tagIncest/TabooEros Extended Ch. 07

Eros Extended Ch. 07


Chapter Seven: The Trial: Julie, Jimmy, and Xion

After Jack regained Paige's loyalty, he and Jessica returned home. The sun had long set by the time they pulled into the drive way. Julie's car sat where Jessica's normally did, and the sight made Jack's heart leap in his chest. Another trial awaited him already.

Next door they caught a glimpse of Mrs. K putting out some trash. She looked at the car as it pulled in, and she made eye contact with Jack. An expression of deep fear crossed her face just before she turned and ran back inside.

"Are you okay, Bubba?"

"Yeah, I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed."

Jessica reached out and gently massaged his shoulder. Knowing that someone supported him really helped him to feel better. "Don't worry too hard, Jack. We've already discussed this and, so far, you're doing great. Just keep up the good work."

"Yeah..." Jack smiled weakly at her. "I know it might seem weird considering how successful I've been so far, but the more progress I make at rebuilding my religion, the more I see stretched out before me. I get to thinking about Ambrosina and her family, or Christian and Christina, and I realize I've got a long way to go."

Jessica stares out the window, lost in distant thought. After mulling the situation over for a short period she smiled brightly. "You know, I really think that you can do it. I'm not just saying that. I'm putting a lot of investment in you because you're a great guy." She looked at him, her eyes shining. "Don't doubt, don't run, you'll do it."

Jack grinned despite his concerns. "Thanks, Jessica. Knowing that you support me really gives me hope. Now, let's get inside. I've got an appointment waiting for me."

Jessica laughed. "Yes you do, and we both know that Julie doesn't like to be kept waiting!"

Jack entered the house cautiously. The worst thing he could do is catch Julie by surprise. She was as strong as a bull and had a temper to go with it. If things went poorly she would snap his neck like a twig. Even when he was a God he was slightly afraid of her when she was angry.

"How do you want to do this," Jessica asked him in a soft whisper once they were inside.

"I'll handle this alone. It's my problem. I have to do it. Just make sure that no one bothers us."

Jessica nodded gravely.

Jack took a deep breath to steady himself and then started down the hall. Part way down he stopped and called for his sister.

"What is it, Bubba?"

"Listen in, and if you hear me scream, well, say something nice at my funeral."

Jessica grinned. "Good luck, Bubba."

"Thanks," he breathed. "I'll need it."

Jack was afraid to approach many of the women he had controlled. He was afraid of Christina due to her strong religious values, and he was afraid of Ryoko, Jillian, and Xion because of his brothers. Ambrosina worried him because of the complexity of their relationship, and her family just worried him in general. Out of everyone though, Julie was the one who frightened him the most for his life.

She was waiting for him in his old bedroom. Since taking the entire family over his old room had been converted into a guest room. He opened the door to his old bed and nothing else familiar. Everything had been stripped and rearranged; his things were replaced with tacky paintings and all the books that no one read.

Julie waited on his bed with a sour look on his face. She was angry already, which worried him even more. Despite her clear rage she was still very pretty. She wore a tight-fitting tank-top and a pair of tight pajama shorts. She sat with her legs crossed and her brow furrowed. Glaring sharply as soon as he opened the door he could tell she was about to burst with rage.

"H-hey, Julie..."

"Don't," Julie said sharply. "Don't bullshit me, Jack, and don't you dare fucking lie. We're not going to gloss over this, and we're not avoiding it. You did some fucked up shit, and we're going to address it. Do you understand me?"

Too afraid to speak, Jack nodded shakily.

"Good. Now, I don't know how you tricked mom and everyone back into following your lead, and I don't know how many of them are back under your spell. Honestly, I don't care. I just want you to answer me straight up. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course," Jack said. He spoke calmly despite his fear. "I have no intention of lying to you."

Julie's eye-brow gave a subtle twitch. It was a sure-fire sign of her growing rage. "Jack, I'm not giving you another warning: don't. bullshit. me. If you do it again I'll kick you in the groin so hard that they'll be collapsed into fucking dust, do you understand me?"

"Ah-heh, yeah...Sorry about that," he said shakily. "So, what do you want to know?"

