tagNovels and NovellasEros Extended Ch. 16

Eros Extended Ch. 16


Chapter Sixteen: Arrival

The day finally came for Jack to leave. His family worked in solemn silence, loading his things into the family van. Then they all piled in together to see him off. Victoria, Julie, Jessica, and Rebecca all joined him on the trip, and his father drove. Ambrosine led the way in her own car. Her things were already moved in, so she didn't have much to take with her besides laundry.

The drive felt like an eternity for Jack, who was rather anxious despite everything. Going for a visit had been different. Actually moving away from home was something beyond his wildest dreams. During his depression it seemed so impossible that it felt childish to wish for. To have it happening was both incredible and terrifying.

He had a divine mission though, and he was determined to see it through. He would spread his influence and conquer the entire world, and the school was just his stepping stone. He wasn't alone though. He had the dorm director, the director's wife, the dean, and Ambrosine on his side. Despite this it almost felt like he was starting from square one, but he was confident that the school would bow to him.

The glamour he had won from Eros was powerful and his family of sluts would always support him, even if it was only in spirit for the time being. On a moment's notice he knew that they would abandon anything to join him and help him however he needed. After all, it was their duty, and to them it would be the highest honor.

When Jack arrived Jordon greeted him. While Jordon spoke to Jack's family about how great the year was going to be, Jack kept an eye out for prospective conquests. Already he saw there was a dichotomy to the girls in college. Some were gorgeous, and those that weren't attractive were unappealing, to say the least. It wasn't at all like he had imagined, with young, attractive female flesh as far as the eye could see. Reality was far more homely.

Still, Jack smiled. They would all bow before him regardless of their appearances.

"Master, it's a pleasure to see you again," Jordon said. He gave a slight bow, but not so low as to look suspicious. Though Jordon was loyal to Jack, he knew that it wouldn't look right to bow before his master in public. Not that early on, at least. Instead they shook hands like gentlemen. "Your roommate is already moved in. His girlfriend is in the room with him, looking fine as ever if I do say so myself."

Jack nodded. "That's good to hear. Then I guess we should get started moving in. No need to keep a future slut waiting."

Jordon chuckled. "Of course, master. If you need anything at all you're always welcome to ask and, of course, do whatever you like while you stay in my dormitory."

"You mean MY dormitory."

"Of course, master, I apologize" Jordon said, and he bowed his head slightly again before leaving.

Jack turned to his family and said, "Okay, everyone, it's time to get to work. Let's start grabbing stuff and hauling it in. I'm going to go ahead and see what this girlfriend looks like."

Jack's new room was the first on the right in the downstairs boy's hall. It had a residential advisor plaque beside the door, announcing that Nolan Lane lived there. On the front of the door were two pictures with little cowboy hats and names on them. One had Nolan's name written in an old west font and the other had Jack's.

The room would be small for two people. It had a bunk bed, two desks, two dressers, and two wardrobes. In the very corner of the room was a small sink. Sitting beside the sink was an equally mini-fridge that had a tiny microwave attached to it.

The walls were lined with posters of bikini clad women. None of them measured up to Jack's family, but they were all fairly attractive in their own right. These obviously belonged to Jack's roommate, who hadn't introduced himself yet.

One of the desks had a laptop resting on it. Various movies were stacked on one of its shelves with family photographs bordering them. Jack was just about to look at the picture when the bedroom door opened behind him.

Two people entered the room, a boy and a girl. The boy was rather handsome if a bit short. He had thick blonde hair that was spiked up, full lips, and dark blue eyes. He wore a wife-beater that showed off his muscular physique. The way he walked showed both confidence, and deeply hidden insecurities.

The girl beside him was tall and very thin. She had long, light brown hair that hung straight down her back and large brown eyes. Her face was a bit mousy but pretty, and her chest was flat. Though very thin, she had hips that rivaled Ambrosine's and an ass to die for. When she walked she sauntered, drawing attention to her perfect rear, and Jack was immediately aroused by the sight of her.

Before speaking to either of them Jack was quick to gaze into their lights. He learned that the boy was his roommate, and that he was very self-conscious about his height. He exercised and kept his body as fit as a way to compensate, and he obsessed over sports and sports teams to make himself appear more masculine. Before meeting his girlfriend he was a virgin, though he often bragged in the showers about how many women he had been with.

