Eros Ch. 19


Jack came inside of his sister's mouth, and he lost himself in warmth, pleasure, and love. All of the bottles around him began to glow brightly, as did his sluts before him. He felt himself glowing as well. It was the same pink glow as before.

Eros shook with fear. "Nay, the night comes too quickly! Dost my light now glow for this mortal?" Flames engulfed Eros, and shot out to four points around him. They circled his neck and faded away, leaving bright, burning chains that bound him by the throat. Eros struggled against them, but could not escape. He was bound.

Jack looked at Eros, who stared at him in complete rage. "What in the world just happened," he asked. "What do you mean you've lost your light?"

Eros looked away. "I chose not to answer ye."

"No, ans..." Jack fell forward into a pink fog. The world left him again. He felt sluggish, tired, and sore. The air left his lungs. It felt like he was choking. He clutched for footing or a handle-hold, but nothing caught him. He just fell and fell, down into an empty abyss.

He sat up suddenly and reached for the sky. There was nothing there to grab. He stared at his blank walls. It had been so long since she slept in his own bed, but that is where he was, completely naked. The gigantic penis he was blessed with before was gone. He was left with a limp carrot and a pair of average testicles. To him it looked so pathetic.

He stood and stretched out his body. He wasn't sure why his penis was normal, but he definitely didn't feel like he had lost anything. Honestly, h felt better and more confident than ever. It was like Eros' powers were still inside of him, yet he owned him. Yet, his genitalia weren't the same as before, back when all of the craziness started.

"Maybe I lost the power," he mused aloud, "When Eros' light was gone. Perhaps the penis was only a gift to me because it was Eros' power." He thought on it a bit more, and came to the conclusion that Eros' powers were Eros' powers, and his powers were his own. So, he had to be a God in his own right.

He looked around his bedroom and wondered if it was all a dream. It couldn't have been, he decided. There were cum soaked underwear and women's underwear strung about the room. They were mementos of his time over the passed few months.

The room was also mostly empty. It didn't look like he really even lived there. It was all just an act, one to keep his non-believers complacent before he struck. It was all part of his plan to attack when they were unaware.

That meant that every condition that he created as a God was still in place. So, obviously, it wasn't all just a dream. He had been a God, and all of the sex and control he had with it was all very tangible. That left him with questions about the dream and the current state of his religion.

First thing was first: he had to dress. So he rummaged through his room and looked for something to wear. Most everything was moved to the master bedroom, where he lived with his mother most of the time. So there wasn't much there. In the back of his closet he found a pair of forgotten pajamas pants. They were mostly clean, at least clean enough to wear just in case everything fell apart during his slumber.

He slipped on the pants and considered that perhaps Eros had taken away the gifts. After he was bound in those four chains he was not very happy. It was likely that he forbade Jack to use the powers and took them away in an effort to stop Jack.

That explained his lack of gigantic appendages, but it did not explain his confidence or clarity of mind. He felt beautiful and seductive, and nothing in the world could take him on. He felt, quite honestly, like a God.

Jack shrugged. Whatever the situation, it would not do to stand still. If he lost his Godhood then he wasn't sure what to do, but to move is better to merely stay in place. He decided to go to the living room. If he was a God then his women would surely shower him with affection, and if not there might be some confusion, as well as a very awkward confrontation with his family.

He stepped out into the hall and heard his family out in the living room. They were all talking boisterously, as they always did on Christmas. He looked at the clock. It was almost noon, and it occurred to him how late he slept.

Jack began to walk down the hallway to the living room. It seemed longer than he remembered. Each step was slow and agonizing. It finally set in what could happen if he lost his power. If he had complete memory of the events, then nothing said that his family wouldn't. If they were no longer his followers how would he explain himself? His heart hurt it moved so fast.

He strode passed what was turned into his father's new bedroom, and passed the bathroom, and passed the game room. All of them seemed infinitely farther apart than they used to be, and the archway to the kitchen seemed almost demonic.

He stepped into the kitchen, into a field of bright lights, and found himself staring into the living room. His family was gathered there, all of them interacting animatedly. In the corner of the room there was a Christmas tree. It was decked out in ornaments and synchronized lights.

He wanted to enter the living room, but he couldn't. It all felt so surreal. Everyone looked at him. They were all fully dressed, and there he was in his pajama pants, with no shirt, and wondering if he was their God.

His mother watched him from the couch. As usual, she looked absolutely glorious. Her long, thick chocolate hair was pulled back, and Jack could see her look at him with those same dark eyes. Her athletic body was hidden in a tight brown sweater, which her full bosom strained against, ands he wore dark blue jeans to compliment it.

