tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros Extended Ch. 01

Eros Extended Ch. 01


Chapter One: Christmas Day

Jack sat up suddenly, his head reeling. There were four white walls and a closet. There was the computer desk he used for so long and a window near it. He had a television and video game systems which he had used for his free time, or he used to, but they were gone from his room. It looked deserted, yet left in disarray. He had left in a hurry.

He stood, naked. Sticking from his brown bush was about three inches of penis and an average set of testicles. Over all, it was pretty normal, and normally he would not have complained, but he knew that was not his real cock.

He had strong memories of when he was bigger, much bigger. His penis used to be obscenely large. At that time he possessed a powerful sexual aura, and he could manipulate people's minds and emotions. He had used these powers to take control of his family and was aiming to turn himself into a God.

He stood naked and alone in his room. His long, dark hair was wild around his shoulders. His body was slender and shaky, overcome by anxiety. Those memories he had felt so real, real enough for him to believe them, yet there he stood, naked and average.

He looked at a room devoid of personal affects. His clothes were missing, and he remembered that in his time as a God he had taken control of the house. He had taken the master bedroom from his father, who was demoted to the guest room.

He found a pair of boxers in the corner. They were old, worn, and bore a thick stain on them. It was a stain that only his former God cock could have produced. He slipped them on along with some old pajama bottoms.

The conditions of his memories were still in place, so he decided it wasn't a dream. That meant that Eros, the actual God of Lust who had given him the powers, may have taken those powers away. Eros' true goal all along was to take control of Jack's body and become a God again, but Jack had refused him, and he thought Eros was trapped, bound in the very chains he had tried to use on Jack. Maybe, Jack theorized, Eros had taken the powers away as a way to punish Jack.

Jack found an old clock. It was almost noon, and it was Christmas. Either way, God or mortal, his family would be waiting on him. He had to go to them, or they would come for him. With no shirt to wear, he would have to go as he was. It didn't bother him though, because he felt oddly confident in his appearance.

He stepped out into the hallway cautiously. Though quite proud of his looks, he was still rather anxious. He had, through out his time as a God, taken control of his family. He had fucked his mother, enslaved his grandmother, raped his little sister, seized his older sister, penetrated his sister-in-law, dominated his oldest brother's girlfriend, taken over the family next door, even taking the good little Christiantian girl as his slut and girlfriend, and brought out the inner cum-slut of his pious aunt. If his powers were taken he had a lot to answer for. On the other hand, if he was still a God, he could easily use his followers to seize complete control of his family.

Jack's old bedroom was located at the end of a long hallway on one side of the house. Next to his room was a game room, and across was an extra room with a bathroom by it. Next to the bathroom was his little sister's room. Jack walked past all of these rooms cautiously, ready for anything.

The hallway ended in the kitchen, which was conjoined with the living room, which is where his family would be waiting. A Christmas tree was set in the corner of the room, and chairs were brought in for everyone to sit in. The family was quite large and a few people were left with out seats.

His entrance to the living room felt like a dream. His anxieties had pulled him out of body, and he saw himself standing there, shirtless, while everyone else was fully dressed. Most of them were having fun, talking among themselves. They had no worries, no concerns, just excitement to be with their family again and there was Jack, a God dethroned, walking among the mortals he had scorned. He wondered where he stood: Was he a God again? Was he mortal? Did they remember, or had they forgotten?

The room was packed with his family. His mother sat on the coach, in her usual seat. Jack's mother, Victoria Hillton, was a gorgeous woman. She had long, thick brown hair and naturally dark skin due to her Native American heritage. Her eyes were large and brown, and her lips were full. She had high cheek bones and an extremely trim body, kept fit through intense exercises. Her hips were slender, but she was surprisingly buxom, with D-cup size breasts that were extremely perky and firm. She wore a brown sweater and dark blue jeans, and she smiled sensually as she spoke with her nieces.

In the past Jack had worked her tan tits and her full lips. His mother was his first slut, his original, and the woman who taught him so much. He had turned her into a willing follower to his religion, and all along she had been the most dedicated to his cause.

