tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 12

Eros Extended Ch. 12


Chapter Twelve: Jillian

The maze seemed never ending. This realm was most vast than Jack could even begin to imagine. Jillian truly did have the mind of a genius, Jack realized. It easily outclassed anything he had ever seen before. The light that burned above him was enormous and brilliant, and it made him wonder how Athena could control Jillian in the first place.

Eros led him silently. He walked him down paths and around corners without a word. It was like he had given up. He slouched and shuffled like an old man, though his appearance was that of a boyish youth.

Bored, Jack ran his fingers along the stone walls as he did when he was a child. The roughness of them numbed his fingertips over time. He stared up at the blue sky above them. An enormous golden sphere burned in the very center of it.

"Eros," Jack said after some time.

"What doth ye want now, mortal?"

"I was thinking; since we have a long walk ahead you may as well explain that power to me. Even if I can't use it I would still like to know."

Eros glanced back, scowled, and remained silent.

Jack frowned. He took hold of the leash with both hands and yanked on it hard. Eros twist, flailed, and fell onto his back. On the ground he fell into a fit of powerful coughs. When he looked up at Jack his lips were a thin cut across his face. His gaze was steady and hateful.

Jack stood above Eros and glared down at him. "I've had enough of these games. You always try to resist me, to cause trouble for me, and I am sick of it. Now, you will answer me, and you will do it now!"

Eros grimaced. He stood with some effort and began dusting his alabaster skin. "They are powers. That should be sufficient enough knowledge for one such as ye."

"Well, it's not, so answer me! What was that power?"

Eros started turned his back on Eros and walked until the leash was taught. He then looked back at Jack with an empty expression and asked, "Will ye follow or hath ye turned to stone?"

Jack stared at Eros in surprise and shock. He had power over the god, or so he thought. Yet Eros betrayed him at every turn. His grip tightened on the chain. "How...How dare you speak to me like..."

Eros gave a ghost of a grin. "Some battle ye shan't win, mortal! If ye hear of my glamour than hear this: I have many gifts, many of which ye shan't have, for they are mine and mine alone. When ye fail, and ye fill, I will wrench control from your frail mortal fingers and take my rightful place in the sky once more!" Eros laughed a hard, bitter laugh. "Enjoy playing the part of a god, mortal. Someday I will rise again, and on that glorious dawn ye shall fall into eternal night!"

Jack didn't know how to respond at first. Words rose up in his throat but they sounded only like grunts and curses when he utters them. Cheeks red and his ego bruised, Jack stormed Eros and hit him as hard as he could with his fist. Eros went sprawling to the ground. His face was bruised and his lips torn open. Standing over him, Jack glared.

"You will never speak to me that way again, Eros. I am your master and you will obey!"

Jack jerked on the chain, yanking Eros up. "And make no mistake, Eros. I AM your master. Now we can go. I'm done with his conversation."

From that point Eros walked in silence. He wiped the blood from his lips onto the back of his hand. It left a red smear on his otherwise flawless skin.

They walked until they reached a field of flowers. The colors here were more vivid than anything Jack had ever seen. Deep, lush purples were surrounded by dark red and brilliant blues. It looked like a sea of color as the flowers swayed gently in the breeze.

A girl who looked very much like Jillian danced through the field. She was naked and oblivious to their existence. Her breasts swayed openly with her movements, jostling as she spiraling and tumbled into the flowers. Her stomach had a slight curve to it, one that was sensual and attractive. It was a scholar's bump, Jack thought with a smile.

Atop her head was a halo of flowers. It rested on her tangle of blonde hair. She giggled and spun about with a smile on her face.

"Which one is this?"

"The girl's heart," Eros said solemnly.

"Right, it looks easy enough," Jack said as he watched her dance. "I don't think I'll need you."

Jack released the chain, and it detached from his wrist. Like a stone dropped to the ground it fell heavily into the dirt, where it galvanized once more.

"Ye dare to leave me," Eros asked bitterly. Jack walked away while laughing.

Jack approaches her easily, sauntering through the flowers without a care. The Heart looked up at him from within the flowers. She is on the ground, on her hands and knees, and her big brown eyes gaze up at him curiously. He is the predator, and she is the prey.

