tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 10

Eros Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: All In

Joshua watched as his wife rushed around the house, getting ready for work. He was calm, as usual, contented with how his life was. He had married a beautiful Asian woman, as he always wanted, so what was there to worry about?

He went to a mirror and gelled back his hair. He smiled at his reflection, completely unaware of how people see his awkward appearance. He wasn't hideous like a hunchback, just strangely proportioned.

From a young age Joshua had been incredibly tall and spindly. His large nose and acne pocked cheeks were not attractive, nor were his tobacco stained teeth. Many thought that he would never find love, but then his beautiful wife came in and proved them all wrong.

They kissed on the cheek, both wearing smiles. He went to his car, unaware of how his wife glared at him in disgust. When he drove off his wife went into the house, leaning against the door.

She was pregnant with the child of a man she didn't love. All she wanted to do was get a green card and now she carried his ugly American baby.

It wasn't right of her to cry. This meant that her family would be able to live better. Marrying him and having his child meant that he would always be there to support her, which meant she could always support her parents. It was for the best, she told herself.

The real question in her head was: why did her heart hurt so much?

By the time weekend rolled around Jack was very calm. He had everything planned out as much as he could. Only variables remained; variables which he would have to react accordingly to.

He never got the chance over the two days left to take advantage of Ambrosine but it didn't matter. Her mother was in complete heat. That would be Jack's foot in the door when the time came. Having control over the queen came him control over the princess.

Whenever Jack went outside he felt Mrs. Kernberry's eyes on him. She watched him with complete adoration, smiling and blushing like a teenager whenever they shared a glance. It was interesting to see the effect he had on her. He wandered if she realized who cock it was that had blown up on her.

His father came home on Friday. At that time Jack was still unprepared to handle him, so he mostly just ignored him and kept to himself. The women were still quite enamored with Jack but he played it cool, not slipping up at all. He refused to have all of his plans fall apart because of one simple blowjob.

Saturday was the big day for Julie to come and visit. So early Friday Jack texted his mother and sister, ordering them to his room later that night. Then he spent the rest of the day organizing his kills. There were so many women and so little time it seemed, so he would have to keep a tight schedule.

At midnight Jack was waiting in his room. He sat in a recliner, dressed only in a pair of Batman boxers. His cock was too long, so it hung out one of the legs. He stared at his door expectantly.

Shortly after twelve a knock sounded. He gave the people permission to enter. The door slid open, revealing both his mother and Jessica. Both were draped in robed and both were bowing in the way which he taught them. From the angle Jack could see their cleavage pooling against a knee. His cock reacted slightly, thickening but not raising yet.

He grinned. "Hurry, come in before dad finds anything suspicious about this situation." The two hurried to obey them, rushing in and closing the door behind them. They looked excited, arousal ruining their features. His mother was more composed. Her robe was tied tightly, hugging her well toned frame. Jessica was more whimsical. Her robe was lax, giving him a better view of her young, round breasts.

Watching them he could tell they were excited about something more than just talking to him, though his mother bared some level of a grimace on her face. He acted nonchalant, not wanting to spoil their fun. "Hello, my ladies, how has your evening been?"

His mother winced. "It has been frustrating. I think your big cock has stretched me out, you jerk," she said teasingly. Jack merely tilted his head and gestured for her to continue, so she did. "Before my nightly shower your father jumped me. He made me fuck him and I couldn't even feel his tiny dick." She looked down at her crotch unhappily. "You've ruined me!"

Jack chuckled at her dramatics. "Just look at it this way: I've reshaped your pussy to suit my cock. Does that thought bother you, slut?"

A faint smiled touch her face when he called her a slut, but she still maintained her mock anger. "Why, yes, yes it does. It is bad enough that you stretched me out with your birth, young man. Now you're going around stretching me out again with that massive cock of yours. It's just not fair!"

Jack shrugged. "I am going to keep doing it, so you'd better get over it. Personally, I think your cunt fits like a glove."

Victoria blushed and smiled. "You pervert."


