tagNovels and NovellasEros Extended Ch. 17

Eros Extended Ch. 17


Chapter Seventeen: Requiem of Rejection

Classes were a culture shock to Jack. It had been years since he had experienced school, and he had forgotten what it was like. To make matters worse, college courses were a far cry from the high school classes that he had failed out of.

He ran into trouble from the first hour of the day. The school was huge and Jack spent most of his morning wandering around looking for his class. He barely made it on time, and that was only achieved with Ambrosine's assistance.

The room was enormous and packed tight. There were more students in that room alone than people Jack actually knew, and from the very start he felt like nothing but another number.

He sat in the front of the class though so that he could stick out. He figured that since he was a god it was important that he always be first wherever he went.

The teacher came in shortly after Jack did. She was a small, thin woman who was a bit younger than his grandmother. Her hair was short and auburn in color. Some lines in her skin marked her age, but the way she moved and smiled showed how much spirit she had left in her.

She let the clock go a bit longer before starting the class. As she waited she visited with students she recognized and got her things ready. After nearly five minutes past she decided to start.

The student body was fairly talkative until but became silent when she took to the front of the room. She wrote the name of the class on the chalkboard and then handed out the syllabus.

Jack hadn't made his own schedule and was displeased by the placement. He was taking an advanced algebra class. Due to his high test schools he had easily gotten into it, and he had left his schedule to the dean. When he looked it became apparent that she would need a long talking to, as well as a very deep fucking.

The teacher turned to the class and smiled. "Good morning, class," she said with a slight country drawl and far too much energy for how early it was. "My name is..."

The doors burst open and the last student came rushing in. She was wearing a heavy jacket and jeans that obscured her figure, but she was still very pretty. Her lips were full and pink and her eyes big, blue and half-lidded. When she stumbled through the door her books went everywhere. While picking them up she gave the class a big, movie star smile and said, "Sorry!"

The teacher offered a patient half-smirk. "Just grab your things and take you a seat."

The girl quickly gathered her things and found a seat to Jack's left. She smelled like lilacs, and when she settled in her seat she undid her jacket. Not only was she beautiful, she was stacked.

"As I was saying, my name is Mrs. Meter, and I will be leading you on a journey through the most advanced and complicated realms of undergraduate algebra." She looked excitedly at the class, who gave her the tepid response that she was clearly familiar with. "First though we have to work our way through this boring old syllabus. Start with me on page one, please."

The rest of the class period was spent with the teacher reading through the syllabus line by line. By the end of it Jack hated the syllabus and college in general and dreaded his next class.

He had a bit of free time between classes, so he went back to his room to catch up on sleep. When he woke it was nearly noon, and again he had to rush to class and narrowly made it on time.

Next Jack had history. The class was much smaller and was taught by a short, stocky man with a thick, white beard. Based on his figure Jack knew he must have been quite muscular in his youth, but old age was hitting him hard.

Mr. Pratt, as the teacher introduced himself, was very friendly and far more interesting than Mrs. Meter had been. He was animated when he spoke and seemed very relaxed, leaving the task of reading the syllabus up to each and every student.

Jack had a psychology class immediately after that. This class he actually looked forward to, as he hoped an understanding of psychology would give him greater power over people in the long run. It also helped that his teacher was a very attractive older woman who carried most of her weight in her chest and rear.

Despite her age she was mostly clear of wrinkles, only showing laugh-lines when she smiled. Her eyes were very large and colored dark blue her lips were very red. She kept her hair short and stylish, and the grey color of it was the only indication of her true age

Her name was Mrs. Pratt, and it turned out that she was married to his history instructor. The two were very different though, as she was thorough and a bit posh. Her syllabus was overly large and more intricate than the others, and though she tried hard she couldn't cover it in a single class hour.

After that class Jack had a few hours free. He killed time by exploring the campus and trying to find his way around. He grabbed lunch at a school cafeteria and an immediate liking to a pretty server named Cat

At five p.m. Jack went to his last class, which he found hours earlier to be safe. It was in a relatively small room, with fewer students than his math or psychology class had, and the teacher was already waiting inside.

