tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 14

Eros Extended Ch. 14


Chapter Fourteen: New Horizons

It was finally time for Jack to take his test. There were still a few things which he had to take care of before he did. So the morning after his luscious three way blowjob Jack woke up early and rode up to the school with Ambrosine. She took him to the dormitory where he would potentially live to meet the man in charge.

When they arrived they pulled up to a large, cube-like building. It was a few stories high and stood nearly alone in a small field near the campus. Ambrosia explained that another one was being built, but that it wasn't a priority.

"It is the best school in state, but it's also still pretty local. Most people just commute."

"So what do I have to do to get in?"

Ambrosine turned off the car and said, "Well, only the best students get into housing. So, you'll have to work some magic on the dorm director to get in this late."

Jack smiled. "Then don't worry, because I know a bit about magic."

"I know you do," Ambrosine said with a smile as they got out of the car. "Here's a bit more information to help you out. There are two people who basically run the dormitory. The director is a man named Jordon Gold. He's kind of a pompous ass, but he's my boss, so don't tell him that I said as much. The other is the assistant director, his wife Stacy. She's super nice, but she's also kind of...absent minded."

Jack shrugged. "I don't mind that. Is she attractive?"

"She's a bit heavy..."

"O-kay, I'll take that as a no." They had been walking as they spoke and Jack stopped at the front door and asked, "So, Jordon is our target?"

"If you can get both on your side that would be ideal," Ambrosine said, and she smiled fondly at Jack. "You know, I'm very proud of you. I hope you come here and really succeed in your classes."

"I will," Jack said, halfway meaning it. "Though, I am mostly coming up here to expand my religion a bit more."

"I know," Ambrosine said, and her voice became a bit distant. "Still...I'm proud."

"Thanks, babe," Jack said, and he kissed her hand. "Now, let's get to work."

Ambrosine led him into the building. She had called ahead so that they would be let in. The dormitory used an electronic key to keep non-residence out, and the keys were turned off over break. Only the dormitory staff was allowed into the building until school started back up.

As soon as they entered a plump blonde woman greeted them. She had a pretty but very tired face. In her youth she must have been quite attractive, but at this point she looked more like a balloon than a person. She wore a nametag that said 'Stacy.'

"Hello, Ambrosine! It's good to see you!" Stacy did seem genuinely glad to see Ambrosine, and Jack found that her kindness and joy were rather infectious. It was like the color of the dormitory commons brightened with the woman's mood, and it became obvious that Stacy was something of a mother figure to the students who lived there.

"Hi, Stacy!" The two women shared a brief hug before Ambrosine said, "It's great to see you, too! Have you been losing weight?" Jack could tell immediately that the comment was just a pleasantry, but Stacy seemed flattered.

"It's nice of you to notice. This new diet I'm on is really starting to pan out."

Ambrosine gave a gentle, if somewhat sad smile. "I can tell. You should keep on it."

"Thanks, darling. Now who is this strapping young man?" Stacy looked Jack over and gave him a warm smile.

"This is my boyfriend, Jack. He's wanting to move up here for the next semester, and so I thought he could come up and talk with you all about it."

"Does he have the paperwork filled out? To live here he'll need the paperwork," Stacy said, and she shuffled away from them toward an office.

"Well, Jack's a bit of a special circumstance."

"Everyone is special," Stacy said with conviction, and she unlocked her office door. "Still, rules are rules, dear."

"Just give him a chance, and I'm sure you'll understand."

Stacy led them into her office, a horrible mistake made in the name of yellow. The coloring was so bright and loud that Jack had to wince when he first entered. Pictures of different dorm students were hung up on the walls, as were motivational pictures about hope and hard work.

Stacy took a seat behind her desk while Ambrosine and Jack sat in front of it. "Fine, go ahead."

Jack looked Stacy in her tired blue eyes, and he saw everything. Her emotions unrolled before him like a carpet, and everything that was Stacy was very clear.

Stacy used to be very beautiful, stunning even. She had been given many things in her life, because her fresh face and full-figure were easy on the eyes, while her flamboyant and gentle personality was easy on the soul. She never used to work for things, she just had them.

Then genetics caught up with her. She met the boy of her dreams, a smart, well-to-do man, and they had a baby together, and then her body swelled. After her second daughter it became even worse.

