Eros Ch. 11


She smiled and continued her work on her breasts. When they were thoroughly gleaming she licked her hands clean and got his sperm off of her face. At that time she so aroused that she didn't catch the exact intention of his words. There was no blasphemy in what he spoke, just sensuality.

When she was finished she looked at Jack with curiosity. She was still uncontrollably horny. Her orgasms had only served to spike her arousal more, but she didn't want Jack to take her, not then. She wasn't even sure if he could.

Jack too resisted the urge to fuck Ambrosine. Her mind state was perfect at that time, but the repercussions would be dire. It would most likely end in a fracture in her psyche, much like his sister. Ambrosine had never done anything to him, and he never wanted to do something like that to another person again.

"You can go now," Jack said offhandedly. He stuffed his large prick back into his boxers and waved for her to leave.

Ambrosine pouted over his rejection. She slipped her shirt on with out verbal complaint and left the room with the door open. Just before going she glanced back at him, but earned no look in return.

The orgasm she had reached was intense, but it wasn't satisfying. She felt unfulfilled. That night she masturbated for the first time. It was fun and it eased her arousal, but it was nothing compared to how Jack made her felt.

She fell asleep thinking about him, and wondered if she would ever get a chance to be with him again.

A few hours after Ambrosine had gone Jack left his room. He left wearing only his boxers, confident in the next stage in his plan. In the hall way he focused his mind, sharpening it to a spear tip. He channeled all of his energy and potential into one point. His intent was to exert his will over his father, just as he had done to his grandmother days before. The difference would be in the type of power he used. Sexuality would not be the focus, masculinity and would be his focus.

The vision he saw for his father's future was different. His sluts were as their name implied: followers whose bodies he'd use. It was almost as if they were nuns of debauchery. They were his closest followers and confidants, who would service him in the most lewd ways.

His father would have a different role. If all went as planned his father would be a mere follower. Devote as he would be, he would worship his God and do whatever he is told, but it would still be a decidedly different form of worship. Jack had no desire for homosexual conduct of any sort.

For everything to work out as planned Jack would need an audience. His father was vainglorious, and degrading him in a group would make his obedience easier to earn.

Jack went to his sister's bedroom and knock. It didn't take her long before to answer the door looking as attractive as would be expected.

She wore a long sleeved shirt that hugged her delicious curve. It particularly hugged her full bosom and wide-rib cage. Skin-tight jeans held her rear and thighs in check, flaring with her womanly hips. She kept her hair pulled back and the lightest bit of make-up accentuated her cheek bones and blue eyes.

"Bubba, what's up?"

At a single glance she became serious. She gazed down to his cock, which was plump and thick. It strained his boxers and made it look like he was smuggling a sausage inside of his underwear. She knew the truth. He hid nothing inside of his underwear but an abnormally large penis. At first that truth had frightened her, but she quickly grew to love it and the pleasure it brought her.

She fell into suit and bowed before him. "What do you need, my master?"

"Come with me," he said ominously, and then he turned to leave.

Jessica stood and followed him. She was excited to see what was going to happen, but did not voice her curiosity. Whatever her master was doing, it was her charge to obey his orders, not question his intentions. It was time for her to be his devoted slut, not his silly little sister.

He strode through the house confidently, and he wore his bulging crotch like a badge of kingship. Through the kitchen he moved to reach the living room, where the rest of his family sat. They were all enjoying the television, watching it intently. His mother and Julie sat on the couch across from the television, though their focus left at the sight of their master and his bulging underwear.

His father sat in a recliner to the side. His fat gut was protruding from his frame, eclipsing his equally fat legs. A ball cap kept his short, thick hair under control, while his thick mustache hid his lips.

He too was in his underwear, with a worn t-shirt over top. He tended to walk around the house in nothing but his briefs, as if showing off his masculinity. In comparison to Jack he wasn't showing much of anything off. His package wasn't impressive, and the sight of Jack's bulging crotch intimidated him.

"Hey, Jack, how's it going," his father asked in an attempt to act casual. Though he was uncomfortable with Jack's state of undress, he couldn't very well scold his son for it when he was in the very same state. The only thing that made the two's dress any different was the large protrusion in Jack's boxers, and Stan was ashamed of that. It was bad enough that his son seemed to run the house when he was away, but the added embarrassment of having a son who was so well hung was a thorough slap to Stan's masculinity.