His teacher was a woman in her mid-thirties. She had thick, messy brown hair and glass. Her looks were eccentric yet beautiful, with a pretty face but sad eyes. Her body was still rather youthful, especially her breasts, which were very proud for their size. To Jack she looked wild and untamable. He intended to change that.

As soon as he took his seat Jack peered into his light. He saw something familiar within her, something that his mother had. The woman was ashamed of something she kept hidden and was very sexually frustrated. It was obvious that she would be the easiest of his teachers to dominate.

he watched her move, staring at her round bottom as she put her name on the board. She was Mrs. Mueller, she taught essay writing, and she spoke extensively about the syllabus and what would be expected in the students.

When the class was over Jack left with a smile. Her light already shimmered with his presence. From the moment she saw him she was going to be his

At the end of his first day of school Jack returned to his room wearing a smile. It was going to be an interesting year. Three attractive female teachers and one male, and all were ripe for the taking. Now he had his goals for the first semester. All he needed was a plan.

Though Jack felt the day was going well, it was also taking a lot out of him. Being around so many people was both exhilarating and very taxing. Never before had it occurred to him how much of a hermit he really was. To survive in school and to make his way in the world as a god he would have to come out of his shell, and that was most difficult thing of all.

After dropping his things off at his room Jack went to go visit Ambrosine. They curled up on her bed and kissed and groped in privacy.

Miriam arrived shortly after he did and stopped in the doorway when she saw them. Her face was, as always impassive. Without a word she closed the door and went directly to her computer.

"Hi, Miriam," Jack said to the amusement of Ambrosine. Though she remained silent Jack could almost read his girlfriend's thoughts.

'She's not going to respond.'

"How was your day?"

"It was fine," Miriam said. She didn't even glance at him. A wall existed between them. Jack could almost feel a chill in the room when he tried to look in on her. It was like she was unmovable.

Jack looked to Ambrosine for help, but she just seemed satisfied with her victory. He wasn't ready to lose though, and he gave a wicked grin when a plan came to him.

As silently as he could Jack undid his pants and let his scent permeate the room. It didn't take long, and Jack watched Miriam expectantly, hoping to see a change. There was none. She was completely unaffected.

Ambrosine, on the other hand, was flushed. Seeing his girlfriend's growing lust, Jack took her hand and placed it inside of his open pants. At first she resisted, but he thought quickly and summoned his special breath. With a small application of it Ambrosine's eyes glossed with lust.

She grasped him securely and began to fondle. It was subtle teasing, nothing meant to draw attention to their actions, but it was enough to arouse him. He stiffened considerably inside of his pants, and his scent grew even stronger.

That is when a small ember appeared inside of Miriam's head. Ever so slightly she reacted to him. It was almost imperceptible, but she wriggled slightly in her chair as the heat swelled inside of her. It wasn't enough to conquer her yet. It wasn't even enough to truly arouse her.

Though he was making headway Jack couldn't wait. He was growing to his full size and needed to find release. "Let's go to my room," he whispered to Ambrosine, who gave him a wild smile at the suggestion.

"That sounds divine," she whispered back, and moments later they were out the door. On their way out they nearly toppled some poor girl. Ambrosine stopped to apologize long enough to give Jack a quick glance at the girl.

She was tall and slender, with curly brown hair and light freckles. As Ambrosine spoke the girl smiled a supermodel smile. Her eyes were a friendly shade of blue and drew Jack in a bit, and she was dressed very well. From her appearance Jack could tell that she came from money.

"I am so sorry Sandy," Ambrosine said quickly. She was gripping Jack's hand tightly. Her arousal was spiraling out of control. She needed Jack inside of her, but she had to keep up appearances.

"It's fine," the Sandy said very earnest. She gave another smile and looked at the couple. "Is this your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, this is Jack. We've been together for, what, a few months now, honey?"

"Something like that," Jack said as he gazed into Sandy's eyes. He tried to peer into her light but in his arousal it was hard to focus. This, in conjunction with Sandy's natural barriers, made it difficult.

"Anyway, sorry to run, but we're kind of in a hurry."

