tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 16

Eros Ch. 16


Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving

Jack woke from his nap with Ambrosine and realized how late it was getting. He had to get back to his family, otherwise the dinner that his women worked so hard to make would be wasted on the other men. He got up from Ambrosine bed and went to the living room completely naked. There he found Mr. and Mrs. K alone. They sat in total silence.

Mrs. K had put her clothes back on, but hadn't washed since he had sperm caked her. She sat in a chair reading and looking all together comfortable with the shift in power in the house.

Mr. K looked rather bizarre. His features were no longer controlled, but wide-eyed and bewildered. Though he now worshipped Jack, he still had trouble seeing his perfect world crumble around him. Ambrosine telling Jack that she wanted to be his slut must have been the ultimate shock to his system. He would recover given time, but his heart would never be the same.

When Jack came in naked Mrs. K was quickly distracted from her reading. His soft, slender frame moved with perfect grace. He continued to exude his powerful aura and aroma. All eyes were on him at all times.

Between his legs was the ever long cock, which hung down and slapped against his thighs as he walked. His balls did the same, two heavy, sperm laden orbs. His genitals radiated their own aroma and air. The sexuality and power that oozed from his cock was so potent that it was his major tool for conquest. Zeus possessed lightning, Jack, a big cock.

The two energies of Jack and his cock folded together and amplified one another. It created an intense air of power, sexuality, and dominance. The married couple choked on it as the room became stifled in Jack's aura. They fell subservient and both let their minds bend to him. They dropped to their knees before him and bowed in reverence.

"You may rise," Jack said. He sat on one of their smooth, leather chairs and noted how neither one seemed to mind that he was naked in their living room. He sat with his uncovered genitalia and rump on their chair unabashedly. In fact, he peeked into Mrs. K's mind and noted that all she could think was how beautiful he looked in that chair.

Both took their seats across from him. He spoke to them in a clear, commanding tone. "I have orders for you two before I go. They will serve as new rules for your house. Mr. K, you will serve as a speaker and preacher for my new rule. I want it to be subtle, but I want you to gradually turn those people around you onto my religion. Do not be forceful. Try to make it almost subliminal."

"Of course, my lord."

"Good, now for the rest of the orders. I want you two to treat Ambrosine well. From here on out she will serve as the leader of the house." When both nodded he said, "Good to know that you will be so accommodating. Now, I need a phone so that I can contact my family and inform them of the situation. After that Ambrosine and I will shower, and then she will join me for Thanksgiving dinner."

When Jack was finished speaking Mr. K rushed to fetch his phone. Once Jack had it he dialed Jessica's cell.

"Bubba, where are you? Dinner is just about ready! You've been gone all day."

"Yeah, I got a little carried away. I'll be back soon. Do we have enough for one more?"

"Um, give me a second. I'll ask." Jessica spoke to someone in the background. There was a short conversation, a little bit of laughter, and Jessica said, "There's enough for twelve more, mom said."

"Good, then I will bring along a lady friend."

"Oh? A new addition? Who is it? Is it Ambrosine?"

"You'll find out when we get there. I'm going to take a shower real fast and then we'll be back soon."

"Okay, we'll see you soon. Love you!"

"Love you too, bye." Jack returned the phone to Mr. K and said, "I'll have Ambrosine back whenever." Then he left the room. Behind him Mrs. K laughed loudly.

Jack found Ambrosine lounging in her bed. She was stretched out and looked glorious. Her honey blonde hair was messy and wild, and her breasts were like smooth, round mountains on her chest. Her legs were crossed, one over top of the other, and she swayed her feet to an invisible tune in her head. He called to her.

Ambrosine opened her eyes and smiled. "There you are, I was wondering where you went." She sat up and gravity pulled her breasts downward. Ambrosine watched Jack's line of sight and then rolled her eyes. "Really? You could at least try to look me in the eyes for a few seconds."

"With your breasts on display? I don't think so."

Ambrosine shrugged. It didn't really bother her in the least to draw his attention in that manner. "Where did you go anyway?"

"I made a call to my family," he said. He walked over and offered her his hand. They kissed when she stood. It was a deep, affectionate kiss. Their naked torsos touched and his stomach tingled.

When they were close she looked down at his cock. It had lurched up and was wedged between her thighs. The length ran along her slit. It wasn't fully erect, but it was getting close. "Well, hello there," she said.

