tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 20

Eros Extended Ch. 20


Chapter Twenty: Respite

With Mary under his command Jack had some thinking to do. He settled on trying to have a strong presence in the school by the end of the semester if all went well. It was smarter to play it slow and not spread his glamour too thin too early. A light, subtle touch would lead to one big night more quickly than constantly running around and building a bad reputation.

His primary goals for semester's end were Heidi, Maggie, and Miriam. All three were adequate challenges and would require care if he wanted to do it right and leave their minds intact.

The biggest hurdle was the threat of a new enemy. Whoever these prophetic dreams were about, it was someone familiar. Jack somehow knew this champion of bloodlust that Athena warned him about, but it was someone long from his past.

Having Mary was calming for Jack though. College had been a huge risk, and it was nice to have thing finally paying off. She was the first true step toward Jack's ultimate plan of spreading his religion to every corner of the world. Before going any further though, Jack would have to be careful to overcome his four great obstacles for that semester. With effort, patience, and a fair amount of luck, Jack felt certain of his eventual success.

Jack never paid attention in math class. He didn't need to. Athena's runes gave him all of the answers, and that freed his mind for other things. Most of this free time was spent ogling Maggie's generous endowments.

As the days grew warmer Maggie exposed more flesh. She never dressed like a slut, but her natural curves always filled out her clothing. She wore low-cut blouses on days that permitted it. This wasn't to draw attention, Jack noted. Instead she rejected male attention of any sort.

She was warming up to Jack though and seemed to genuinely enjoy his company. His constant flirting had stopped irritating her and accepted in a more playful manner. She believed that it was just a game for him and never outright turned him down. On some level she couldn't bring herself to. There was just something about him that charmed her.

It was Wednesday and class hadn't started yet. Maggie had arrived early to have time alone with him. As they spoke they kept close and whispered. Whenever Jack could he unleashed his breath on her. After some time he even took a chance to put his hand on hers, and was pleased to see her flush but not pull away.

"Jack, we've talked about this."

"I know, I know, you have a boyfriend," Jack said with a shrug. "But there are other things to consider here. For example, you're incredibly beautiful, and he's not here right now."

By this point his breath was having a strong influence on her. While she knew his advances were highly inappropriate, she also felt flattered to draw such attention. Jack was far better looking than her boyfriend and it felt nice to be wanted, even if it was just play to her.

"Well, thank you very much," she said after some thought. Then, more firmly, she said, "But no thank you."

Jack reclined in his chair, undaunted. "Maggie, be honest, do you find me attractive."

"Boyfriend, Jack, boyfriend, you've got to get that through your thick skull."

Jack moved in close and spoke in a breathy manner. "Let's be honest. You don't want me to stop." His breath felt hot and smelled spicy. It sent a tickle through her, starting in her spine and settling in her skull.

She shoved him away and tried to ignore him, but he was starting to make some sense, and he wouldn't stop staring at her. His eyes were dark and uncompromising. Looking into them made her feel incredibly aroused, and despite his arrogance she was finding him deeply attractive at that moment.

Jack grinned and glanced her over. "You know, you've got a killer body. Especially that rack of yours. Just how big are your breasts, anyway?"

Maggie blushed shamefully. "Jack!"

She was just about to smack him when the teacher came shambling in. She was carrying a large book and a set of markers in her scrawny arms. After dropping them on the desk she drew everyone's attention by saying, "Good morning everyone. Get your books out and open them to section two. We've got a lot to cover today and there's no time to waste!"

Later that evening Jack returned to the dormitory. The entire day he kept himself controlled and pint up, and so he found himself aching for release. He couldn't find anyone to help him though. Mary went home at the beginning of the week, Ambrosine was out of contact while in class, and Jennifer wasn't in her room.

He wandered the halls for prey. His cock jutted from his pants. No matter what he did, he could not manage to hide away such glorious, divine endowments.

After nearly ten minutes of hunting he found her. Samantha was in the downstairs hallway and on the way back to her room. She was walking unaware, letting her breasts and round bottom jiggle shameless. Watching them made his cock twitch with want.

She hadn't seen him in the hall and was nearly to her door when her pussy stirred. Something had suddenly reminded her of Jack, the strange man that had fucked her tits. She stopped at her doorway with her hand frozen to the handle and looked down the hall and found Jack staring at her hungrily. His cock looked enormous even in his pants, and she knew it would look even bigger out in the open.

She opened the door and tried to rush inside. Jack moved with inhuman grace and alacrity though, and managed to reach her before she could close the door entirely. She made a half-heated attempt to slam it on him, but he easily forced his way past.

"I don't think so," Jack said. He stepped inside and locked the door behind him with a rune. He then stalked over to her like a predator cornering its prey. "Now that I've got you alone..."

She shuffled back. "J-Jack, I have a..."