Her husband, who had married a beauty queen, had lost interest in her. Stacy became a lonely, heavy-set woman with an insatiable sex drive that was unattended. Sad and unappreciated, she used food to keep herself happy, and she tried to be a parent to the students of the dorm after her own children left the nest.

Jack felt for this poor woman, and he felt for her ego. He knew what it was like to feel empty and pointless. Before Eros he was the very same. He wanted to help her somehow, improve her life, and he felt the best way to do that was to become her body and change her life for the better.

Because he understood her, and because her mind was so open, she was easy to manipulate. With startling ease Jack pulled the cords that controlled her, and she submitted without a word. The ease with which he achieved this control made Jack feel a bit guilty.

"You can take me to your husband now."

Stacy was so attuned to Jack by then that his words were like gold. She flushed in the face and donned an enormous smile. "Of course, I'll take you to him right now. Follow me."

Outside in the hall Ambrosine leaned in and whispered to Jack, "Did you do something to her?"

"Why do you ask?"

"She was so against it at first, and then she suddenly changed her mind. People don't normally do stuff like that, Jack."

"They do for me."

"They only do it for you."

"I have my ways."

Ambrosine scowled. "I don't like you keeping secrets from me."

"They're divine secrets, honey. Now hush, I can't have a dissenter in my ranks."

"I'm not a dissenter," she snapped.

"Then follow my orders and don't worry about the how and why of things."

"Right," she said, but she didn't sound pleased.

It didn't take long to reach Jordon's office. He worked on site in one of the boys halls.

Stacy smiled as she showed them the door. "Jordon likes to have his office in the building so that he can stay close to the kids."

Jack picked up on the hidden meaning in her words though. Jordon was a control freak and he liked to keep an eye on the students so they didn't have fun.

Stacy knocked on the front door and waited until Jordon gave her the okay to enter.

Jack found that Jordon was a fairly plain looking man. He was black, but undistinguished. His hair was a bit messy, but aside from that he mostly just looked bored and a bit unfulfilled. Time was starting to catch up with him. His stomach protruded a bit beyond his belt, and when the three people entered his office he seemed exasperated.

"Jordon, these two wanted to talk to you about housing options."

"What's there to talk about? All of the information is online."

"Well, we wanted to see if there were any openings."

"There are, but you can only get in if your grades are high enough. You know this, Ambrosine."

"I do, but that is why we needed to speak with you directly." She tried to put on a sincere smile, but Jordon's expression made it difficult to feel joyous about anything.

"There's not much to talk about. You either have the grades, or you don't."

"Please, honey, hear them out."

Jordon shot Stacy a warning glance. It was obvious that the two never shared such pleasantries at work. Stacy got the message and shuffled behind Jack and out of view.

Jordon leaned back in his chair. "What do you want to say?"

It was obvious to Jack that Jordon was just trying to appease him. Without a plan Jack would get nowhere but wrapped up in red tape. So Jack went on the offensive, peering into Jordon's mind and trying to get a feel for him.

As expected, Jordon was a bit brighter than Stacy, but not a whole lot. His mind was a sleepy, quiet place. Long ago he had given up on hope or thrill, and he condemned himself to a sad life of service to ungrateful students and a needy family. Without much to look forward to Jordon started placing high priority on the rules. They kept him sane, and they kept him from being taken advantage of.

Jack pulled up a seat on the other side of the desk and stared Jordon in the eye. "Let me tell you about the situation I'm in. I promise you'll change your mind."

"What situation is that, Mr..."

"Hillton," Ambrosine said. "Jack Hillton."

"My situation is that my grades are perfect, and my assessment test will be the same...when I take it."

"Excuse me; I don't think I heard that right."

"I said that I haven't taken my assessment yet." When Jack said it he felt the energy in the room crash. Even Stacy had lost hope. "I am going to that, within the week."

"Unfortunately the deadline has passed. You won't even be in the mainframe if you aren't accepted to the college. I'm sorry, but it's hopeless. Even if you fill out all the paperwork now you're far too late. Better luck next year, now please get out of my office."


"No, there are no buts in the rules, Mr. Hillton. You can't just do as you please. There are a lot of people who want to come here, people who HAVE went through the necessary steps. Think ahead next time and have a good day." Jordon gestured toward the door, a punctuation at the end of his sentence.

