Eros Extended Ch. 07


"My thoughts exactly," Jessica said. Then she took Jack by the hand and stood. "As for you, mister Master Bubba," she said with a cheeky grin. "You need a shower because you stink to high heaven of sex."


"Yeah, yeah, we know, you're a stud. Now come on." She led him by the hand with their mother trailing. "Let baby sister Jessica and your mama take care of you."

That night they drove to Jimmy's apartment in town. It was a few hours away and Jack, tired from the day's activities, took the time to rest. They arrived just before eleven o' clock.

Once woken up Jack looked out the window of their mini-van at Jimmy's apartment. Before leaving Jack had made sure to listen to the message in detail. It seemed genuine, but Jack still had his worries. There was always chance that it was a trap. Jimmy was scrawny but strong. Jack didn't want to take his chances in a fight.

He took a deep breath to calm himself. One problem at a time, that was how he would wage this war, so far it had worked out for him. There was no sense in changing strategies yet. He told Jessica, Julie, and his mother to wait in the van until further notice. They all kissed him and wished him luck. Somehow, Jack feared he would need it.

Jack went up the stairs and knocked on Jimmy's apartment door. There was some light shuffling and then door opened, revealing Jimmy. He was well-dressed in a casual button-down dress shirt and dress pants. When he saw Jack he smiled. "You got my message?"

Jack let out a calming breath. "Yes, I did," he said with a smile. "So really want to be my followers again?"

"Yeah, but let's talk inside," Jimmy said and he ushered Jack in. "Honey, he's here. Jack's here, so come on out." Jack took a seat on their leave seat and Jimmy pulled a chair facing him. "She's refused to come out of the room all day. Don't worry, we'll explain, but we have a surprise for you, first."

Xion came out into the living room completely naked. Her long, dark hair was swept back, giving a perfect view of her swaying breasts. When she saw Jack she smiled. "Master," she said delightedly.

At first Jack was taken aback by their welcoming nature. Alarms went off in his head. It had to be a trap. After so many people rejecting him it felt wrong that they would be so welcoming, but Xion seemed genuinely excited to see him, and she came before him and kneeled, as he had trained her to do when he was a God.

"Wow...I did not expect this," he said. Xion laughed politely and Jack smiled.

"Honestly, when we woke up the other day, we didn't either. It felt so strange. Like, suddenly, we were ourselves again. Our old life was back, in ways that we weren't expecting. We contacted everyone else, talked to them, and they said the same thing: they were normal again."

Jack sighed and clasped his hands together. After a long pause he said, "That was the problem, Jack...Master, I mean." He looked Jack in the eyes and his expression was completely open. He was being one hundred present honest and, when he looked at Jack, he was staring at him as if he were a God. "You know, through you we experience something beyond normalcy. We experienced something...amazing. We...We don't know how you did it. We don't really care. All we know is that we want it back."

Jack was stunned. Jimmy and Xion wanted to be his followers. They wanted to bend beneath his will and experience the world that he ushered in.

He thought about it and realized that it made sense. Jimmy was not a handsome or charming man. Out of every one of the sons in the family, Jimmy was the absolute least appealing. He didn't have what it took to draw woman in easily. That was why he latched onto Xion so quickly. A girl like her was out of his league.

When Jack turned him into an angel Jimmy had charm and virility beyond that of a normal man. Endless possibilities stretched out before him and his foot long angel cock. Jack knew what it felt like to be divine. He also knew what it felt like to wake up and be less than that.

Jimmy's willingness to return Jack to his place in the pantheon was understandable. What really surprised Jack was Xion's eagerness to submit before him. It took him time to recognize her desires, but once he thought about it he understood.

Culturally speaking, Xion seemed to think that women were meant to be subservient to men. Without the power of Eros fueling Jimmy's ego, he was not capable of giving her the control that she sought from him. Furthermore, he was not the man who dominated her in the first place. Jack was, in her eyes, the best example of a man she knew. He was a perfect mixture of physical aesthetics, confidence, and power that made her go weak in the knees. It only made sense that if she wanted a man in her life, she would choose a God.

Jack looked down at Xion, who was bowed before him, naked. Instinctively his cock swelled inside of his pants. Despite its overuse that day, Jack was ready to dominate Xion all over again. He was ready to make her his slut.

