tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros Extended Ch. 02

Eros Extended Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Welcome to the Family

"Jimmy, I leave you with the task of converting Megan."

That is what the master said, and he left with three people to the other room: Angela, Megan's older sister; James, Jimmy's younger brother; and Ai, James's girlfriend. There the beautiful master was alone with the three and would fulfill their true destinies.

The tall, gangly Jimmy was Jack's first angel. He sat with his legs wide and his wife, Xion, was working on his cock like the slut she was. She worked his cock from the fat tip to the very bottom, where his sizable jewels dangled.

It became a good life once his master took over. At first he felt apprehensive. He was reluctant to let his youngest brother come in and take control of his life, but it was futile to reject the destiny his master offered. He was unsettled until he saw his master in motion, the way he stretched out Xion and marked her as his own was inspiring.

If that sight hadn't been enough, the conversion cemented Jimmy's moral transformation. Jimmy remembered it. Xion had sucked his master's beautiful godhood. She got her mouth full of his divine seed then, and she took that offering and put it into Jimmy's inferior penis. Originally he thought it was disgusting.

She was then ordered to jerk him to an orgasm, and when he had that orgasm it was mind blowing. The world around him literally melted away, and Jimmy saw true reality for the first time. Pleasure wrapped around him, and his whole body felt light and erotic. No longer was his master wrong in anyway, and the cum inside of him had become warm and cleansing. It fixed him, and it made the best out of him.

When he woke he knew two things. First, he had become far more attractive and more charismatic, and second, his master was the cause of those changes. Sticking from his crotch was a thick, foot long cock with two massive testicles stuffed into a scrotum that could barely fit them. Instilled in his mind was his life's mission: worship Jack, and created a religion in his name.

After that, Jimmy became a tool of release for Xion, who had been converted to an honest slut by their master. When Christmas rolled around, the happy couple was eager to see their lord again, and when given the mission to convert Megan, Jimmy refused to disappoint.

Jimmy looked his cousin over. Megan was actually his half-cousin, as they weren't related by blood, only marital ties. That didn't stop it from feeling taboo for him though, and the knowledge that her father would watch while Jimmy popped her delicate little cherry and made her shout out his master's glory was even more thrilling

Megan was the younger of the two Davidson sisters, and she was just as attractive as the other women in the family, if a bit stockier. Her face was round, with high-cheek bones and full lips. She had beautiful blue eyes, the same color as her father's, and a broader figure than Angela, with wide, feminine hips and a surprising amount of muscle. There was a layer of fat to cover the muscle, which made her strong, yet supple, and gave her large, firm C-cup breasts, which looked bulbous on her short frame.

Megan had heard Jack's command, and she shook under Jimmy's gaze. This shaking was the product of two conflicting feelings. One was overwhelming fear of Jimmy and his gargantuan cock, and the other was sudden and urgent arousal. Regardless of whatever fears she had, she was extremely curious about sex and was seized by a deep arousal at the sight of Jack and Katie.

Jack's big cock had a strange appealed to her. It was larger than Jimmy's, and by all means it was completely horrifying, yet it caught her interest. Its immense size in comparison to Jack's slight body was almost laughable, yet perfectly appropriate. It was a masculine part that counter-balanced his natural feminine beauty.

Jimmy was all masculine though, but that didn't diminish his beauty. He wasn't what Megan would consider skinny, Jimmy was less than skinny, he was all bones, but he also had a dick worth respecting. While not as large as Jack, his size was certainly formidable and only paled in comparison to that titanic cock swinging between Jack's thighs. Yet, Jimmy's body and cock weren't what frightened her.

It was Jimmy's stare that got her. He looked at her like he would devour her. He wouldn't be gentle, and it wouldn't be the love-making she looked forward to for years. Megan didn't think Jimmy was remotely capable of love-making.

But when Jack left he told Jimmy to be gentle, and it was clear to Megan that Jack was in charge. She held onto that for hope, and while it still wouldn't be the storybook romance she always wanted, she would do her best. There was something to look forward to, she remembered how Katie and her own mother had eagerly submitted to Jack, and she wasn't even sure if she wanted storybook romance anymore.

