tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 13

Eros Extended Ch. 13


Chapter Thirteen: Return to the Throne

After the trial Victoria drove a rather tired Jack home. He didn't go home alone though. No, he brought his spoils of war. Jillian slept against his shoulder the entire ride home. It was a quiet, joyous occasion. Jack had just toppled another god and earned his place amongst the pantheon.

Jack was exhausted but he couldn't sleep. So he watched Jillian. She still possessed a gentle blue light within her, and that was Athena's spirit, bound in thralldom just as Eros was to Jack. Jillian was still a goddess, in a way, but she was his goddess and she served him completely.

Thinking about the gods made Jack a bit sad. He lost his powers for only a week and felt incomplete. He couldn't imagine having all that power for so long and then losing it to someone else. To one minute be a god and the next be a slave to a mortal must be humiliating. He personally hoped that he would never have to find out.

When they arrived Victoria helped Jack carry Jillian in. They put her to rest on the couch and put a blanket over her.

"You should rest as well," Victoria said, but Jack shook his head.

"No, I have places to go, work to do."

"You look exhausted."

Jack grinned wryly. "I'll rest when I'm dead," he said.

Victoria clicked her tongue and put her hands on her hips. Without the lust in her eyes she wouldn't looked like a mother. Unfortunately all she could manage was a disapproving slut.

"I'll be back soon," Jack said quickly. "I just need to visit the Kernberries."

"Fine, but don't be long," Victoria said. "You've had a long week and you deserve a bit of a breather."

"I hear that," Jack said as he waved and left the house. He walked alone to the Kernberry's home and entered without knocking. It felt good to have such power again, and it felt good to be a god and see boarders only where he imagined them.

The house was quiet and he found the Kernberry family in the living room. They were all curled up on their own seats, each reading their own book. The family seemed so distant from one another, as if they weren't a family at all.

It occurred to Jack that the most united he ever saw the family was when they worshipped him. His power gave them something to bond over, and it made them a family in true. He was the crux to their existence, and his presence was more important to them then they could ever realize. His return to the throne was beneficial, not just for him, but for all of his followers.

They were watching the entrance to the living room, waiting for him to join them. Each had their books closed and resting on their laps. It was like they could feel him coming, in the very same way that he could feel their light. Mr. K looked solemn and regretful at Jack's approach. Mrs. K smiled, loyal as she always was. Ambrosine was missing, he noted.

Jack walked over to Mrs. K, who bowed before him. He helped her stand and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Martha," he said fondly.

"Master," she said. Her cheeks were flushed with joy.

"I have to thank you for all of your effort in these trying times. It really meant a lot to me that you were willing to risk everything. You're loyalty has been inspiring."

"It was no trouble, master. You made it very clear to me what I needed to be happy." Her blushed darkened, and she seemed to radiate with love for him.

Jack turned his attention to Mr. K, who sat solemnly in his chair. He kept his gaze averted, as if he were unworthy to look at his master. Jack took pity and spoke to him. "Stand, Arthur, you know what you've done, and I see no reason to punish you. Just understand that from now on you WILL obey my orders, whatever they are and whenever I give them."

Mr. K stood but kept his head bowed in reverence and submission. "I understand my lord." He smiled slightly and added, "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. Now, where might I find my beautiful girlfriend?"

Mr. K exchanged a quick glance with Mrs. K, who suddenly looked uncomfortable. "She is upstairs, where she has been since you returned to power, my lord." He sounded worried.

Jack ignored their queer behavior and made his way to the stairs. "I'll be back down to say goodbye before I go home," he said, and he scaled the stares. When he reached the top of the stares he went directly to her room. Inside he found her hidden beneath the blankets, sobbing uncontrollably. The room was dark, with the curtains drawn, and the air was thick with depression.

Jack waited at the doorframe, knocking to get her attention. Ambrosine rolled over and looked at him with swollen, red eyes. When she first saw him she gaped and then she hid her face beneath the blankets, suddenly ashamed to show herself.

"J-Jack, I didn't know...I'm sorry, my lord. I shouldn't disgrace you with...I'm a mess. I'm so sorry."