The girl was Jack's next conquest. She was a former cheerleader, and she was clearly very beautiful, she was not very bright. Like her boyfriend she was a virgin before, and she regretted their time together. Her family had raised her to repress her sexual urges, and each time she had sex she felt great shame. She wanted to revel in it though. Tension was building up behind the wall of repression from her youth, and Jack was eager to help her release it.

The boy paused at the door and then gave Jack and overly firm handshake. "Hey, you must be my new roommate. Nice to meet you, I'm Nolan."

Jack mentally filed away all of the information he had compiled and shook Nolan's hand. "Jack, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Nolan slipped his arm around the girl's waist and pulled her tightly to him and said, "This is my girl, Mary."

Jack took Mary's hand and held it gently as he greeted her. "Nice to meet you," he said.

Mary's grip was surprisingly strong, though her skin was very soft. As Jack shook her hand he toyed with her light a bit. He started with small touches, flaring her arousal a bit, and rearranging the clutter of her youth. The goal was to gradually wither the wall of repression that held her in check and to release her inner-slut at a later date.

"Hey, I think I recognize you," Nolan said. "You're Ambrosine's guy, right?"

"Yeah, Ambrosine and I are dating."

"That's cool, man. Ambrosine's pretty cool."

"I happen to think so myself," Jack said.

Silence settled then, but it lasted only a moment. Shortly after Nolan entered the room Jack's father came to the door. He was carrying a particularly large box and strained to get it inside. As he stumbled into the room he said, "Where would you like this box, mas..." The word luckily caught in his throat at the last minute.

Jack glanced Mary and Nolan to see if either caught it. When he was sure they hadn't he said, "Put it on my desk, pop." Then he turned to Nolan and Mary and said, "I'm going to help them unpack. We'll talk later though."

"Count on it, man," Nolan said, and he gave an over enthusiastic thumbs up.

Jack met Ambrosine out by her car. She had been helping Jack's family unload and only just got to her own stuff. When she saw him she set a box to the side and greeted him with a big, wet kiss.

"Hello there, beautiful," Jack said with a smile. He hooked his arms around her a tight hug,

"Master," she whispered to him lustfully. "How do you like your new room?"

"Just moving in now," Jack said. "I need to give it all time to sink in. I met my roommate though."

"Oh, and how did that go?"


"Yeah," Ambrosine said. "Interesting is a nice word for Nolan."

Jack chuckled. "He seems like he might be a bit much, but his girlfriend is hot as sin. So at least we have something in common."

Ambrosine smiled and kissed Jack again. "When did you get so sweet," she said playfully.

"Born that way," Jack said just before releasing her. He picked up the box she had been holding and carried it to the dorm.

Ambrosine said, "Mary may be hot as sin, but she's also dumb as a brick. I tried to do the right thing and get to know her, but I couldn't it."

"Is she really that bad?"

Ambrosine shrugged and opened the dorm's door for him. "She probably seems a lot smarter when she's naked."

. "Whatever. Anything she's lacking will just make it that much easier to take her." Jack smiled confidently. "This college thing is going to be cake."

"Don't go counting your castles just yet. While it is true that there are plenty of girls here for the taking, they aren't going to boy down like your family did. These people don't love you already. They're going to fight." She opened the front door for him and said, "I'll help you however I can, but I think it's best if we go slow and be cautious."

"I get what you're saying, and I plan on keeping my eyes open and playing it smart. Mary's lack of intelligence is the exact reason why she'll be a perfect slut. She's simple, so she'll be easy to dominate. Then, with her and others like her under my control it will make me stronger, and that will make it easier to take on the more prudish of the fairer sex."

"I guess my concerns were unfounded. You seem to have it all figured out." Ambrosine smiled proudly at her boyfriend. "I'll keep my eyes out for the weak willed and desperate."

"Thank you, that will be most appreciated."

They stopped at her door and Jack handed off her things. "I've got to go now, sweet thing. I want to say goodbye to my family before they leave. We'll talk later though."

"Come see me whenever you're free," she said just before he kissed her on the cheek.

Jack gave a little wave and said, "Sure thing," before leaving.

