tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 06

Eros Ch. 06


Chapter Six: The Taming Complete

As the weekend came to a close Halloween was coming up. The whole neighborhood was putting up decorations. As far as the eye could see little witches and skeletons lined windows and doors, except on one house. That was the house of the Kernberry's, who lived next door to Jack's family, and they would have nothing to do with the holiday.

Jack wasn't the biggest fan of the Kernberry's. They were a pious Christian family. One time he and his friends were playing a role-playing game and Mr. Kernberry went to Jack's father about it, claiming it was a form of devil worship. Jack was nearly grounded for a year. Luckily his father was a bit more reasonable than Mr.Kernberry.Despite this the pious preacher's daughter was incredibly sexy. She had large breasts, wide-hips, a slender waist, and long, honey-blonde hair. As days passed Jack came to wonder if he could make her call out her God's name in the bedroom.

All of that would have to wait though. Jessica had decided to go on an outing to the mall with her friends after school, giving Jack time alone with their mother. His sister's constant flirting and skimpy outfits were driving him nuts, so he could take the opportunity to sate his sexual hunger on their mother.

So when Jessica left Jack was delighted. All weekend he had teased his mother to get her hot and bothered, to make her hungry for sex. This had an adverse affect on Jack himself. His cock was aching for release, just as his mother's cunt surely was as well. Aside from a few blowjobs from his grandmother, which were infrequent at best, he was extremely pint up. His sister's behavior made it all worse.

Luckily his father left for the week on business, as was the usual. This left Jack alone with his two favorite ladies all week, and when his sister went out to the mall for a costume, one which he was sure would be revealing and attention-grabbing, he was left alone with his mother. So he waited with his cock at the ready, so he could finally get his release.

Victoria was going nuts as well. At times she felt like she was in control of her arousal, then she would stumble upon her son. It grew so bad that she even fucked her pig of a husband. His little stub did nothing for her pleasure-wise. All that the sex resulted in was to make her think about her son, and all the things that were perfect about him. She remembered his taste and how it felt to have him shooting off in her throat.

These memories were so vivid that she had a small orgasm during coitus. Her husband took credit for it of course. In reality it was her son, who made her feel so hot and so ashamed that she got off by mere recollection.

She tried to deny the need for her son as work started that day. Unfortunately that plan worked in reverse, and her every waking moment was filled with thoughts o him. These thoughts caused her nipples to harden and left her with a wet pussy for the whole day. No matter how she denied it, she realized that she needed him to complete her.

Driving home Victoria could feel her body growing hotter and hotter. Her stomach grew agitated as her arousal spiked. She needed some sort of release, and she could only attain that release from her son. This realization fed her shame.

When she got home she parked and waited for a moment. Eyes closed, she took a number of deep breaths to calm down. At first it seemed to work. Her body heat lessened, her cunt grew less swampy then an image came to her mind. It was an image of her son with his penis pressed against her face. She was looking up at him with love and worship, and she felt those feelings again.

The image morphed. In her mind, his hands were cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples while he kissed her. Her hands were grinding against the crotch of his jeans, trying to coax his cock out of hiding.

Memories of Jack's fingers and how they danced along her sides came into mind. It was such a simple act, yet it was so arousing, so fulfilling. It amazed her how it wasn't just arousal, but it was a love of some other sort. It was as if she were worshipping his very existence whenever she was around him.

Those thoughts were both unbecoming and unhelpful. It left the poor mother only hotter and heady. She stumbled out of the car, hoping to sneak in before her son caught her, but she should've known better.

As soon as she stepped into the house she saw her son. He was naked and very proud. Already his cock was throbbing red, thicker and harder than she knew it could be and his smell was every where. A great fever overcame her, desire melting away the worry that had kept her pussy on lock. Her hands shook so much that her purse went toppling to the ground.

Jack stared at her, watching as her eyes changed from shock to arousal. Suddenly she looked sultry and hungry, and he could feel her desire radiating from her as well. If he wanted to her could've fucked her right on the floor.

"Slut," Jack called.

"Yes?" The fight was gone, she was his.

Jack walked backwards, waving his cock as he went. She followed him into the bedroom, where he said, "I want you naked, right fucking now!"