Julie was silent for a long time. She displayed no emotion besides intense rage. When she finally spoke, she spoke in a harsh, intense tone. "I want to know why you did it."

Jack knew the answer to that question, but he didn't know how to explain it quickly. If the answer took too long Julie might flip-out and break his face in half. In fact, he was sure that would happen, but he didn't know what to say to please her.

Julie didn't give him time to answer though. In a rage, she began to scream at him. "Why did you rape us, Jack? We're your family! We're you're fucking family! I'm your sister and you raped me! How in the world could you...Did you think you would get away with it? Do you just not fucking care about us?"

"Julie, I do care. I love you very deeply..."

Julie reached out quickly and struck Jack in the face with her balled fist. Jack fell back against the wall hard, his face swollen up. Before he could even register the hit Julie had him pinned to the wall. Despite her arms being slender she was outrageously strong.

"I told you not to bullshit me," she shouted into his face. "You fucking raped us, Jack! You raped us and used us and made us call you our master! We're not dogs, Jack, we're not pets! You can't own us you...you..." She broke down into tears against his chest. "You're my brother and you..."

Rather than answer immediately, Jack took a moment to analyze the situation. In her anger Julie was not capable to reason, and Jack was too afraid to try and argue with her. She was stronger than any fully grown man he knew and possessed enough strength to kill him if she were angry enough.

On the other hand, she didn't seem to want to strike him. Her emotions were all over the place. One moment she was screaming at him and hitting him, the next she was sobbing against his chest. It was like she was conflicted, but he didn't know exactly over what.

He decided to try and appeal to her again, this time being kinder with her. Reaching out, he cupped her head and caressed her hair, smoothing it back. "Julie,, listen, I..."

Julie wouldn't hear it. Without hesitation she knocked him arms away and punched him in the gut. All the wind inside of Jack rushed out quickly. He strained to hold himself up against the door but there was nothing to hold onto, and he fell heavily onto the floor.

"Shove it, Jack! I don't want to listen to your lies or your fucking bullshit. I don't know what in the hell you did to mom and dad to make them play part in this little game of yours, but you won't get me. Now shut the fuck up before I kick your face in!"

Jack quickly became quiet. Things were not going as he had hoped they would.

"Now, we're addressing the real issue here," Julie said sharply. She began to prod him in the chest forcefully, her finger like a needle. "WHY did you feel the need to rape all of us? Fucking spit it out."

Jack hesitated. The words felt heavy in his mouth. No matter what he said she wouldn't be satisfied. The battle seemed unwinnable. He forced through though, because no battle was unwinnable for him. His grandmother proved that. So did Paige.

"I did it because I'm a God, Julie," he said. It wasn't the most tactful approach but it was direct and honest. Unfortunately for him it didn't appease Julie.

She swung her arm in hard against his stomach, knocking him to the ground in a fit of coughs. "You arrogant little fuck! You really think you're a God? Don't make me laugh. You're not God. You've a fucking devil, THE fucking devil."

Julie kicked him onto his back and straddled him. With her hands pressed firmly against his shoulders she held him against the ground. Despite the fear Jack felt, he couldn't help but get a surge of arousal as well. Julie's athletic frame pressed down against him. Her large, ponderous tits pressed tightly against his chest. Even the mad look on her face was decidedly erotic.

"J-Julie, listen..."

"No," she screamed. Fury overtook her, leading her actions now. She wanted retribution of some sort and an idea dawned on her. "Now it's time for you to know how it feels to be powerless!"

"I was just trying to help you..."

Julie struck him sharply again, bringing blood to his face. Then she clutched his face with both hands tightly and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Her nails racks across his cheeks, bringing shallow lacerations as their tongues danced. Jack felt as if he should try to stop her but couldn't bring himself to move due to the shock of the situation.

"What are you..." Jack muttered when she broke the kiss. His lips felt bruised from the force of the kiss. Julie threw him hard into the ground and crawled down his torso, undoing his pants and yanking them down along with his underwear. "How does it feel, Jack? Is it erotic? It is wonderful to be the victim," she asked as she took a firm grip on his cock and giggled. "Not so big anymore, are you...?"

