quickly she had lost control.

When cognition returned to her weak body she was pressed firmly against him. Her hands rested against his chest, along with her full breasts, which she ground against him. He had stopped kissing her, giving her a chance to struggle for air in her hazy, sex-crazed world.

His cock straining against his pants, and the bulge pressed into her belly. Still dazed she fell to her knees obediently. Her fingers tugged at the zipping, trying to pull his pants open like a Christmas present. To her shock Jack batted her hands away. In a breathy tone she asked, "Why?"

"I don't want Jessica walking in on that. It would too hard to explain." Jack looked down at his mother harshly, seeing her for what she truly was. A horny slut who needed him, and when was given the chance he would give her all that she could handle. "You can make it up to me later." Reluctantly he left her there.

"When is later," she asked desperately.

"I'll come get you."

Numbly Victoria nodded. She had to obey her son. In the kitchen she straightened her passions, readied the treats, and returned to the living room, making an excuse to her husband that she couldn't decide what to eat.

The unhappy couple dined on cheese and cracker snacks. Later that night he tried to make love to her, but she wasn't interested. All night she tossed and turned, hoping her son would come and get her.

Jack didn't touch her the whole weekend. He spent all of his time with his sister, trying not to fall to temptation. His view of her was completely different from that of his view of his mother, who had simply become a slut to him.

Gradually Victoria returned to some level of normalcy. She was very aware of how her daughter was dressing and flirting with Jack, and Victoria felt that the motherly thing to do would be to warn the poor girl before she became a pawn in his little sex game.

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