Victoria wasn't in the mod for games either. She disrobed quickly, revealing her large breasts and wet bush to her son. He looked at her like she was a piece of fuck meat, which made her arousal even greater.

As soon as the door was closed Jack grabbed his mother's hair roughly and dragged her down. He put her face to face with his thick cock and she immediately took it in. He thrust, forcing it into her throat.

He was being aggressive and Victoria loved the feel of it. His cock pushed deep into her throat, causing her to cough and cry. She tried to keep up with his movements but it was too fast. So he fucked her mouth and she didn't sound a complaint. Instead she gripped his cute little rear and pulled him into her harder, making her torture that much deeper.

Suddenly Jack jerked his mother back and threw her into the door. She rested there on her knees, completely breathless. Jack stared at her as if he were going to tear her in half, and if he did what she was expecting he would.

She was more than ready for it.

Instead of harassing her any further he turned to the bed and laid back. "Come here, mother," he said as he aimed his cock up. "I want you to mount me and fuck me here, right where you and dad have fucked for years. I want you to enact a horrible sin with your son in the very place where your husband didn't satisfy you!"

His words made her more excited. The taboo seeped into her sex drenched brain, and she became swept up in a whirlpool of need. Shaky legs carried her over to the bed, where she mounted him. She gripped his gigantic cock by the neck and slowly lowered herself. The bloated head felt wonderful on her slippery labia, and she ground herself along the length for a while, savoring the heat and the stiffness. Her clit ran along the hard flesh and it brought a small orgasm at the mere contact.

Even that short-lived contact brought her a powerful orgasm. It astounded her and left her jitter. Jack simply held her thighs, which made the sensation even more powerful. Every touch from him was electric.

She moved up and pressed the head against her vulva, waiting for it to separate her. It did separate her labia as it pushed in, and it split her wider than anyone else before. At first it hurt but the hurt was good. It was an intense burning which felt similar to excise strain. The stretching would pay off in the long run she kept telling herself.

Still squatted above, with her vagina spread open for his invasion, she looked into his eyes. Realization hit her, a confirmation of what she was. Victoria was her son's slut, and she would be a good slut and serve him in whatever way he pleased. That would satisfy her more than anything else on the planet.

When she accepted a full inch Jack made her stop by holding her hips. She already felt full. Her labia were spread over what felt like a hot soda can. The thought wasn't too arousing to her, it actually scared her. What if he tore her? His size could hurt her terribly.

On the other hand it was her son. That thought made her feel amazing. She was proud to be used for his release. Sex with him would be amazing for the sole fact that it was him, not his slovenly father.

With one hand on her hips for control, Jack teased her clit with the other. This brought another small orgasm and caused her already vice like cunt to grip his cock thankfully as she rode out the waves which he created inside of her.

"You may take another inch," Jack instructed.

Victoria did her best to lower her body. It hurt again, but it was still a good sort of pain. She stopped directly at two inches, with her mind instinctively knowing where that line was. At that depth she had an epiphany. She loved Jack dearly, more than anyone alive, and she was happy for what he was allowing her to do.

His fingers dug into her thighs and he no longer held her at pace. A third inch slid in, causing her nerve endings to flare up painfully. All the pain she felt was quickly replaced by a wonderful jolt of energy, which soared through her. She felt alive, truly alive, like she was flying, and she knew her son was the only one who could evoke such feelings in her. She was grateful for it.

A forth inch invaded and she began to see her son in a new light. He wasn't just handsome or hung, her son was smart, in control, and was truly the best person on the planet. He was a paradigm, both beautiful and handsome, and she had no right to ask for any more.

An intense orgasm seized her when the fifth inch shoved in. She convulsed and howled her compliments and praise. Her husband pathetic penis had never pushed so deep, and her son was taking virgin territory. It felt like she was truly losing her virginity then, and she was proud to share the experience with her son.

At the sixth inch she recognized herself as the property of her son. When the seventh inch was in her she became his slave, and at the eighth inch she was far more than all of that. The ninth inch she felt like she couldn't take anymore but pushed down anyway. Finally she bottomed out at ten and had an intense orgasm, one so powerful that she passed out for a brief moment. When she woke she saw him as completely divine. Her son was her God and she was to worship him forever.

