tagIncest/TabooEros Extended Ch. 06

Eros Extended Ch. 06


Chapter Six: The Trial: Rebecca and Paige

On day one Jack already achieved control of the house. He slept in the master bedroom, as he should, and his mother slept at his side. His father had once again settled obediently into the role of a servant, though he didn't seem as contented as before.

That night Jack fucked his mother. Though no longer endowed like a God, Jack still remembered how to move his body. Victoria's screams echoed through the house as Jack fucked her deeply. Despite his smaller size, he was still able to give her multiple orgasms.

Staying up late fucking his mother, Jack woke up a short time before noon. He felt better about his situation, reinvigorated, but not quite Godly. After a hot shower he dressed and got ready to pursue others of his religion. With Jessica and his mother under his belt Jack would have to set his sights on the rest of the world again.

Jack first thought to take Ambrosine, but eventually he decided against it. Ambrosine was a strong willed girl, and her family certainly wouldn't have anything to do with Jack. Should he try to conquer them on impulse he could end up dead.

James and Jimmy were also special cases, because they were his angels. He wondered if the removal of his magic affected them, and looking down at his normal sized cock he decided that it probably did.

Justin and his Aunt, Christina, both lived too far away to acquire without planning. That left his grandmother as his only plausible choice.

Once he was dressed Jack crossed the road to visit his grandparents. On the way he pondered how best to dominate his grandmother by sifting through his knowledge of her. First, he thought of how she was the easiest to seduce. It was almost like sex oozed out of her every poor, but it was also similar to the sexual neglect that his mother seemed to suffer from.

Neglect was what he decided he could harness to possess her. Obviously his grandfather was no satisfying her. With the remains of the increased sex-drive that Jack's Godhood had given her she would need someone younger and able to pleasure her. That would be the starting point of his argument, and from there he would figure out the rest.

He snuck through the back gate and entered through the backdoor as he always did. Moving as silently as possible, he steeled himself in the pantry. He peeked into the hallway, checking the master bedroom and kitchen. From his vantage point he could vaguely see the living room. His grandfather was in there watching television alone.

The master bedroom door was cracked. He moved slowly to it and peeked inside. Inside of the room he found his grandmother in her underwear. Her full figure and pale skin looked delicious in white lingerie that hugged it. Round double-D tits bulged against the bra, which shoved them together. Her plump bottom strained her underwear and looked ready for a fuck. Jack's manhood hardened at the sight of his grandmother's erotic body.

Rebecca appraised herself in the mirror while Jack watched. She turned to her profile and sucked in her pudgy belly in an effort to look thinner. Cupping her breasts appreciatively, she seemed to approve of her aged figure. It was true; she looked great for any age. Old age had merely added a bit of healthy fat to her frame that made her look all the better.

Jack swallowed his sudden anxiousness and stepped into the bedroom. His grandmother saw him enter through the mirror and turned. She covered her arms over her chest and tried to shout, but Jack covered her mouth quickly. He grasped her soft body tightly and held her close. Feeling her womanly frame against him made him immediately hard.

Jack held her firmly until she stopped struggling. Once he made sure that she wouldn't scream he let her free. She rushed around afterward to dress, much to Jack's disliking. As she dressed he tried to win her over.

"Grandma, we need to talk. I just need to say that I'm sorry about how things went down. I know you don't understand, and you're probably really frightened and confused, but I can explain it all. If you'll just sit down and talk to me..."

Rebecca hesitated, staring at the ground. Her face was flushed and her hands were shaking. "Just...get out of here," she said softly before she slipped her shirt on.

"Please, just listen to me."

"I told you to get out." Her voice was soft, yet filled with hatred. "Go right now or I'll go get your grandfather..."

"Grandma, there's no need to drag him in..."

Rebecca didn't give Jack time to finish the thought. She immediately rushed out the door, leaving Jack in shock. It took him a moment to register her sudden willpower and rush after her, pleading in a whisper for her to be reasonable and hear him out. She wouldn't have any of it though and went directly toward the living room.

