tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 08

Eros Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Two Birds, One Cock

The next morning Jack woke to find his resolve still strong. In the night he had gained focus for his plan. Just as all prophets before him, he would recruit those closest to him. Family and friends, those who would listen, were the first to be converted and everyone else followed closely behind.

That realization made him accept the inevitable. His sister would have to be converted. Based on her performance the day before, she would be quite eager. It seemed to be her destiny to follow him.

So Jack spent the day planning. The conquest of his sister wasn't all he had planned. He decided to take it further. First his sister then his grandmother, in one day both would fall. It was a momentous occasion, and his mother would be involved. All it would take was a bit of planning.

When his sister returned home from school he avoided her. It would take his mother at least thirty minutes to get off shift from work, which meant he was looking for her arrival in around forty minutes. That would be when he made his final move.

Once his mother came home Jack rushed to her. Victoria greeted him with adoring eyes as he dragged her into the bedroom and outlined his plans for the day. She listened to every word intently and then bowed her head in reverence. "I will assist you in whatever way you require, my lord."

Jack kissed his mother deeply as a sign of approval. Then he outfitted her. Once she was dressed in black, lacy lingerie and given the right equipment she was put in position and Jack left her be. He went to his sister's door and knocked.

Jessica answered the door looking with a big smiled. She was ready for her brother. For school she had dressed in a form fitting spaghetti strap, which he knew was put under something for the day, and a short skirt which showed off her thighs. One sight he got an eye-full of her cleavage.

Leaving the door wide open Jessica ushered him in. They smiled at each other as Jack sat, but neither spoke for a while. Jack could see her arousal when he looked her in the eyes. He could also feel her heart beat, ringing in his head. She was anxious about something, and he was almost certain he knew what.

With a shake of his head he cleared out all of his thoughts. No longer connected to her mentally, however that was possible, Jack was able to focus on his goal. He stood up and pulled her to him, kissing her as he did so. She cooed in response and pressed her young, soft body against his body. Her breasts mashed against his torso and her crotch ground against his thigh. Their tongues battled until Jack lost, leaving Jessica to suckle hungrily on his tongue in victory.

He shoved her onto the bed and leered at her erotically. His cock was beginning to balloon up and grew even more confined. It ached and it almost felt as if it were going to burst through his pants. He had to wait it out though, for the plan to work as he wanted.

"What's up, Bubba," she asked innocently and batted her eye lashes at him. "What are you going to do with me?"

"I want you to play with my cock again," he said as calmly as possible. Then he looked toward his room nervously and said, "If you want to, that is."

Jessica bore a big smile and spoke throatily. "Of course I do." She grabbed at the hem of his jeans and tugged gently. "You enjoyed it so much last time. Seeing you so happy..." She trailed off and looked quite proud of herself. Under her shirt her nipples hardened noticeably. "So, whip it out that big boy. I can't wait to see it again, it's gorgeous!"

"I will, but in my room," Jack said and he left with out another word.

Jessica held her place. She looked at him questioningly and said, "Why can't we do it here?" When her brother shrugged she gave him a stern look. "Jack!"

After quick thought Jack said, "I want to be able to smell you in my bed, Sis." A small smile helped to sell it, and soon enough Jessica was following him to his room with out a care in the world. In there he pulled out a rolling chair and sat down with his legs spread wide and his sister took position. Unbeknownst to Jessica, their mother recorded the whole thing from the closet.

"Okay, pull it out," Jack said arrogantly.

Jessica stuck out her tongue through her smile. "I am not your slut, Bubba. You pull it out, and then I'll think about getting you off. Maybe."

He laughed at her good naturedly. "You aren't my slut? With how excited you were for this blowjob I was thinking you were." He backed up when he caught a glare from her. "What I meant is that I thought, maybe, that you were my slut, and only in special circumstance, such as these."

Jessica continued to stare at him, but it had become playful. Pretending to be angry, she crossed her arms and pouted. This caused her large breasts to press together and swell up. "Do you want a sister or a slut?"

"Can't I have both?"