Her worship at that time involved her bouncing on ten inches of his cock, which was all that her body could handle. She loved every moment of it, as her son gasped girlishly below. His hands roamed about her body and settled on her heavy, bouncing breasts, and he settled on teasing her nipples.

She leaned down, giving him a chance to suckle on her breasts. His left hand moved away from her swinging tits and fiddled with her clit, which brought another powerful string of orgasms. Her cunt tightened further, holding him like a second skin, but he continued to thrust into her undeterred.

With a hold on her ass Jack hefted her up and flipped them. Before she knew it she was on her back, with her breasts jiggling wildly under her knees. Jack had pinned down, with her legs up over his shoulders, and he was thrusting like a mad man. He looked at her lecherously, like he owned her, and she appreciated the stare. His had an orgasm on every third stroke as she ground back into him.

A final thrust in and Jack went stiff. His mother did the same beneath him as he released a flood of thick semen inside of her. If she hadn't had her tubes tied after his birth she would've surely become pregnant with his child. Even with her tubes tied she still worried that she might get pregnant; his load was that powerful. If any man were potent enough to achieve such a feat it was her son.

All thoughts of impregnation faded as his orgasm triggered a powerful orgasm in her. She tensed up beneath him, locking her legs completely, and then dozed off in complete relaxation.

She decided then that she was truly his. Her son owned her, mind, body, and soul, and she would never do anything to ruin that. Her husband, her job, her children, they were all immaterial in comparison to her God. Jack was her priority at all times, and she would do anything to obey his commandments.

With his mother asleep and spent, Jack withdrew his equally worn out cock. Cum spilled out of her cunt like a waterfall once he removed the plug which kept it inside. The intensity of the sex and the build up to it all gave him a humongous load which he deposited inside of her beautiful body.

He left his mother there to rest, with her pussy and legs spread wide. Uncaringly he wiped his cock off on her bed just before slipping it into his mother's mouth. She was still unconscious, but her body reacted accordingly and slurped on it a bit until it was mostly clean.

When he left the bedroom he didn't bother to dress. His sister was still out with her friends and his father wouldn't be home until the weekend. It was only him and his mother, and she obviously didn't mind him being naked. No one else would see him, he thought, and then he ran into his grandmother.

She gasped and then stared at his cock. A smile appeared on her face. She was becoming as easy as his mother. Blushing, Rebecca said, "What a sight."

"You always go breaking into people's houses?"

His grandmother hung her head guiltily. "I'm sorry! I didn't think you would mind." Then she glanced at his cock and said, "Your mother is home, you know."

Naked in the kitchen with his grandmother staring at his cock, Jack realized that his sexual activities had been quite exclusive. Neither woman knew of the other, not that it mattered. He simply changed the subject by pointing at the basket his grandmother carried. "What's that?'

"Oh," she said, and her face flushed. She stammered a bit as she spoke. "I brought a gift for you, dear. You remember those tomatoes that you...Well, you know, you...You ejaculated on?"

Jack nodded.

"Well, those tomatoes turned out different from the others. They're plumper, juicier and..." Again his grandmother blushed. She looked to the ground, unable to stare him in the face and said, "They taste like you. I-I ate one and I ended up...Well, I thought about you, you know?"

Jack grinned. He advanced on his grandmother, pressed his naked body into her, and kissed her full on the lips. She didn't resist him at all. Her body pressed tightly against his and allowed him total access to her fat bosom, which she crushed against him. Again his cock began to rise up.

He hastily took the tomatoes from her and set them on the counter. With a glance down at his cock he said, "I would love to use that lovely mouth of yours." Her hand ran along the shaft, tickling his nerves and bringing. "But you need to leave."

Rebecca pouted but she didn't argue with her grandson. She turned away to leave, and he smacked her ass roughly, which caused her to yelp and smile proudly. "Will I see you later," she asked hopefully and her grandson simply winked at her.

Jack went back to the bedroom and woke his mother. She stretched out like a cat, and her firm breasts rose on her chest as she did so. Her pussy was still stretched out and sore from the fucking, but she eyed him lustily. "I'm still recovering down there," she said, "But I'd be happy to suck you off, master."

Jack liked the sound of that. Master, it sounded right for their situation. Honestly it sounded like destiny. Master, yes, he would be his mother's master and maybe he would be master to others, as well.

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