It was also rather off putting how his wife and daughter fawned over Jack. For his whole life in that house Stan had spent his time creating a patriarchy with him at the helm. This was all a desperate attempt to make up for his small penis and wild emotions, which his father had perceived as womanly. To make up for these supposed short-comings he watched football, and he walked around in his boxers as if he had nothing to hide. He did things that he perceived to be manly.

All of his hard work was slighted by the women, who had no interest in his patriarchy. They no longer saw him as the prominent male of the house, he realized, and thus he had failed to achieve his goal and it made him feel weak. Being in Jack's presence made him realize how truly pathetic he was, as he didn't even have the strength to admit to the world who he truly was.

Jack surveyed his women who gave him their full attention.

Victoria was dressed in a loose fitting white shirt. Despite the looseness of the garment, it still showed off her breasts, and her sweat pants hugged her tight ass.

Next to her sat Julie, who was looking fine and dressed like a wanton. Her blouse was red and very tight. It cut off high on her shoulders, revealing her slender, toned arms, and delved deep into her breasts, giving an eye0full of her astounding cleavage. Short-shorts perfected the look by hugging her cunt and ass, both of which were exquisite.

Seeing his slut's rapt attention on him, Jack decided to make his move. He strode over to his father confidently, and his bulge waggled with each step. He sat on the edge of the coffee table. His genitalia rested nestled on the table where he sat, bulging out even more.

As soon as he sat Jack looked his father directly in the eye. When contact was made the struggle began. His father had a strong will on the surface, but it was surprisingly hollow on the inside. Most of his personality was merely a front. This realization made Jack assured of his own victory. It was easy for him to break through the hard shell and get to the self-loathing inside of his father.

It turned out that Jack's father was very shaken and scared of his son. The sight of his son being a bigger man had left his father shaken. Jack's perfection frightened him, as did the realization that his very own wife didn't appreciate him any longer. It was almost as if Stan knew everything that had been going behind his back.

Deep inside Jack could see his father's brain at work, piecing the scenario together. When Jack entered the room Victoria had stared longingly at his crotch. It was at that moment that Stan had a realization as to why she didn't desire sex with him any longer. With eye-candy like Jack around she had no reason to be even the slightest bit attracted to her husband.

Jack cracked the surface easily and started his infiltration. "Dad," he said in a preaching tone. "Today is the day that you hear the truth."

"The truth," Stan repeated.

Jack nodded gravely and looked to Jessica. "Jessica," he called, "I want you to come over here and remove your clothes for me."

Jessica's eyes bulged, and she blushed cutely. "What about dad?"

Before he answered, Jack peered back into his father's soul. He commanded him to stay put and watch, and thus Stan was to allow his own humiliation with out a word of protest. "Don't worry about our dear father, he will be fine."

Jack turned back to Jessica, his face a mask of controlled anger. "Anyway, Jessica, I must ask: since when do you question direct orders from your lord and master?"

Jessica squirmed. "I am sorry," she said quickly, and she rushed to his side. Jack turned to watch Jessica. Even though the two sat on equal footing, Stan felt like his son was miles above, watching like the ultimate judge.

Even though Jack had told her not to worry her face was bright red. She moved before them unsurely, but began to remove her clothes as commanded. She undid the button on her jeans and shimmied out of them. Briefly she stopped and looked at her father, who watched in shock.

She looked to her master, and found the strength to continue. It was him that she stripped for. His command was law, and she would obey. Jack wanted to see her naked, that was all that mattered.

Resolved to serve her master's every command she tugged her jeans down. This revealed her soft, white cotton panties. Her blouse followed suit and was quickly discarded. She wore a matching white bra underneath which was filled out by her full breasts.

She grasped her breasts and jiggled them playfully. Then she wheeled around for him, pushing her ass out for him and smacking it softly. Looking back at him, she let out a teasing, "Oh," and covered her mouth.