"That doesn't matter. He's not here right now. I am." Jack undid his pants and let them fall. His cock stuck out of his underwear and fell forward without the extra support. He grasped it and stroked slowly while staring into her soul. "I've been so busy day, I forgot about my needs. Now I'm just so horny..." He groaned. "I have to find release, Samantha, and you're just the girl to give it to me. So, forget your boyfriend. He doesn't matter. Not right now. Right now, I'M all that matters."

Samantha couldn't deny that. After Jack pulled out his glorious cock her boyfriend really didn't seem so important. Exposed to him for only a few seconds she was feeling light headed and lustful. She considered letting him fuck her tits again. It felt really good the last time, and it would easily be enough to get him off.

She settled on the bed while staring at his cock in lustful awe. Resigned, she said, "Go ahead, do whatever you want with me. I won't resist."

"You don't seem too happy about it."

"You're about to rape me. Why should I be happy about that?"

Jack sauntered over and shoved her down on the bed. Pressing his cock against her thick stomach, he said, "It might help if you stop thinking of it was rape. Instead, think of it as surprise sex."

"That sounds about the same to me."

He mounted and slapped his cock down between her tits. The heat of him soaked through her shirt and into her flesh. Her pussy went full blasting, turning wet and hot in a matter of nanoseconds.

He slid forward and pressed the crown against her chin. She stared up at him, momentarily defiant, and then craned her head to pleasure him. Pre-cum lathered her tongue, sending shivers of delight through her.

"The difference is that you enjoy it," Jack said. He grasped her large breasts and squeezed them around his cock. Her nipples were hard and swollen, and her pinched them through the shirt. "In fact, I would say that you more than simply enjoy this. I would go so far as to say that you fucking love it!"

Samantha let out a moan of pleasure. She knew how wrong it was to enjoy his manhandling, but she couldn't help it. Jack tasted great and his hands felt so right on her breasts. It made her feel weak and obedient, so much so that all she could do is mewl and suck on his crown contentedly.

"I want you to admit it, Samantha. I want you to admit how much you love my hands on your tits.

He rubbed his cock along her face and slid it up against her cheek. She tried hard to suck on him, but he kept the tip just out of reach. At first she struggled to catch it, but eventually settled for suckling on the shaft like a good girl.

His smell had rattled her, and his taste doubled the effect. Heat surrounded her, turning her insides molten. Her pussy felt like it was melting, and she couldn't deny how good he was making her breasts feel. Whenever he squeezed one, however hard, she let out an appreciative mewl.

Her phone went off. She didn't answer it at first. Instead, she looked to Jack for orders. Most likely it was her boyfriend, and she knew that meant their fun was over. Part of her hoped that it was a wrong number and that she could keep pleasuring the enormous cock between her tits. She had come to love sucking on him so much.

Jack picked up the phone and then handed it to her, but he never once made any sign of moving.

"Answer it."

She looked at the caller I.D. It was her boyfriend. She looked back up at Jack, trying to read him, and then obeyed. "Hello?"

Her boyfriend started chatting with her, and Jack showed no signs of stopping because of this. His cock was made only harder. He pulled back, as if to leave, and the thrust up into her mouth while mauling her tits more aggressively. Samantha gagged on him at first, but then nursed on his huge cock shamelessly.

It was surprising how contented she was while sucking on Jack's cock. Her boyfriend was talking into her ear, but she never took the time to respond. She just pretended to listen to him while he went on about life in the military and all the friends he was making. She didn't care though. Her entire focus on was on Jack's delicious cock and delicious cum.

Jack disengaged her and slid off the bed. She was left there, lying in bed, breathing heavily, and longing for his big dick. He took to undoing her pants and yanking them off. She lifted her hips to help him, eager to give him whatever he wanted.

They rustled around, removing Sam's shirt and bra. This left her in bed wearing nothing but a pair of sopping wet blue panties. He stood at the edge of the bed with his proud erection pointing expectantly at her.

He leaned down and slid an index finger along her panties. She shivered at this light touch. He hooked his finger in the fabric and peeled it to the side. Then he slid that finger back into place and slowly slipped it in to the knuckle.

Sam let out a sigh of pleasure and clamped down on him. In return, he teased her, jerking and twirling his digit inside, swiftly bringing her to a powerful orgasm. She remained quiet, keeping her orgasm bottled up behind her hands while leaving the phone beside her unattended.

While fingering her, Jack straightened up and started sucking on her nipples. He wrapped his free arm around her midsection and moved her, pulling her to the very edge of the bed.

She wrapped herself around him and pulled his head tight into her bosom. Small coos of pleasure escaped her lips. Despite all of her effort, she couldn't contain the joy she felt. Luckily, her boyfriend was oblivious and kept talking about his training.

