tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 17

Eros Ch. 17


Chapter Seventeen: Fallout

A few weeks passed after Thanksgiving. Everything seemed to fall into place. His religion came together. His sluts were loyal and devoted. Katie and Jack traded e-mails regularly. Generally she sent him deep praises, as well as wishes to be with him. Whenever he asked she also sent him naked photos of herself.

For weeks everything was wonderful, and then he woke up one morning and it was all wrong. It was in December and the weather that day was dreary. Thick, grey clouds loomed over the house like a curtain and the outside gleamed with snow. The snow reflected what little light they got and made everything look effulgent.

Jack sat on the edge of the master bed naked. His large genitalia hung over the edge. He stretched and sighed. His head throbbed and he felt nauseas, almost like his stomach wanted to escape his body. Something about the day just was not right.

Jack stood up and slid his boxers on, not that he had to. He very easily could have walked around his house naked and not roused any sort of protest, but he at least liked to pretend there was some level of normalcy left in his life sometimes.

He slipped on a t-shirt and jeans and went out into the living room. No one was home, at least not that he could see. His mother had gone to work and his sisters were likely asleep. He looked at the clock and found that it was ten in the morning. He had a long day ahead of him, but it was a Friday, so the weekend was ready.

His stomach gurgled and he decided to go to the kitchen to get lunch. He found his father at the dinner table. He wore his usual stained t-shirt, torn blue jeans, and baseball cap. He scowled at Jack and his mustache wiggled as he frowned.

"Dad," Jack said uncaringly as he staggered toward the fridge.

All in an instant his father pinned him against the wall. They were facing one another, and his father was very, very angry, and very hurt. They stood in silence for a long while. Jack felt uncomfortable and afraid. Something was very off.

"This is over," Stan said steadfastly. He grabbed Jack's shoulder hard, and Jack winced.

Jack peered at his father purposefully. He tried to see into his father's soul, but he could see nothing. "What do you mean," he asked. It was then that Jack realized what was wrong on that day. He could no longer feel the lights of those around him, and that meant he could no longer shape them.

Stan's grip tightened. Jack almost spoke out in pain, and it was then that he remembered that his father was, despite his age and unhealthy size, a black belt. Some of the training was obviously still programmed into him.

"I mean that you're not in charge anymore." His father was fierce and hungry for violence. "Shit, I should wipe the floor with your face, boy," he said and he poked Jack hard on the chest. "You got that? Your out of this fucking house, you sick little fuck!"

Jack didn't reply. He merely stared, dumbfound. What could he say? He no longer had any control of his father. So instead he stood silently while his father pointed toward the door and shouted.

"You get all your shit together and you get the fuck out. Got that, you fucking freak?"

Jack swallowed hard and tried to pump himself up. He stared his father directly in the eye and focused on the light he envisioned in his own mound. Then it became real inside of his father. It was distant and hazy, but he could still see it and he could still shape it.


"Wh-What the hell did you say," his father shouted, but his voice wavered. His light fluctuated. He was still rose, his father still belonged to him. Jack grasped hold of the light and spoke more firmly. His words were the word of God.

"You shut up and show proper respect to your God!" Jack's voice was cruel and his face turned to a terrifying scowl. "Now apologize and bow before me like the pig you are!"

Stan paled. He was horrified to have spoken in such a way to his lord. He dropped his portly frame to the floor and bowed low. "I am so sorry, my lord! I cannot believe how I have acted. Can you please forgive such a bastard as me?"

"I will this time, but if you speak out against me again you will be exiled from this family. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my lord!"

"Good, then get the hell out of my sight. You're to stay in your room for the rest of the day unless I call on you!"

Stan immediately fled the room. All the energy in the house began to circulate again. Jack felt some stress release from his shoulders, but when he looked out the window he still housed a feeling of dread. What in the world had just happened? Were his powers on the fritz? Was he no longer a God?

He got breakfast and wondered how he could test his hypothesis. Becoming a mortal again could not be his destiny, he decided. He wouldn't let it happen. Nothing would stop him on his mission.

To test his powers and bolster his confidence Jack went to the first person he could think of. Jessica was at school; it was the last day before Christmas Break, but Ambrosine's break started earlier. She had come home a few nights before. The two had spent the night before fucking, so he knew that she still loved him.