"Enough," Jessica said suddenly. She was pouting at the two of them as they bickered playfully. "We did something special for you, master, and you didn't even notice!" With one swift motion Jessica's robe came off, drifting into the corner. Beneath it she was naked, showing off her beautiful big breasts, love handles, cute stomach, and well-trimmed bush. She posed for her master, accentuating her bust and throwing a hip to the side. "See, we came ready for you, and you didn't even care!"

Again Jack shrugged, trying to keep his pride a secretly. He turned his attention to his mother. "And you?"

Victoria blew a raspberry at him and winked. In a sophisticated move, she let her robe fall to the floor delicately. It slipped off of her body, revealing it to him slowly. She was naked as well, baring her equally large breasts, lean, athletic frame, and bushy cunt for his appraisal.

Jack examined them briefly. He appreciated the gesture immensely and loved the fact that they would go to such lengths to please them. As a reward he gave them a momentary smile before moving onto business. "Thank you, the both of you. Now come before me as you would your master and God. We have business to attend to.

Immediately they fell before him, placing a single hand on each of his knees. His mother ran her hands up his left thigh, gently caressing the skin which prickled from the sensation.

His sister stared up at him adoringly. Her hand ran along his thigh, making sure not to touch his cock. It teased along the area but never fully went through with it. Love radiated from her, true, honest love for her brother. A small part of the real Jessica slipped through, trying hard to repress all of her trauma.

Jack stared down at his two sluts. Both of them were so loyal and dedicated to him. They were his to do whatever he liked with. It wasn't just sexual dedication; it was full devotion to his every whim and desire. His dreams were just like his reality, both were chained to him in subservience.

Wearing the regal look of a king, Jack asked, "Julie is coming down for the weekend tomorrow, right?" Once his mother nodded he continued, "I want her to worship me as well and to convert her I will need your help."

Jack looked directly at his mother, instill her with his will. "Your husband is here for the weekend. I need you to keep him busy tomorrow. I'll text you to tell you when you can come home. You are not to return until I get myself inside of Julie."

"Yes, my lord," Victoria said. She kissed her master's thigh affectionately and asked, "Do you have any other orders?"

"Not for you," he said. Victoria kissed his thigh again and left the room with out a word. He turned his attention to his sister. "Jessica, I have a task for you as well."

"Whatever you ask, I will do."

Jack smiled. "That is god to hear. I will need you to welcome Julie, warm her to the house again. She will stay in your room, and you will be the one who will bring her to me. Do you understand so far?"

"Yes, sir."

"When you two come in you will 'accidently' catch me masturbating and flee. At first you will seem completely shocked and disgusted. Make sure she sees me before you rush back to your room. In there you will talk about me. You will get me stuck inside of her head by whatever means necessary."

Jessica listened to him intently and understood his plan up to that point. It would be easy. Master was always stuck on her head, so she assumed implanting the same seed in Julie's head would be simple enough. His smile, his aura, his personality, all of it would easily sneak into her older sister's every waking thought.

"The next time she leaves you alone come and get me. We will go to your room, where you will proceed to give me a blowjob. Again, we will be 'accidently' caught. I'll take it from there. Do you understand?"

Just as her mother did, Jessica nodded her head and kissed her master's thigh in submission. He patted her head momentarily before grasping her hair and leading her to his cock. It wasn't quite stiff yet, but it was quickly plumping. She inhaled his scent.

"Suck on it."

Jessica did so with out hesitation. That night his room rocked from the force of their love making. After emptying himself inside of his little sister Jack laid in bed, imagining what it would be like to do the same to his older sister.

Jack's parents woke early. Victoria drug her husband out of bed and out to the car. While he was still wiping the sleep from his eyes she ordered that he take her into town to look at antique shops. He obeyed partially to please his wife and partially to get away from he son.

He wasn't sure but something just wasn't right at home anymore. His wife and his daughter looked at his son in an entirely unhealthy manner. It made him feel inferior, weak, and unworthy. Just being around his son was a humbling experience, one which he abhorred due to his low self-esteem. It had taken years for him to gain any sort of pride and Jack removed that from him easily.

The rest of the house stirred a few hours later. Jack made his sister cook breakfast and the two ate. As they ate they discussed things, like Jessica's schooling, her friends, and their plans for that day. They went over his plan again, making sure she understood every facet of it. It wasn't difficult, just precise.

