tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 19

Eros Ch. 19


Chapter Nineteen: Christmas

Jack stared breathlessly at the young man before him. He was Eros, the voice that called out to him from the very beginning. The boy was beautiful, and Jack was nearly captivated by his beauty, but he resisted it.

"What do you want with me?

"What bothers ye now? Where has that bravado ye once bore so proudly fled to?"

"Answer me!"

"This is a trial, mortal, a challenge," Eros said. He walked over to Jack. His cock swayed between his legs. It was huge, and Jack felt inadequate. Is that how he made others feel? Powerless, weak, and inferior, are those the feelings that he has inspired in others?

Eros had a pink aura about him. It radiated from him and infused itself into Jack's spine. His cock began to stiffen, and Eros grabbed it gently. His fingers were astoundingly soft. "For ye see, it was I who bestowed upon ye those powers. It was I who inspired ye to reach for God hood. I was I who orchestrated yon rise over the passing moons. It was I who constructed ye whole reality, and now it is mine intention to take it back, as the reality I constructed truly belongs to me."

Jack gasped and leaned into Eros. He felt weak in the knees and aroused. His face flushed and for the first time in months he was out of control. "Wh-What are you talking about?"

"Many moons ago I found an empty husk of a mortal; ye, void of any hope. So I took it upon myself to save ye from the abyss."

Jack shoved Eros away and fell onto his back. His cock was harder than it had ever been. It stood at full seven inches, the head a bloated red color with pre-cum oozing out. It hurt to be that hard, but Jack ignored the ache. "You wanted to save me?"

"Aye, so I sampled you a fraction of my strength and glamour. I gave ye a way to repair ye paltry human dramas and forge a new, brighter horizon."


"I chose ye to be mine vassal," Eros said with a grim smile. "Perhaps vessel would be the better phrase. See, worship restores my vigor, but with out a corporeal body I cannot gain worship. I used ye for attain the worship for me. By ye mark, imbued with my essence, ye followers follow me by proximity. As of the presence I have regained a mere shard of my former light, but it will serve as enough to propel me toward my new horizon. The only obstacle now in my way is corporeal body." Eros' calm features faded. He looked serious and threatening.

Jack turned and ran into the pink haze. He retreated from the advancing Eros like prey from a greater specimen. There was a lump in his throat, and an ache in his legs. Yet his cock was still hard. "What do you want from me," Jack shouted back at Eros, who walked calmly.

Eros appeared before Jack and cupped his face. "Simple," Eros said. A rose colored flame erupted from the fog around them. It encircled the two and Eros then grasped the flame within his palm, where is sat harmlessly. "I will erase the flame of ye soul, and ignite my own flame in the husk left behind. Thus, I will have a new corporeal body with which to sit on my throne and regulate the world."

Jack's knees shook. He couldn't stand. It was too hard to stand, and it strained him to breath. Eros' fog surrounded him. Jack was alone, caught by the predator. All Jack could do was stare in resignation as Eros came closer to him. Eros' gigantic, divine cock swayed back and forth before Jack. It was pale and musky.

"There is no escape," Eros said soothingly. "Offer me ye shell or suffer forcible ejection." He placed his fiery palm to Jack's forehead and the fire settled in place. Jack's eyes went blank as the fire slithered into his pupils. Everything was pink as far as he could see. All of reality faded away except for pink and for warmth. It burned slightly, and he was being eviscerated from the inside.

Jack didn't resist, he couldn't. The fire was all around him and inside of him. It molded his flesh and engulfed his soul. Nothing would remain of him if it kept burning. There was no smoke or ash, it cleansed him and renewed him. Soon he would be a slave to Eros.

Thread after thread of Jack's light was dyed rose. Eros' flame consumed Jack's mind like a wild fire. There was no stopping it. His will to live was cleansed; his own existence began to fade away. He was losing himself. He was losing everything.

Eros took everything. Jack's light was all but extinguished. All that remained was one final shard, which was slowly being drowned in swirling flames. That one shard began to fade.

Eros watched in delight. His vessel was almost empty. Soon he would have a new body, a perfect doll for him to operate with. He laughed and left Jack's pathetic soul to smolder and burn out.

Then the shard erupted. The flames dissipated, and Jack was left kneeling on the floor. His eyes were deep and alive, just as Eros' own were. "Wait," Jack called. He stood up and faced Eros. His heart strained with fear, but he refused to back down.