Shrugging, she dropped to her knees before him. Anxious to touch him again, she ran her hands along his thighs. Her stomach was knotted with need and the closer she drew to his crotch, the worse that need grew. Finally she grabbed his bulging pants and began to undo the zipper. "Well, I suppose you can. In fact, you'll get a sister, a slut, and a kickass blowjob all in one!"

Jack twisted his eye brow up suspiciously. "This time, huh?"

"What I mean is that if I don't blow you next time then you'll only have a sister and a slut." She gave him a wink before she yanked his jeans and boxers down in one motion. His thick log was exposed to her sight, semi-limp but quickly bloating. She gaped at the sight. "I don't remember it being so big."

When it came out of hiding she began to sniff the air, as did Victoria from her hiding spot. Jessica drew her nose close to his heavy sack and began to suck in the air. It was thick with his scent, which was quickly filling the room. After pausing to take in his scent, she kissed both of his testicles lovingly. Her hands tickled his thighs teasingly, causing him to jerk and laugh. She did this and kissed his shaft until it reached full erection. "It's so fucking sexy, Bubba," she said softly. "I love it."

Jack watched as his sister did her thing. She hovered above his cock hesitantly for the briefest moment, and then she kissed the crown as if she were in love. When she looked at him, she gazed right into his eyes. This allowed a connection to be made and Jack was sure he could see something inside of her. It was bright and burning with heat. "Bubba," she called with great need. "I want to suck you off so bad, but I also want more...I..."

It was quite quickly, he thought. It amazed him how this new presence of his affected women. He still wondered if it was so potent of if she was secretly a closeted slut. Most likely it was far more complicated than that.

The truth probably lied in their strong sibling bond. More so than any one else in his family, Jack was always very close to Jessica, just as she was close to him. Maybe their natural love and attachment were transmuted when it came in contact with whatever was happening to him. It made sense, since his mother acted on lust while his sister seemed to act on love. Jessica's attraction was most likely stronger because it grew from something more substantial.

"Well, what is it that you want, Jessica?"

When he said her name she quivered. Arousal overcame her from his impassioned gaze. "I want you to fuck me, Bubba," she said firmly. "I want to feel your big cock inside of me." She took the time to mash her breasts together for his view, as if giving him a look at the goods. "You won't be my first, but you'll definitely be the best. So, what do you say, stud? Want to make me your slut for real?"

Grinning with pride, Jack ruffled her hair playfully. "What about that kick ass blowjob," he asked in a facetious manner.

She looked deep into his eyes. As with his mother, he expected to feel Jessica's mind submit beneath his gaze, but it did not. What was blurry became clear, and her mind solidified under the pressure into a strong, crystalline form. He wasn't her master but something different, something stronger.

She smiled and gave the underside of his cock a peck. "After this I'll be your slut. I guess that means you can get a blowjob from me whenever you want."

"That sounds good to me," Jack said. He helped her up and stood along side her. Heavy and erect, his cock ran along her stomach as he stood, and his sister laughed at it. Gently she cradled it, and a sudden jolt of pleasure ran up his spine. He adjusted to her touch, kissed her forehead.

"So you're only my sister-slut if I fuck you," he asked as she held him. When she nodded at him he continued by saying, "Well, I love my sister, and she's very beautiful, so I'd love to have her as my slut..." Eying her form hungrily, he finished his thought, "Drop your skirt and get to work."

Jessica let go of his cock and did as she was told. In one swift motion both her skirt and panties were gone. Jack saw his sister's beautiful cunt for the first time. It was fresh and pink, and had short, well-kempt hair. Dew of her arousal hung on the short hairs. She ran her fingers along her slit and said, "I'm so wet for your, Bubba!"

"That's good; you're going to need it. Trust me."

She ran her slick fingers over his shaft before shoving him into the chair. As she straddled him she felt very afraid. His cock was so big, so thick that it could easily tear her apart. Despite this dread she pushed forward, ignoring this sudden apprehension and showing only delight.

It sunk into her, and two inches quickly broke through before she stopped. Straining to hold herself in place, she winced as her thighs and crotch strained. "It's in," she grunted laboriously, frozen by fear and pain.