Next to her was Jimmy, Jack's former Angel. He was still the same tall, fair, gangly guy with short orange hair. Despite his unbecoming nose and frame he looked rather nice in a blue button-up shirt and carpenter pants.

Holding his hand was his beautiful Asian wife, Xion. She wore a mesh black shirt with a brown vest covering all of her feminine parts, as well as a pair of black pants. Her breasts, which were only slightly smaller than Victoria's, bulged against her shirt. Her dark hair was combed and fell down her back like silk. She sat with her legs crossed and spoke to Jimmy in a hushed tone.

Jessica sat at the end of the couch. She was in pink pajama pants, with a pink spaghetti strap top. It cut low and showed her deep, pale cleavage. The outfit was very tight on her, hugging her wide hips and love-handles considerably. The pants, Jack noticed, had small white bunnies on them.

Between Jessica's legs on the floor was the beautiful and dangerous Julie. She was in her pajamas as well, but they were a bit classier. The top was buttoned up only enough to show her extremely large breasts slightly, and were also unbuttoned around the bottom. Her tight abs were shown each time she breathed, and she wore her pants equally low, with a hint of her hip bone.

Jessica busied herself by playing with Julie's hair. Julie, meanwhile, flipped through a magazine passively. Neither really paid the family much attention.

One of the kitchen chairs was placed between the couch and the recliner near it. That is where Jack's grandmother, Rebecca, sat. She shied away from the social scene, but she was still very beautiful. Her glasses were perched on her nose, and she gazed nervously at the rest of the family. She wore a loose white t-shirt that hung from her large DD breasts, and a pair of grey sweat pants. That showed some sign that Jack's influence was still on her, as she would normally not leave the house in such a casual outfit.

Next to her sat her husband, William. His hair was greasy and thin as usual, and he wore simply blue sweats as he normally did. He reclined in the chair like a king, with a coffee mug nonchalantly resting on his stomach.

A second chair was placed on the side of the recliner. Stan, Jack's father, sat there. He wore his usual ball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. His protruding belly strained against his shirt. He sipped a cool beer and spoke with William. Periodically he would stop the conversation to take a picture of the family.

Another chair was moved into the living room to accommodate and it sat next to Stan. In it sat a woman whom Jack did not remember. She was small and Asian, with dark hair and a cute face. Much like Rebecca, the girl watched the room with nervous interest, and she seemed to struggle to keep up with the words. She was dressed in thin long-sleeve shirt and a pair of black jeans. Her straight hair hung just about to her shoulders. She looked rather athletic and appeared to have small, but very well-shaped breasts.

At her side was Jack's older half-brother, James. He was a fit young man with curly red hair and a bit of stubble. Normally unkempt, James was the family heart-throb. Jack assumed the girl at his side must have been his new girlfriend. If he remembered correctly, she was a foreign exchange student from Japan named Ai.

At James's side sat Justin. He was still bald-headed and had a growing belly, though it wasn't as bad as his father. He wore a plain white shirt, a button up shirt over that, and blue jeans with a belt. He spoke to James about something, though James didn't seem to care.

At Justin's side was his beautiful girlfriend, Katie. She wore red-blue long-sleeve shirt that strained with her ponderous rack. Her short hair was simply combed, yet looked classy and sophisticated. She wore a pair of tight black pants that hugged her wide hips. Much like the other introverts, Katie merely listened to the interaction.

Next to Katie was Christina, Jack's newest convert. She was dressed conservatively, a fact that worried Jack. She wore a button-up sweater with a long, pleated skirt, both white. In that outfit she was the full image of civility, grace, and virginity. No one could have guessed that just the night before--before she put on the rosy make-up or put her hair-up in a sophisticated manner—she made loud proclamations swearing her loyalty and sexual servitude to Jack, who she deemed her new master.

At her side was the balding, yet very muscular Christian, her husband and Jack's uncle from his mother's side. He was pale, more like Rebecca than William. He sat stiffly and sipped at his mug of coffee and tried to get a word in with his father and Stan.

Christina and Christian' children sat on the floor near the Christmas tree. Angela, the eldest of Jack's cousins there, wore a tight purple shirt and a pair of pajama pants. She sat quietly and didn't speak like the good girl her mother told her to be. That did not keep her from giving disapproving looks at the tacky things found in the living room that his mother had forgotten to hide.

Next to her sat Megan. Megan, an apple-shaped beauty, dressed in a simple pair of red pajamas. They were rather loose on her, and hid her frame beneath them. She didn't speak to anyone but her sister, who mostly ignored her comments.

Jack stood just between Katie and Christina. Everyone looked at him expectantly and quietly, and he didn't know how to react. It was do or die, he figured. Was he in control, or had Eros stripped him of his powers? He couldn't tell, and he was too nervous to get out of his own head and enter someone else's.