"What a strange turn of the Fates. You soul survived? Impressive, even I acknowledge that." Eros turned back and smiled. "There was logic to my decision after all. Ye are potent and stubborn, and ye grew ever more resilient since I came upon you. Unfortunately for ye, the Fates turn here, mortal. Ye time in the sun is at an end. As my champion and vessel of my will ye are bound to serve my ambition. Thus, by my command, abandon your body and leave it me."

"Or I can tell you off, keep my body, and become the new Eros!"

Eros scowled. "Ye shall be exiled to Tartarus for ye barbed tongue, mortal! Relinquish ye body or be proven impotent!"

Jack felt tired. The fog was still thick and it choked his lungs, but he would not surrender. He refused to.

"The situation as such I have no options left. I must eliminate ye delusions through the most cruel of methods," Eros said. He walked toward a large door way. It was at least three times as tall as Jack, with intricate door handles as long as his body. The door had delicate designs with gold embroidery upon a pink frame. It opened before Eros, and he entered the hall.

Jack, curious and worried, followed after him.

They entered a long, almost never ending hall of bottles. Most of them were empty, but a few contained glowing gasses. Each one had a long pink ribbon bound around the neck of the bottle, as well as a name scrawled along the ribbon. Though the text used was one unfamiliar to Jack he could understand the text as names. Each bottle was named for one of his followers.

Each bottle's smoky light was composed of different colors. To varying degrees the smoke was imbued with a pinkish haze. Not all of them were pink, in fact most were only partially pink and remained their own distinctive colors. The most pink was his mother's, and the least pink was Jessica's.

"What are these," Jack asked. He was dumbfounded by the sight. There were so many rows of empty shelves, and the shelves reached infinitely high. He gaped at the sight.

"The flames of your conquests," Eros said. He walked over to the bottle that was labeled "Victoria" and picked it up. "The pink light that consumes them is mine. That which is housed within the bottles will slowly become mine. See here, your bearer is almost fully saturated by me. Very soon her submission will be total and complete."

"You mean a full slave to my will."

Eros sneered. "Ye think you the same as I?" He laughed. "Ye possess not even the pieces for the game ye play, mortal!"

Jack stiffened and looked at the bottles. If the rose colored smoke wasn't his then that meant his girls were all falling under Eros' control. All along Eros was playing from the shadows, and Jack had done all the work. What made it most frustration was that Jack had basically won the battle for Eros.

"The souls collected-however meager the number-are mine, and many is the number to join them," he said with a light-hearted chuckle. "Hopefully the futility of ye existence is now comprehensible to ye feeble mortal mind, and ye shall lose ye self in a pit for the rest of time while I continue this glorious work mine self."

"No," Jack shouted, "No! I won't let you have this! I am the one who worked for it; I am the one who deserves it." Jack gritted his teeth and stared at Eros angrily. "You said you would give ME the whole world, and I am going to take it. This is MY religion. Your time to rule has passed!"

Eros glared. "Nay, mortal, mine sun has just risen, this I will prove to ye now!" Eros uncorked the bottle which he held and poured the contents on the ground. Though it was smoky, it moved like water and shined like light. When it hit the ground is spread momentarily, then curled together to form a dense cloud of rosy smoke.

Eros placed the bottle back onto the shelf and then reached into the smoke. From within the smoke he pulled a hand. The hand led into an arm, which then led into a body. Eros pulled Victoria from within the smoke.

Jack couldn't believe that was his mother, but if it wasn't then his eyes were playing tricks on him. She looked exactly the same. Long dark brown hair hung to her slender hips, an athletic body with the light outline of abs, and full, swaying breasts that were perfectly round, unbelievably perky, capped with small, dark nipples. She even had the very same bush, she smiled the same beautiful smile, but this smile was given to Eros, not Jack.

Eros coiled his finger under Victoria's chin, and she looked at him adoringly. It was the same look that was normally reserved for Jack. "Hello, sweet mudpie," Eros said.

"Hello, my lord," Victoria said.

"The time has come for ye to express ye true loyalties, love," Eros said. "Chose wisely, ye God, or the pathetic excretion of ye womb?"

Victoria looked between them. Her eyes were ablaze with passion. She looked at Jack disdainfully and then stared at Eros as if enamored. "It is no competition, my lord! Once you've been with a God mortal's hold no sway over you." She bowed down and kissed his gigantic cock on the crown. "I chose you, my lord!"