"I could tell. Don't let me keep you. Have fun, wherever you're going."

Ambrosine smiled lecherously. "Oh, we will," she said. Then she regained her composure long enough to say farewell and promise Sandy that they would catch up.

The door had hardly closed before Ambrosine was topless. Her blouse and bra were off in a flash, leaving Jack to stare at her in awe. Shortly after she was on the bed with her panties off and her legs spread for him. Juices ran down her beautiful peach, and the sight made Jack's cock steel hard.

She spread her glistening womanhood with her fingers for Jack to see. Smiling, she said, "Come and get me lover."

Jack hardly had time to charm the door and take off his pants before he mounted her. With one smooth motion he sunk his mammoth cock into the deepest parts of her. It was a tight but familiar fit. Ambrosine wrapped her legs around him and drew him in.

He leaned down and let his cock rest inside of her momentarily. Hooking his arms beneath her, he held her close before moving. To start his tempo was slow. He moved in great, sweeping strides that were deep but gentle. To match this delicate love-making he showered her with small, brief kisses on her face, lips, and neck.

This did not appease her. She clutched his head tightly and pulled him into a ferocious kiss that was all teeth and tongue. Her body moved with similar energy and brought him up to speed. Soon they were crashing like sexual tsunamis, swelling and meeting against each other.

She released his head and clawed at his back. Each time he thrust deep she let out a bark of pleasure and passion. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! I love you! I love to fuck you!"

He clutched her bottom and pulled her up into him. Each thrust made her breasts quaked between them. Her hands were so tight against his back that they broke skin. The force of their copulation made his hips hurt a bit.

"I'm coming, Jack! I'm coming my master and my lover! I'm coming for you!"

She gripped him tightly with her womanhood. Juices ran down his length and coated his balls. Pleasure surged up her spine and filled her head with brilliant euphoria.

Her first orgasm was overshadowed shortly after by a second, more powerful orgasm. Material gave way to true, essential ecstasy. She saw lights and stars, and she saw reality for what it was: pleasure, carnal and otherwise, and it was endless.

Jack couldn't last much longer. He thrust once more into her and held his place. There was a brief pulse and then silence. Everything, all of reality, bent like a crescent moon in the wake of his orgasm. The heat of his essence coursed through him and into her.

A third orgasm hit Ambrosine as he flooded her. She couldn't handle all of the pleasure though, and she just laid silently on the bed, words and sounds stunned into silence by the beauty of their sex.

As their orgasms eased they both settled back into reality. Jack gradually returned to the harsh carpet beneath his feet. Ambrosine felt the stiffness of the bed in juxtaposition to the softness of Jack's skin. His scent was thick in the air, wonderful and musky. The sound of their breathes were intermingled with activity in the hallway.

Jack withdrew from her, and Ambrosine fell into position. She licked him clean without a word, as it was her duty and her greatest joy to serve him. When she was finished Jack handed her a towel to clean up the mess that he had left in her vagina. They were careful to keep from staining the carpet.

Afterward they dressed and curled up on the bed. He slept against the wall while holding her. Just before she fell asleep she took his hand and kissed it.

"I love you," she whispered, and then she too drifted away.

Ambrosine woke first and left before curfew. Jack, on the other hand, remained asleep until morning. He didn't have classes that day, but he was very hungry and needed to eat to replenish the energy he had put into his girlfriend the day before.

He dressed and went to the school cafeteria in hopes of seeing the server girl again. Unfortunately she wasn't there, but he was early enough to catch breakfast, which put him in a good mood.

A few cute girls were there, but none that warranted immediate attention. Most were already with men, not that it bothered Jack. He still watched them, evaluating their flesh and their smiles.

He sat at a corner table that gave him a great view of the place. His back was against the wall, and across the aisle from him was a small booth that allowed some privacy while eating.

A pretty girl was inside of the booth. She was eating a small salad while studying. Like most of the girls Jack was seeing at the college, she was a bit thin. Her breasts were small but appeared perky, and her hair was a dark shade of blonde. She kept it tied back and out of her face.