Julie had a manic look in her eyes. Though rage fueled her every action she took particular care with his manhood. She cupped it one hand, stroking it. By the time she had gotten to it he was already hard, and she was just massaging it lovingly while glaring at him.

Then she removed her pants and straddled him, and soon he was inside of her. Her pussy was fresh, unspoiled almost. Though Jack reamed her repeatedly during his time as a God, Julie was amazing. Her pussy was hugging his average manhood tightly, as if it were just as large as it used to be.

"Fuck," Julie said as she threw her head back. "How do you like being raped? Huh? How do you like being used like a piece of fucking meat," she groaned. Her words were strained and oddly distant. She didn't seem angry anymore so much as incredibly horny. She rocked into him forcefully, with the practice of a woman who had a lot of sex with many partners. The way she moved accommodated his human size. It was like they were old fuck buddies.

She crested on him and began to laugh wildly again. Her eyes were distant now, her passion redirected. "Is that all you've got, LITTLE brother? Some God you turned out to be, at the service of one of your little whores. ...Fuck...!"

This is when reality hit Jack in the face. Julie, like all the women in his family, seemed to have a latent desire to be dominated by a male. Sexuality was genetically bred into her, as was submissiveness. Of course, Julie was raised to be strong-willed and independent by her mother. This latent desire to be dominate went against her whole life's training. She projected this conflict onto her brother and released it in the only manner that she comfortable with: a violent rage.

Also, on some level, Jack really believed her to be pissed about being raped. Though it wasn't rape directly, he was sure she felt taken advantage of. What she wanted from him now was to fix the predicament. Take her as his in honest and natural manner. She wanted him to truly become her man by taking charge, just as he had with his mother.

With her passions now acknowledged, Jack decided it was time to take charge. He grasped her by the hips firmly and, with some difficulty, managed to flip her over onto her back. Julie looked surprised but couldn't bring herself to resist. Despite all of her posturing she was glad to be manhandled.

An orgasm hit her as soon as he started to take charge. Jack hooked her strong legs over his shoulder and angled himself above her, to where he was fucking her forcefully against the floor. Julie screamed out again, another orgasm swelling inside of.

"Oh, fuck, you're fucking me so good! You're...You're still the best," she gasped. The words tasted bitter in her mouth. They were a betrayal of her self-control, but they were also very honest. She couldn't deny her needs anymore. Her mother was happier in Jack's service and now she was, as well.

Another orgasm surged through her. She writhed beneath him, toes curling, as another orgasm was maturing within her. Pleasure danced around inside of her, rapidly evolving into the orgasms that were driving her mad with need. It seemed only Jack, only her master, could evoke such a response from her.

Julie laid back and writhed against the floors. The pleasure Jack was giving her wasn't as intense as when he was a supposed God, but he certainly fucked her with skill and finesse. All that time spent as lord of the house certainly paid off in teaching him how to pleasure a woman.

The orgasms, while not as intense as the ones she formerly experienced with him, were greater and more powerful than with any other man. There was a strange pleasure in him owning her, even if his dominance of her wasn't absolute yet. There were no lies between them anymore. She was his slut again; the words didn't have to be spoken.

A string of orgasms rushed through her at this silent admission. Being Jack's slut had been the most fulfilling part of her life, and it continued to bring her more pleasure than she could find anywhere else. The biggest orgasm was coming up, it was riding on the end of all of her pleasure. Jack was swelling inside of her with his own climax.

She grunted loudly as pleasured cemented herself. As an offering to Jack, her younger brother and her master, she mashed her breasts together and looked up at him pleadingly. "Jack...Master...I'm sorry that I hit you, I really am...Please accept me again. Let me be your slut again. Let me serve you and worship you again. I need you..."

Julie's subservience amused and aroused him further. Jack bent her down, mashing her legs against her heaving breasts, and kissed her. Their tongues met sensually, now a sign of synchronization. Julie was now his slut again, and he was her master.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, master! I'm coming, master, I'm coming for you!" She raked her fingers across his back and pulled him into her. Shrieks of desperate pleasure filled the entire house with news of her pleasure. Finally, after years of searching and fucking, Julie knew her place in life, and she would never forsake it again.