Seemingly unaware of their roles, the Heart leapt up and waved at him eagerly. "Hello," she said. Her breasts swayed with her movements. Her rosy nipples were a blur. This action came across as both unbearably cute and incredibly erotic.

The seduction was quick and easy. Jack merely jerked himself to full erection and displayed it to her. She then pounced on him and buried her face in his crotch.

"It smells good," she said between breaths. She smelled of his balls and his shaft, and each breath made her more flushed and aroused. Heat radiated from her in the form of color and lust. She licked his balls experimentally and found that she liked the taste.

Jack stood so that he was above her while she kneeled and suckled on him. She took him into her mouth eagerly and moved with purpose and need. It wasn't like the mind, who seemed to possess some level of clinical knowledge though was unskilled in the application. Instead the Heart poured herself into his pleasure and gave him a blowjob that possessed a contagious energy to it.

As she sucked on him she fingered herself. Two fingers slid easily into her smooth, gleaming cunt as she mewled around his cock and jerked on his thick shaft. Jack watched in shock as she struggled to take him deeper with each dip of her head. Each time she would gag and try again. Suffocation never deterred her. Already she was a slave to the pleasure he offered.

Jack decided to try something a bit different. He extracted himself from her grip and rested on his back. Motioning for her to straddle him he said, "Come over and suck on me this way."

The Heart obeyed. She was eager to have him in her mouth, and the promise of more pleasure was good news to her. She rushed his big, fat cock and jammed it into her mouth.

Her smooth, alabaster thighs flanked his head. Her cunt was juicy and smooth. The smell of it was powerful and deeply arousing. He could almost taste her before even having a sample.

She had him in her mouth without hesitation. Holding his big cock with both hands she jerked and sucked on it lovingly, throwing herself into his pleasure without a second though. Soon he was buried in halfway down her throat, a feat that could only be accomplished in this realm.

Jack moved skillfully, spreading her sopping pussy with his fingers and attacking it with his tongue. He dug in deep, feeling his way through her womanhood, tasting of her depths. He alternated between deep swipes of his tongue and shallow licks, teasing her and building her to a gradual orgasm.

She was choking on him now. With one hand she held him and with the other she massaged his balls slowly, rolling them gently in her palm. Her eyes were closed and she moaned gratefully around his cock as her pleasure swelled.

Their pleasure was so great that the flowers around them shimmered. A pink swath was cut into the sky and spread like ink as they continued their affair.

Jack swirled his tongue and ran it along the length of her labia. He then found her clitoris and swirled his tongue slowly, around and around, teasing her to powerful orgasm.

Light burst around them. The sky was a dark rose and the sun was blocked out. They were alone there in that field. The flowers had all changed, bursting like bubbles around them, and they floated on the air.

The Heart shuddered above him and, with regret, extracted him from her mouth. She fisted in and gasped for air, struggling to breath as the pleasure consumed her. "Please, your tongue won't be enough to sate this heat." She gazed and him with craving. "I need you, all of you. Please..."

Though Jack was enjoying their current position, he found it impossible to refuse such a request. So he took mercy on her and repositioned them. She was on her hands and knees before him, and he was behind her, pressing his mammoth godhood into her tight and willing cunt. It slid in smoothly with no resistance.

The Heart was more eager than any woman Jack ever met. She was a creature of pure passion, existing without inhibition or regret. All she felt was pleasure and all she sought was pleasure. She moved without hesitation or fear, and Jack rather liked that. He preferred not to frighten the girls he was with.

One swift movement buried him inside of her. His balls pressed against her fleshy thighs. She bore no pain, no discomfort, only the unbridled pleasure of Jack's divine cock.

They worked in primal symbiosis, moving as one, writhing and meeting on instinct. They crashed against one another in a euphoric dance that elevated them to greater realms of pleasure than Jack though possible.

Eros watched from the side, scowling. Despite his irritation he had an enormous erection. Jack spied this and chuckled. High from passion and pleasure he flicked a finger toward Eros. In a flare of golden light the chain disappeared, leaving Eros only with his collar.

"Go ahead and join us. I think you've earned at least that," Jack said. He motioned forward and said, "Her mouth is free if you like."

The Heart panted like a dog. An orgasm hit her and from deep within her body she released an impassioned mewl.