Christina sidled down next to her daughter and asked, "Are you ready?" She was naked, with her smooth skin on display and her heavy E-cups swaying with her movements. She moved gracefully, in fluid, feminine motion, and she embraced her daughter. "Trust me, sweetheart, it is going to feel divine, and, if you're anything like me, a big one will be your best friend." Christina winked.

Megan was stunned. Seeing her mother suck on Jack's gargantuan cock was a surprise in itself, but seeing her act so friendly and so warm was completely mind boggling. All her life her mother had been aloof and robotic, but having a humongous cock shoved in her face seemed to change her, and she was suddenly the loving mother Megan and Angela had always needed.

Seeing her mother in that way, Megan had to ask herself what having sex with a big cock like Jimmy's would do to her. She was curious how it would change her, and she pondered if it would make her happier, more joyous, or more loving. She wondered if having sex with Jimmy would make her and her mother closer, and what would happen to Angela if that did happen. "Will I be like my mother in the end," Megan asked herself.

Jimmy stood and left Xion to fret over the loss of the big cock she was licking. Arrogant, he swaggered over to the confused and horny Megan. His cock wobbled in her face, completely erect. "First things first, babe, we're going to start with the basics. You will need to learn how to suck a cock like a real slut, and I'm going to teach you."

Megan looked up at him, her big, blue eyes full of anxiety. "Wh-Why do I have to learn to do that?"

Jimmy sneered at her, but his response was calm. "You need to learn to suck cock because I'm not going to give my master a defective slut. Fact is, you're going to have to learn your way around cocks, because once I'm through with you, you'll want a lot of them. Got it?"

Megan nodded dumbly and stared up at him. Her mother leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, which was a symbol of affection that was completely new to her. "Don't worry," Christina said in a soothing tone. "I promise it tastes really good, and it'll make him want to really ram it up into you. Trust me, you'll love it."

Hearing her mother say that oddly comforting to Megan, and made her realize what she would have to do. She shuffled over on her knees before Jimmy, and stared up at him with her big, blue eyes. He stared back down at her with a possessive sneer and it felt strange. She felt like he was penetrating her soul, seeing her in her most naked state. Her pussy had a spasm, and she became even more intrigued by Jimmy and much less afraid.

He dropped down onto the coffee table in front of her. His balls, which were the size of her fists, hung off the side. Meanwhile, his cock pointed out straight in front of him and stopped just in front of Megan's face. She smelled his cock, a small sniff at first, and then she breathed deeply of his scent.

"It smells nice..." She said this in her usual soft-spoken tone.

Christina crawled up next to Megan. She had a sultry smile painted on her face, and she leaned in to smell Jimmy for herself. "It does, doesn't it?" She sighed happily. "Do you know what that wonderful smell is, darling?"

Megan shook her head, but never took her eyes off of the big cock in front of her.

"That is the smell of a man, Megan, and Jimmy here is a true man. In fact, he lives in service to the best and most attractive man on the planet: your cousin, Jack."

"Jimmy serves Jack," Megan repeated in her head. Being face to face with Jimmy's cock that reasoning made perfect sense. Jack was the one who made Jimmy so great, and inside of Jimmy a small piece of Jack existed. That was why Jimmy was so attractive, and suddenly it all seemed clear to Megan.

"Are you ready to learn how to suck cock like your mother," Christina asked. She reached out and grasped Jimmy's unyielding cock. It pulsed erotically in her palm.

Megan nodded dumbly; she was lost in her thoughts. All she could do was watch her mother's jaw stretched wide to take Jimmy's cock in. Viewing that made her feel both aroused and contemplative. It looked fun, it looked delicious, and she desperately wanted her turn to come around. For the first time in her life, Megan wanted to suck on a penis.

Cautiously, Megan cupped Jimmy's balls, and when he didn't reprimand her she smiled. They were an impressive set, she assumed, and she found their weight surprising. She had always assumed testicles were lighter than his, and not quite as warm, but his weight and heat were both things Megan found arousing about him

Gently as she could, she rolled his balls in her palm, and she aggravated the sperm inside of them. Jimmy growled lewdly and said, "Yeah, there are a couple of good sluts," and then he grasped Christina by the head. He pushed her down forcefully and penetrated her throat with his bulbous cock. Christina, in return, gurgled joyously.