By the time his family had moved everything in Mary and Nolan had gone to lunch. The girls set up everything in Jack's room, and Jack himself spent most of the time watching them work. Soon his bedroom was furnished. His parents then went shopping with him, buying him a new computer and giving him a special flash drive filled with photos of all of his sluts. Thanks to his connections at the school this was all done through scholarships the dean and Jordon had attained for him.

Once his bed was made and he was all moved in it came time for him to say good bye. He made sure to close and lock his door to keep all prying eyes at bay. Alone in his room with him, his family bowed. Jack stared at them all, proud and sad. He almost wanted to cry, but he didn't. He was a god after all, and he knew their parting was only momentary.

Before speaking to them he made sure to organize his thoughts and wipe his eyes, just to be safe. "This is only going to be one semester," he said. "Hopefully that's all the time it will take for me to own the school. Regardless, I'll come back and visit when I can, and I'll miss all of you very much."

His speech left Victoria weeping very loudly. Julie held her mother close and patted her back, while Jessica just clamped her mouth shut to keep her own tears at bay.

Jack watched in dismay. He didn't know what to do, how to calm them. So he did the only thing he could think of. He entered their light, and he eased their sorrows from within. No matter what he did he knew they would be sad. Their existences revolved around him, but Jack did what he could to make them understand. It worked quickly. His mother stopped crying, and even Jessica seemed more at ease, and this made it easier for him to say goodbye.

He stepped over to Stan and said, "Rise, my father.

Stan stood and gazed submissively into his son's eyes. Jack smiled and kissed his father on the forehead. "Take good care of my sluts. Keep them happy and do whatever they ask. Be obedient and kind. You are still my follower, even in my absence."

"Of course, master," he said. Even he sounded a bit sad to see Jack go. His light had shifted over time and submitted fully to his son. Seeing his wife go willingly into sexual slavery had left Stan more accepting of his role it seemed.

Stan stood and went to the door.

Jack moved over to Victoria and undid his jeans. He exposed his limp, seven inch godhood to the room. Though only thick as any normal penis, the smell was outstanding. Victoria raised her eyes immediately to gaze up at him. She still looked sad, but lust was invading her features. She licked her lips in hunger.

"Take care of yourself, mother. You're in charge while I'm away. I'm trusting you to keep everyone safe."

She said, "Of course, my master." Then she kissed the crown of his cock. "I love you, and I will serve you forever. I know you won't need it, but good luck." Once she was done she stood and joined Stan at the door.

Jack moved onto to Rebecca next. She looked up at him once he approached. His cock had grown a bit, but it was still small by comparison to its full length. The smell of him was stronger now, and it fogged her mind. "Master," she said in a small voice.

"I want you to take care of grandpa, and keep an eye on things around the neighborhood."

"Yes," she said, and she kissed his crown as well. She spoke no further words of devotion; love was obvious in her gaze. She just stood and took her place beside her daughter.

Jack moved to Julie now. Unlike the others, she had defiance in her eyes. It was her way of being sad, Jack knew, so he let it go when she said, "I'll be too busy at my school to even notice that you're gone."

Despite her words she leaned over and kissed Jack on the crown of his growing godhood. Unlike her mother or grandmother, Julie lingered, savoring his scent and taste. Then she took a shuttering breath and said, "I'll miss you."

"We'll fuck soon," Jack said with an arrogant grin. His cock was reacting now, growing fatter as he gazed into her cleavage. He was almost ready to fuck her at that moment, but he let her stand and take her place by the door.

He moved onto his last slut of the day, the lovely Jessica. Though he had eased her sadness with glamour she still had tears in her eyes. She frowned when he stood above her and immediately said, "I don't like this, bubba."

"I know you don't."

"You could wait another semester. Then we could go together then."

"It's too late, Jessica. I've come too far to turn back now."

"But bubba..."

"Jessica, as your master I am telling you: I have to do this." He smiled sadly at her and kneeled to look her directly in the eyes. "I'll visit though and we can keep in touch with text."

"It won't be the same," she said.

"Look at it this way, now you have more time to be with Paige."

She whimpered and shrugged. "I guess," she said, her voice quiet and resigned.