Though bitter, Eros did not pass up the opportunity. He was a god of lust and sex and when presented with a chance at both he took it. At first the Heart was startled when he pressed his sizable cock into her face, but soon she was lost in the pleasure again. She slurped on him as if he were a familiar face, a long time love.

Passion crackled in the air, thick like ozone. All three of them were lost again, riding high on the pleasure that only sex could bring. It swelled and surged, greater than any of them could comprehend. Jack's skin tingled with the need to cum. Sweat rolled down his skin, igniting his flesh with virile flame. He felt ready and his cock pulsed with life.

He tried to contain it and hold back but it was pointless. He pulsed inside of her, and in return the Heart's velvety channel hugged him and brought him to an orgasm. He thrust into her one last time and erupted.

From there his orgasm started a chain reaction. As his essence flooded the Heart's womanhood it sent waves of pleasure rushing through her nerves. These waves took the already existing pleasure which she felt and multiplied them a hundred times over. Her body shimmered with sweat and quaked with joy, and she came.

As she came she sucked hard on Eros' cock. Her lips, swollen from exertion, clamped tightly to his godhood as she buried him deep within her. She choked on him and took him to the base; an act no mortal woman would ever hope to achieve.

Surrounded by heat, sweat, and flesh, Eros became lost to mortal sensations. The pleasure that Jack gave off melded with the pleasure that the Heart felt, and all of it washed over Eros and drowned him. Eros came so hard that his balls ached and his legs quivered.

The Heart choked on his thick sperm as it emptied directly into her belly. The heat of his sperm and the pleasure of swallowing it met with the intense orgasm that she was already having and made it swell more. She jerked and sucked him harder, desperate to glut on his seed. Pleasure swelled within her and erupted in an orgasm so powerful that the sky literally shook.

By the end of her orgasms the Heart was coated in sperm. She was face down in the flowers, cum caking her face. Jack's cum leaked from her worn pussy onto the soft earth below.

She rolled over onto her back and stared dizzily up at the two. Then she smiled, and her teeth were glossy with Eros' sperm. Jack kneeled at her side and smiled down at her. She lazily grasped at his limp, sticky cock.

"Master..." The word was simple and heart-felt.

Jack smiled, stood, and looked at Eros triumphantly. "That's two down and one to go," he announced.

Eros grunted in response.

Jack summoned the chain that bound Eros and tugged on it gently. "Lead the way, please."

Though openly irritated, Eros did as he was told and led Jack away from the field of flowers. They entered the labyrinth once more and started down another winding path.

In his head Jack planned for his last trial against the soul. He smiled; feeling assured that he would succeed.

The path to the soul was the longest by far. Jack and Eros walked in complete silence the entire way there. As they walked Jack tried to draw a map of the labyrinth inside of his head. When they arrived it occurred to him that the soul was located at the approximate center of the maze.

The Soul's area was vastly different from the others. The sun that shined down on it was not only at its brightest, it was also dangerously close. The enormous sphere ate up the sky with its luminescence. A large fire burned at the center of the field, and it fed on enormous branches and kindling that seemed to burn eternally. Large stones dotted the area, each taller and broader that Jack. Shimmering runes were scrawled along them.

As they entered they passed two large pillars cut out into Jillian's likeness. They were sentries to the area, but they did not possess the precise blue script of the other stones. Instead they bore the flowering rose script of another god.

Jack approached one of the stones. It was easily twice as tall as him. He felt the inscriptions upon it. They gave of a gentle warmth.

"What does it say," Jack asked Eros.

"Thus Stands Athena," Eros responded quietly.

Jack's gaze became steely. "Not for long," he said.

They walked deeper into the field and made their way to the bonfire at the center. There they found a beautiful woman waiting. Her hair was long, curly, and colored like wheat. She was fair of skin and the bluest eyes Jack had ever seen. She bore a striking resemblance to Eros.

She smiled at the both of them upon their approach. "There stands brave Eros, a pet for a mortal boy." She laughed a rich, honeyed laugh. "How delightful it is to see you again!"

"Curses upon ye, Athena! Curses upon ye and the wench ye keep!"

Jack looked between the two. "Wait, THAT'S Athena?"

"Do not fret," Athena said dismissively. "I shall not interfere. I merely want to watch as you fail."

"Fail," Jack asked with a laugh. "I've already taken two of the three, lady."