Jack laughed at Jessica's show. He looked at his father, who was disgusted by the sight, yet could not look away. Unsurprisingly, even though he showed disgust, arousal also coursed through Stan's veins.

Not wanting things to get out of control Jack stood and interrupted his sister. He told her to stop, and then he sat back down onto the table, facing his father. His heavy appendages hung over the edge of the table. Stan stared at his son's crotch in complete awe.

Jack looked directly at his father and wore an arrogant grin. "Mother," he called, "Would you please join us over here?"

Victoria leapt to obey. She appeared between the two of them on her knees, and glanced up to Jack eagerly.

"See that," Jack said, pointing at his father's pathetic crotch. "It appears that your husband has been aroused by his own daughter's fine little body." Jack reached out and swatted his sister's ass to accentuate his point.

Victoria looked at her husband's underwear, which barely bulged at all. Until she compared it to Jack she had no idea how truly inadequate he was. Even compared to a normal man he fell short, and she wondered why she ever chose him anyway.

Maybe it was insecurity, Victoria thought. She liked the idea that her husband would never hit her, but she didn't even consider that he would be too weak to give her what she truly desired. Luckily she found her master, and he fulfilled her.

"Pull it out and show it to us," Jack commanded his mother with a wicked grin.

Stan almost spoke a word of protest, but a sharp look from his son silenced him on the spot. So he sat there in humiliation as his very own wife reached into his briefs, grasped his manhood, and giggled. When she removed it from confinement her laughter was joined by the others around her. His full erection was a thin, stumpy four inches.

"Is that it," Jessica asked innocently.

"Wow, Dad, that's pretty pathetic," Julie said as she peered over Jack's shoulder at him.

Jack looked at his father's crotch levelheadedly. "Now it's my turn," he said.

His mother's expression changed from sadistic joy to intense admiration. She nodded at him. Peeling his boxers down, she revealed his thick cock to the world.

Though still imp it hung over the edge of the table. The first stages of arousal had just set in. Blood pulsed into it, making it slowly lurch and twitch. Even then it was already twice as long as Stan's, if not more, and it filled her palm nicely.

Victoria held his cock, weighting it, and Stan gasped slowly. He wasn't sure if he was more shocked by Victoria's brazen behavior of Jack's gargantuan cock.

"Okay, ladies, tell the truth. Which one is better?"

Jessica cooed and stared openly at his thick eye-candy. "Yours, my lord, is better because it is bigger and it is more sensual. Also, it is attached to you. It has no flaws."

Victoria nodded in agreement and said, "I would rather have your huge cock tear me in half than have his pathetic worm leave me unsatisfied any day." To emphasize her point she leaned in and kissed his cock in worship.

Julie grinned and joined the women in their worship. She moved around the table to drop before her master and kiss his cock as well. "I can't get enough of you, my lord," she said enthusiastically. She looked at her father dismissively and said, "And that right there is just pathetic."

"How about our balls," Jack asked. He looked at his father, a grim smile on his lips. "Should we compare those, dad?"

Stan had lost. His face was warped by cringing as he fought tears. He shook his head in defeat.

Jack shrugged and spread his legs wider. He leaned back and regarded his mother. "So be it," he said," Mother, I want you to stand up and get naked." Then Jack looked to his sisters. "I want you two to get me ready to penetrate her."

He was already hard but the women went to work. His sisters eagerly attacked his cock with their mouth, licking and sucking at his succulent flesh. A few kisses made him hard as steel. Even with their quota filled they continued to suck on him with all their might. Julie happily and noisily took him down her throat, while Jessica suckled on his balls supportively.

Soon his mother was completely naked. Her firm D-cups jiggled on her chest as she positioned herself before her master. He grabbed her hips and spun her, displaying her body before both himself and her husband. After one spin he stopped her with her ass pointed at his face. Still holding her by the hips he pulled her down. Jessica and Julie directed master into Victoria, and she came almost immediately.

It didn't take long for the two to find rhythm. Soon after being penetrated she happily bounced on his cock. During their fuck session Victoria was extremely audible. She told her husband how big their son was, and how he stretched her out. She told him how much she loved being fucked by him, and how she worshipped him as her God. As she spoke she kept her legs spread wide, which gave her husband a perfect view of Jack's huge cock being tugged on by her tight cunt.

