tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 18

Eros Ch. 18


Chapter Eighteen: Christmas Eve

Every Christmas at the Hillton house was a big deal. All of the children came down and they always brought with them their respective partners. Everything had to be organized and ready before the morning of Christmas, otherwise it would be a madhouse on the day of.

Unfortunately Jack's brothers couldn't make it down the night before. He would have to wait another day for the festivities to truly start, and he had big plans for the holiday. For Jack it wasn't much of a sacrifice. It gave him more time to plan, because it was his intention to truly begin his religion in earnest on Christmas. He found it rather ironic: the official beginning of his religion would be on the birthday of Christ.

The week before Christmas Eve was good. His strength had grown even slighter, but it was still there. After his display of power with his mother his followers fell in line. They no longer questioned his command. His hold over their minds had become iron cast, and they would not refuse him.

He woke on the morning of Christmas Eve in the master bed. It was his rightful place, his throne room. At his side slept his mother who hugged his arm tightly to her chest. It was wedged between her perfect breasts, which were completely bare. She slept naked ever since he moved in.

When he stirred she did too. He equated it to the mental link that the two shared. It was an unspoken bond formed between those whom he penetrated by either mental or physical means. It kept his followers always under his watch and maintained his control over them.

She stared at him with her own brown eyes. They were dark and deep like his, and for him they possessed a deep, unabashed affection. She hugged his arm tighter and drew his hand down to her crotch. His fingers found her curly pubic hairs, and she purred in delight. "Good morning, my lord," she said huskily.

"Good morning," he said and he pried himself from her grasp. "It's time to get up." He climbed from the bed and his huge cock dangled between his legs. Victoria sulked but followed him out of bed. Her naked body moved gracefully. She bowed before him and awaited his command like the good little slut that she was.

His mother always acted in such a manner around him. It was that kind of devotion that he was afraid of losing. It was that kind of devotion that he had become addicted to.

"Fetch me my underwear, a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, and one of my black shirts," he said.

Victoria hopped to and quickly offered up his apparel. She dressed him dutifully, as she was supposed to. She slid his boxers over his huge cock and kissed the crown before it was hid away. Then she put his jeans on him, buttoned and zipped them, and looped a belt through. As she did this Jack put his shirt on, and lastly she put his socks on his feet.

"Good girl," he said softly. "Now, you get dressed and I am going to go check on things over at grandma's house."

Victoria was putting on a lacy pink bra. It contrasted her dark skin and drew attention to her deep cleavage. "Why?"

Jack stopped and watched as his stunning mother bent at the waist. It gave him a perfect view of her dangling breasts. She pulled up low-cut matching pink panties and snapped them against her flat tummy. "I am going to see if our guests of honor have arrived yet," he said as he stared at her perfect body.

"You mean my brother and the ladies," she asked. She smiled knowingly.

Jack nodded and left her to finish dressing. He didn't bother to close the door behind him, as his control over the house had returned. Modesty ceased all together when he was in charge.

Before he left he peered out the window and was saddened to find that only his grandparent's mini-van sat in the driveway. His uncle and the lovely women from Jack's memories were no where to be seen.

He scowled and turned. His mother was out of the bedroom and fully dressed. She wore a pair of dark, skin-tight jeans and a provocative black top that accentuated her cleavage. Immediately his mood lightened.

Victoria put her hands on her hips. "What's wrong, honey? Are they not here yet?"

"Nope, but that's fine. It gives me more time to plan for tonight," he said. "Christina's going to be a tough nut to crack. To get her we'll have to remove her from her usual position of control over her family." Jack looked at his mother determinedly and said, "To get her we're going to have to surround her."

Victoria smiled and bowed at the waist again. "My lord, we will all play our parts perfectly." She stood and winked at her son. "Trust us, we will not fail you."

Jack smiled. "Good, I am putting my faith in you." He walked up to her and kissed her gently. "Do not fail me, mother." Then he swatted her rear and walked toward the kitchen, "Now make me a nice breakfast!"

"Gladly, my lord!"