Next to her was Jimmy, the middle of Jack's older half-brothers. Jack and Jimmy looked very different from each other. Jimmy was tall and thin, with an awkwardly proportioned body. He had a big nose and short, orange colored hair. He dressed well for the celebration, in a blue button up shirt and carpenter-pants.

He held hands with his wife, a beautiful Chinese immigrant named Xion. She had originally married Jimmy for her green card, and it was obvious, she was way out of his league. She was a beautiful, surprisingly curvaceous woman. Her breasts were large, D-cup, and her hips were wide. She had a full rear, and she always kept healthy and attractive. Her lips were full, and she kept her long, dark hair back, framing her cute face. She always dressed sharp, and she wore a fashionable black top with a brown vest, a pair of black pants, and fuzzy boots. Her legs were crossed, and she spoke in a hush with her husband.

In the past Jack had taken both into his religion. Xion had desired to be dominated, and Jimmy didn't give her that. Jack did. He took her, made her his slut, and she was grateful for it. To keep her satisfied in his absence, Jack used his powers to transform Jimmy into his first angel. That blessed Jimmy with a sexual aura similar to Jack's, though not as powerful, and a thick, foot long cock. Both swore complete loyalty after that.

At the end of the couch was Jack's beautiful younger sister, Jessica. She took after their father in some ways, as she had fair skin and lighter brown hair, which she kept about shoulder length, but she definitely had her mother's beauty. She was a bit fuller-figured than Victoria, with love handles and thick thighs. Her lips were pink and her eyes large and blue. She was also blessed sizable breasts, D-cups from her mother's side of the family, and she had wide-hips that her mother lacked. She dressed casually, in pink pajama pants and a skimpy tank-top.

Jessica was one of Jack's personal failings. He had taken her, but betrayed her in doing so. Because he hurt her so much he had to force her under his control, which had done a lot of damage to her mind. She had been healing, but Jack feared if his powers were revoked it could hurt Jessica badly. Though, she didn't seem scarred in the least.

On the floor in front of Jessica sat Jack's older sister, Julie. She was a beautiful girl who took after her mother. She had the tan skin, the long dark hair, the brown eyes, and the athletic body. Their faces were almost identical, though Julie was younger and had a natural lusty look in her eyes. The major differences were their hips and breasts; Julie was blessed with very wide hips and even larger breasts. She had double-Ds that she liked to show off. She wore brown pajamas a bit whorishly, with the pants pulled down low enough to show her hips and the top button undone, showing her cleavage, and she read a magazine while Jessica toyed with her hair.

Julie was a naturally horny girl. In fact, Jack would admit that she was a bit of a slut. She was strong-willed girl with a sexual appetite that only Jack in his God form could fulfill. Now that she might be normal, Jack was truly terrified that she would throw him around the house like a ragdoll. He knew she was more than strong enough to do it.

A chair was placed to the couch for Jack's grandmother, Rebecca Davidson, to sit at. She was his grandmother on his mother's side, and it was obvious that the feminine beauty in the family came from her. Rebecca looked like an older, yet very well maintained version of Jessica. She had curly, light brown hair, big blue eyes, slender pink lips, and a curvaceous figure. Age had only added weight where she needed it, giving her very heavy, attractive double-D tits and an attractive ass. She was blessed with wide-hips as well, much like her granddaughters, but she was very short. She wore a loose white-t shirt that hung from her large breasts and grey sweat-pants, and she used her position in the corner of the room to stay out of the social lime-light. Despite her advanced years, she was free from any wrinkles of blemishes.

Before being taken by Jack, Rebecca was a socially demure woman with a desire for large cocks. Once she saw Jack's Godly cock, it was only a matter of time before she submitted to him, and he was excited about the prospect of her being his slut again. It was obvious that the desire to be controlled by a well-hung stud, a desire that seemed to be infused in his family's blood-line, originated with her.

In the big recliner was the first of the people there who Jack did not already control, and it was his grandfather, William Davidson. The Native American heritage that Jack, his mother, and his older sister showed came from William. Unlike his wife, William did not age so gracefully. The years caught up with him in a bad way. In his youth he had been muscular and handsome, but his old age left him blubbery and withered. His dark hair was thinning and greasy, and his teeth were missing. He wore old, blue sweats and had a coffee cup clutched in his meaty fist. He surveyed the room like a king.

