tagNovels and NovellasEros Extended Ch. 08

Eros Extended Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: The Trial: Ai and James

Jack woke up the early the next morning with Xion at his side. He smiled and stretched out. It was the third day of his trial and he felt that things were going well for him. He still had four days left to complete his assigned task and, so far, he hadn't run into any complications.

He crawled out of bed, careful not to wake Xion, and stretched. Then he went around the house and woke his ladies. He had big plans for the day and no time to wait around. If Jimmy submitted to him perhaps James would as well. It only stood to reason that his other angel would be eager to regain his former prowess.

Before he left Jack made sure to bid farewell to Jimmy and Xion. They displayed mixed feelings about his leaving. Jimmy seemed glad, unhappy to be shown up. Xion was upset and, try as hard as she might, couldn't seem to hide it.

"Don't worry," Jack said. He pulled her aside to comfort her. Hugging her, he kissed her forehead gently. "I'll come back and when I do, I'll be a God."

Xion stifled her tears and smiled. The idea of Jack returning to her as a God calmed her. Jack kissed her once on the lips before meeting his family at the car.

"Is she going to be okay," Jessica asked as she wrapped her arms tightly around him. Jack slung an arm over her and shrugged.

"I hope so. I mean, she and Jimmy really don't seem to get along very well, do they?"

Everyone fell into a mournful silence. They knew the situation wasn't perfect but it also wasn't their place to say anything.

"Anyway," Jack said eagerly to raise the mood. "It won't matter in a few days. I'll be a God by the end of the week and then I'll go back to making the world a better place."

Julie scoffed despite the smile on her face. "That was what you were doing? I thought you were using it to fuck your hot female family members."

"...Who said I can't enjoy the perks while making the world better," he replied with an innocent grin. They all chuckled.

"What's the next destination on our little outing then," Jessica asked.

"We're going to go visit James." Jack looked at his mother. "Has he tried to contact you or dad since the trial started?"

"No," Victoria said. "It's like he's fallen off the face of the Earth."

Julie shrugged it off. "He's normally like that. Let's just go to his place, break his door down, and make him submit."

Jack shook his head. "It has to be willing," he said. "I can't force people to support me."

Julie shrugged. "You could try."

"Anyway, let's at least try the first part of your plan. We'll head over and see him. That'll be a good start."

They all agreed and piled back into the minivan. Jessica sat in the back with Jack. She leaned against him, using his shoulder as a pillow for the long drive. His mother drove and Julie sat in the front, though she spent most of her time turned around chatting with Jessica.

Jack was distant the entire ride. He was trying to think ahead and figure out how he would appeal to James. It only made sense to him that James would crave a return to power, just as Jimmy did. Though if he didn't Jack imagined a scenario where he could appeal to James and make him see the cracks in his relationship-cracks that only Jack could mend.

He worried though. Ai was not like his mother or his sisters. He hardly knew her, so he had no leverage in dealing with her. All he knew was that she seemed extremely happy with James and that was all Jack had to work with.

Furthermore, James was also more like their father than Jimmy was. He had a short-temper and could possibly lack the insight which Jimmy had. Speaking with Jack had a chance of only sparking rage, similar to how things started with Julie.

During the ride over Jack pondered his situation thoroughly but kept drawing blanks. The only thing Jack could think was that Ai was an exchange student and would soon return home. Should they resist his return to power he hoped to somehow convince them that his godhood was integral to their happiness when she returned, but it seemed like a stretch.

Unfortunately James and Ai hardly had a history as followers. What happened on Christmas likely had a deep impact on them, but due to a lack of prolonged exposure it may not have saturated them as it seemed to do to everyone else. His mother, sisters, and other long term followers seemed to have him still established as their master even once his control was gone. After thinking about it longer, Jack wasn't so sure his newer followers would react the same way.

They arrived at James's home before Jack realized it. Having just graduated and struggling to pay off his loans, James hardly had much money to invest in a true home. He lived in a little, worn down shack that he called a house, and he shared this place with a friend and longtime roommate, whom Jack assumed James had tried to force into submission once made an angel.

Jack got out of the mini-van and told the girls to wait again. No matter what happened, Jack somehow had to establish his presence as a God once more, and he had to do it alone.