Julie arrived at about eleven in the morning. She pulled her little Sedan to the side of the road and got out, a bag in hand. Looking at the house, Julie sighed. It was going to be a boring weekend but her parent's deserved the trip.

Appearance wise Julie looked almost identical to her mother. She was tall and lean, though not at lean as Victoria. Her hips were wider, and her breasts were about the same size as her grandmother's, giving her a perfect hourglass figure. She adopted the native skin-tone from her mother, along with the long hair, pouty lips, and stern eyes. All in all, she was completely gorgeous, yet terrifying at the same time. Everywhere she went, she demanded respect and no one dared to withhold it from her.

Before she went to enter the house she noticed something strange about it. There was a foreboding air around it, like something wasn't right. It was almost enough to keep her from going inside, but she shrugged it off as nerves. She didn't want to come home in the first place, so she was just nervous.

She entered the house and called, "I'm home," when no one was there to greet her. There was an unsettled air about the place. No one responded, no one was there, and that was odd for her family. Normally at least one of the children were bounding about, or one of the parents was in the living room watching T.V. at all times. This time there was nothing but a still air.

At the door she dropped her gym bag and continued cautiously from there. Something very disturbing hung in the air. She was almost afraid the house had been broken into. Slowly she crept into the kitchen, which was surprisingly immaculate.

She looked at the smooth, clean counter tops and empty trash can. She also noted how the dishes were all put away and spotless, and how the kitchen table was all made up and perfect. Her heart began to beat faster as she felt oddly out of place. She was just about to examine the wash room when she heard a noise from down the hall.

Her already rapid heart beat grew faster, her throat tightened, Julie's limbs shook. Again she heard a sound, like a foot step, but she couldn't bring herself to move. "Julie, what are you doing," a young, female voice said, and Julie leapt a mile.

Jessica stared in bemusement at her sister. "You okay, Jewels?"

Julie leaned into her sister, breathing hard. "You...You scare the living shit out of me, munchkin," Julie said through gasps. When she regulated her breathing, she hugged Jessica tight to her chest. "It's good to see you."

Jessica returned the hug. "Same, but what in the world were you doing in here?"

Shrugging, Julie laughed abashedly. "No one answered when I called, so I was a little bit freaked out. This place is kind of creepy when it's quiet."

"Sorry about that," Jessica said through polite laughter. "I was in the bathroom."

"Where's mom and dad at?"

"For some reason mom woke up with a fire in her eyes. She dragged dad out at dawn to go antique shopping."

"Poor guy," Julie said with fake lamentations.

"So where's your stuff at?"

"I dropped it off in the living room. I only brought one bag."

"Grab it and come to my room," Jessica said excitedly. "We have so much to talk about. You just HAVE to tell me all about college."

"Okay, okay," Julie said calmly. "I'm right behind you."

Jessica led Julie to her room, where the two quickly situated themselves on her bed. Julie sat against the wall, reclining with her legs crossed, while Jessica hugged a pillow to her chest at the head of the bed.

"So, how're classes going?"

"How do you think," Julie said arrogantly. "You know me, they're a breeze."

"Think it'll be the same for me," Jessica asked, her voice very small sounding.

"Yeah, of course, munchkin," Julie said, and she messed her little sister's hair. "You're plenty smart, just like the rest of us. Hell, even Jack could handle college, if he got his priorities straight."

Jessica bit back her anger. No one should ever say anything negative about her master. In fact, she wondered how Julie could even think a single negative thought about her master, but she held her tongue in check. Soon her older sister would see the light.

"With classes being so easy, I bet you have a lot of free time," Jessica said suggestively.

Julie grinned at the thought, but played it cool. "I guess I do," she said nonchalantly before throwing her hair to the side.

"So," Jessica said, examining her sister. She knew Julie was hiding something but she wasn't sure what. "Tell me, how're the guys?"

"Some are hot, some aren't. It's about the same as high school, munchkin."

"Are they better at sex?"

"Around the same, really."

The two sisters caught eyes for a moment. "Are you dating anyone?"