"Mayhap ye have, mortal, but the soul is the core," Eros said. "Without it ye remain but a shadow within the fire of her being." He looked at Jack sternly and said, "I lament each moon that passes as I serve ye, mortal, but I'd rather watch as this sow falls than see her sit upon my throne. Ye must be firm as stone and twice as resolved not to move. The soul will not be as easy as the other two. It is loyal to Athena, and it will resist ye."

"But I thought that Athena released Jillian for the trial?"

"Yay, the sow released her mortal, but the soul does not forget. Souls remain true to their masters, whoever or whatever the quality of that master. Now, move with the speed of the gods, boy, and do not fail."

Jack stared at Eros momentarily. He was caught off guard by both Eros' sudden support and the look of concern on Eros' face. Up to this point Eros would only sneer and dismiss Jack, but he seemed genuinely frightened for Jack's survival now.

Jack glanced at Athena, who watched in subtle amusement. Something about her upset Eros to the point that he was supporting Jack. Something about her upset Jack just by looking. He scowled and resolved to put her in her place.

He bound Eros to a nearby stone and approached Athena. His heart was struggling to escape through his guts. Everything part of his body shook so strongly he feared that his body was trying to rebel and run away. He had already taken two, but it seemed that the true battle had only just begun.

"Yes, Eros, wait there by the stone like a good little puppy. Your master has business with a real god."

"Silence, cow! Ye shall get ye comeuppance!"

Jack approached Athena and swallowed down his fear. He put a smile on his face and said, "So, you're the real to life Athena. You're prettier than I expected."

Athena smiled a cordial smile that hid none of her venom. "Why, thank you, mortal. Unfortunately your words win you no favor. Now, off with you. Be gone forever from my realm!"

"Your realm? Isn't this actually Jillian's realm that I'm standing in?"

Athena laughed her rich, condescending laugh. "Nay, mortal, this realm is not Jillian's realm. She gave it to me, in dedication to my knowledge. It was a sacrifice made in the name of my power."

"She gave herself to you? That sounds foolish."

"Yes, mortals are rather foolish, aren't they?"

Jack glanced between the two gods and said, "I've noticed that you don't speak like Eros."

"Yes, none of the gods ever did. Eros tries to make his speech flowery and beautiful; the fool. The rest of us simply try to be." She sighed and combs her long, pale fingers through her thick, what curls. "He is young and but a child. In time he will learn."

"He's the youngest...?"

"What? Does it frighten you to learn that your greatest success, the dominance of a god, was merely you taking control of what could, at most, be considered a mere adolescent?"

Jack shrugged her comment off and said, "No, I'm just tired of this conversation." When Athena's face faltered he said, "Where can I find Jillian's soul."

Athena pointed toward the enormous bonfire that burned just behind her. A myriad of colors erupted from it, ranging from vivid tongues of red and brilliant lashes of blue.

"She waits inside of there."

"And how exactly am I supposed to get to her in there?"

"Walk the flames, mortal."


"Fear not. Whether the flames burn you is your decision."

Jack looked back to her and said, "Explain."

"I'm sorry, what did you say? I'm not one of your little heifers, mortal, nor am I your faithful little puppy. This is something you will have to figure out for yourself." She smiled at him then and said, "I suppose you've forgotten how to do things on your own, haven't you?"

Jack dismissed her goading and walked toward the fire. At first it appeared as nothing more than a brilliant light show, but as he approached the heat became intense. His hair was blown back and his eyes burned. Sweat beaded along his face and neck and behind his cock and balls. It ran down his chest and back.

As he approached he had to shield his face. His feet burned on the grace and his hands and legs blistered. When he reached the flames he had no time to contemplate his next move. All of his epidermis was melting away, revealing the raw flesh below.

"She will not fall to your tawdry tricks, mortal. The soul is the most clever part of a person, and hers will not bend to you."

Jack cursed and braced himself. Covering his face and crotch with his hands he stepped into the flames and felt them roll over his body. All of him erupted into flames. They danced and slithered along his flesh, burning skin with the slightest touch.

Soon he was wrapped in a shawl of hungry fire. He couldn't see or taste, and all he could smell was burning flesh and kindling. His skin was melted to the bone, and his bones melted to the marrow, and his marrow was turning to steam. He felt himself being cleansed to the core, and all he could do is scream.

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