He approached the front door and knocked on it hesitantly. Being at James's house was different than planning it in his head. He hoped that his concerns were meaningless and that James would eagerly submit to his control, as Jimmy so readily had. There was foreboding energy about the place though and deep down Jack knew things weren't going to be so easy.

At first no one answered, so he knocked again. Something shuffled inside though and Jack knew that someone had to be home. He glanced back, finding his followers waiting patiently, and gave a half-hearted smile.

"I don't have all day," he muttered to himself as he knocked a third time. When still ignored Jack lost his patience all together and tried the door handle. To his surprise it turned and the door slid open noisily on rusted hinges.

The order of the house was pungent as musty. Obviously it was in a horrible state of disrepair. The floors were uneven and the walls obtuse. Stepping in Jack immediately felt uneasy and somehow certain that things would go down poorly.

He shook his head clear. Nothing would keep him from regaining his powers. He conquered a God alone; certainly a house shouldn't be a challenge. He stepped forward, determined to become their master once more.

Jack walked slowly through the messy house. He found that it was more than just disrepair but a general lack of hygiene. The smell of divine pheromones was still strong in the air. Obviously James and Ai had made good use of his angelic tool when they left the house after Christmas. Only two days had passed since the powers were gone. They hadn't the time to fix everything up and with the thick aura of sex that clung in the air; Jack doubted that they had the motivation.

The sounds of creaking floor boards and sensual whimpers filled reverberated through the house suddenly. The sounds her heard inside were not shuffling her realized. They were fucking. They hadn't stopped fucking. So much sex had stained the old house in that short time that they were still lost to it.

At Jack's house they had aired it out. Though his sluts had enjoyed the scent of his musk, Jack was always sure to maintain proper hygiene and codes of cleanliness. When powered he kept all of his sluts anchored. Without him the sexual aura of the house drifted away.

For James and Ai it was different. Their house was already in shambles. Taking the time out to clean it when they had a finite amount of time to fuck was most likely a waste. When James lost his power the after effects had stayed in the air and still fueled their uncontrollable lust.

Fresh air from the front door had kept Jack safe but the deeper he went in, the more the sexuality tugged at him. He looked down, shocked to find that he suddenly had an erection so hard that he feared for his pants. Even worse, he felt a sudden need to relieve himself right there in a hallway.

"No," Jack said to himself. He steadied against the wall and closed his eyes. Nothing, he reminded himself, nothing could stop him. He focused on his ultimate goal: Godhood and it worked. He overpowered his lust and was able to keep hold of his sanity

The hall he stood in was short and narrow. A small kitchen sat on one side while a barren living room was on the other. Jack took the time to open windows in both and allow more winter air to rush in. Fresh oxygen eased his passions and returned him to reality.

At the end of the hall spiraling stairs rested. They looked old and they groaned beneath his weight as he scaled them. The power of sex was the stronger as he climbed. He could smell the remains of dried seed. It was pungent, cloying to his nostrils and attempted futilely to fog his mind once more. He was focused though and would not surrender.

Jack found a shared bedroom upstairs. Inside James and Ai were fucking busily. James' cock, a bit larger than Jack's, gleamed with her womanly juices. Her pussy looked red and abused. No divine power eased her suffering anymore. He was literally fucking her raw, but she couldn't seem to stop him.

Standing at the side of the bed was a tall, thin man with a beard. He had his own dick out and was rapidly stroking it before Ai's face. She was on her back, with her legs spread wide for James, and when she saw this man's dick she reached up and began to stroke it. Her eyes were glossy with desire as she handled two swollen penises.

Jack took a step back, stunned by the sight, and his desires suddenly flooded him again. His cock strained with a need for release and suddenly felt as if he couldn't help but join them. Ai looked so womanly and inviting. Something important slipped away from him. He was supposed to do something, become something, but he couldn't recall.

A pink mist clouded his mind. It infused his blood and flesh, hijacking him and leading him forward into the room. Somewhere inside the mist Jack's ego flailed, but it was pinned down by the sudden power of his uncompromising id.

He struggled for coherency. Bits and pieces of reality came to him. He was on the bed, his dick out.

Ai was sucking on him while James fucked her.