He gazed around the room and looked for a simple hint or clue, but there was nothing. Pressure overrode logic, and he couldn't see into anyone's soul. He felt stifled and overwhelmed. The world was closing in on him. Maybe he lost all of his powers, he thought, but the memories still remained around him. How could he explain his way out of the situation? There were no good excuses.

He shook with fear. He couldn't think of anything. There weren't enough clever words in the world to get his family to understand. His quick wits were useless. A lump formed in his throat, and he struggled to breath.

He looked around the room, from one face to another, to find some sort of answer, but they were all impassive. It was almost like they were awaiting him to make a judgment. They weren't going to give him an answer either way until he made the first action.

Jack retreated back into his own mind, which was his only safe-haven. He blocked out the world and looked inward for an answer. Was he a God or a mortal? Were they aware and dissenting, or ignorant? Furthermore, if they were aware, were they still his slaves?

He took a deep breath, calmed himself, and opened his eyes. He tried to peer into their minds, but nothing came. The connection was still there, he thought, but there was something in the way. He cursed inward, and decided to make a gamble. If he lost his powers he was fucked anyway, so he might as well go big.

Quite suddenly and with out warning, he grasped the waist band of his pajamas and yanked them down. His cock, not longer the gigantic, thick slab of Godly power as before, was put on display. He was not ashamed of the average penis he showed them. He was proud of it, and felt invigorated to display it to them.

His family didn't react, he didn't give them time. He went to the nearest person, his aunt, took hold of her beautiful hair, and jerked her face first into his limp little sausage.

Christina, now with her youngest nephew's penis on her face, screwed her eyes up to look at him. She sat there in complete silence. Everyone did. No one spoke, and Jack could barely breathe. All he could do was stare at his beautiful aunt anxiously with his rock resting on her face.

His aunt closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then she took another. She drew her head back from his crotch, opened her eyes, and looked up at him. Jack saw something flare to life. There was a spark, a rose colored spark in her eyes, and it grew brighter by the second.

She opened her full, red lips and gingerly extended her tongue to his penis. The wet orange touched his sensitive tool, curled around it, and pulled it into her mouth. With out a word she eagerly began to suck on his cock and stared up at him the whole time. At his size it was easy for her to swallow it, so she did so from the beginning and bobbed her head dutifully along his meat.

Jack looked into her mind, and he saw the truth. The same slut Christina from the night before was still there. From the start there was nothing to fear. He was still a God, and he still held dominion over her. A brief glance revealed that he still held dominion over all of his followers.

From the couch his mother smiled, so did Jimmy. Xion had her hand on Jimmy's crotch, which bulged obscenely, and his sisters watched with considerable interest. His grandmother, too, watched happily, and he could feel Katie silently cheer him on.

All of the women, even those were not his to control, watched in complete awe. The men, too, were amazed by the sight. Stan, Jack's father and slave, even took the opportunity to record the blowjob for posterity.

Everyone else watched in shock. At first none of them could speak, they were baffled by his brash behavior. Christian finally stood after he watched his wife suck Jack off, and he balled his fists. "Christina, what in the hell do you think you're doing right now?"

Christina couldn't speak. Her mouth was full of Jack's cock. While she sucked his cock expanded. Each time she dipped down and drew back it was thicker and longer, and he realized that his cock wasn't the same cock as before. It was almost as big as it had been when he was a God, but it was still limp.

His size didn't deter Christina, who sucked on him with the enthusiasm of a true slut. She gagged on his cock and mauled his balls, which were also increasing in size. They were already twice the size of what they used to be and were almost to the same divine size which they once bore.

"Christina, I'm..."

"Be quiet, Christian, don't interrupt her," Jack said, and he pushed more into her mouth.

Christina gurgled and swallowed. She stared up in adoration at her master, who had almost reached full size. It shocked everyone in the room, even those who had seen him before the dream. Jack's cock was even longer and thicker than it was when he was a God. It stretched out Christina's jaw even more. Before it was gargantuan, but his new size was simply monstrous.

Christina, a size queen and a slut, was delighted by this revelation. She fisted his new size with one hand, and rolled his even larger testicles with another. Jack, her master, did not disappoint.

Jack looked at the Christmas tree and smiled. It was a very Merry Christmas for him, and it was sure to be a wonderful new year. In fact, it was just the beginning of his journey, as there was a lot of work to do for him to become a truly powerful God.


Koto's Commentary:

This is the end of Eros book one. For those of you wondering or hoping for more, well, hope no more. There is plenty more coming, but I'm still about halfway through the second books rough draft. Anyway, Happy Wanking!


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