He looked up at Jimmy, who was waiting for him to speak. Both Jimmy and Xion were hanging on his every word. With his women waiting down in the car and his brother and sister-in-law eager to obey, Jack truly felt like a God again. This bolstered his resolve. He refused to let Athena or anyone else take this feeling away from him.

"Before I go any further, I want to make sure you guys understand the gravity of your decision. By doing this, you're committing yourselves to me. You will be my servant," Jack said to Jimmy, "and my slut, respectively. Once you return to me there is no going back or changing your mind."

"I know...We know," Jimmy said. "This is what we want."

Jack looked down at Xion, who had turned her beautiful dark eyes on him. She looked innocent and pleading, like she was lost in a world without a master.

"I was happy," she said simply. "I am not now. I want to be happy again. You make me happy. You are my master."

Jack nodded. "Then...Then you will treat me like a master," Jack said sternly. He took one of her hands and pressed it against his crotch. She looked confused, somewhat upset by the size difference. Jack took a firm grip on her thick, dark hair and made her look at him. "Remember, Xion. You are my slut again. There is no turning back, no matter what."

All fear, all doubt left her features. She didn't understand the situation fully, but she did understand the weight and importance of that moment, and she resolved to follow through with her vow. Nodding, she lifted her free hand up and took hold of him with both hands. "Yes, master, I am yours."

"Then worship me."

Xion undid his jeans and extracted his manhood from within. Cupping him with both hands as she was, she eclipsed most of his hard dick easily. Despite this, she seemed enamored with his cock and loved it all the same.

"It's smaller," she said in a whisper as she examined his natural state. "It's still good though." She wrapped her full lips around the head of his dick and started to suck on him in slow, measured movements.

Xion took him deep and choked on him, as she had so many times. He was easier to manage in his normal state, but that didn't mean she was easy on him. Xion sucked on his cock with the same attentive devotion that she always had. It almost felt like he was a God again, the way she slaved over his manhood.

Across from Jack, Jimmy watched in silence. He had a strange, deranged look on his face. Seeing that warped expression on Jimmy's face, Jack desperately wish he had the power to see into people's souls again. No amount of empathy could let Jack know what Jimmy was thinking, but his body language was disturbed.


"Oh, yes, master," Jimmy said. He shook himself from his strange posture and looked as he always had: awkward and out of his element.

"You're mine, too, remember. You will worship me as well, won't you?"

"How would you like me to do that?"

"Well, I'm a God of love and whatnot, right? Then love're my angel, after all, I've seen you do all sorts of things."

Jimmy hesitated momentarily. "I guess you have," he said, nodding unsurely. He stood, his long body seeming to unroll endlessly and flat. "Then, I'll jerk off while you get a blowjob from my...from my wife."

"That sounds about right," Jack said with a playful wink, as if to say that is how things were meant to be. Jimmy, again, reacted strangely to this but continued to disrobe.

As a normal human, Jimmy's dick was a bit like his build. It was longer than average but a bit thin. Compared to Jack's it had length but didn't compare on girth. Xion seemed to prefer Jack's dick for sucking at least, though he wondered who she would want to go to bed with that night.

Jimmy stroked his cock while Xion continued to throat Jack. It was hard for Jack to focus. His head swam with pleasure as his sister-in-law threw herself into his service, sucking him with the skill of an expert and with the enthusiasm of a newly-wed.

While Jimmy jerked he stared with a painful satisfaction. The sight was too disturbing for Jack to watch and, displeased by the image of his brother's spindly frame haunch as he masturbated to their act, he bid Jimmy closer.

"You're my angel," he said through a passionate groan. "You're a vassal of my pleasure. Spread my pleasure into her. Fuck her," Jack said.

"Truly," Jimmy said. Immediately his features seemed to brighten. It seemed Jimmy, in his mortal state, was simply jealous of the love that Xion showed Jack. It was natural, after all. Jimmy truly did love Xion, even if he could not pleasure her as Jack could.

"Yes," Jack said, and he smiled as he formulated an idea. "In fact, we'll both fuck her, how about? You take her rear, I'll take her pussy. We'll make her a real-to-life slut."

This seemed to upset Jimmy slightly, but he didn't argue. He was dedicated as Jack had ever seen to follow through, just as he promised. Though hesitant, he nodded and rushed away to get Vaseline.