She had two dicks in her, one in her pussy and one in her ass.

She continued to suck on Jack even after he came.

He wouldn't go soft, he couldn't...

His balls ached as another load was drawn from him so suddenly by her. She swallowed it happily and asked for more.

Jack regained his focus as he lined up to penetrate her worn, gooey rear. He looked down in a moment of coherency and realized what was happening. Struggling to maintain control, he stumbled away from the trio and made his way to a nearby window. It was difficult, for his legs and arms wanted to return to her. His fingers rebelled against him, unwilling to obey his commands.

The window came open and a flood of chilling air rushed in. He shivered, naked to the elements, but his lust fled him quickly, as it did everyone else.

Ai, who was in the center of the bed, released the tall, slender man's cock and wretched. "What in the hell..."

James withdrew from her and rushed for a blanket to cover her with. "What the fuck are you doing in here," he shouted at the man and he shoved him out of the room. Then he looked at Jack and glared. "You!" It was all he said and it was enough.

"Listen," Jack said quickly but it wasn't enough. Jack grabbed him and threw him hard against the wall. Both were naked and shivering in the conditions. Ai watched from the bed, tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked so tired without the lustful aura to fuel her needs.

James lifted his fist up to strike Jack but hesitated. "What the fuck is going on here. Explain and be quick about it!"

Jack scrambled to regain his focus. The speech he had planned disappeared quite suddenly in the mist. His thoughts were still obscured, hidden behind the remnants of a cloud of lust.

"Come on; get to it before I throw you down the fucking stairs, you bastard!"

"I...I came to talk to you guys about Christmas and about everything. Please, please just hear me out!"

"We're hearing," James said, his fist still ready.

"Well, it's pretty hard to fucking think when you're about to pummel me!"

"Do your best," James shouted.

"Okay, okay," Jack muttered. "Okay, so, what happened on Christmas...Well, I was like a God...Well, not like a God, I was a God and..."

"Get to it fucking fast!"

"I'm trying!"

"Try harder," James screamed, his face going red.

"Okay! I...You should be grateful," he said and immediately he knew it was the wrong thing to say. Jack struck him hard in the cheek and then threw him against another wall. Blood ran thick and red from his lips.

"I should be grateful that you fucking raped my fucking girlfriend in front of me?"

"It wasn't rape!"

Jack kicked him hard in the gut, knocking the air from him. "Shut up! Shut the fuck up right now or God help me..."

"Listen," Jack pleaded from the ground. "I...I'm trying to help...You...You were happy! You were..."

"We were fucking zombies!" James looked at Ai with tears in his eyes. "Look at her. She looks so worn out, so used...Fuck, my fucking roommate and I were fucking her for the past two days. We were like fucking monsters...And why? Because of you! You fucking did this!"

"I didn't...I didn't mean to..."

"You were trying to help, right? Well, fuck you! The road to hell and all that shit, Jack! I don't want your fucking help!" He balled his fists again and stormed over. Rather than hit Jack though he lifted him up and slammed his hard against a wall, holding him there. "Listen, you little shit. I don't want another word! I don't care why, I don't care how, I just know that it wasn't fucking right. We have nothing else to talk about, so get the fuck out of here and never come back!"

"James, please..."

James shook him hard. "I said shut the fuck up and get out of here. This is your last chance. If you don't, I swear to fucking God that I could kill you."

Jack hesitated, his breath caught and his sides burning. Staring into James's eyes he realized that the threat was very honest. If Jack pursued this course then he could very well end up dead.

"A-Alright, I'll go," he said weakly. James released him and rushed to Ai's side. Jack grabbed his clothes on the way and dressed in the hall. Then he limped down the stairs and out to the mini-van. On the way he found James' roommate, the tall thin man, and he looked completely bewildered by what just went on. Momentarily Jack contemplated trying to explain it to him, but he realized it would just be a waste.

He returned to the car where his sisters and sisters immediately began to examine him.

"That fucker," Julie said hotly. "I should snap his little chicken neck!"

"You did about the same thing," Jack muttered with a weak smile.

"No, not like this," Julie asserted. "Fuck, are you okay?"