Julie laughed dismissively at the notion. "No, no, no, I don't do that. Don't want to tie myself down while I'm so young."

"What about sex. You have to be having that. I mean, you were practically a nympho in high school."

Julie giggled. "That's true, but you're not different and you know it." Jessica didn't deny it, but instead listened to her sister. Julie shrugged. "There's this guy. He's nice sized, pretty handsome, well built."

"Is he smart?"

"Smart as a brick, but that's why I only fuck him. Don't need brains to be a human dildo, you know?"

Jessica shook her head. "And that is where we are different. You only like sex and I like intimacy, Jewels."

"I'll look for intimacy when I can't get a hot fucking."

Jessica shrugged off the comment. "That's your choice. So, anyway, what do you think about sharing the room tonight?"

Julie twisted her brow and looked at her little sister. "Really? Aren't you a bit old for slumber parties?"

In response Jessica pouted and twiddled her digits. "Well, if you don't want to...I just thought it would be nice."

Julie sighed. "Fine, fine. We can have a little slumber party." Again Julie messed her sister's hair. "You've always had a way with me, munchkin."

"You AND Jack, I have you both wrapped around my fingers."

"Too true, speaking of which, where is Jack at? I haven't seen him since I got here."

Jessica hid a smile in her pillow. The plan worked out perfectly. Soon the girls would find her master naked, with his beautiful cock out. Julie was trapped. Her destiny was before her, even if she didn't know it.

Pulling her cell phone out, Jessica wrote her master a text message, informing him to get ready. "I'm asking where he is," she told Julie. They waited until she got a reply back. It said that he was ready. "He's in his room, let's go see him."

Julie nodded her consent. She was eager to see her brother again. They were never very close. Jack was always much closer to Jessica, which meant since. They were both the 'babies' of the family, and really Julie and Jack never had much in common. He was always a little bit nerdy, a little bit out there. Him dropping out of high school was just further proof of that.

Regardless of their differences, Jack was still Julie's brother. She was excited to see him. Hopefully something had changed for him, because she was sad seeing him fall so far. Ever since he was young, Julie always regarded him as a highly intelligent individual.

That intelligence bit him in the butt though. It made him too nerdy, too hard to talk to in school, and too arrogant. Rather than doing his homework he put it off until it was too late. In the end he fell so far behind his classmates that he wouldn't graduate for years. Dejected by his short-comings, Jack just gave up. It was terrible to see and drove her to work hard in college.

They crossed the hall to Jack's room. Jessica entered with out knocking, and Julie thought nothing of it. It never occurred to her that he might need privacy, not until they caught him in the act.

Jack was slightly hunched and naked. His skinny frame was straining, and his hair was draped along his face. He leaned his head back, reveling in the pleasure which he felt. In hand he held his cock, which he was rapidly jerking.

It had been a while since Julie had last seen her younger brother. Somehow their time apart had changed him. He looked more sculpted and more masculine to her. It was true that he had always seemed somewhat handsome, but the Jack before her was absolutely gorgeous.

He was also quite well endowed. He had the longest, thickest cock she had ever seen. Julie was no slouch. She was a self-proclaimed size queen, but Jack trumped every man she knew. He possessed the largest cock she could even imagine, along with the biggest, sexiest balls she had ever seen.

From her perceptive it seemed like Jack was completely unaware of them. He continued masturbating very hardily, focused so intently on his pleasure that he didn't even notice his opened door. His free hand snaked down and tugged gently on his balls, rolling them in palm. This elicited a puff of arousal from his mouth.

Jessica drew in sharply in unison with her master. She moved to Julie's side when it roused his attention. He smiled at them and turned to face them, pointing his cock at them like a big cannon. Julie shut the door quickly, blocking their view of him.

The two sisters returned to Jessica room. Immediately Jessica flung herself onto the bed, while Julie stood with her back to the door, staring blankly at the wall. Jack was stuck on her mind. He was more attractive than any man she had ever known, and he was hung incredibly well to boot.

Jessica covered her face with a pillow. She was red-faced, but it was more from lust than from embarrassment. It took every ounce of her will to resist falling before master when he directed his cock towards her.

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