"No, no time for this," he said. "We have to hurry and shower for dinner." He yanked her out of the room and led her down to the bath.

"What are you talking about," she asked as she stumbled behind him.

"You're meeting my family."

"Already? She was shocked. Her legs locked in motion and she yanked her hand free. When he turned to face her she looked away. "Jack, I'm not so sure about that...I've never really spoken with them before, and under the circumstances...Think about it, how would they handle the whole slut thing?"

"You can ask them when we meet them."

Ambrosine scowled. "Jack..."

"How about I put it this way: I order you to come take a shower with me and then have Thanksgiving dinner at my house." He stared her down and imprinted his command upon her soul. "Is that better?"

Ambrosine pouted but conceded to him. "Fine, whatever, I'll go." She took his hand and led him to the bathroom. She might not have liked it, but she had to obey her master's orders. It was then that she realized how difficult it would be to serve as both his girlfriend and his slut.

The shower went by uneventfully. Ambrosine was still unhappy about having to meet Jack's family so early on, and Jack wanted there to be at least an illusion of equality in their relationship.

It interest Jack that despite his strong hold on her, Ambrosine still possessed and extremely powerful mind. While he could control her, he had to do so forcibly. Perhaps it was the strange circumstance of her baptism, but Jack found that she still possessed and incredibly strong will that drove her. She was a fighter and she wouldn't go down easily.

As they showered they talked. Jack only half listened. He mostly stared at her soapy body as she complained about the visit. When they were both clean they got out of the shower. Jack let her dry him, then they got dressed. He put on the clothes that he wore when he came over, while Ambrosine fetched a new dress.

The dress Ambrosine chose was a cute black number, with grey flowers embossed on it. It hugged her just under her breasts, which made her breasts seem even fuller. The rest flittered around her as she moved. To complete the look she wore black heels and just a small big of make up. She did hair in a fancy way which Jack felt was entirely too time consuming.

At the end of her ensemble she said, "Oh, I forgot underwear." She went for panties and was about to slip them on when Jack told her not to. Again she pouted, yet relented when Jack imposed his will upon her.

Once they were ready they locked arms and they left the house. They went through the back yard into Jack's kitchen. As soon as they stepped in they were hit by one delicious scent after another. He also saw all of his women rushing around the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on the great feast they prepared for him.

Jack searched out his mother. When he found her he pulled her aside. She smiled as he drug her to the corner. Ambrosine hid behind Jack and looked anywhere but at Victoria. She was very uncomfortable and very shy.

"Well, hello, Jack. Who is this lovely lady that you've brought?"

Jack grasped Ambrosine's hand and pulled her out of hiding. Ambrosine, too nervous to speak, just coughed awkwardly. Then she said her name and introduced herself as his girlfriend. That is when Jack took over.

"Well, see, she's my girlfriend and my slut, mom," he said calmly. Jack nearly lost it when he saw how red Ambrosine's face became. She was completely humiliated. Her fists flexed and he could feel her rage boil under her conscious. She nearly decked him.

That was when his mother smiled at her and said, "Oh, really? That's so sweet..."

Ambrosine was about to explain herself but stumbled on her words. Did his mother just say that it was sweet? Also, she seemed saddened by Jack's words. Ambrosine found out why when Victoria spoke further.

"Does this mean that you will no longer need the rest of us to service you?"

Ambrosine swallowed a thick lump in her throat. Service? At first the idea appalled Ambrosine, but it seemed more likely when she replayed it in her mind. Jack was fucking his mother too. It didn't surprise her since he was so virile and potent. No matter what he seemed to draw attention from females.

Though jealous, Ambrosine reasoned it out. Jack was a God, which meant he would inevitably have other followers. Worship for Jack was sexual activities, so when those around him serviced him in worship they serviced him sexually as well. It was to be expected of him to fool around with others.

At first she felt like the title of 'girlfriend' lost all meaning, but she recovered. It occurred to her that she was more than a mere slut. By being his girlfriend she had a special attachment to him. She also decided that being his slut, his property, and his worshipper meant that she had to accept that Jack had other women in his life. Many of those other women would be sluts, much like her mother. She couldn't escape it.