In a chair next to the recliner was Jack's father, Stan Hillton. As usual he wore a ball-cap, t-shirt, and jeans. His big mustache waggled while he spoke with his father-in-law, and he recorded the proceedings of the holiday.

Stan had been initiated by Jack and became his first normal male follower. He was willing and obedient to Jack, and even moved out of the master bedroom so that Jack could live in there with Victoria.

In a chair next to Stan was a mystery girl. Jack had never seen her before, but she was very pretty. She was Asian, and she had dark hair that framed her cute face. Her torso was thin yet attractive, and she had the bulge of moderate sized breasts underneath her thin long-sleeved shirt. She wore jeans, and she watched the room as if culture shocked. Though Jack didn't know her, he definitely thought that if he were a God, then he would like to.

In a chair at her side was the youngest of Jack's older half-brothers, James. He was younger than Jimmy but older than Julie, and he was closer to Jack's mother than his real mother. He had thick, curly red hair and was rather handsome, in a disheveled sort of way. He kept in shape and had a rugged jaw with nearly painted on stubble. He dressed in a t-shit and jeans, and he had his hand on the mysterious Asian woman's leg.

Immediately Jack realized who the girl was. The girl was James's girlfriend, Ai. She was a foreign exchange student from Japan. Jack smiled at the sight of the girl and thought how if he was still a God, he would turn her into his newest conquest, but that was a big if.

Justin sat in the chair next to James. He was oldest of all the siblings, nearly eighteen years older than Jack. His age showed, with a slightly receding hairline and an expanding stomach. In his youth he was handsome, but he was getting old fast. He wore a white t-shirt tucked in and blue jeans with a belt. Like William and James, Justin was not under Jack's control yet.

In the next chair was Justin's beautiful girlfriend, Katie. She had short hair that framed her face and a full-frame. Her nose was slightly upturned, and she had a sort of distant personality, but she was kind. Her breasts, Jack knew, were ponderous F-cups, the biggest Jack had seen, and she had nipple rings from her last relationship. She wore a red and blue long-sleeve shit, and a pair of black pants that hugged her broad, womanly hips. Katie was a real introvert and spent most of her time staring off into some sort of dream world no one else was aware of.

Jack recalled Katie's desire. She wished more than anything to be a slave girl, and she had given herself over to Jack on the first day she met him. She betrayed her boyfriend for a man whom she barely knew and worshipped Jack as her God even though he never fucked her. At her very core, she was a true slut, and Jack was sad at the thought of losing her.

Jack's newest conquest was in the chair next to Katie, his aunt, Christina. She was beautiful and conservatively dressed, as always. Her long hair was very dark, like night, and contrasted her fair skin considerably. She had large green eyes, full red lips, and a sort of hoity look on her face. Christina had the widest hips Jack had ever seen, and a pair of breasts that matched them. She possessed E-cups and a very slender waist which drove Jack mad. She dressed conservatively in a white, button-up sweater and skirt, and she was an image of civility and virginity.

The sight of Christina astonished Jack because just the night before she was a depraved slut who sold him her loyalty for his big cock. Years of repression had left Christina very hungry for a brutal fucking that her husband never gave her. Out of all of his women, Christina was the biggest slut, but she hid it back, and he was almost certain she had returned to the same prudish life that he had freed her from just the night before.

Her husband sat in the chair next to her. The balding Uncle Christian kept in amazing shape. He was Victoria's brother, and shared her youthful face, looking years younger than he really was. He had the same skin-tone as his mother, as well as the same eye color. Despite his size, Christian was a kind man who was always ready for a good joke. He wore a knitted sweater and jeans, and he sipped coffee while he spoke with Jimmy and his sister. He was among those not under Jack's control before Jack possibly lost his powers.

Nearest to the Christmas tree, Jack's cousins sat on the floor. Angela, his oldest cousin, was athletic, with small breasts and a tight little body. She was pretty, with darker skin like her grandfather and her Aunt Victoria, and short, dark hair. She had the same green eyes as her mother though, and a rather cute smile when she did smile. She wore a purple top and a pair of loose purple pajama pants, and she sat quietly, like a good girl. Periodically, she gave a disapproving look to something tacky in the house that her mother obviously would not have approved of.