As soon as Jack made it into the living room Rebecca explained the whole situation to her husband. Watching with a cold pit of fear in his stomach, Jack took center stage in the room before his two grandparents. His grandfather stared at Jack menacingly while his grandmother stood by her husband's side, looking at Jack with sudden relief. Even in his old age, Jack's grandfather was a big, bulky man who might be able to crush Jack's skull in his hands. Honestly, Jack didn't want to find out how strong his grandfather was if he could avoid it.

"What in the hell do you want," his grandfather asked bitterly. To Jack his grandfather looked old, yet still strong. An air of masculine power seemed to permeate William. He had natural charisma, and Jack realized that his grandfather was something of a natural stud that Jack was not.

Rather than run away, Jack quickly pondered his fear. When infused with Eros' power Jack was unafraid of anyone, male or female. He was the alpha male of any group, but without Eros' power he was just a normal man. It made Jack feel like he was a construct of Eros' magical strength. Alone, he was nothing close to an alpha male, which was why he felt so weak before stronger men like his father and grandfather.

Jack shook his head clear of those thoughts. They were completely unhelpful, and he had to focus on what was important. He had to remain calm and appeal to his grandmother's unfulfilled desires.

Examining her demure behavior around her husband, Jack made a list of her grandmother's needs. She wanted an alpha male, obviously, which was why she chose William and why she went to Jack when he was blessed with Eros' gifts.

That made Jack wonder about what bad his grandfather so confident and in control, and what made his grandmother submit. His goal was not to directly usurp his grandfather's reign over the house, but to take control of his grandmother's worship. In doing that, he would overpower his grandfather and make him submit in a similar way to his father.

Again, he thought of his sister's advice, and figured that since it worked with his mother he could use it on his grandmother. His mother had submitted to him out of a need for control, and Rebecca seemed to crave the same thing from Jack's grandfather. Perhaps a need for control was hereditary.

Jack then drew lines connecting all of the women who surrounded him in his life, and there was one thing that they all had in common. Victoria, Rebecca, his older sister, all had an inherent need to be owned by a strong male figure. His male family members in his family seemed to seek out submissive women, like Katie and Christina.

Many of these women also sought out another trait in men. His grandmother, aunt, older sister, and Katie were all size queens. It seemed only his darling younger sister wanted to be equal to him, and of course his grandmother was driven mad with lust at the sight of his enormous cock from day one.

That meant the key to securing his grandmother's loyalty came in the form of a big cock. His grandfather was surely well-hung, but it wasn't the same as Jack's divine cock. She knew what Jack could offer her, were he to regain his godhood, and that would be his secret weapon.

Yet there was one thing that bothered him. His grandmother didn't know that he had returned to normal, and she clearly had a love for bigger cocks. Yet she remained loyal to her husband despite her sexual nature. A part of her was still in love with her husband completely, and only gave into Jack because her lustful needs. Those needs were going to be useful devices in controlling her.

Jack swallowed his anxieties and fears down and stared his grandmother directly in the eye, ignoring his grandfather's glare. First he would have to gain his grandmother's interests, and then he could retake both of his grandparents.

"Please, listen to me. You can't deny the truth. Grandma, you didn't come to be my accident, and your obedience wasn't magic of a fluke. It was you, the true you, the honest you, and you can't hide from that you anymore."

"Stop lying,' she said with surprising confidence. She was holding form in her beliefs and stood proudly by her husband, which was surprisingly. Normally Jack would've thought of his own mother as being much stronger than his grandmother, but he was being proven wrong in this situation.

Jack was concerned, but he didn't let his fear show. If she wouldn't submit easily then he would have to push harder. "I'm not the one who is lying, grandma. You are! You know that, deep down, what I am saying is true. You want a man to rule you, grandma, and I am that man."

"She already has a man," William interrupted. "She has a real man, not some freak of a liar like you are."

"A real man," Jack repeated mockingly. "Grandpa, look at you! You're an old, out of shape blimp. Can you even get an erection anymore, old man? I don't think so. You're not enough to satisfy her. You don't have what it takes, grandpa, but I do. I have the youth and when she comes back to me, I'll regain everything I need to continue my journey to godhood.