Eros caressed her hair gently. "Display it," he said. Victoria looked deeply into Eros' eyes briefly and nodded. With the same devotion that she had showed Jack so many times she began to suck and jerk on his cock. She took it into her mouth slowly, affectionately, worshipfully. Soon it was hard, incredibly hard and incredibly large in her mouth, but she didn't stop.

"How do ye eyes take the sight, mortal?" Eros looked at Jack with a confident sneer. His face was placid, in control, almost as if he wasn't even enjoying it. He was so in control that he didn't even lose himself to sex.

"Require further instruction," Eros asked. "Then I shall instruct ye upon the truth of possession," Eros said. He removed Rebecca's bottle and poured out the contents. Out of the clouds came his grandmother. Again it was a perfect replica. She possessed the very same rosy-cheeked awkwardness that made her so cute.

"Be an example, my doll, and instruct him upon ye true desires," Eros commanded. Rebecca nodded and leaned forward. She suckled on his heavy, sperm laden testicles that were almost big enough to stretch her jaw.

Jack watched from the corner. He felt inferior as he watched such a divine, powerful specimen use those women who were once his. He wandered if that was what it was like for his father or brother. Did he make them feel like their stomachs were turning? Did he make them feel powerless and useless?

"Aye, lovelies, ye serve wonderfully! Worship me, worship ye God," Eros chided from near the bottle rack. He laughs uproariously as the two continued to service him with an almost medically precise worship.

The more Jack watched the more it sickened him. It wasn't that it was impassioned or that he was alone, it was that the passion seemed simulated. It was that his mother and grandmother worshipped Eros but it seemed feigned. The whole scenario was about as real as polyester.

His mother dipped her head down far and took his cock. There was the same gagging expression. She strained to fit his huge cock. It might be even bigger than Jack's was. It strained her jaw to excess, but still she moved like a robot programmed to service.

"Aye, give love to ye God!" Eros looked at Jack. His eyes were filled with disdain, no love, not passion, not even lust. He was merely showing Jack his power, nothing more. "Still hold ye a blind eye to the truth? Ye existence is futile. Ye be a relic, forgotten by time. My time is nigh!"

"No, it's not true," Jack said. He stood defiant. There was something wrong with the whole situation. Eros was wrong. It wasn't about power, but it was about passion. Though Jack was a God before, he was also a mortal and he knew what drew the women to his powers. It wasn't force, nor was it magic. It was...

"Imbecile! Persist ye in resistance? So ye have wrought it, I attempted kindness but ye shall see cruelty. The fatal blow crushes not the shield, but the spirit, fool!" Eros removed another bottle and poured out its content. From within the smoke rose Jack's younger sister.

Jessica reached out and ran her hand along Eros' thigh. There she was, Jack's beautiful Jessica. She smiled at Eros and stared with big blue eyes. "Perform," Eros commanded contemptuously. Jessica nodded and suckled on the free testicle.

Jack watched in shock and horror. It became very clear to him that these were not his true sluts. Jessica was the proof. She was merely a rubbery double. Though Jessica's body was surely there, her mind was not. Her soul did not live in the delicate curves which served Eros. There was no love in their orgy, nor was there any passion at all. It was merely action, not devotion.

"Any wayward words now that ye see the truth? Ye cannot hide in shadows any longer, mortal! Now get ye to ye cell and hide away for infinity!"

Jack scoffed at Eros. "You don't know anything," he said. "They aren't worshipping you at all. You don't understand real worship!"

Eros' face turned red with angry. He threw the women to the side and rushed Jack. His cock wobbled back and forth as he ran, leading him like a divining rod.

Jack back pedaled but fell. Soon Eros was before him, and his cock was in Jack's face. Jack stared at the huge piece. He stared at its thick veins, and its pale shaft, and its burning red tip. It called to him. His mouth salivated for it.

"Ye think worship is beyond my recognition? Pah, ye knave!"

Eros reached forward and grabbed hold of Jack's head. "Then demonstrate 'true' worship," Eros said.

Jack was drawn closer to the huge cock. It pulsed, and Jack could feel its pulse synch with his. It smelled manly and powerful, yet it looked so sleek and beautiful. Such an amazing piece deserved to be worshipped.

Jack looked up at Eros' perfect body and perfect face. He was so lithe, so graceful, and so wonderful. Maybe he was wrong. After all, how could a mortal understand divine worship?