With her orgasm subsiding she knew what she had to have. Her pussy cried out for her master's sperm, but he had second thoughts. The very image of Julie willingly taking his sperm onto her face and letting him mark her in such a way was too alluring for Jack to deny. Before he climaxed Jack withdrew and stood above her, his cock poised to erupt onto her face. It was swollen and near bursting. The tip was a dark shade of red and the shaft almost looked like it was about to tear at the seams.

Julie stared in awe as Jack fisted his bulging cock. It was larger than she expected to be and its natural shape was very pleasing. Even without being a God Jack was an outstanding lay and quite handsome on his own.

She knew her place and, with small remnants of trepidation, she fell into position. Looking up at him with wanton hunger, she sat with her breasts cupped together and her mouth. No man, save her Master, was allowed to degrade her in such a way. She never thought she would willingly allow it, but life was a wild journey, she learned.

"From this day forward you're mine, Julie, and you will never question that again.

Julie grinned just as Jack exploded. She opened her mouth to catch some of his cum. The rest splattered across her face harmlessly. A small string of sperm fell down onto her lips. The thick texture of his sperm was surprising still, but he was undoubtedly human right now. Regardless, he was still the best man she knew, and she loved him dearly.

Jack collapsed against the door, nearly out of breath. His face was still battered from her abuse but he was smiling.

Julie wiped his sperm from her face and swallowed it. Then she rushed to his side and frowned. "Master, I'm sorry that I...Well..." Words were never her strongest point so Julie leaned over and kissed his face as way of apology.

"I know, I get it," Jack said. "I'll fill you in on all the details, I promise. For now, I'm just glad that you didn't kill me."

"I thought about it," Julie said.

"I know you did." Jack cupped her head and kissed her forehead. "Now you're my slut again."

Julie grinned again. "Yes, I am," she said as she took his cock and dipped down to suck it clean. "I am forever yours, master."

After sorting out his problems with Julie he took the time to explain the situation to her. At first she seemed skeptic, but she vowed to obey and trust him. After all, she was his slut, and she was very dedicated to her duty.

They discussed what Jack's plans were and went to the bathroom to bandage him up. The damage was mostly superficial and wouldn't take too long to heal. Afterward they returned to the living room, where they found both Jessica and Victoria waiting with knowing looks on their faces.

As soon as Jack stepped into the living room with bandages on his face Jessica rushed over in a huff. "Julie, what in the hell did you do to him," she screamed and she shooed her sister away. Julie was about to argue, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything to her baby sister.

"Don't worry," Jack said as Jessica dragged him over to the couch. She wedged him between herself and their mother, who despite her silence was equally concerned. "We worked it out and everything is okay. You know how Julie is, but she already apologized."

"I still can't believe she hit you," Jessica said with a glare at Julie.

"I was angry," Julie said with a shrug. She looked apologetic though. Her emotions were still in some turmoil over a complete betrayal of her life up to that point. She accepted her position but old habits die hard. "Anyway, don't we have bigger things to worry about, like making sure our master becomes a God again?"

"Speaking of that," Victoria said, and her look of worry turned into a smile. "Your brother called, Jack."

"Which one," Jack asked. "I have a big family and a lot of brothers."

"I know you do," Victoria said. "Jimmy called, and he and Xion are willing to worship you again. They miss being your slaves."

"That's...a bit of a surprise," Jack admitted dumbly. "They really did?"

"Would I lie to you master?"

"Especially over something this important," Jessica added. "So, anyway, I've taken the liberty to pack you, me, and mom some clothes. Mom is taking off for a few days, to hell with the consequences, and we're dedicating this week to making you a God."

Jack was floored. He hadn't expected them to be his sluts again, and he didn't even dream that they would be so dedicated. Caught in shock, he looked in disbelief at his smiling mother. "What about your job?"

"My job is just a job and it can be replaced. I have only one Master, and that is you. Your health and happiness are most important to me."

Still floored, Jack stared with equal surprise at Jessica.

"...What'd you expect me to do, Bubba," was all she said before hugging his arm tightly. She then looked up at Julie, who seemed more amused than surprised. "What about you, Julie? Can you take a week off and come with us?"

"What kind of slut would I be if I didn't," Julie asked with a smile. "Let me throw some clothes together and we'll head out tonight."

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