She had a wholesome appearance, which Jack immediately liked. Yet she also carried herself sensually. The shorts she wore were very short and exposed her smooth thighs to him. The way she sat seemed to exude latent sexuality. She was, if Jack read her correctly, something of a tease, and she was alone. Immediately Jack was intrigued.

While he ate Jack kept stealing glances at her, trying to get her attention. She was focused though and kept to herself for quite a while. Finally, after minutes of failed attempts, Jack managed to catch her eye.

She smiled a confident smile and went back to reading. In that brief moment Jack tried to peer into her mind, but he couldn't create a connection. He needed more time.

They sat in silence, glancing at one another periodically. Jack finished his meal while she was reading and, realizing that he had no reason to stay any longer, decided to make his move. So he stood and went to the bathroom. After washing his hands and rinsing his mouth he returned to throw his things in the garbage.

The girl looked at him as he grabbed his stuff and smiled.

Jack smiled back. "Hi there," he said in his charismatic tone.

"Hello," she said back. Her voice was soft, melodic, and highly attractive.

"I'm Jack," he said, and he made contact. Her light was dense but easily pierced. He went to work immediately putting her at ease.

"Jennifer. It's a pleasure to meet you." As she spoke Jack pulled on something in her mind, and she lost interest in her book. She closed it and gazed into his eyes.

The book she was reading was the bible, which amused Jack greatly. It was only his second day of college and he already found himself another god slut. It was a thrill though, corrupting the supposedly virtuous, and he looked forward to Jennifer's corruption.

While her light was dense, it wasn't very strong. Over all she was a rather average girl. Bright, but not too bright for him to overcome given time and effort, and he had a secret weapon to use against her.

While Jennifer was no doubt religious and devout, she was possessed a very deep, undeniable sexuality. Unlike most women in Jack's life she didn't run from her sexuality. She wore it frivolously on her sleeve. Not a whore, Jennifer didn't sleep around and didn't lose herself in the art of fucking. Instead she teased everyone she met, giving them glimpses but never quite letting them touch. So she was still a good Christian girl but with an edge.

Because of this latent sexuality Jack had an easy time planting a small bulb of pink light within her. It wasn't very deep in, but it was enough that she would think of him whenever he thought of her, and whenever aroused she would long for him subconsciously.

After leaving his print in the pathway of her mind he said, "Isn't this place huge? My school was nothing like this."

"I know what you mean. I come from a small town. I didn't have any more than fifteen kids in my graduating class."

"Wow, I think you have me beat," Jack said with a chuckle.

"That's what everyone keeps saying." She looked at her watch. "Oh, crud, I've got to good. Sorry, it was nice meeting you. Maybe we'll run into each other again."

"Yeah, I actually live in the dorms."

"Me too," she said with a magnanimous smile. "They're not too big. We'll definitely cross paths."

"Definitely," Jack said as he tweaked her light one more time before she went.

Jennifer smiled once more and scooped up her things before rushing off. As she sauntered away Jack watched her go. She wiggled her ass perfectly, in a practiced way meant to draw attention, and Jack gave her the attention she wanted.

A week passed and the religion hadn't grown at all. The campus was too big for Jack to comprehend, and even after a week he still felt out of place. There were simply too many people, and Jack was just a number to them. It was strange because in his neighborhood everyone knew him. He was the son, the neighbor, the classmate, even the god. Now he was nobody.

He did homework one night. The runes made it easy for him, so he didn't stress grades. Some of the work wasn't so simple though. Sometimes he was asked to think, to come up with his own answers, and Jack actually loved these assignments the most.

When he went to bed that night he nearly passed out. He collapsed fully clothed, with the blanket halfway on him and halfway on the floor. Immediately the world was lost to him.

He didn't have dreams. Instead, Athena came to him. She looked stunning, as usual, with her curves clearly visible beneath her silk shawl. He was distracted by this as she moved.

"Athena," Jack said amicably.

"Master," she said as she bowed in the darkness.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

Athena stood and looked at him sternly. The usual honey of her words and appearance was gone. Now she was all business. "I've come with a warning. There is a threat coming that could very well destroy everything you've built."

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