Jack smiled gently at her and entered the room. When he reached the bed he pulled her blanket aside and pulled her close, placing a kiss upon her forehead. "Ambrosine, it's fine. A lot has happened, so it's understandable that you're a bit emotional, but we have a lot to talk about, so please don't hide." He smoothed her hair and added, "Besides, I think you look beautiful."

Ambrosine sniffled and looked up at him with puffy eyes. "Th-thank you, master. I don't deserve such kindness after I...I..." Despite all her effort the words tumbled out of her, and along with them came a fresh stream of tears. "Jack...Master! I am so sorry that I betrayed you. I understand my mistake, and I realize that everything we did together was my choice. I CHOSE to serve you, and I CHOSE to give you my life. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, and I understand if you don't forgive me. I would give anything to be your girlfriend or even just a slut, but I understand completely if you don't want me..."

Jack took her chin gently in his grasp and pulled her into a deep kiss. The words were lost in his mouth and in his lips, which burned with his lustful passion. His heat encased her and overwhelmed her, burning away her sorrow and her doubt. When he released her she was breathless.


"I forgive you, Ambrosine. Everyone makes mistakes, even me. What's important is that you recognized your mistake and that we can move on."

"So I am your slut," she asked as she wiped away her tears.

"Of course," Jack said.

"...And am I your..." She sounded hopeful and doubtful at the same time.

"Of course," Jack said with a pleasant smile.

Ambrosine leapt into him, nearly toppling him over. Her full breasts weighed heavy against him, ripe for his taking. Jack pulled her tightly and kissed her again. This time she gave off her own heat and it mingled with his, suffusing them both with desire.

They rested in bed for a while, holding each other and comforting each other. It went no further then. Jack had things to do, and he told her so as he left. "I'll come back later though, and I promise we'll have a ball."

Ambrosine smiled knowingly and said, "I look forward to it."

As Jack walked down the stairs he contemplated the nature of his control. Jillian was his entirely, and he knew that. The women who succumb to him outside of his godly grace were also his completely. They dedicated themselves to him body, mind, heart, and soul.

Ambrosine, it seemed, was not entirely his. He could feel it in her light. When Jillian fell to his command each part of her was taken by Jack. Ambrosine, on the other hand, had given him her heart and her mind, but had resisted his control with as much of her soul as she could. Part of her still struggled for freedom against him, and Jack could not understand why.

That was why she resisted his control when he was mortal. She did not believe in him completely. Part of her doubted his power and his intention. Perhaps even part of her wanted it for herself, and though Jack loved her dearly he couldn't allow that. As he left the Kernberry abode he made a note to keep a close watch on Ambrosine, his beloved, in cease she tried to resist him in the future.

After speaking with the Kernberry family Jack decided to return home. He found messages waiting for him on the answering machine. The first message was from James and Ai, who both apologized for their behavior and expressed interest in seeing him soon. Ai, in particular, sounded very lustful.

Similar messages waited for him, each expressing their own desire to see him. Some came from Justin and Christian, each expressing their shame. Some were from Christina and her daughters, or Xion and Kate, who were all somehow aware of his return to power and longed for big, thick godhood and the pleasure it could bring them.

After listening through all of the messages Jack went to the master bedroom. His mother was there cleaning. She was making the bed in the nude. When Jack entered she looked to him instinctively and smiled. Her nipples were hard and he could nearly smell her arousal.

"Master," she said in a lustful purr. "I was just changing the sheets for you. Won't do for a god to sleep in a dirty bed, will it?" She slid the sheet into place and then stood. Her body looked perfect. Her breasts, in particular, drew Jack's attention.

Jack grinned and said, "No, I guess that wouldn't do. You're always thinking of me, mother."

"What kind of slut would I be if I didn't," she said coyly. She glanced at his crotch and added. "What do you say we christen these sheets, master?"

Jack took a moment to gaze into her eyes and through them into her soul. He examined it closely, looking for any part of her that resisted him, and he found that she was very different from Ambrosine. Perhaps it was because she was his first conquest, or that her submission was slow and methodic, but she possessed no doubt. Her mind, heart, and soul all shined with his light. Every fiber of her being belonged entirely to Jack.

