tagSci-Fi & FantasyEros Extended Ch. 03

Eros Extended Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Continued Celebration

Jack continued to fuck and celebrate into the evening. When he was done he returned to the master bedroom exhausted. His mother followed him inside, and they fucked one final time before he finally fell asleep.

When Jack went to sleep he looked forward to a nice, long rest. With Eros out of the picture he thought there was nothing to fear, but as soon as he fell asleep he was proven wrong. Dark, ominous clouds settled in on his dreams, and he was once against lost in the abyss.

Two lights appeared in the darkness, one blue and one red. Each burned brilliantly, pushing away the shadows, and each possessed an air of power. The blue flame burned beautifully and emanated confidence. The red flame burned wildly and possessed deep rage. Both grew unchecked, as if feeding off the darkness, and the threatened to burn Jack alive.

When Jack woke from his dream he was covered in cold sweat. He stared up at the ceiling of the master bedroom and breathed deeply. The room still smelled of sex. He was still a God. Next to him he felt his mother's heart beat rhythmically. It was comforting, but it did not completely alleviate his feeling of dread. Something was coming for him, and he knew it.

Sleep hadn't helped Jack at all. His nightmares had left him worn out, but he smiled despite it. Things were still very good for him. He was a God with a growing religion. Nothing could ruin that for him.

Jack slipped out of his mother's loving grasp and went to the bathroom. He washed his face with cold water to help him wake up and took deep breaths to ease his nerves. Even if something was coming he couldn't spend the day worrying. He would just have to keep working hard to build his religion. No matter what he was determined to overcome whatever troubles he faced.

He looked at his reflection wearily. Defeating Eros was a bit of a fluke though. He still wasn't sure how he had managed to snare a God in his will, let alone how he kept all those people under his control. Even though he was determined to unite the world under his banner, he would have to proceed cautiously. Whatever his new threat, he wasn't confident enough in his abilities to be thoughtless.

He returned to the master bedroom and put on some sweats. Then he kissed his mother on the forehead and caressed her cheek being leaving her to rest. He cut through the living room and saw all of his followers sleeping. Many of them were naked, and his sluts were covered in copious amounts of sperm from the combined effort of Jack and his two angels. He smiled fondly at the memories and continued to the kitchen.

Jack grabbed a glass of orange juice from the fridge and sipped at it. He leaned against the kitchen counter and thought about the dream intently. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't even notice his younger sister enter the kitchen. She was one of the few who didn't sleep in the living room, and she looked slightly better than the others did.

When she saw Jack she unconsciously shoved her chest out. Her breasts were visible beneath the sheer blue material, as were her nipples, and her panties were so tight that they hugged her pussy lips. She smiled at him and called his name.

Jack shook his head and looked at Jessica. "Oh, Munchkin, hi, I didn't even see you." He set his glass down and hugged his sister tightly. The feel of her soft frame pressing against him eased his nerves a bit. "How are you feeling after last night?"

Jessica giggled. "I...I'm a little sore, but it was totally worth it," she said happily. Jack held her by the waist while he continued to sip his orange juice. "How are you, bub? You look tired."

"I am, but I'll be okay." He smiled at her, and she watched his face intently. "What? I am, I'm fine."


"Trust me, Jessica. I'll be okay."

"I...I do trust you, bub." She sighed and rested her head against him. "I mean, master..."

"It's okay if you call me 'bub' sometimes. I enjoy it."

Jessica smiled fondly. "Okay, then, bub, I have something to tell you...Honestly, it's something I should have told you a long time ago, as soon as you became my master. I've just been so caught up in all the changes, and...Well, I never really knew how you and everyone else would react to the news."

Jack chuckled. "Don't worry about what everyone else thinks. I'm their God now; they'll do anything I say." He kissed her forehead. "Just be open and honest with me, as a sister and as a slut."

Jessica hugged him tightly and buried her face against his slender chest. Her breasts pressed tightly against his stomach, and her hardened nipples raked against him. Even then she felt unbelievable love and intense sexual need for him. "Okay, well...You remember, Paige, don't you?"

"How could I forget her," Jack said, and he fondly recalled Jessica's short, dark-haired friend who was very stacked and highly attractive. "What about her?"