William winced at the mention of his age, but he didn't back down either. His face was still lined with rage. "You will never be the man I am, Jack. Hell, you'll never be half the man I am." His curled his meaty fist. "You're nothing but a pathetic worm."

"Grandpa, I'm more of a man than you even know. That's why you submitted to me, and that's why grandma submitted, too. I've ruined you, grandma, for any other man. I've treated you as you need and I've given you the fucking that you always wanted. What will you have if you stay with grandpa but a bag of bones?"

Rebecca shook her head quickly, which made her curls bounce madly. She wouldn't let him be right, because she loved her husband more than anything else in her life. Somehow, in some way, Jack took advantage of her. His cock was big, but it was too big for her to ever enjoy, and after she recovered from his lies she went right back to her husband. With that in mind she confidently said, "You're wrong!"

Jack stared at his grandmother in confusion. At first he couldn't fathom where her sudden strength came from, and then it hit him hard. His grandmother wasn't strong alone, but she truly loved his grandfather and he gave her strength. To dominate her, he would have to appeal to his grandfather.

So he looked his grandfather directly in the eyes. It was time for him to finish their struggle. "Grandpa, I'm not trying to be cruel or hurtful, I'm sincerely trying to help. Look at your wife. She's absolutely gorgeous, she looks hotter than most women half her age, and you're very lucky to have her...but be honest, you can't get an erection anymore, and in your health you would probably die before you could ever fuck her again. I, on the other hand, can pleasure her in your place. I can make her happier than she's ever been, keep her fulfilled, and keep her womanly pleasures sated. I can make her happy, grandpa, and that's all I want to do. Please, trust me, and let me rule over her as I once did. Let me keep her fulfilled in these later years of her life."

William stared critically at Jack for a long while. It was hard for Jack to read his face, but he felt like he was making headway. "Please," Jack said again, this time looking at his grandmother. "I've done it before and you were both happy. Trust me to lead you again, and I promise you won't regret it."

"You're a fool," Rebecca said indignantly, but William let out a weary sigh.

"No, we're the fool, Rebecca." He slouched down in his chair in defeat, like a neutered dog. "Jack is right about it all. I'm too damn old for this, Rebecca, and I can't be the strong man that I was, but you...You've stayed so young..."

Rebecca dropped to a knee beside William and took one of his big hands into her dainty ones. "William, I love you..."

"You've always needed a strong man to lead you," he said fondly. "I could always do it, but I'm not as strong as I was. I think...I think that Jack might be right. He can be the new man in your life."

Rebecca's began to cry. "If...If that's really what you want..."

William clasped both of her hands and kissed them. "You were happy when you were his slut. I know, I could see it, and I was happy to see you happy. So, please, just listen to me and do as I say. This is my last wish for you, Rebecca. Be Jack's slut and be happy again."

Rebecca nodded shakily. "Okay," she said, and she stood and walked before Jack. "I...I'm your slut now..."

Jack caressed her face lovingly. "Thank you and I promise that it will turn out fine. I'll take care of you."

Rebecca smiled weakly. "I know you will," she said. "Now, how do we do this?"

"Bow before me and swear your loyalty." Jack looked at his grandfather and said, "You'll have to swear your loyalty to me as well."

"I understand," his grandfather said in resignation. Rebecca fell to her knees before Jack and cupped his crotch, looking up into his eyes.

"I swear to be your slut, Jack, and serve you in all things."

"Am I your God," Jack asked. He cupped her full hair and jerked her head back, which caused her to gasp in arousal.

"Yes, master...You are my God."

Jack smiled.

Later that evening Jack and Jessica left the house. Steve was to obey Victoria's every command, and she ordered him around as if he were her personal bitch-boy. The changes at Jack's house were radical, but for the best, Jack decided. Though heart-broken at first, his father had settled into his new role with relatively little discomfort, and his mother truly enjoyed being his slut.

It was an uneventful night. Victoria went about her usual activities. She watched TV and had a light dinner before heading into the back of the house to exercise and stay trim for her master. From their exercise room she heard a knock to the door and let Steve answer it.

"Victoria, it's for you," her husband said. After letting the visitor into the house Steve went back to cleaning in silence.