While Jimmy was away rummaging through the bathroom, Jack pulled Xion off of his cock to take off his pants. When his pants and underwear were gone she fell back before him and nuzzled his cock happily while continuing to stroke him.

Jack rested, allowing her to do whatever she wanted with his manhood. While she stroked, kissed, and licked on his genitals, Jack caressed her hair lazily and waited for Jimmy to return.

"Your cock is nice," Xion said before taking his balls into his mouth. Even as a mortal Jack's balls were fairly sizable and produced a large amount of sperm. It was something Jack had never noticed before his life was thrown into sexual chaos.

"Thanks," Jack said. He shoved his cock back into her mouth. Unsurprisingly, Xion smiled around his manhood and took him deep into her throat. Jack lulled his head back and let her fuck him with her throat in the skillful manner that she seemed to know so well.

"You...You are a grade A cock sucker," he muttered just before Jimmy returned with the Vaseline. His cock was already gleaming with lubrication, but he took the time to apply a bit to Xion's puckered rosebud.

"Be careful with her," Jack said. "Right now we could hurt her."

Jimmy nodded as he continued to juice up her rear. Xion was aroused by this intrusion and closed her eyes in the pleasure his fingers brought her.

Before Jimmy fucked her ass, Jack made her straddle him and take his manhood inside of her. Xion was, much to his surprise, tight. She had a pussy that was obviously well fucked, but she was fit and trim enough to remain youthful.

She sat facing him, with all of his cock buried inside of her. Her ponderous breasts hovered around his face as she settled and, once comfortable and riding him, she wrapped her arms around his head and looked him deeply in the eyes.

The intimacy of their fuck was at odds with the situation. Though Jimmy was poised behind her, ready to penetrate her ass at any moment, it felt almost as if she only had eyes for Jack. To her he was the only man in the room and she possessed for him not just loyalty, but deep and true love.

Then Jimmy intruded upon their intimacy. He forced his way into her rear, slowly and gently as instructed. Xion winced but did not complain. This was the will of her master. She was eager to obey.

Once Jimmy had himself in, he moved slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size. The pleasure of writhing on Jack's manhood eased any pain she felt and soon began to bring her extreme pleasure.

By himself Jack was doing wonders for Xion. His cock was a good size and a nice shape naturally. Of course, she missed the supernatural pleasure of his divine cock, but as men went Jack certainly wasn't a bad catch. He was far better than Jimmy in her eyes.

To her surprise, Xion enjoyed the feel of being fucked by two men. It was the first time in her entire relationship with Jimmy that his normal cock had brought her such pleasure. Normally she found him repulsive. Though long, his cock wasn't thick enough to really give her what she needed, and its natural shape didn't quite hit the places that needed hitting.

In her rear it seemed to augment the pleasure Jack's cock gave her and send her to new, climactic heights. An orgasm came to her quickly and shook her deep in her bones. She cupped Jack's head to her swaying bosom and writhed against both of their dicks with practiced precision.

"Oh, I am a slut. I am being fucked good, so good that I will lose my mind!"

Jack wanted to repeat this sentiment. He cupped her tits and brought one of her dark, swollen nipples to his mouth to suck on. Xion gasped and drew him in deeper, crying out in further pleasure. Behind her, Jimmy continued to fuck, overcome by a deep fury at being ignored.

The three of them moved together, all of them creating one massive current of pleasure. All other feelings melted away. Jack lost his sense of dread or worry, Xion lost her disgust with Jimmy, and Jimmy himself no longer felt rage or jealous. All that was left to them was the pleasure as it swelled and ebbed, consuming them and filling them with hot, blinding passion.

They crested, all three, together, in one glorious moment. Xion was wailing loudly as Jack sucked hard one of her nipples. Jack grunted into her soft, pliant breasts as his cock erupted in her hot oriental pussy, and Jimmy pumped once and lost himself in the heat of her glorious ass.

They collapsed in a heap, Jack on the bottom and struggling to breathe. Still, he felt satisfied in the knowledge that over the past two days he had achieved every goal he had set out to meet.

Jimmy stood and, with Jack's help, moved Xion to the couch to stretch out. Being fucked from both ends had given her such an intense orgasm that she claimed her legs were too weak to walk. They dressed and fetched a towel, in case she leaked on the couch.