"Paige is...She's not just my friend, she's..."

Jack cupped his sister's hair and hugged her close. "Go ahead and tell me."

"Paige is my girlfriend," Jessica said. "That was why I brought her over at Thanksgiving. I was going to tell everyone, but I was too nervous. I didn't know how mom and dad would react to the news, but...Bub, I can't hide it from you. You're my lord and master. I refuse to hide anything from you."

Though he was trying to be considerate, Jack's cock jerked at the thought of his sister being intimate with page. Of course, he had seen such behavior before, but the affection that he pictured on their faces gave such thoughts a whole new dimension of sexuality.

"Thank you, sis," Jack said, and he kissed her forehead gently. "And I am very happy for you, so don't worry about a thing. Mom and dad won't have a bad word to say to you. I'll make sure of that." He laughed. "I don't even think mom has a mind of her own to think with, anyway."

Jessica giggled and slapped his chest gently. "That's so mean! You're the one who did that to her, you know."

"I know," Jack said. Then he took Jessica's hand and pressed it against his growing bulge. "Do you know what you do to me?" His godhood was of normal mortal size at the time, but it was quickly growing. Soon his cock would be of its true god-like proportions which he normally sported.

Jessica giggled and massaged his growing godhood. "The same thing you do to me and every other woman in this fucking house, maybe?" She kissed his neck softly. "Is there any way that I can thank you for being so sweet to be, BIG brother?"

"I'm sure there is," Jack whispered. He slipped his hand under her blouse and gripped her broad, feminine hip. He pulled her tightly to his body and kissed her deeply. She moaned when he slipped his tongue into her mouth and kissed him back while she continued to grope his growing cock.

She slid her hand into his pajama pants and jerked him in earnest. By then he had already grown very thick and long, too long for both of her hands along, but he was still limp. With one hand she held his pants from his body, and with the other he lifted his cock up and jerked.

They stopped kissing, and she stepped back. She let the elastic band of his pants snap back against his waist. His cock stuck out from his pants, fully aroused. It was thick and bloated, and the day before was no float. He was still considerably larger than he was before, and his enhancement made his sexual aura that much more potent.

Jessica stared at his godhood in a mixture of apprehension and lust. "It's so big," she said, and she kneeled before her God. Jack watched her face as trepidation shifted into a glorious smile. "Don't worry, master, I know that most 'thank you's are said with one's mouth." She winked at him and then began an eager blowjob.

Only the crown of his immense cock fit into her mouth, and even that was a struggle. She charged forward regardless, suckling lovingly on what she could fit. As she sucked, she purred and cooed happily, even as she strained to accommodate him. What she couldn't fit she massaged with both hands, slowly and affectionately.

Jack leaned back against the counter and enjoyed his sister's small, warm mouth. She couldn't take it as deep as his mother or aunt could, but she was very loving with her blowjobs. His size, though daunting, didn't cause her to shy away, and the more she sucked the more enthusiastic she became as his raw sexuality seeped into her skin.

She tried to fit more into her mouth, and gurgled when she took her limit. It wasn't enough for her though. She craved him inside of her as deeply as she could take him. His scent was driving her made with lust. Pre-cum oozed out onto her tongue, sending tingles through her whole body. All she could think about was her master and his orgasm.

"Wow, would you look at that. She is working it like a real slut," Christina said as she stepped onto the cool tiles of the kitchen floor. She was completely naked still. Her pale body was beautiful in the morning light. Each step made her large breasts sway, and her arousal had already hardened her red nipples to points. She sashayed over to the couple to get a closer view of the show. "She really lows that cock," she said as she stared.

Jack pulls his sister back on his cock to give his aunt an even better view of his cock. Then he gently bucked into his sister. She groaned happily around his godhood while Jack smiled arrogantly.

"And you don't love my cock?" He looked at his aunt knowingly, and he saw into the deepest part of her soul. He hardly had to ask, as excitement was written across her flushed face. "Correct me if I'm wrong, auntie, but wouldn't you just love to be her right now?"

"Of course I would," Christina said proudly as she bit her lower lip. "What woman wouldn't want to suck on that beautiful cock of yours, master?"

Jack bucked into Jessica's hot little mouth until he came. His cock inflated even further, straining her. He withdrew and exploded onto her gasping face.