Victoria went into the living room to see who it was. At the time she was dressed in only a sport's bra and a pair of short-shorts. Her lean frame was glossed in a light sweat and her long, dark hair was tied back. The bra struggled to fit her huge, D-cup breasts, and her abs flexed with each of her shallow breaths.

Standing in the doorway as Victoria's eldest daughter, Julie, and she smiled at the sight of her mother. She was dressed casually in a pair of tight blue jeans that hugged her womanly bottom and a t-shirt that hung loosely from her heavy DD breasts.

Victoria smiled back at her daughter and embraced her, wedging their large breasts together. Formerly it would have been erotic under Jack's control, and though Victoria's loyalty had returned, Julie's hadn't.

"It's great to see you, baby," Victoria said before kissing Julie on the cheek in a motherly way. She directed her daughter toward the couch. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, just came down to visit. It has been a while since I was last down, and I thought you guys were probably missing your favorite child," she said with a cheeky grin. "How're things here?"

"Oh, they're fine, back to normal finally."

"Oh, I know what you mean," Julie said meaningfully.

"Are you thirsty, Julie? Can I get you anything?"

"I could use a water I guess," Julie said.

"Okay, Steve, bring us two waters."

Julie furrowed her brow when her father said, "Yes, mistress," but shrugged it off.

"Thanks, dad," she said when her father brought them two ice waters. Victoria seemed to expect it.

Julie was startled when her father looked at her as he left. He seemed broken and very obedient, which was at odds with the proud man he normally was. She had assumed that when Jack lost his strange little power things would return to normal, but it seemed to her that some changes were permanent.

"How are things going at school," Victoria asks sweetly as she sets her ice water to the side.

"They're a bit better now.

It felt strange merely speaking to her mother. For the past six months all she viewed her mother as a slut, and she thought of being a slut as a positive thing. For a long while she had even thought it was normal to be a slut for her brother.

She gazed into her mother's eyes to see if there was a change. She wanted to know if her mother was back to her normal self, but there were changes in body language and attitude. Her mother was calmer, sweeter, and more comfortable in her own skin. It didn't seem right, but it also seemed better, and she felt even more confused by an already convoluted situation.

She gazed around the house and found it unsettling how nothing had changed. The house still looked the same as it did when he was in power, and it startled her how it looked more like a home. Before Jack took control the house seemed empty, hollow, and unwelcoming, but Jack had filled it with a joy and warmth that was difficult to replicate. With him dethroned she assumed things would return to as they were, and she was almost glad to see some things carried over, though unsure of what that meant in relation to Jack's presence.

Julie noticed that her father had remained changed as well. Before Jack demeaned him, her father was a proud, domineering man. She knew that he was overcompensating for a small penis, but she had expected the family's dynamic to shift back to a relative normal once Jack was gone. Coming home to find her mother happy and her father still in servitude, she found herself questioning the condition of her family and worried that nothing at all had changed. She was even worried that she was the only one who had returned to normal.

Cautious and unsure of how to ask the question, Julie said, "How are things around here?"

Victoria took another long drink from her water and then looked Julie directly in the eyes. "Oh, it's the same old. There were a few small disturbances yesterday, but things settled down quickly. I'm sure you know what I mean."

This made Julie smile. Though her family had changed a bit, she knew that they were fixed. "I do know what you mean, mom. It's like some sort of lens has been pulled away and I can see things clearly. I mean, I can't believe what Jack was doing to us, and I still don't know how, but I feel so much better now that things are back to normal."

"Really," Victoria said calmly. "I didn't think it was so bad under Jack's rule." She was hiding her true emotions, not letting all of her cards show. At first Victoria had assumed that Julie, a size queen and slut by her nature, would be happy to be under Jack's rule. Proven wrong, she wanted to test the waters.

Julie stared at her mother in surprise and disgust. "Mom, are you serious?"

"Do you disagree?"

"Of course I do," Julie said loudly. "He fucked raped us!"

Victoria shook her head dismissively. "It wasn't a rape, hon. You were very willing."

Julie stared in shock for half a second before saying, "Are you telling m that you enjoyed what Jack did to us?"

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