"Well, Jimmy," Jack said, turning to his brother once Xion was well enough to walk. "I guess this makes me your God again, huh?"

Jimmy, still out of breath from all the exercise, nodded and bowed his head slightly in Jack's direction. "It does, little bro. It does. You know, I really don't understand much of what is going on, but I know that I liked me better when I obeyed you. That's enough for me."

Jack nodded. "Well, then, first order I have for you as my new servant...Go out to the car and get the girls. Mom, Jessica, and Julie have all come up with me and we're going to stay at your place tonight."

Jimmy bowed a bit lower this time. "Yes, master."

"Also, if you want to be filled in on the situation ask Jessica. I'm sure she'll be happy to fill you in on the details. As for me, I'll be sharing the bedroom tonight with your beautiful bride. And I need rest, so tell them not to disturb me."

"Of course...Master, I have a quick question for you..."

Jack, who had moved to help Xion stand, looked back at Jimmy. "Shoot," he said.

"What happened to your face? You're all bruised up."

"That story...," Jack said. "You ask Julie about."

In the bedroom Jack lay with Xion at his side. They had a strange moment there before Jimmy joined them. It felt like she was in love with him and Jack, so confused at the time, didn't know how he felt. All he knew was that something was wrong with Jimmy, and he wanted to speak with Xion about it alone.

She was still naked, and she had herself draped over Jack. Her large breasts rested against his stomach while she lay her head on his chest. He caressed her hair gently while she rest against him.

"Xion, I have a few questions for you, and I would like for you to answer them truthfully."

"I could never lie to you, master." She kissed his chest softly and sat up, looking at him with earnest brown eyes. "What is it that you would like to know?"

"Jimmy...He seemed upset about this whole thing."

"Oh," Xion said. She looked away, somewhat ashamed and somewhat worried. "He...He is not completely happy with this."

"But he...He said he wanted to obey me again..."

"That is...It is not a complete truth," Xion said.

"What do you mean?"

"Before you Jimmy and I were unhappy. You made us happy. You make us whole, just like you do now. With you Jimmy is better. He is stronger. He is a man. Without you we're unhappy again."

Jack furrowed his brow. He had figured that much out. What he didn't understand was why Jimmy was so upset. It felt like more than simple jealous. Jimmy looked completely feral at times.

"Could you elaborate, please?"

Xion nodded. "I will try," she said. "You make me happy, with or without magic. Jimmy only makes me happy with magic. When magic is gone I am unhappy. I want you back...Jimmy wants the magic. He wants to make me happy without you, but he can't. So he doesn't want you at all. I...I do not want to be with Jimmy without you. He obeys you for my happiness." She smiled sadly and wiped away a tear. "It is kind and also sad."

"Yeah, it is," Jack sighed. He hugged Xion tightly to him and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry. I'll get the magic back and I'll make everyone happy."

Xion smiled and hugged him back. "I know. I trust you. You are my master."

Jillian's family was rich. Not rich as in well-off, but rich as in owning multiple houses in various parts of the world and moving with the seasons. She had the best tutors money could buy and only enrolled in public school because she told her parents that it was a vital part of social development.

Before Athena she had a normal teenage room with a few high-society accents. Everything she owned was expensive, new, and often times custom made. She had a high-priced computer that was constantly kept up to date, and she had her own personal library of anything she wanted.

After Athena all she had was a library. Nothing else could fit into her room. Books lined the walls and the floor with only a small section cut out like a labyrinth. Only she knew how to traverse this hazardous path and only she was allowed in the room.

Her family was, much like Jack's, subservient to her. They were slaves to Athena's knowledge and obeyed Jillian's every command.

On the second night of the trial Jillian sat in her room, but her mind was absent. Gleaming blue eyes read over book slowly, savoring every word.

She stopped and stared through the book, aware of something that was not there. "I see," she said to no one but herself. "This boy..." She sighed in exasperation. "Honestly, this is far more troublesome than I had expected."


Koto's Commentary: I looked at my submission count lately, and wow. Seriously, it's hard to beleive I've been working on this story for so damn long. Don't worry though, because I vow to see this through. Long live Eros and long live Jack!


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