"Oh, here come the fireworks," Christina said cheerily. She smiled and watched her master jerk on his enormous cock.

Jessica pried Jack's hands away from his godhood and went back to worshipping him. Pleasure filled the air, and everyone was high off of Jack's erotic aura. Cum spewed forth like a fountain, covering Jessica completely. Her face was a white smear, as were her breasts. He covered her from her head down to her thighs, and she shuddered from her own powerful orgasm. When his cock was spent, it hung limp in Jessica's still working hands.

She swayed momentarily on her knees before falling back against the counter. Jack's powerful orgasm had streaked across the lower cabinets behind her, and she fell into even more of his running sperm. Her orgasm was powerful enough to literally knock her off of her feet, and it left her entire body feeling like jelly.

Christina took her chance to lean in and suck on Jack's hanging cock. She cleaned him lovingly and savored the taste of his divine manhood. When she couldn't get any more cum from him, she turned her attentions on her slimy niece and started licking. Jessica sat calmly as her once prudish aunt eagerly licked her brother's cum off of her face, and she had to smile at how much things had changed under Jack's command.

Jack watched in a mixture of amusement and arousal was Christina eagerly licked Jessica's face slowly. Once Jessica's face was cleaned, Christina and Jessica kissed lewdly. He saw their tongues dance openly. Their bodies crashed together as the heat between them grew even more intense. It wasn't until Jack spoke that they finally parted.

"You two are such well-trained sluts, so horny and eager."

Jessica smiled proudly and kissed her master's cock reverently on the crown. "And you're the best brother in the entire world," she said. Then she bowed before him as she was taught. "And you're my personal God, as well." Christina bowed next to her.

"Thank you," Jack said as he helped his aunt and sister up from the floor. "Now, I say and I go shower, my dear sister." He put his arm around Jessica, who giggled and snuggled close to him, and then looked at Christina. "Christina, wake the other sluts and get breakfast ready. We had a busy night, and we're going to need a lot of food."

"Of course, master. We'll have it ready for you by the time you're out of the shower."

"I look forward to it," Jack said as he led his sister to the master bathtub, where he and his sister could stretch out and lounge.

After a long relaxing bath and a delicious breakfast Jack relaxed and watched some television. His sister, Jessica, snuggled him and eventually fell asleep with her head on his shoulder. Jack watched television until the movie he came in on was finished. It was time to visit Ambrosine, as he was certain that she had missed him on Christmas.

Before he left he went to the guest room and found his two angels, James and Jimmy. They were both busy reading and were sporting impressive hard-ons. After their wild sex party the night before Jack had forbade either of them from having sex without permission. This would change once they left the house of course, but he wanted to exert hi authority over them and test their loyalties. Neither one showed any signs of disobeying him.

"You two get dressed; we're going over to the Kernberry's." Jack smiled at James and said, "It's time you met my girlfriend." They both closed their books and dressed. It was difficult for them to fit her extremely hard cock into their pants, but they managed. When they were ready they found their master waiting at the door. "Remember, you two: Ambrosine is off limits, just like mother, the sisters, and grandma."

They both nodded. Jack led his angels across the snowy yard to the house next door. The Kernberry's had their front yard completely decked out with little plastic reindeers and a large Santa. A wreath hung on the front door with fake frosting on it, making it look like snow had somehow collected on it.

Jack entered the house without knocking, and his angels followed him closely. The house was warm and smelled of freshly baked pies. He could also pick out the remnants of a turkey dinner hanging in the air. Jack ordered James and Jimmy into the living room and then entered the kitchen, where he found Mrs. K pulling some pies out of the oven.

Mrs. K looked beautiful in a bright green dress. She had a Christmas cap perched at an angle on her head, and she wore an apron tight against her body. She wasn't the most erotic woman Jack had ever seen, but she was still quite beautiful. She looked like her daughter in the face, though she was showing signs of age. The hottest part about her was that she had taught Jack in grade school, and she still looked like the beautiful schoolmarm he remembered.

"Hello there, Mrs. K." When Jack spoke she jumped, nearly dropping her last pie. She set her pie down, closed her oven, and pulled her gloves off. Then she put her hands on her hips and smiled at him.