After a nice pancake breakfast that was accompanied by an awkward, yet civil conversation with his father, Jack checked his grandparent's house again. He ordered his father to clean up the table as he stood and left the room.

Parked across the street at his grandparent's house was a bright red mini-van. His relatives were piling out. There was one male, slightly aged, and three women who all looked beautiful. He grinned and turned to his family. "It's time to play our parts, today we're a normal family! It's show time!"

His mother roused his army for him and brought them together for the pre-game meeting. His sisters, who had just woke up, stumbled before him as they wiped sleep from their eyes. He gave them their orders and they hopped to. Within thirty minutes of his orders they were fully dressed and ready.

Jack stood before his followers like a true God and informed them of what parts they would be playing. It wasn't the normal 'happy family' routine from Thanksgiving. It was far more complex and sophisticated, and would involve perfect portrayals from every member of his little cast. As he surveyed his family he felt confident in their success.

Jessica wore a pair of tight faded blue jeans with fuzzy brown boots. Her top was eye catching; it was colored red and had green, jagged lining reminiscent of a Christmas tree. Splitting the tree in twain was her cleavage and on the back there were two delicate straps that made an X between her shoulder blades. She had her light brown hair tied up into pigtails, which balanced out her extreme sexiness with an equal amount of cuteness.

Julie sat at Jessica side, and she looked equally lovely. She had her long dark hair tied back, with not a single hair out of place. Her attired was festive as well, with a form fitting red sweat-shirt that hugged her fit waist and bulged at her meaty chest. The flare of her hips was slightly exposed in a sophisticated way and a pair of loose red pants exposed just the tip of her hip bone. The pants had white lines running down them to a pair of black boots. On her head she placed an unbalanced Santa hat and she wore Christmas earrings that looked like ornaments. To complete the look she wore bright red lipstick and green eye-liner.

Jack paused to appraise his sluts briefly. He looked over their pretty faces, which were tight with determination. He looked at heir full bosoms, which belonged solely to him. Jack liked that thought. They were his to own and to use as he saw fit.

He cleared his throat and crossed him arms to look commanding. He spoke as clearly and confidently as possible. "Tonight, my ladies, we will be taking a big step towards the completion of my ultimate goal. It may sound strange, but with the acquisition of Aunt Christina I will have our family under my control and can focus on the outside world. Tonight and tomorrow are pivotal to my control; they will be the crutch of my control and my religion. With out my family under my complete control everything can, and most likely will, fall into ruin. So, I am going to brief you on my plans for our little miss Christina. Listen well; I don't want to repeat myself."

All three women did as they were told. They bowed before him and opened their ears and mind to him. For no reason would they miss a single word he had to say.

Jack finished giving out his orders and then led his family to the festive house across the street. The guests had already settled in and put away all of their things inside of the two guest rooms which his grandparent's house held.

They were immediately greeted by sights normally not seen. The house was decked out for Christmas. Bright lights were strung up on the living room and kitchen walls, all glowing in sequential patterns. A Christmas tree, small and fake, was set up in the corner near the television. In the air was the scent of fresh baked chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. A number of Christmas hits played in the background, mostly children's songs, such a "Rudolph" and "Frosty."

As soon as Jack came in his grandmother bum rushed him. She hugged him tight and ground her body against his. Her breasts wedged firmly up against his chest, and she shamelessly swiveled her crotch against his. She cooed into his ear erotically before she smiled. "Hello, master," she whispered softly. She was blushing.

Jack extracted himself from her grip and said, "You know what I expect of you, don't you?"

She nodded dutifully. When it came to his orders she was very serious. "I got your E-mail this morning, my lord."

"Good, then act accordingly."

Again his grandmother nodded, and then she hugged Jessica and left Jack to his business. It was time for him to see the extended family again. Normally they lived so far out of state that visits to them took entirely too long. He only saw them around Christmas time, and over the past few years had been too depressed to interact with them at all. Things had changed that year though.

First Jack met with his Uncle, Christian. Despite being a few years younger than Jack's mother time was not wore on him so well. His hair was thinning and graying, but he was still a surprisingly well built man. Heavy, powerful muscles bulged all about his body. His skin was extremely white, much like Rebecca's, and his hair was the same color as hers when he was young. It was obvious that he took after her.