Jack held her fleshy rear to assist her steadying. He allowed her to keep pass and never pushed her to go further. The only time she dropped was on her own whim, and she did so very slowly. Young and tight, her cunt clung to him desperately as he filled her out. "Are you sure you're not a virgin," he asked with a smile.

She panted from the toil of their activities. With even more effort she managed a forth inch. Her head jerked back and she gasped loudly from the feeling of it. "Oh, Bubba, I am. You're just so big. It feels like you're tearing me apart!"

Jack smiled conceitedly. Penis size was something he barely thought about before his transformation. He knew it wasn't that important to many women, yet having women repeatedly reference his size was invigorating. He knew it was probably painful for his sister, yet she pressed on through it. If his mother was any indication the pain would be short lived, so he didn't worry. Instead he merely held his sister's fleshy rear and allowed her to ease it in at her own pace.

With a lot of struggling and strained breathes Jessica managed to take in six inches. As soon as her brother sunk that deep she was surprised by a powerful orgasm. It was the strongest in her life and left her shaking in her brother's arms. With their mother home she had to quell her cries, so she hid her face in her brother's neck where she moaned and gasped unabashed.

Jack was briefly afraid she would tear him cock off. Her already tight cunt choked down. She was so tiny down there and so warm. It was obviously something that ran in the family.

More labored breaths followed her orgasm. She whimpered into his neck and forced her hips down over two more inches. At that depth she had to stop. Her brother filled her up completely, she couldn't take anymore. At that point it already felt like he was in her neck, he was so deep inside.

"Bubba," she purred into his neck. She kissed and nibbled her way to his ear. "I can't take anymore. This is all I've got to give you, I'm sorry," she whined.

With effort Jack managed to slip his arm between their bodies. One hand held her rear and kept pace, while the hand between them teased her clit. Pleasure surged through her already overloaded body. She squirmed and jerked until her head craned back. All control became lost to her. Shouts echoed through out the house as another powerful orgasm shook her.

Jack held his sister tightly as she came back down from her ethereal orgasm. All she could do was gasp from the exertion. The orgasm stole all of her energy and left her to rest lazily on her shoulder. He moved the hand on her rear up to her head, where he patted her and lulled her into near sleep.

They moved and Jessica awoke when Jack began to piston again. She was on her back with her brother keeping pace. Her legs coiled around his waist, drawing him in over and over. His hands kept her breasts from flailing too much and her skin tingled at his contact. She burned with passion and need. His teeter drove his cock in as deeply as it could go and swirled up her insides just as his presence did to her mind.

Jack's rhythm was fast and deep. His sister grabbed him by the head as he pounded her and drew him into a kiss. She grunted into his mouth as her heat grew out of control. On her tongue he could taste her pleasure. The deeper they kissed, the closer their minds became.

When the kissed ended Jessica looked down at where the coitus took place. She watched as his monstrously thick shaft gutted her. It amazed her that he could fit in her, yet the sight was one of the most arousing she had ever seen. One thrust was especially good and sent an orgasm through her body. She became light headed from pleasure.

In her orgasmic delirium she saw his closet door, which was slightly agape. For a moment she swore that she could see something inside, but these thoughts were quickly lost to the pleasure which her brother assaulted her with. He held her waist and fucked her hard with deep, powerful strokes.

As he fucked her roughly he gave her gentle, loving kissed on her neck and face. These incongruent pleasures drove Jessica made. Delicate kisses mingled in her nervous system with powerful thrusts. It overloaded her mind. She went mad when as her body became so hot that she couldn't bare it. Crazy with lust she began to gyrate her hips against him hungrily. The bed creaked from their force of their love making. It all grew so out of control that eventually Jessica swore the whole room shook with their passion.

At that moment her body had enough. Her head lulled back and her body went flat on the bed. Her lower body went through spasms, her vagina clinging to his cock and her thighs quivered around his hips.

As Jack fucked his sister on his bed, he was proud to know that he had given her the best sex of her life. It fulfilled him in a way that he couldn't even comprehend. To know he brought such pleasure to his little sister was the greatest delight.

It was also true that his sister brought him pleasure. Her tight cunt and sensual movements helped bring him to the edge. As he continued to move in her he grew closer and closer. His cock grew tense and his hips moved with much less rhythm. Soon he was moving jerkily inside of her and before he could register it all he hit climax.