"Well, this will sound crazy, but I knew you were here. Even through all of these pies, I can smell you in the air." She kissed him cheerily on the cheek and then bowed before him. "Hello, my lord. I am glad to see you over here."

"Rise," Jack said, and he helped her back to her feet. "You look beautiful, Mrs. K."

"Thank you," she said with a blush. "And somehow you look even more handsome than I remember. Is that even possible?"

"It's hard to say," Jack said with a laugh. "How was your Christmas?"

"Honestly, it was fine, if a bit uneventful. Ambrosine pouted all day because you didn't show up." She sighed, shaking her hair. Her curly hair bounced in the process. "I tried to explain to her that you're a busy man, but she wouldn't hear it.

"I'm sorry, but I was very busy. I was so tired from yesterday that I just crashed once the celebration was over."

"Oh, you don't have to tell me, my lord. We could practically feel your fucking all the way over here." Mrs. K smiled. "I understand that you're busy. You're a God, so you've naturally got a lot going on. Ambrosine is just being young."

"Thank you for your understanding," Jack said, and he kissed her on the forehead. "So, where is your beautiful daughter, anyway?"

"She's still in her room sulking."

"Okay, I'll go get her," Jack said eagerly. He swatted Mrs. K on the rear and said, "You go wait in the living room. I have some big plans for further celebration today."

Mrs. K smiled. "I can't wait, master. I'm sure whatever gift you have to give me will be perfect."

Jack sent Mrs. K into the living room and climbed the stairs upstairs. In the upstairs hallway, on his way to Ambrosine's room, he ran into Mr. K, who was delighted to see him. Jack could see his control was firm in Mr. K's mind. The house still belonged to Jack.

"My lord, I'm glad you came by. Ambrosine was so heart-broken when you didn't come over yesterday."

Jack and Mr. K shook hands. "I know, I'm sorry, but that's why I'm over today. I've decided to celebrate Christmas with your family today. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"Oh, master, of course not. You know that we always have time for you." Mr. K laughed heartily, and it was startling to Jack to see how friendly Mr. K had turned out. All of his domineering rudeness was replaced by deep love and devotion for his God. "So, where would you like me to go for the festivities?"

Jack laughed. "You can watch, if you like. Just head downstairs and wait for me there. I'm going to get Ambrosine out of her room."

Mr. K bowed at the waist and said, "Good luck, master. She's being very unreasonable about all of this."

Mr. K headed downstairs, and Jack went to Ambrosine's door. He heard music coming from the other side. It was a classical orchestra, as she normally listened to, but it was very melancholy. Rather than enter without permission, Jack knocked out of respect for his girlfriend.

Ambrosine bid he entered. When he found her she set down whatever book she was reading and scowled. Though she wasn't dressed up, she still looked beautiful. He thick, honey colored hair was tied back, and her beautiful body was in an overly large nightshirt. It stopped just at her hips, showing her shapely thighs and tight-bottom. Her panties had the cutest image of a snowman on them.

Though she was glaring, Jack could tell how happy she was to see him. She wasn't really angry at him, but hurt. She had missed him so much, and Christmas was very important to her. She didn't want to outright give in and forgive him without an apology from him, but he looked so good that she almost did. No matter what she stood firm in her sorrow though. It didn't matter that he was her God, he was also her boyfriend, and he had to respect that.

"Oh, hi, Jack, I'm surprised you had time to come over here and visit me, what with all the pussy that you have waiting for you back at your house."

Jack closed the door behind him. He could see into her soul, and he was sure that he could talk to her down. Seeing her angry made him feel conflicted though. On the one hand, he felt sincerely sorry for having hurt her feelings and making her feel invisible. On the other hand, she was very beautiful when angry, and he found her scowl surprisingly erotic.

He went to her side and kneeled next to her. Taking her hand, he kissed it lovingly and looked up into her eyes. He didn't try to warp her emotions this time. He wanted it their relationship to be as honest as it could possibly be. "I'm sorry, Ambrosine. I know you don't want to hear it, but I was very busy yesterday."

"You were busy, huh?" She yanked her hand away bitterly. "What were you so busy with exactly?"

"Do you really want me to answer that, because I think you're smart enough to figure it out yourself, babe."

"Just answer me, Jack."

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