Christian gave Jack a firm handshake. "Hey there, young man! How're you doing?" His uncle Christian was an enthusiastic and a bit sarcastic. "You're looking good. You hit the gym some?"

"Not really," Jack said, "But I have been getting a work out lately." He grinned at the inside joke, while his uncle seemed genuinely proud.

"That's good, it's about time you got off your butt," he said, and then he nudged Jack. "I'm just playing. Anyway, it's good to see that you're taking care of yourself. Your mother and I used to worry."

"Well, don't worry, I'm doing better than most," Jack said. His uncle wasn't so sure of this. He had a certain view of Jack that wasn't so different from the Kernberry's, but Jack didn't much, especially when he considered where the Kernberry's were now.

"Well, got to make the rounds," Christian said with a laugh. He patted Jack's back a little too hard by accident. "But we'll catch up. It's good to see you," Christian said, and then he went to greet his sister, Victoria.

Next Jack greeted his youngest cousin, Megan. She was a real cutie. Built almost like Jessica, she was a bit shorter than most girls and a bit stouter than his youngest sister. This is not to say that she was unattractive, she was an absolute beautiful girl, just sturdy and womanly despite her youth. In his opinion it was a shame that she wore such conservative clothes. He couldn't make out much of her figure underneath her loose black pants and fuzzy red sweater.

When he said hi to her he saw her cute little face light up. The way her short, dark hair framed her face accentuated her appearance. Jack drew her into a tight hug, which she returned timidly. He used this chance to get a feel for her body, and he realized just how strong she was. She wasn't solid muscle, but surprisingly strong underneath her baby fat. He also got a good feel of her breasts, which he assumed to be about C-cups, pressed up against his chest.

"How're you," Jack asked her.

"I...I'm okay," she muttered softly. She blushed and looked away.

Jack took the time to examine her light. It didn't surprise him to find that she was an insecure girl. The way she looked away from people when she spoke was proof of that. She sought approval of all those around her, not just him. Specifically she looked up to her mother and her older sister.

Angela, his eldest cousin, was Jack's next target. She had just turned nineteen and she was a year older than her sister. The two were extremely different. She had a lithe dancer's frame, with limber muscles lining her body. This meant that even though she was taller than Megan, Angela looked smaller by comparison. Her willowy appearance meant she had almost no breasts what so ever and that her rear was nearly nonexistent.

Despite all of this she was still very pretty. Her face was snobbish. She had dark eyes, with slender eye brows that curved in a way to make her look very judgmental yet alluring. Her hair, dark as night, hung to her shoulder blades. Unfortunately her outfits did not give Jack much of a view of her. She wore a long, flowing skirt that nearly hit her feet, dress shoes, and a light blue t-shirt with a designer's name on it.

Jack hugged her, and he almost worried that he would crack the poor darling. She felt so tiny and delicate. She barely returned the hug. She possessed a snobbish personality that reminded him quite a bit of his aunt. It was one of the reasons he had never really liked the family much. They were all too snooty for him.

Before he even spoke to her Jack took the time to examine her light. He peered into her eyes and read her mind as it flowed through her. In complete juxtaposition of her sister, Angela was the confident one. If he was going to take her it would be a very hands-on seduction. Much like her mother, she would resist his control. Yet Angela possessed a naturally submissive attitude to authority figures: something borne of her upbringing under Jack's aunt.

"Hey, Angela," Jack said casually. He ruffled her hair in an unfamiliar sign of affection.

"Jack," she said, and she straightened her hair stoically. She didn't waste time talking to him. Even though he was alluring in a way, she didn't want to lower herself to his level. He was a loser and a drop out. She, on the other hand, was the valedictorian of her private school. It would be like conversing with a cockroach for her.

This left Jack to make first contact with the ultimate goal of the night: his aunt. Christina Davidson, or Aunt Christina as Jack knew her, married into the Davidson family through Christian, the youngest child. When it came to appearance she was a real keeper. She had long, thick black hair that hung to the small of her back. Her skin was smooth and fair, her lips were red and juicy, and her eyes were green leaves dappled with morning due. She seemed to glow in the light due to her complexion, and she moved with divine grace.