At her side was Megan, the younger sister who just turned eighteen. She was more broadly built than Angela, with wider shoulders and larger breasts. She had at least C-cups, Jack would've guessed, and appeared to still be growing. Her skin was fair like her mother's and her hair was just as dark. She had blue eyes, from her father, and high-cheek bones. What she wore was a simple pair of red pajamas which fit her loosely, and she seemed to be trying to talk to her sister.

Jack was shocked by the noise and activity, but it all died once he came in shirtless. Everyone in the room turned toward him, gazing at him expectantly. His breath left him. He was unsure of how to proceed. From the beginning the planned to take the whole family on Christmas, but he was afraid he had lost his powers. There was no sign of what to do. If he lost his powers, he was a loser again, and if not he was still a God, but he was a God too afraid to act.

He looked for a hint but there was none. Everyone was stoic and gave him no sort of hint of how to proceed. He tried to peer into their hearts, as he once could, but his mind was too frazzled and anxious to get a hold, he thought, but he feared he had lost the ability all together.

They were all waiting, and Jack had to make a decision. Jack swallowed hard and closed his eyes. He stopped his shaking and made a risky decision. With out warning or further hesitation, he yanked his pants down and revealed his shrunken cock to the room. He grabbed the head of his aunt, his newest slut, and he pressed her juicy, red lips against crotch.

Christina didn't resist. She allowed him to bury her pale face into his pubic hair, and then sat there quietly. Everyone in the room was quiet. Jack's heart was about to burst from his chest, and Christina didn't move. Time stood still.

Christian stood up and grasped Jack by the neck. He shouted something unintelligible and then threw Jack through the door. Jack's whole body hurt. His head wrung, and he felt blood draining from his ears. He barely had time to react, as Christian came out with a shovel and pressed it against his throat. Jack pleaded, but it was too late. Christian applied pressure and...

Jack heard Christina breath deeply of his crotch. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Bright, pink light was apparent all around her. She was elated to be at his service again, and her soul erupted with his brilliance light.

She looked up at him, and Jack could see it. Streams of rose light illuminated her whole body and filled her veins with sensual heat. She parted her lips and used her tongue to draw his small cock into her mouth. Then, she began to suck happily, noisily, and she purred as she did so. His delicious taste returned to her at last.

Jack's worry melted away. He realized every thing was the same, and he was still a God. His cock grew rapidly in his aunt's mouth. Soon it was at seven inches, but it was still limp and expanding beyond that.

Christian finally reacted. With a red face, he shouted, "What the hell is going on here?"

By that time Jack had his hand resting on the back of his aunt's head, and he was bucking into her mouth. His cock was beginning to grow back to its mythic proportions, and it still wasn't even close to done growing.

"Shut up," Jack said with a glower.

"What did you just say to me?"

"I told you to shut up," Jack said, his voice fierce. His eyes gleamed rose and his soul penetrated Christian. Christian's light waned. "Don't make me repeat myself again, Christian!"

Jack was fully erect. His cock had grown even longer and thicker than before, and his aunt's face was literally stuffed full, almost to the point of hurting her. Jack forced more into her mouth and some into her throat. Christina had difficulty managing it, but she faced the challenge with enthusiasm.

As she sucked she felt like Jack was even sexier than before. Somehow he tasted better, felt sexier, and his cock was even bigger. Being a size-queen, Christina was extremely excited about that. She loved big, thick cocks, and Jack's was only getting better.

Luckily, Jack was the stud who stretched her jaw the night before. If he hadn't, she never would have been able to handle his new monstrous growth spurt. Because he had, she was merely happy to serve him, so much so that she jerked more of his cock into her mouth for her to suck on.

Jack grinned triumphantly and continued to fuck his aunt's mouth. He surveyed the room, and saw how the people acknowledge him.

Victoria fingered herself, and Jimmy got a blowjob from his wife. His cock was still a huge, throbbing foot long monster. At the end of the couch Jessica and Julie were eagerly going at it. Jessica had her pants down, and Julie fingered her furiously. Stan had turned the camera on Jack's blowjob, and Katie watched in delight.

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