Jack looked at his mother incredulously. "Of course I'll still use you, mother. I'll use all of my sluts. Calling Ambrosine my girlfriend merely shows my romantic interest in her, as well as my Godly interest. As I said, she is my girlfriend AND my slut." Jack slipped his arm around Ambrosine's slender waist and looked her in the eyes. "You have no problems with that, right, babe?"

Ambrosine smiled enthusiastically at her mother. With half-sincerity disguised as acceptance she said, "Of course I don't have a problem. Jack can do whatever and whomever he desires. I'm just proud to call myself his girlfriend," she said. She hugged him close. At some point during her speech she really believed what she said.

Victoria stopped frowning. "Well, that's wonderful news," she said with a bright smile. She embraced Ambrosine whole heartedly and said, "It's wonderful to meet you, sweetheart. Enjoy yourself today and welcome to the family." Victoria kissed Ambrosine on the cheek.

Ambrosine felt very warm and very satisfied. It was nice to be accepted, though it was rather strange to crave acceptance from a group of people whom her parents had always berated. It just proved to her that the old adages were true, and she should get to know someone for herself before judging them.

Jack grasped Ambrosine's rear and spun her around as soon as his mother was gone. He held her close and smiled in an affectionate manner that looked almost out of place on his over-sexed face. "See that? You have nothing to worry about. My sluts will accept you."

"Sluts," Ambrosine repeated. "So you do have more. How many?"

"Pretty much every woman here is a slut in my service. Why? Do you mind?"

Ambrosine sighed softly. "Well, truth be told, I am rather jealous, but you're my master. You deserve to have so many women grovel at your feet." She pouted at him. "I'll be okay with it as long as you think I am special."

Jack kissed her lips gently and pulled her into a soothing embrace. "You're special, Ambrosine, you're very special."

That put a big smile on Ambrosine's face. She grabbed his hand and said, "Okay! Then let's meet the rest of your family!"

Jack led Ambrosine to his younger sister next. At first the two just looked at one another skeptically, and then they embraced enthusiastically. When Ambrosine was still in high school she was friends with Jessica. They weren't the type of friends who spent the night at each other's houses, Ambrosine's parent would never have approved of that. Rather they talked in class and time to time they would study together. Both were very smart and very pretty, which meant they were meant to be friends.

In school Jessica was always popular. Ambrosine always got better grades out of the two, but Jessica was better liked. That is not to say that Ambrosine was unpopular, a girl who looked like her got her own fair share of attention. Jessica just had a way with people that made them flock to her.

"Oh my God, Ambrosine, it's been a while. How are you doing? You look absolutely radiant!"

Ambrosine smiled and said, "You do too. I mean, you've always been a beautiful girl, but you've really grown up.

Jessica hefted up her sizable breasts and shook them about. "I've especially grown in the chest area, eh?"

Ambrosine giggled and blushed at the awkward action. "Yes, yes, you seem to be doing quite well in that department."

Jessica smiled and winked at Ambrosine. "Well, let me tell you, you've got nothing to scoff at either. Not with your cans, your face, or your phat ass, either."

"Fat," Ambrosine repeated in dismay.

"It means pretty hot and tempting, dear."

Ambrosine covered her mouth in embarrassment and laughed. "Oh, well, thank you very much. You're pretty, um, phat yourself."

Jessica thanked Ambrosine and then turned her attention to her master. She flipped her hair and shoved one of her hips out dramatically. "Is this who you brought over for dinner? Well, Bubba, I find myself having to ask what exactly the nature of your relationship to Ambrosine is."

Jack gripped Ambrosine's hip possessively and said, "She's my slut and my girlfriend."

"G-Girlfriend?" Jessica's eyes went wide at the information. She stared Ambrosine down and crossed her arms defensively. "So, she's your girlfriend?"

Ambrosine gently touched Jessica's shoulder. "Don't worry, sweet heart, nothing will change. I understand how special he is to you, and I have no intention of coveting him."

Jessica perked up after that revelation. She looked Ambrosine in the eyes suspiciously and asked, "So, I will still get 'alone time' with my Bubba?"

"Of course, I would never even dream of coming between you two."

Suddenly Jessica smiled and hugged Ambrosine tightly. Their young little bodies pressed together. Jessica looked into Ambrosine's eyes. "Thank you, Ambrosine. You won't regret your decision."

Ambrosine blushed. "I-I'm sure that I won't."