He shifted his gaze to her magnificent body. Her breasts were large and round. They sat high on her chest and each was capped with small, brown areola and equally small, very hard nipples. Her stomach flexed gently with her impassioned breaths, and she was offering herself to him. Jack found it a hard offer to turn down.

"I'm sorry, but I was just stopping by to see what you were up to. That said, you finish making the bed, and I'll see if I can't work up something for you tonight."

Victoria smiled broadly at the thought. "Of course, master. I'll be waiting."

Jack his mother to his work and cut through the living room. He went down the hall and ran into Julie on the way to his destination. When she saw him she embraced him, pulling him close against her tight body and enormous breasts. As she hugged him she ground her crotch against his, indicating her lust.

"Master," she said in a low, sensual purr. "Glad to have you back. Now how about we give that cock of yours the workout it deserves."

"That's quite the offer, but no thank you. Now, if you could, just stand still and let me take a good look at you."

She laughed a deep, rich laugh that was filled with lust and said, "Okay. You know I'd do anything for you now that you fucked me into submission."

Julie stepped back and gave Jack a view of her, and he could immediately see her glow. Even before he looked into her eyes he could tell how much she loved him and how much power she truly gave him. No part of her resisted him. When she submitted to him that day she literally gave him everything there was to give, which is a true feat for someone so fierce.

Jack smiled and caressed her cheek. It a light touch, but it was enough to make his older sister quiver with need. "Oh, master...Are you sure we can't give that cock a go?"

"I'm sure. I was actually just on my way to visit Jessica. Do you know where she is?"

"I think she's in the bathroom. It's her time of the month."

"I see," Jack said through his teeth. "Well, anyway, I have a guest in the house, Julie. So you be on your best behavior."

Julie crossed her arms at his reprimand. It served to make her breasts swell in defiance. "Don't talk to me like that! Just because I'm your slut doesn't mean you can treat me like a child."

"Noted," Jack said with a chuckle. "I just want you to be hospitable. You tend to scare away girls when you're horny. It makes you...territorial."

Julie glanced away guiltily. "Noted," she said.

"So, if you would, go make nice and ask if she needs anything to eat or drink."

Julie frowned.

"It'd mean a lot to me."

She glanced at his crotch and sighed. "Fine, but I better get a pussy full of cum before the night is over," she said as she sauntered past him. Jack, amused by her behavior, followed her out and watched her ass as she moved.

"Thank you," he said once they reached the kitchen. "Now, since the munchkin is preoccupied, I'm going to visit with grandma. Make sure everything is good there, you know?"

Julie grinned back at him and said, "The life of a god is a busy one, no?"

"You wouldn't even believe it," Jack said with a laugh as he left. On the way he passed a still resting Jillian. The light in her was fluctuating and reshaping. Pockets of blue were fading away, giving room for pink to take their spots. She was his, but she was still changing, evolving into a more loyal slut.

Jack crossed the street and entered his grandparent's house through the front door. It felt nice to walk in like he owned the place, and he essentially did. Being a god over both his grandmother and grandfather gave him absolute control, and it meant that he no longer had to sneak around. It was only right, after all. Gods should never have to sneak around.

When he entered he was greeted by a familiar scent: freshly baked cookies. As usual his grandmother tried to bury herself in baked goods to comfort her own anxieties. It was a strange defense mechanism that Jack was familiar with. As soon as he entered the house she put her baked goods aside and rushed to bow before him.

"Master...," she said in a tiny, nearly inaudible voice. "Master, I am so sorry that I questioned your authority!"

"It's okay. You don't have to bow, and you don't have to bake anything. It's fine."

Rebecca looked up at him with big, teary eyes. "I...I made those cookies to say...I...I apologize," she said, and she stood quickly and rushed out of the room. From the kitchen Jack heard scraping and the sound of cookies falling into the trash.

Jack rushed quickly by his grandfather, who barely moved at all. There was something strange about the blank expression his grandfather wore, but Jack didn't pay it much attention. He was too focused on his grandmother.

He grabbed his grandmother by the wrist and wrestled the cookie sheet from her. Setting it on a nearby counter top, Jack settled and sighed. His grandmother, on the other hand, continued to sob weakly to herself.

"You didn't need to throw them away, either."

"I...I just want to make you happy..."