"I'll be fine, I just need a break. I need to stop and think things through," he said. "Let's go get some lunch and talk it over. Maybe we can come up with a new plan or something."

"Jack," Julie began, but he cut her off with a stare. She knew her place and, begrudgingly, she accepted it.

"Right," his mother said. "Well go get lunch."

Jessica found a towel and began to gingerly press it against his lip as they drove away from James' shack. It was going to be a long day, Jack decided.

While they drove to a nearby diner that was still serving breakfast Jessica tended to Jack's wounds. There wasn't much she could do. She tried to apply a bandage to his lip but when he spoke it moved too much and fell off. So the best she could do was give him painkillers and hope he would be okay.

They went inside and ordered. Jack got a burger, Julie got breakfast, and Jessica and Victoria ordered some salads. While they waited on the food they weighed their options.

"Well, James obviously isn't going to listen," Jessica said from the start. "And I don't want you risking your ass again. I mean, look at what he did to you."

"I know," Jack said. "I know, but I don't know how many followers I need to win," he said. "I think it's better safe than sorry. Besides, Julie hit me a couple of times and..."

"It's not the same," Julie asserted forcefully. "You know it's not the same. I was frustrated and I was angry but...I don't know, I never meant to hurt you."

"How do you know James wants to hurt me?"

"You two have never been close," Victoria said while she sipped at her coffee. Jack looked at her, and she shrugged. "It's the truth, master. You and Jessica were always close as could be and you and Julie both seemed to work your problems out, albeit in the most sarcastic and indirect manner possible. Even you and Jimmy shared an interest in video games, but when it came to you and James it was always trouble."

"Don't you remember when he tried to smother you with that pillow that one time," Julie asked. "We walked in and he had you pinned down, the pillow over your face. He hated you before all of this. What makes you think he'll listen now?"

All of them looked expectantly at Jack while he thought. They were making a lot of sense, too much sense, but he didn't want to give up yet. It wasn't in his nature to give in. He pondered the fact that he was probably just being stubborn, but regardless of the reason he wouldn't back down.

"We're going to try one more time," Jack said. "We'll come up with a plan. If James' too dangerous to approach head on then we'll strike him sideways."

Jessica quirked her brow and thanked the waitress as she delivered their food. When the waitress left she said, "What the hell does 'strike sideways' mean?"

"Yeah, I'm a little lost, too," Julie added. Victoria remained quiet.

"I won't deal with James directly. I'll go for-fuck." Jack was attempting to bite into his burger but it tore open the wound on his lip. "Oh, for fuck's sake," he muttered.

"Here," Victoria said as she took his burger and began chopping it up into smaller portions. "Continue with your plan, master. I'll have this back in a moment."

"Right," Jack said. "Thanks. Anyway, I won't talk to James directly, not at first. He obviously isn't going to be reasonable, so I'll go for Ai. She might listen."

"I don't know," Jessica said. "It still sounds dangerous to me."

"It could work," Julie said. "Anyway, Ai's a tiny girl. She won't be able to hurt him much. Just keep your balls cupped, master. We wouldn't want those precious things hurt."

"Here, here," Victoria said as she slid the plate back. "Your dick is the only place a mother can find a good fuck around here."

The waitress had returned to refill drinks and overheard what Victoria said. Rather than be embarrassed, the slut of a mother smiled at her and winked a knowing wink, as if to say, "You heard me right." The woman smiled weakly, refilled their drinks, and rushed away.

Jack chuckled. "Anyway, if things don't work out with James then we'll go after Justin next. I mean, Katie is really submissive and will probably go down pretty easily."

"She did before," Jessica said cheekily and everyone laughed.

"I don't know if that's the best idea either," Victoria chimed in while picking at her salad. "You and Justin are about as close as you and James are."

"I've never fought with Justin," Jack said quickly, without much thought.

"No, but by the time you were ten he was already in his late twenties. There is an enormous age-gape there. You two never really had time to develop much of a bond. He's always been more of a strange adult to you than a sibling, and you were always more of a strange kid to him."

This made Jack think hard about his relationship with Justin, and he realized quickly that there wasn't much to think on. He had hardly any memories with Justin there. Sure, he came to family gatherings, but they never spent any time alone. Victoria was right; they were never really like family.

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