Jack fucked her from below with long, quick strokes. He bottomed out in her, delving ten inches in each time, and she loved it. The whole scenario made the sex better for the both of them. It was always a thrill to fuck, but to fuck in an act of dominance was even greater. Having his father be the one dominated gave him a new, exciting thrill.

Stan watched without a word as his Jack fucked his own mother. She loved it. Every third stroke brought her one small orgasm, and every seventh brought a bigger one. Jack reached up and cupped her breasts, and Stan realized that he would never again touch Victoria's breasts. Nor would he have the luxury of fucking her. It occurred to him that even kisses would be taboo. All of his rightful love was taken by Jack.

Finally both reached the peak of their pleasure. Her body shook wildly. Jack bit his mother's neck hard enough to bruise, but she was so consumed by pleasure that she did not notice. His sperm filled her up completely, warming her insides and straining her pussy to accommodate it all.

When their orgasm hit a shockwave pulsed through the room. Everyone in the room had orgasms of their own. Jessica and Julie, who watched the entire preceding with interest tensed as pleasure washed over them. Stan shot a small load, one which paled in comparison to what Jack put into his wife.

Jack slid out of his mother. Sperm oozed forth from her stretched out labia. Jessica was quick to catch her mother's leaking twat, and Julie was just as quick to catch her master's cock and begin sucking it clean.

Finished, Jack moved and Victoria fell back onto the table with Jessica between her legs. Groaning from the previous exertion, Victoria said to her husband, "Jack is our owner and master, Stan. He is our God and we worship him at all times in our life. Everything we are and will be from these days on is dependent upon his will. You shouldn't refuse this, because in that future of rejection you will find no happiness. We chose him over you, as he completes us in a way that no one else can. Don't you see, Stan," she said, her eye fill with genuine concern for her husband, "Your time is gone and forgotten. Now is not the time of Christ or any prophets, because we have a real God among us now. Accept him as your God and you will see the light, I promise you. You will be fulfilled in ways that are incomprehensible to you now."

She looked at Jack fondly, and held his hand. "He is good to us. He will be good to you as well."

Jessica finished eating up what came from her mother's sticky twat and moved to Jack's side. She held his thighs, which were surprisingly tight with muscle. "She is telling the truth, dad," Jessica said as she kissed his legs. "We are all better for having become one of his.

Jack's cock returned to full hardness. He pulled Julie off and threw her onto the couch. Julie spread her legs and allowed her master to line up. The whole time her gaze was stuck on his eyes. "Watch him, dad. Watch how he pleases me and how he makes me his. Then you'll understand."

Jack punched through her tight pussy and began to fuck her roughly. When he was finished with Julie and had left her sticky and used, he moved onto Jessica, whom he fucked directly on the floor. Both sisters sang his praises and promises of everlasting devotion.

Stan watched every move without a blink or a comment. At times he gripped the arms of his chair, but nothing was ever said to stop Jack. After Jessica was done Jack was so tired from the day that he had to rest. He rolled off of her and fell into a deep sleep. Neither dream nor nightmares haunted him. When he woke he found his sluts were sharing the same tranquility that he had found. Each woman was cum soaked and sleeping peacefully.

In the corner his father sat in his recliner. He was fully dressed, his jeans now put on to cover his shame. His father stared at the far wall with a hollow expression. Jack could see defeat in his father's soul.

Jack stood tall before his father, puffing his chest and baring his genitals like a wild animal.

Stan looked at Jack, a worn expression wrought onto his face. He looked older. His brow creased more, his eyes were tired. "I concede," he said, "This house and all of its women belong to you." Stan threw his keys to Jack. "That is the key to the master bedroom. I figured it made more sense for you to have it," he said softly, and he added, "master."

Jack caught the keys and moved to his father. "This is for the best," Jack said. Instinct took over then. He leaned in and kissed his father on the forehead. At first Jack wasn't sure why he had done so, but when his lips contacted his father's aged brow he felt a strange sensation. Energy jolted between the two. It was a transfer of power and the birth of synergy between the two. Stan became one of Jack's followers, delving himself inside of the energy that Jack gave off.

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