He knocked on the front door, as he always did, and waited for someone to answer. When no one did he opened the door and entered with out hesitation. Everyone in the house was his subject, so why should he have to wait?

Jack walked through the living room and straight for the stairs. He scaled them and at the top he met a familiar sound. Somewhere upstairs a bed was shaking wildly under two bodies. People were having sex in the house, and Jack was infuriated by that knowledge.

He had decreed that Mr. and Mrs. K refrain from sex with one another. Surely they wouldn't break his commandments, yet that left Ambrosine as the only person who could defy his wishes, and he knew that to be impossible.

He went down the halls in a fury, and his heart eased a bit when he passed Ambrosine's room. He knew that she wouldn't betray his command, but he was still quite angry. If Ambrosine hadn't betrayed him, then Mr. and Mrs. K had. That was inconceivable to him though, he was all powerful, or so he thought. He rushed down the hall to the master bedroom.

Their door was left completely open. Inside Mrs. K was pinned down face first into the bed. He rear was raised and Mr. K moved like a piston in out and of her. His cock shimmered from her juices. He wasn't incredibly large, maybe seven inches and somewhat thick, but she seemed to savor it. He pushed deep, and she howled.

"You love being fucked, don't you? You love being fucked like a slut," Mr. K said viciously. He had a feral look in his eyes, almost like he was enjoying a delight which he had restrained before.

Mr. K reached out and gripped his wife's hair. Her head lifted and Jack could see an unfamiliar glow about her as well. It was a look that she only wore in the aftermath of a sexual encounter with him. She laughed gleefully and pushed back into her husband.

Jack balled his fist and tried to control himself, but he could not. He stared them down with the meanest look he could manage and shouted, "What in the world is going on in here?" Everything he worked to create was crumbling before him, like a sand castle to a wave.

The two stopped and stared at him with wide eyes, like animals caught in the light of a coming semi. Mr. K was still inside of his wife and showed no signs of removal. The only thing that changed about him was the look on his face. His sexual depravity warped to low savagery.

"You two get the hell out of that bed," Jack shouted. "I forbade you from ever having sex again, remember? How dare you disobey me?" He stomped his foot loudly, hoping it would rattle them. It did not.

Mr. K was not swayed. He puffed out his chest like a wild animal and shouted, "Get the hell out of here, pervert! We don't want you any longer." Then he swung his arm out wildly as a gesture of removal. He never once dislodged himself from Mrs. K.

Anger swelled inside of Jack's slender chest. They refused to obey him, something which they should not be able to do. Not after all of the work he put into bending them into his service. He was so angry that his face was red and his balled fists were white. Again he stomped his feet like a child and shouted. "I said to stop that right now!"

The two continued, but their pace slowed. Jack felt powerless as he watched. He focused on them, and watched them, and mentally willed them apart. His head throbbed painfully. It felt like a hot iron rod was shoved into his temple, but to his surprise they stopped and stared at him in shock and bewilderment.

Jack ignored the terrible pain in his skull and commanded them further in stern tones. "Both of you get the hell out of that bed and bow before me, as you are supposed to do whenever I enter your damn house," he said severely.

The couple rushed to obey. Soon they were before him and fallen to one knee. They lowered their heads low. Jack stood above them and surveyed his servants. His head ache grew more intense as he tried to maintain control over their lights.

"You two will never disobey me again, do you understand? You are never to fuck again! The very thought of having sex with one another is completely disgusting," he says harshly. He dipped into Mrs. K's mind and began to twist her light more. "He is not worthy to have such a beautiful woman as a lover. Furthermore, I bid that you both remain celibate until further notice. From this point on you sleep in separate rooms." He deepened his voice and put a clamp down on their lights. "Do you fucking hear me, my slaves?"

His head strained. The two looked up at him and seemed bewildered by their own obedience. "Yes, we understand," they said in unison. Jack's vision blurred briefly.

"Good, then I am going to leave, but do not disobey me again. If you do, I swear you'll both regret it!"

Jack stumbled away from the master bedroom. His world was spinning, but at least he could see barely through the darkness. He felt sick and tired, and he gripped his head and used the wall as a brace to walk. A voice called out to him, it whispered to him. "Come to me..."