Jack stood and held his godhood before her. She gazed up at him momentarily, reluctant to see him go, and then kissed his cock. Standing, she wiped her eyes and joined her family at the door. Just before leaving she leapt at him, hugging him while he was still exposed. "I love you, bubba."

"I love you, too," he said, and then he whispered to her, "Just you wait and see. I'll change the world. This is just the beginning."

"I believe in you," she whispered back, and then she kissed him gently on the lips. "I really do," she said. When she pulled away she put on a big, almost earnest grin and said, "Go and pop some cherries for us, you stud!"

Jack laughed. "I'll do my best!"

He then walked his family out and watched them go. As the van pulled out Jack felt a strange sensation in his chest. He felt empty and though surrounded by people at this dormitory, he also felt alone. It was the first time in his life that he would be without his family, and he didn't like it.

As he went back inside he considered how he had used the glamour to ease the pain of his family, and he wished desperately that he could do the same to himself. Unfortunately he was a god, and he had no magic to work on himself. He would have to suffer this new world and all of those new people without the comfort as home. It was a trial, he decided, one which he would have to overcome if he truly planned to seduce the entire world.

Jack lounged in bed for an hour and tried to clear his thoughts. He knew that to succeed he would have to stay focused. Home was only a few hours away. There was nothing for him to worry about or even to miss. His sluts would come to him at a moment's notice and everything would work out for him as long as he kept moving forward.

Lying in bed wasn't something Jack wanted to fall back into. The depression he felt after dropping out of high school had seen him wasting many hours in bed. Becoming a god had invigorated him, it gave him purpose, and that purpose was exactly what kept him moving.

Rather than waste away Jack decided to get up and see the building. People were still moving in as he roamed, and it gave him a good idea of his future at the school. Many beautiful girls passed him in the hall, taking appraising him and gossiping. Many boys cast him envious stares, intimidated by the pure sexuality that he oozed.

He passed through the commons and walked by Stacy's office. She smiled and waved at him as he went. Jack waved back and kept walking and found himself at Ambrosine's door. That, he decided, was a good a destination as any, and he knocked.

A small, stout looking girl answered the door. She wore a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a ball cap. She was pretty but very stern looking. Her figure was squarely built, and she appeared tensed, as if she were about to pounce.

"Hello," she said with an air of indifference about her.

"Hi," Jack said, and he gazed into her eyes. They were a beautiful shade of blue. To him it looked as if her iris were composed of magnified ice crystals. Behind those crystals shined a powerful light that was hidden behind a thick wall. "I'm Jack, Ambrosine's boyfriend. I was wondering if she was here."

The girl gazed at him curiously. It was a brief glance, but it was enough of an opening for Jack to try and pierce her mind. It was futile though. The partition between their lights held strong against Jack's pressure, and when he tried harder he achieved only a slight headache. The girl didn't seem the least bit interested in him.

"Ambrosine, it's for you," the girl said, and she left Jack waiting at the door.

"Oh, hi, babe," Ambrosine said when she made it to the door.

"Hey," Jack said, and he gave Ambrosine a tame kiss on the lips.

Ambrosine glanced back at the girl from who answered the door. "Miriam," she said. "This is my boyfriend, Jack."

"I know, he told me," Miriam said bluntly, and then she returned her focus to the computer in her lap.

Jack glanced at Ambrosine, who contained a giggle and joined him in the hall. "So, what do you think," she asked once the door was closed.

"I think she hates me," Jack said. It felt odd to say that aloud. It had been a long time since he felt hated, especially by a woman.

Ambrosine laughed and shook her head. "No, Miriam is just brusque. You get used to her," she said. "She's fuckable though, right?"

"More than just fuckable," Jack said. "She's fuck-worthy. Anyone who gets her will have to earn it. She's going to be one of the ones we'll have to work up to."

"Play it slow," Ambrosine said. "Be friendly but not overly so, and be persistent, but not pushy."

"I get it, I get it," Jack said.

"Good," Ambrosine said. "So, did you need anything in particular from me?"

"Nah, I was just bored." Jack glanced around at the halls. Fewer and fewer people were moving in at this point, but the halls were still loud and full of life. "It's dull in my room, but it's a bit too loud and busy for me out here."

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