"I know," Jack said, and he released the cookie sheet so that he could embrace her. His grandmother hugged him as tightly as she could, pulling his skinny frame into her curves. Jack smoothed her hair and shushed her. "Calm down...It's all okay...I forgive you. Your master forgives you."

She sniffled a bit more and released a tense breath. "I'm...okay. Thank you for your patience, master."

Jack smiled and kissed his grandmother on the forehead. "It's no problem at all. After all, you're my grandmother, and I love you."

She smiled bashfully at that. "Thank you. I love you too, master. I'm glad you're back."

Jack grinned knowingly. "I'm sure you are. Now, let me have a look at you."

His grandmother nodded and stood before him, her arms at her side. Jack ignored her glorious figure, which she displayed in clothes tight enough to be a second skin. Instead he gazed into the light within her eyes, and he saw the true her.

Despite all of the trouble and the resistance she gave him, Jack began to understand her reluctance. For the first time he gazed not into the grandmother he wanted to control, but into the grandmother that he had. He saw all parts of her, and he understood her betrayal completely.

His grandmother had submitted to him. She gave him her body and her lust. Her mind was his to control, and her will bent before his will in all things. Her heart, on the other hand, still belonged to another. She loved her husband deeply, and likely always would. It upset Jack, but he didn't want to force her submission, and he certainly didn't want to break her.

Jack blinked and wiped a few tears from his eyes. Though he wanted his grandmother to shine with only his light, he couldn't deny the beauty of her life either. It was strange to look in on another person, because Jack didn't just see their light. He felt it, and he could feel the bittersweet love she felt for an old, dying man. It felt like pride, determination, and futility.

"Master, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Jack said. He took his grandmother and pulled her in close, giving her one last comforting hug. "I want you to know, grandma. No matter what happens, I love you, and I will always take care of you."

Rebecca smiled and hugged him tightly again. "I know you will, master." She buried her face into his chest and inhaled his scent. It made her feel safe, and it made her feel horny for him. Heat blossomed within her, and she sighed in relief at his return.

"Well, I should be going," Jack said as he let her go.

"So quickly," she asked. "Wouldn't you like to stay for some dinner? Or perhaps a snack...or anything else?" She blushed at the implications of her statement.

Jack chuckled and declined. "I only came by for a quick visit. I've got big plans for tonight." Jack leaned in and kissed his grandmother on the cheek. "You take care though, my little grandma slut. I promise I'll come by some other time and make you howl my name."

Rebecca's blush darkened. "I...I will look forward to that," she said as she averted her gaze.

When Jack made it home he caught up with Jessica. He found her alone in her room, curled up and groaning. Though a god and ruler of the house, Jack felt there are some things that even he shouldn't intrude upon and knocked at the door.

"Go away," Jessica snapped at first. Then she saw who it was and said, "Oh, sorry, bubba. You can come in. Just...Just close the door behind you. And lock it. Thanks."

Jack sat on the bed next to her and started rubbing her back gently. Jessica, to his surprise, seemed comforted by this and stretched out for him.

"I hear you aren't doing too well," he said.

"Understatement," she said curtly. "Keep rubbing!"

"Okay, okay," Jack said, and he moved his hand under her shirt to rub her back.

"Better," she muttered through a sigh. "Did you need something?"

"Just wanted to talk to you," Jack said. "Things have been hectic lately. We haven't really had time to chat since the whole trial thing."

"Yeah," Jessica said. "Though, I think you proved that you're a god. You've got the cock back at least." She looked back at him with tired eyes and winked. "It's funny though. When you were normal the thought of your god-cock scared me. Now that its back I want it. And I want it bad. I mean, like, I would be on top of you right now if I weren't cramping so bad, bad."

Jack chuckled. "The world is strange like that. Still, I wouldn't want to cause you discomfort."

"It'd feel fucking amazing right now," she said. "In between the cramps, bubba, I get super, wild, uncontrollably horny. It's a real shame, you know. Sometimes I get the horniest when no one will touch me." Her toes curled. "Ow, ow, fucking ow..."

"You okay?"

"Nothing a pick axe and a shovel can't fix..."

Jack grimaced. "I don't think I like where this conversation is going."

"It's a joke...A joke that I seriously contemplate about once a month..."

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