He made it to Ambrosine's room and found her in her bed. She was asleep, with her back to him. As soon as he stumbled in she turned to see him with a lazy smile on her face. "Hey, baby," she said lovingly and then her brow knitted. "What was all the yelling about?"

Jack shook his head gently to clear his mind. It hurt but he ignored the throbbing as he eased into a chair. "Your parents, they were fucking," he said uneasily. "They wouldn't stop when I told them to. They disobeyed me, so I had to put them in their place," he said rancorously. "Can you believe it? They refused my commands!"

She looked at him sleepily with a placid smile, shrugged, and rolled over to sleep more. The sight of her body outlined in the blanket stirred something in Jack. It was the dip of her waist and the rise of her hips. He swaggered over and cupped her beautiful rear through the blanket.

Ambrosine jerked up and looked at him, shocked at first. Then she smiled and wiped the sleep from her eyes. "Can I help you,' she asked gingerly. Her braless breasts strained against her night-shirt. It was a glorious sight.

Jack was in a desperate need of release. He openly stared at her breasts. "It depends," he said coolly, "are you ready to get fucked?"

She shrugged and sat up completely. Then she grinned at him, as he openly eyed her tits. It was sort of sweet, in a Neanderthal like manner. "It's up to you, babe. If you want to then I'm willing to, but if not then I'm going to nap a little bit longer," she said, and she stretched. "You wore me out last night, and besides, I have some homework to do."

Jack stopped in his tracks. She wasn't even the least bit aroused by him. It hit him like a hammer blow. Over the months of his sovereignty he had forgotten what it was like to be refused, especially by the women whom he had taken to be his personal sluts. Yet there was Ambrosine, who would rather rest than pleasure him. He felt unwelcome

"You...You aren't attracted to me," he said with uncontrollable vulnerability. He didn't feel like a God any longer, he felt like a child.

Though tired Ambrosine smiled patiently and leaned forward. She pulled him into a deep and impassioned, yet completely nonsexual, kiss, and then she stared into his eyes. "Of course I find you attractive, dear. I love you. I'm just tired," she said with a yawn. "School has worn me out this semester."

Jack refused that logic. He sat across from her and sulked. "What about my big cock," he said, and he looked away. He didn't want to see her face. It might betray her true feelings and that would break his heart. "Doesn't the thought of it...Doesn't it AROUSE you?"

Ambrosine reached out and took his hand. "Oh, come on, what kind of question is that?" She lifted his head and saw the look on his face. He looked absolutely tragic. "Jack..."

"Be honest," he said sharply and he jerked away her hands.

"Honest? Well, honestly, it's a bit scary. I only like it because it's attached to you, baby," she said, and she took his hands again.

Silence settled in on the two. Jack stared off into space and thought about how things had changed so sharply, while Ambrosine looked at him in concern. Slowly and delicately she let go of his hands and caressed his thighs. "You want to do it, hon? Okay, then we'll do it."

Jack removed her hands and kissed her on the lips dispassionately. "No, it's okay, don't worry about it. You go to sleep," he said with a pout.

"Are you sure?"

Having everything he wanted at his disposal made it hard for Jack to hide his feelings, but he tried. It was a very poor attempt and it was obvious that he was afraid that he was losing his powers. Still, it wasn't going to be fun if she wasn't worshipping him. It would just be...sex. "I'm fine," he lied. "You get some rest." He waved his hands when she continued to stare at him in concern. "It's just an off day."

Ambrosine smiled and pulled her blanket back. He could see her vulva hugged by her pink panties. It looked so inviting. "Why don't you slip into bed with me and we can sleep off this bad day?"

It sounded nice, but Jack wouldn't let himself. Something told him that sleeping would only make it worse. He refused her offer and said, "I have some other stuff to do, but I'll talk to you later tonight."

Ambrosine let the blanket fall. "Okay," she said uneasily, "You take care, honey."

Jack waved and said, "I will," as he left the room. Even Ambrosine wasn't obeying him today. That left only one person for him to check in with. Jack was on a trip to see his grandmother.