Everything was quiet. A battle of wills was being fought. Stacy stood at the doorway, ready to open it for the guests. Ambrosine remained still, unsure of whether to leave or not. She was sure Jordon wouldn't change his mind, but she knew Jack, and she knew that he wouldn't accept anything but success.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going anywhere," Jack said, and he relaxed into his chair. Ambrosine felt the tension in the room ease and Jack settled, and she let out a great big breath she had been holding.

Jack released his glamour and started to insert himself into Jordon's brain. He planted a seed of light and began to nurture it, and the effects of it were almost instantaneous.

Jordon's face twitched as life struggled to take shape on it. "I'm sorry, but I will not change my mind."

"I think you will," Jack said with a dashing, dimpled smile. Everyone, Jordon included, was momentarily stunned by Jack's beauty. Light bubbled up inside of them all and started pouring into them. "I'm going to live here, Jordon, no matter what extreme measures I must take."

Despite his awe Jordon frowned. "What do you mean by that?" His heart beat was rapid now, and he was staring at this young man in awe. From how Jack sat he had a strange bulge in his pants. Jordon wandered if it was a gun. Whatever it was, Jordon thought it was awfully large.

"I mean that you will not only be housing a simple student. Your dormitory will be playing host to a god."

Jordon finally smirked, and he was in complete disbelief. "Oh? And you're that god?"

"You don't believe me?"

"I can't say that I do, no." Even as he said it Jordon doubted himself. Pink light crept into him, warping everything it touched. The longer Jordon stared, the more Jack seemed to glow.

"I suppose a demonstration is in order then. Mrs. Gold, if you could please lock the door. There can be no interruptions.

Already possessed by Jack's life, Stacy quickly did as she was ordered. Then she waited silently in the corner as Ambrosine stood and disrobed before everyone. Soon the young woman was completely naked and shameless in front of her superiors.

Jordon stared at beauty the likes of which he hadn't seen in years. Ambrosine was a glorious goddess of flesh. In particularly he was taken with her flat stomach and broad hips. The way her figure curved so smoothly was the sign of a true woman.

Ambrosine bowed before Jack once she was naked and asked, "How shall we demonstrate, my lord?"

"I think a blowjob would be adequate, darling."

Ambrosine nodded excitedly and extracted him from his jeans. Already Jack was swollen extremely large, though he was not fully erect. Sexual energy spread around the room his scent seeped into the walls. Jordon and Stacy lost their focus as their heads became foggy with lust.

Silently, Ambrosine stroked Jack to full length, and from there she worshiped him with her mouth. She showed her loyalty with her every action, and she risked her job and education for him. That was how deep her dedication and belief in him was. Nothing could stand in Jack's way. He was a god, and he would have whatever he desired. It was her duty to show the room, the world that truth.

Jordon watched in silent disgust. He wanted to reprimand them, but he couldn't find his voice. It fled in his awe. So he sat, his hands covering his gaping mouth, and his gaze stuck on the scene as it unfolded.

Stacy was openly aroused though. Heat consumed her from the loins out. Years of sexual dissatisfaction were being alleviated by simply watching Jack receive a blowjob. The light of her soul folded in on itself, collapsing under the enormity of Jack's glamour. It condensed momentarily and erupted outward in a flash of pink. All doubt as to the nature of Jack's godhood was forgotten by her, shattered by the image of his outstanding endowments.

Ambrosine lost herself in Jack's scent and taste. Fears were assayed by the surprising comfort of his cock pressing against the opening of her throat. As she served him she learned her true place. College was a place for her to learn, but being on her knees before Jack was a place to live. She no longer cared what Jordon or Stacy did, so long as they knew of Jack's greatness in the end.

Fully erect, the scent of Jack's rampant cock was unstoppable. It filled the room entirely, infusing the people inside with unshakable lust and a desire to submissive. Stacy was a vessel for lust, and Jordon had nearly forgotten himself.

Ambrosine gagged loudly, choking on Jack's dick. She wanted him in her to the deepest point. The more flesh she could touch and taste the better, but he was incredibly large and fat. He was too much for a mortal throat to handle. He was, of course, a god.

This continued until Jack was sure that the room was thick with his presence. Then he took Ambrosine by her thick, honey-blonde hair and pulled her free from his cock. She immediately took him into her hands and began stroking.