Jessica let go of Ambrosine and shoved her master gently. "I want to sit by her at the table, master." She grinned cheekily, "So that we can talk about you."

Jack shrugged and his younger sister left. He looked at Ambrosine, who hugged his arm and asked, "Who should I win over next?"

He looked around the house and pinpointed Julie. Jack grinned and pointed at her. "My older sister," he said. Before they went to Julie Jack stopped Ambrosine and looked her in the eyes. "Be careful, she's not nearly as nice as Jessica is.

Ambrosine paled. "What do you mean? Is she going to hurt me or something?"

"No, darling, of course she won't," Jack said. He rested his hand on her lower back and kissed her cheek. "Don't worry; I've got a strong hold on her. She won't hurt you, but she'll probably be a little bit more confrontational.

To compose herself Ambrosine drew in a deep breath. She nodded her head, took hold of Jack's hand tightly, and said, "Alright then, let's go!" On the outside she oozed pure confidence.

Jack led over Ambrosine, who strutted comically. It was obvious how much she overcompensated to pretend that she was not afraid of Julie, and Jack did not understand the act. Even he was afraid of Julie, and he had control over her.

Julie made eye contact with Ambrosine and scowled. Apparently she had already heard of Ambrosine from Jessica, so the battle had already begun. The two shook hands, and Julie quickly nipped the situation in the rear. "Ambrosine, right? I'm Julie," she said curtly, and then she returned to setting the table for dinner. When Ambrosine didn't leave Julie looked at her in irritation and said, "Can I help you?" He tone was angry.

Jack caressed Ambrosine's back as she nodded. She was very afraid of Julie, as she should have. Though not robust, Julie was surprisingly strong and quick. Her voice soft, Ambrosine said, "Well, you see..." Her mind went blank. She looked at Jack, sighed, and said the first airy thought that came to her head. "I'm your brother's girlfriend!"

Julie's eye brow twitched. It was a clear sign of danger. She leaned her frame against the table and gave Ambrosine the most terrifying stare. No one spoke to the longest time, they were too afraid to. Even Jack wasn't sure what would happen, but he silently feared for Ambrosine's life. He was ready to step in if need be.

"His girlfriend," Julie repeated. She looked at Jack, who stood quietly at Ambrosine side, and then she smiled. "Fine, I don't care," Julie said with a defiant shrug. Then she went back to her job and ignored Ambrosine.

Ambrosine looked at Jack in fear. She was at a loss, and she didn't know what to say. Jack placed his hand on the small of her back as a supportive gesture and called to Julie. "Listen to her and be polite. I think she has more to say."

Julie looked at him with a sideways glance, and then she straightened herself. Though she was still very tense and obviously didn't want to give Ambrosine the time of the day, she remained loyal to her master. "Of course," Julie said, "Continue, Ambrosine." Her voice was wicked.

Ambrosine swallowed hard and tried to align her thoughts. It was hard to do when she knew that Julie would knock her head off if she said the wrong thing. "Well, you see, I'm not just his girlfriend but I am his slut as well." Silently, Ambrosine hoped that would calm Julie down. It didn't.

"Okay, if you're his slut then I'll say this to your face. I'm not giving up my master unless he makes me. So, I don't care if you're his girl, his best friend, or even his live in robot slave, I'm going to suck and fuck him any chance I get." Julie glared and got in Ambrosine's face. "Do you have a problem with that, princess?"

Ambrosine shook. She had never been caught in such a confrontation. Even her father was not nearly as scary as Julie. It was probably because at the end of the day he was bluffing, but Julie was completely serious.

She mustered up her courage and managed to speak, albeit shakily. "No, no, no! I didn't mean it like that. What I am trying to say is that even though I am his girlfriend, I am still his slut, so I understand how things work. I just want you to know that I love him as well and that I will be in his life from here on out. I have no problem if he does things to you, because I know that he is your master to. That is all I wanted to say."

Julie shrugged Ambrosine off. "Fine then," she said, and she went back to work. Suddenly Jack swatted her rear. Julie yelped and fumbled with a plate. With a big grin on her face she looked at him. "Well, someone is frisky..."

"Shut up! You need to stop being rude and apologize to her."

"What," Julie asked. She gawked at him. "I don't apologize, not even for you."

Jack's ruthless scowl deepened. "This isn't a debate, Julie. You will do as you are told, do you understand?"

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