The problem was her personality. She was a controlling individual and the full leader of the family. Whenever she was around everyone had to adhere to her strict rules and regulations. Furthermore, she was a conservative, humorless witch at times. She hid away her beautiful body to the best of her abilities in old sweaters and jeans, neither of which are flattering if you get the right kind.

Her attempts were all futile though. She was a short girl, a very short girl who barely reached Jack's chest, and she possessed more curves than almost any woman Jack knew. On Katie could beat her out, and Christina gave her a run. Furthermore, she possessed a perfect and dramatic hour glass shape. Her hips and bosom were so sizable in comparison to her waist that it as almost obscene. The button up sweater and ugly jeans she wore on that day did little to draw attention to her feminine build.

Jack hugged her tight. He loved the feeling of her gigantic breasts mashing up against him. At her height they pressed up against his stomach, and he only wished they were a little bit lower and around his cock. They were so huge that they would at least a third of his thick shaft, and the contrast of their skins would almost be artistic. His cock stirred. He wanted her.

When their hug ended he glanced into her eyes. It was a small look into her soul, but it was enough to give him an illuminating read on her. His aunt was an extremely intelligent woman and a bit of a feminist. She grew up in a family that supported her in all ways and even spoiled her, but they were also strict in the manner that she must always be the best. It was why she was so strict and so controlling.

This meant she had a high education and had an active mind. Undoubtedly, her defenses were powerful, but she possessed a surprising level of insecurity. Much like his mother, who was equally intelligent, she held an inherent desire which was not being fulfilled by her current life. There was something which she had hidden away into the dark recesses of her mind since puberty. That was the key to Jack's victory.

Much like Angela, Christina chose not to converse with Jack for very long. She thought herself too high to speak with a high school drop out. For all she knew he probably wouldn't even understand a thing she said.

Jack spent most of the evening near his grandfather, who was still rather unsettled by the new presence which Jack bore. He never said anything though, and the fear had subsided a bit since Thanksgiving. Actually, he almost seemed to admire Jack somewhat.

The whole time Jack was there his cock was hard. This made his powers stronger of course, but his mind was obsessed with finding release. His uncle was more reserved around him, and he also noticed that the women in the room were staring at his crotch. His cock had easily created a sizable lump in his jeans.

They had a nice family lunch that went by with out incident. After the lunch Jack went into the kitchen to visit his grandmother, who was busy with clean up. She was placing dirty dishes inside of the sink. Jack grabbed her by the hips and spun her around to face him.

Rebecca blushed. She was overcome with lust. With out prompting she bowed down and kissed his bulging crotch. Then she gave his bulge an unwarranted lick. When she stood she looked him right in the eye. He could see her desire.

He tugged her close and let their bodies collide. Intense pleasure flittered through both of them. They maintained eye-contact. Jack grinned sensually. "What was that for, my slut of a grandmother?"

Rebecca smiled at her master. She ran her hands along his arms, and then moved his hands down to her rear. He groped her and she moaned. "I felt sorry for turning you down the other day. It is my way of further apology." She bit her lip. "I am not so good with words, as you most likely have noticed. So, what I mean to say is...You can have men whenever you want me, my master."

Jack squeezed her rear so tightly that it might burst. He pinned her against the sink and thrust into her hard. "Is that true? I can have you any time I want? I could take you right now?"

Rebecca gasped sharply. Her face grew red with passion and her mouth slacked. She closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure. She wanted him, she needed him. Using him as an anchor, she pulled her face up to his ear and whispered, "Yes, master, fuck me right now if you wish. Show everyone in this house whom I belong to. Show your aunt and uncle the true face of YOUR family!"

He spun her suddenly and pinned her front against the sink. Held by the hips, she ground into her master and he ground back. A smile was set firmly on her face. "You have dishes to clean up," he said firmly as he placed a hand against her back and thrust hard. One hand held her hips and the other pinned her down so she could not escape.

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