Jack crossed the street to his grandparent's place. He slipped in through the backdoor as he always did and was happy to find his grandmother in the kitchen. He was not happy to see her in loose clothing that made her look unattractive. He had commanded her to always dress to please him, which meant clothes that hugged her voluptuous frame, not hid it.

Regardless he still found her pretty. Her curly brown hair was worn back and it revealed her smooth face and pouty lips. She was on the floor, scrubbing the tiles like a mad woman, and he could see the sway of her large, ponderous breasts, as well as the wiggle of her rear. It was enough to make him hard.

He moved over to her and, with out any hesitation, swatted her wiggling rear. It jiggled considerably and she jerked up with a glare. The glare formed into an unsteady smile. She looked irritated and impatient.

"Jack," she said and she stood up. She was annoyed by his presence, which was something shocking for Jack to see. All the women in his life were normally pleased by his appearance, but somehow it made her anxious.

Put off by her reaction he tried to play it cool. Jack leaned into her and palmed one of her full breasts. He squeezed it with out restraint and was shocked to have her pull away from him.

"No, Jack, not right now," she said as she slid by him and began to scrub the counter with another rag. "I'm busy."

"Busy? Busy with what," he asked. He tried to fake confidence and grasped her hips. He pulled her into him until her rear ground his crotch. She sighed in an exhausted manner. It was the sigh of broken patience, and she pulled away from him.

"I'm cleaning up, something I haven't been able to do since we started out very...uncultured activities," she said softly. "Your aunt and uncle are coming down for Christmas, and I want the house to be spick and span for them. So, please, don't bother me."

"Uncultured," he asked. "What's so uncultured about it?" As he asked he yanked his cock out. Despite being limp it was still incredibly long and thick. He took hold of one of her hands and made her grasp his cock. It immediately hardened to full mast and prodded her in the stomach. He grinned triumphantly.

Rebecca smiled briefly, as if nostalgic, then her mind returned to her and she removed her hand quickly. "Jack, we shouldn't do this, and we especially can't now. I'm busy and I don't have the time." She looked him in the eyes anxiously and said, "Please leave."

Jack felt defeated. He stuffed his cock back into his pants and almost zipped them up, but then he became angry. He whipped his cock out again and tapped it against her. With a glare on his face he said, "You will do as you are told, slut! Now suck me off right now!"

Rebecca suddenly became very irritated. With more strength than he'd ever seen from her she shoved him back. "Get the hell out of here, you disgusting ingrate," she said. Her voice was sharp.

Jack was baffled. His grandmother was always soft spoken, even before he took her. He had no reaction towards her sudden spunk. He did up his jeans and left her house with out a word. As he walked through her front yard he saw that his sister had come back. Desperate for attention he rushed across the street. Finally, someone who would not reject him!

He rushed through the living room and was happy to see that his father was still in hiding. It meant that he still had some level of control over his crumbling kingdom. Despite this he still wondered how much control he actually had. All day he had struggled with his own slaves, and his submissive grandmother even refused him.

He was before his sister's door in a matter of seconds. She would be his ultimate test. It would be a terrible punishment, a curse, to be given such sway over the world around him and lose it with out explanation. He took a deep breath to steady himself

"I'm coming..."

He hesitated and looked around. No one was there. His head throbbed. He knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. It felt like an eternity. He wondered if he had died and was cast into hell.

The door opened and he saw her. His sister looked beautiful. Her thick hair was tied back to show her pretty face. She wore a fuzzy purple sweat that hugged her sizable chest and the perfect pair of jeans that clung to her skin. She smiled at him in the same way that she had for years.

"Hey, bubba," she said cheerily, "What's up?" She offered him entry into her room.

Jack entered cautiously. He couldn't discern any noticeable difference in her demeanor. Regardless of whether she was his slut or not she was usually the same, unless sex was involved. Jessica always held a sincere affection for her brother, so it was hard to gauge any sort of change in her with out making her fall into slattern depravity.

He cautiously seated himself on her bed. She closed the door and he watched her intently. He watched how she moved to see if she betrayed her emotions, but she didn't. She was just her normal, casual self.

"Bubba, is everything okay," she asked and she sat near him. She was very concerned. Her eyes possessed an honest nurturing that he absolutely adored. Yet he saw something behind that. It was the lust that was always dormant inside of her and was overwhelming when he possessed her.

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