Though certainly well-hung, Jimmy's size was nothing compared to the previous cock Christina worshipped that morning. So, she worked his big cock easily and devotedly without any troubles. When he was halfway down the hatch Christina bobbed her head along it and gave everyone a good show.

Megan watched closely. She noted how her mother breathed and how she bobbed in synch with her hands. It was both educational for her and incredibly beautiful. Christina made cock sucking artistic, like physical poetry, and Megan wanted to emulate her.

"How about you let your daughter have a go?" Jimmy pulled Christina from his cock. She slid off and, just before releasing him completely, placed a passionate kiss at the very tip of his cock. Then she left him free for Megan to try her hand and mouth at pleasuring Jimmy.

Megan swiftly scooped up Jimmy's cock in her hands. It was a daunting task that she was about to attempt, but she felt as ready as she'd ever be. His big, beautiful cock would be sucked by her on that day, she was determined, and she would make her mother proud. She would move with the same sensual fluidity and purpose. Each motion, each stroke of her hands and tongue, they would all be a part of a beautiful, erotic dance. She would even try to accept him into her throat, though she already assumed she would fail.

She straightened her back and focused. The big head slipped between her lips, and immediately Megan was surprised by its potent taste. It was even more delicious than she assumed it would be. The flavor was like the essence of Jimmy was poured directly onto her tongue and it made her mouth come alive.

The heat was another distinctive feature, and it filled her whole mouth, from her teeth, to her cheeks. It wasn't a burning heat, but it was comforting and soothed her jaw, which ached from being stretched so wide.

Actually, she found having his cock in her mouth to be an over all thrill. Not only did she find the taste and the heat wonderful, but the rigidity of his manhood, and the throbbing of it as well. Everything about his cock merged with his pungent scent and pleased her.

To give him further pleasure, Megan wrapped her hands around his meaty shaft. She was surprised that her fingers could not meet around him, but she did not stop stroking him. When he gave a sigh of pleasure she moved more quickly, determined to bring him the most pleasure she could. To reach maximum pleasure, she would use all of herself to serve him.

After a while she began to bob her head. Finding the rhythm was difficult at first, but when she did she looked like a pro. When her hands slid up his cock, so did her mouth, and then she would dive on the down stroke and choke on his thick crown. It didn't enter her throat, not at first, but it reached the opening and blocked it off.

Gradually she built up speed, and she multi-tasked with her hands, mouth, and tongue. She used her tongue to twirl around his fleshy intruder like a ballerina, dancing along the hardened, delicious flesh lovingly and thoroughly, giving as much pleasure as she could manage.

Jimmy grasped her by the hair, but he resisted the application of pressure. He looked down at her with a clinched jaw and proud eyes. "Well, she's a natural," he said roughly, and then he thrust. She bucked from the force but didn't stop sucking. Jimmy looked at Christina and asked, "How does it feel to know that your daughter sucks cock so well?"

Christina smiled proudly at Megan. "Like mother, like daughter. She certainly is making me proud." This praise somehow pleased Megan and made her work even harder.

"If only she could deep throat like you," Jimmy said. "Then I think she'd definitely get an A on this lesson."

Megan's cheeks reddened with anger. She wanted to please Jimmy, and she worked as hard as she could, but her technique wasn't enough. What she needed experience, which she just didn't have, and that made her second to her mother.

Second was not good enough for Megan though. Unwilling to lose, she would make up what she lacked in experience with enthusiasm. She pushed forward without a second thought. Jimmy's rock-head crown pressed into the opening of her throat and blocked off her airway momentarily. Megan thought to gag, to resist her intruder, but she swallowed it down and penetrated her throat. It required great effort and focus, but she managed to grow accustomed to him fairly quickly, and grew to enjoy his presence even more quickly.

She took him into her throat, and while it wasn't even half as deep as her mother, it was still impressive. She stopped with a forth of cock in her gullet and paused, growing used to the breathing and the stretching. Once accustomed, she returned to bobbing her head along his cock, but this time it was far sloppier and noisier. She kept this up until his cock bulged further.

"I'm going to cum," Jimmy bellowed loudly. "Remember, Megan, good little sluts swallow!"