Jessica felt his cock go off like a cannon. His sperm spilled into her body and her already powerful orgasmic haze grew cloudier. Her body convulsed and her eyes rolled back into her head. A drunken smile possessed her head. She had her brother buried into her depths, shooting off the most thick, virile load in the world. Her snatch swelled from it, and the discomfort of the swelling was lost somewhere in the rushing river of pleasure that flowed through her spine and to her whole body.

Sweaty and spent, Jack steadied himself and pulled out. His cock was still bloated but it had lost rigidity and slapped against his thigh, almost down to his knee. Sperm bubbled out of his sister's frothy vagina. Thick pearls of cum dripped out of his sister's crotch and collected on the floor, but she wasn't aware of it because she was lost somewhere in a wonderful dream.

"Good job, master," Victoria said as she crawled out of his closet. She gave him a thumbs-up and rushed over to place a towel on the floor by the bed. Her face was flushed as the sex had left her affect as well. Her nipples were noticeably erect through her shirt.

Victoria adjusted Jessica to where a towel was under her poor, worn out cunt and then zoomed the camera in on her own daughter's vagina. It was messy and stretched out, yet Victoria was envious of her. If given the chance, she would've switched spots with her daughter in a heartbeat.

Jack took the camera away from Victoria as she got his sister repositioned. As she kneeled before him he turned the camera on her. "Okay, my mother-slut, you can clean my cock off now." The camera caught his mother turning sultry under his command. "That's all you get for now, though. I have to save this up for later."

She pouted but eagerly went to work. A third of his cock disappeared into her mouth as she expertly clean him. Once his cock was cleaned of all the juices and smeared cum, Victoria took the time to give him another erection. She refused to stop until he stopped her. When he did his sizable appendage was at full mast. She sat, with her head bowed and her hands in her lap, awaiting his next command.

Jessica's broke the moment suddenly as she cursed. "What the hell is going on?"

Both of them looked at Jessica. She was still a bit dazed from the fucking, but seemed alert enough to register what was happening. Finding her awake, Jack handed off the camera to his mother and sat on the bed next to his sister. When both were on screen again Jack smiled and tried to cradle his sister, but she retreated from him and did her best to cover her shame.

"What is going on here Jack? I thought you loved me," she said viciously.

Jack ignored the terrible pain that struck his heart. He moved in to kiss her but again he was refused. Jack forced her down and pinned her arms at her side so her neck was exposed. He kissed her there and sucked on the soft flesh. With her pinned down he also had free-roam of her chest, which her took the time out to kiss again. "I do love you, Jessica," he said calmly.

Even as she struggled Jack forced a kiss on her mouth. In his time with his powers, the thought of her feeling betrayed was lost on him. In his mind he imagined her calming down, and she did just that as if conceding to his will.

"Please hear me out," he said softly once the kiss broke. "I am creating a religion," he said. Straightening up, he didn't catch her scowl as he spoke. "I am going to be a God, Jessica. I am going to be worshipped and I wanted you to be part of that. You said you wanted to be my slut and my sister, and I wanted that, too. Did you change your mind?" He eased his grip off of her.

"I do," she said muttered half-heartedly. She sat up and covered herself. No matter what he said, she couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes. She was so embarrassed and her mother recording things made it worse. "I just thought you'd be all mine. I didn't know it meant I'd share you."

"Does it really bother you that much?"

"Well, a little bit," she said shakily. "No, a lot." Sadness saturated her voice. She was near crying.

Jack felt his chance at Godhood slipping away. He saw two paths set out before him. Either he would forgo becoming a God and keep his sister happy, or he could do to his sister what he had done to his mother and make her a fuck-puppet. The thought of her being mindless fuck-meat, just as their mother had turned out did not please Jack in the least.

He stared at his sister, examining her thoroughly. She was staring back at him nervously. Both parties knew that her fate rested completely in Jack's hands. Emotional pain struck him, as he did not want to give up his new found goal, yet he nearly outright refused to do such a terrible thing to his sister. He cursed himself for getting her involved in the least.

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