She looked at him in an adoring manner. Her eyes were bright, and her lips were stretched and slightly swollen. She smiled. "Do you want to fuck me now?"

"Yes," Jack rasped. His godhood throbbed in her palms, ready to pierce her in front of his two spectators. In doing so he would display his ultimate power, and he would make them submit before him. Jordon was staring in shock, and Jack smiled, because he had plans for the director.

Ambrosine stood and took a seat on Jordon's desk. His computer keyboard and papers were bushed onto the floor as she laid back, and her hair tumbled over as she looked back at her boss with a knowing smile.

"Sorry about the mess," she said with a hint of cheekiness. Jordon couldn't speak. He stared silently at the shape of her breasts as they moved with gravity. She followed his gaze to her bosom and chuckled throatily. "Enjoy the show," she said with a wink.

Jordon continued to watch silently as Jack lined up his enormous cock. It was impossibly long, more than three times his own size, and it was also outrageously thick. Regardless, it slipped into Ambrosine with only the slightest difficulty. She took him partway in, but it soon became clear that his godhood was far too big to fit inside of her entirely.

Stacy watched in awe from behind them. The sight of Jack fucking Ambrosine wasn't merely sex; it was a terrifyingly beautiful poetry. Ambrosine's tiny, youthful cunt was stretched in a way that made Stacy, a mother of two, cringe. Jack's enormous cock speared the poor college girl, reshaping her and possessing her, and the entire time Ambrosine howled in pleasure.

Ambrosine rode the tidal wave that was Jack. When he thrust into her she met him, writhing along his enormous dick with practiced skill. He held her legs up, grasping them like reigns. By controlling the depth and the speed, Jack controlled what Jordon and Stacy managed to see, and he gave them a show, alternating between a furious fucking to a slow, rhythmic pounding.

Ambrosine's breasts swayed in tune with the tempo Jack set, drawing the attention of every man in the room. Jordon couldn't decide whether to stare at her swaying breasts or her stretched cunt. So he looked between them, never staying on one for long.

The pleasure in the room was mounting, growing thicker with each push. Ambrosine had one orgasm, and another followed shortly after. They were small by comparison to what she would eventually feel, but they massive by comparison to what any mortal could give her.

Pleasure filled the room. It danced between Ambrosine and Jack, collected where their bodies joined, and dispersed. Each time their pleasures met it swelled outward, flooding the room with their delight.

With each thrust Jordon and Stacy became more lost to Jack. They grew lost in the way Jack fucked Ambrosine. Each flex, each twist, each push were their body beautiful moment. They grew lost in the glory of his erect godhood, and in the way he wrought pleasure on the very fabric of their existence.

Ambrosine came a third time, adding even more pleasure to the swelling storm of euphoria. As her pleasure grew, so did the storm's strength, amassing and sending out waves through the hallways of the entire building. It was just a warning though. The true storm was yet to come.

After continued thrusting Jack began to quicken. His balls were straining and his cock grew harder and fatter inside of Ambrosine. Soon he couldn't control himself. His orgasm was coming quickly, and he rushed to get commands out before it happened.

"Jordon," he shouted as he continued to pound Ambrosine senseless. "Pull your pathetic mortal cock out now!"

Caught up in watching the two young adults fucking on his desk, Jordon was surprised to find himself obey. Soon his penis was on display. It was fairly nice, for a normal one. Six inches long, with a slice curve to the left, and very dark in color, it was excruciatingly hard at that moment.

Ambrosine came again, and the force of the orgasm made her see little splashes of light and then darkness. She was floating in a cloud of euphoria as it crashed onto the room. The storm was hitting, and she was lost in its tumultuous current.

Jack surged inside of Ambrosine, and he withdrew with only a millisecond to spare. He called for Stacy, who was quick as lightning. Without a word she kneeled before him and opened her mouth wide to accept Jack's seed. He shot a thick, hot strand directly into her face and mouth.

Stacy came from simple contact with his cum, and it was the most powerful orgasm of her life. When his sperm hit her tongue she swished it around in her mouth, making sure the stickiness and heat of it coated her cheeks thoroughly.

She swallowed the first shot and then gladly accepted the third. The second ended up on her face and soaking into her blouse, but she didn't care. All of the orgasms were playing havoc with her mind.

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