Jack opened his mouth and leaned forward. His tongue was wet and eager. His jaw stretched, and he could feel the cock's heat on his lips. He was about to worship Eros' cock, he was about to show it how beautiful it was.

But he was not going to love Eros' cock, nor was he going to lust for it. He showed appreciation for beauty and that is all. That is why he was able to keep from sucking on it. Worship is not true worship with out love or true devotion. It is action with out resolve or affection.

"No," Jack said, and he pulled his head free.

Eros stammered. "Y-Ye refuse me?"

Jack stood and walked passed Eros. "Yeah, I do. You have no understanding of true devotion or true love, and I have no interest in worshipping a God of love who only loves himself."

"Love? What knowledge would a mortal possess of such a macroscopic thought?"

Jack walked over to his sister's doppelganger and got face to face with her. "I am sorry, Jessica. I know I've put your mind through an awful lot," he said. "This fucker has probably only made it worse but...But I love you, munchkin, and I promise you that is the only reason I've done any of this," he said.

Jack stood up tall and looked at all of the ladies. "I want you all to understand, even the ones still in the bottles...I know sometimes I was cruel, and I know sometimes I was selfish, but if I thought for a minute that any of you were truly unhappy I...I don't know. I know that sometimes it seems like I was hurting people, but I truly do love you all." Tears stung his eyes, but he continued. "I love this whole damn world, and that is what I want to do. I want to spread love in all of its forms," he said.

Eros watched in shock. "Mor...Mortals be damned! Ye mind is incapable of true comprehension. I am lust, I am passion, I am love, I am all that desire could ever be! How dare you say I do not comprehend? Ye be the one with out comprehension!"

You...You mortals are always like this! You don't understand. I am lust,

"You don't even feel it yourself," Jack shouted. "You don't understand any thing because love is a human feeling, not a divine control mechanism!"

Eros shook. He felt weak.

Jessica leaned forward toward Jack's crotch and drew in a deep breath. Jack looked down at her. "Master," she said. Her eyes were bright and lively. He recognized her now. "Master, I love you," she said, and she began to suck fervently and excitedly on his cock.

"I'm not saying I'm not selfish. I am. I want to use this power to make myself happy," Jack said softly, "But I want to make other people happy, too. I want to use this power to make the world happy, like a true God should. Sometimes this means people have to be hurt but...but in the end I am doing it for the right reason, and I truly believe that." He looked at Eros sternly. "And that gives me the resolve I need to resist you. No matter what you do or say to me I won't give up because I love this world and everyone in it!"

"Nay..," Eros muttered, "Nay!" He looked at Victoria and shouted, "Traverse this space, join me at mine side!"

Victoria looked between the two. She looked confused. Jack could see her fear, and he held out his hand. "Come to me, my slut, come to where you belong." His mother looked at him and stared momentarily, then nodded and joined Jessica. She began to suck on Jack's testicles slowly. Though not as large as Eros', Victoria worshipped his balls just the same.

"Nay, nay, nay, this is not the script!" Eros stomped his feet angrily. "Eldest mother, traverse the space and join me, you substantive heifer!"

Rebecca flushed and stood. She began to walk over toward Eros, but Jack caught her hand. She jerked once, and then looked at him. She was afraid to betray Eros and equally fearful to refuse Jack.

"Come to me," Jack said. "You have nothing to fear. I've got you. You're my slut, and that means I'll take care of you."

Rebecca looked to the side. "I...I..."

"I'm not asking you," Jack said. His voice was still soft, yet demanding. "I'm telling you, you belong here at my feet, worshipping me." He grunted gently as his sister took him to the base. It was a new, exhilarating feeling. Maybe there was something to say about being normal sized, he thought.

Rebecca saw his face lighted by pleasure and blushed. She nodded. "Of course, my lord," and she fell to her knees. Slowly, delicately, she kissed his hips down to his crotch. There wasn't enough room to really get in, but she reached her hand in and massaged his crotch gently where she could.

Jack gasped sharply and looked at Eros triumphantly. "Don't you see, Eros? Don't you see the truth now? These women belong to me, not you, because I love them. They gave themselves willingly, not with the use of some pathetic tricks."

Eros glowered sharply. He extended his palm with the intent of sending a searing flame toward the party, but no flame would coalesce. He looked at his palm. "Nay, nay, my flame is eternal!"

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