In response she sucked with deep craving. She was ready for the big load that he was going to leave in her mouth, she looked forward to it. If the smell and taste of his cock were any indication, then Jimmy's cum would be delicious as well, and by the size of his endowments she assumed it would be voluminous.

It was surprising how she was so eager for sperm to be sliding down her throat. Before Jack and Jimmy she had always found the thought of sucking cock or swallow cum disgusting. At school friends had brought it up, and she swore that she would never do such things. Yet, her life and desires changed abruptly once Jimmy climaxed. He filled her lips to bursting, and it all made her even drunker than she was.

He bucked wildly into her throat and wedged himself even deeper. Sperm ran directly down her throat, one big load after another, and it filled her stomach. The whole time Megan didn't complain once. She savored the heat in her stomach and loved the sensation of his cock pulsating in her throat. It made her feel of used, and it was extremely erotic.

She managed to withdraw a bit and catch some of his seed in her mouth. The thickness and volume was both impressive and arousing. It was so powerful an aphrodisiac that she managed a small, rewarding orgasm. Sensations that were foreign to her erupted like fire-crackers all along her spine, and when it passed she continued to suck on his cock, quiet and loyal.

A small amount of cum escaped her lips. It ran down her chin and fell into her pale cleavage. Christina licked it up slowly, savoring the taste of her daughter's skin. Though sexual, that was the intimacy that Megan had always longed for as a child, and she had Jack to thank for finally having a real mother.

"That was a good load," Jimmy said proudly. He continued to shove his limp cock into Megan's mouth to keep her quiet. Once he was hard again, he would convert her as his master had commanded him. It was only a matter of time before her pink snatch was stretched around him.

Everyone in the room was still in awe. Christian was both disgusted and amazed by his wife and daughter. He had always considered himself fairly well-hung, but the size of the cocks that those two were dealing with were enormous by comparison, yet they pleasured them so masterfully. He felt a strange sense of pride, yet was disgruntled over his wife and daughter's behavior.

Victoria and Rebecca were both naked, and they watched with immense interest. They were excited to see Megan be converted, and were eager to see their master's religion grow. Jessica and Julie felt the exact same way, though they maintained enough composure to be clothed, but only after they had brought each other to outstanding climaxes.

Stan was the only male there who was fully committed to Jack, and he recorded everything for his master. He caught the whole blowjob, as well as Katie's initiation. By that time Katie had woke and watched the proceedings quietly. She was finally contented, fulfilled by her new role in life, and Justin accepted her new lot just as she did.

Despite acknowledging Jack as Katie's owner, he did not view Jack as a God yet, nor did William. Both of them were silent spectators, similar to Christian. They were too weak to speak up, and they didn't have what it would take to compete with Jack. They were inferior by comparison to him and Jimmy both.

"Xion, come over here and get me hard again. Christina, you help Megan get into the nude."

Xion rushed over and took Megan's place. Watching him fuck Megan's mouth had been a sort of torture. She was there before her, sucking on his cock, and she was sad to have been replaced. Yet, she was also excited to watch, enthused by the knowledge that Jimmy was serving her master. At the end of the day, her desires were her master's desires. Besides, watching her super stud of a husband fuck another woman's mouth was incredibly erotic.

After Jimmy's transformation, Xion thought she would be more possessive of him. Before he was turned into an angel he was a gangly, unattractive man with a nice sized penis. Afterwards, he was a dominant stud who served as an adequate replacement for her master.

That was why she assumed she felt no jealousy. At the end of the day, she was not Jimmy's property. Instead, she belonged to Jack, her God and her master, and Jimmy was the same. He did not belong exclusively to her, but he belonged to their mutual God, and his loyalties were to that God. Jimmy's sole purpose was to serve their God however he was needed, and Xion accepted and embraced that.

Christina moved over to her daughter and began to disrobe her. She grasped her shirt and kissed her on the cheek while she pulled it off. Megan's sexy upper-body was displayed then. In no way was she a thin girl, but she was a sensual woman. Her stomach was flat and gave way to broad hips. Her breasts were very pert and were surprisingly large considering her stocky shoulders. She had strong arms, with noticeable definition even when not flexed.


"Calm down darling," Christina said to her anxious daughter. "They will all see you naked soon, anyway. Besides, you're beautiful," Christina said. She undid Megan's bra and said, "You're my daughter, after all."

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