His finger sloshed inside of her. Jack climbed up onto the bed, nearly mounting her. His cock rested on her thick thigh and was poised directly for penetration. Pre-cum oozed out hot on her flesh. It was too much, too alluring for Samantha, who was mad with lust. She reached out and grasped his thick shaft while he continued to have his way with her. By this point her boyfriend was completely forgotten. Only she and Jack existed.

Jack chuckled quietly and whispered to her, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

She bit her full bottom lip and nodded wordlessly. Her eyes were glossy with lust, and her gaze was glue to his godhood.

"Well, let me tell you, it will only get better from here." Jack hooked his fingers in her panties and slid them off while slipping out of the bed. "You won't need these anymore," he said, and he tossed them to the side.

Her pussy was gleaming and a wet spot was forming on the bed where she sat. She spread her legs for Jack to get a better view and whimpered as he leaned in close. His breath tickled her womanhood, eliciting whines of desperation.

"You sure is pink," Jack said as he slid his finger in once more. He spread her open and gazed inside. She reeked of arousal and shuddered at his touch. He gave a tentative lick and smiled. She tasted good.

Jack cupped her rear and pulled her closer. Then he proceeded to dip his tongue deep inside of her and swirl skillfully. Samantha could barely contain herself any longer. She shook and gasped and lost all inhibition. Grasping Jack's head tightly, she collapsed into a quaking heap on the bed as an orgasm flooded her system.

"Oh god," she muttered, but she could barely make a sound. Jack slapped a hand over her mouth just in time.

He stood and wiped his mouth. "Damn straight," he said, and then he grasped her ankles and spread her legs wide. "You'll be saying that a lot more in just a few seconds," he said.

He sunk his swollen crown into her glistening vulva. At first she was caught off guard, afraid that he wouldn't fit. She wondered what havoc Jack would wreak on her body, how wide he would leave her stretched. Then the pleasure set in, and she forgot entirely about any such concerns and gave herself over.

He moved slowly, giving her time to grow accustomed to his intrusion. Inch after inch sunk into her, and Samantha realized how wrong she was to worry. She could not only handle him, but she could crave him as well. Compared to what Jack had, her boyfriend was a joke and a sad one at that. Jack was the real deal, and she knew that once he stuffed nine enormous inches into her and still had more to offer.

That was all she could handle though. So at nine inches Jack stopped and waited. Periodically he flexed his cock to keep her juices flowing. One time it even brought her an orgasm, and that was the moment that changed everything. Samantha muted the phone and tossed it aside. The howl of pleasure that she had been holding inside escaped and it was so loud and desperate that Jack had to cover his ears to survive it.

Every cell in her body cried out in pleasure. She convulsed on the bed and gyrated against him even while he stood still. After it ended her pussy ached from clamping so hard against him, but still she was ready for more.

Jack gripped her hips and began his work. At first he was slow and gentle, but she begged him for more and he gave in. Each thrust became deep and hard, rocking her bed and her body. She jiggled and swayed with him, and had to cup her breasts to keep them under control.

Jack hooked her legs and pinned her down. "Do you like this, slut?"

Samantha nodded and tweaked her own nipples. "Yes! Yes! I love it! Please-Please, fuck me! Fuck-Fuck me!"

"Tell me, how would I rate on a scale of one to ten?"

"The best!"

Samantha ground against him, trying to take more into her. She wanted more than nine inches; she wanted all of him, even if it killed her. So great was her love and her pleasure that she marveled at such an end. Her mind collapsed, and the old Samantha was lost. Her loyalties shifted from her boyfriend to one person, one man, one god: Jack.

"And what about your boyfriend? How does he rate?"

She looked up at him quizzically, as if lost. "Who?"

"Your boyfriend. You know, the guy on the phone?"

She looked over and the phone and remembered. She smiled impishly. "What boyfriend?"

"How naughty," Jack said with a laugh. He began swell inside of her. "I'm about to cum, my new slut, and I'm going to cum inside of you. Do you want that? To feel me pumping my hot cum into your little pussy?"

Samantha whimpered. "Yes! Yes! I want you to fuck my pussy and cum inside of my pussy! I want to feel it all pouring inside of me!"

"Roger that," Jack said, and he thrust into her one last time. He came explosively inside of her and lived up to any expectations she had. It felt like he was going to drown her from the inside. More cum than she could even imagine poured into her tiny, youthful cunt. It was warm and relaxing, and it triggered the most powerful orgasm of her life.

She came hard, harder than she ever thought possible. Her boyfriend may have even heard her scream from states away. As she came she hugged Jack's perfect body close to her, mashing her breasts against him. Her back arched, her hips pressed tightly against him, and she said, "Oh! Oh! God! You-You're amazing! You're perfect! You're-You're a god, Jack! You are my god, and I love you, and I worship you, and you own me! You completely fucking own me!"

They collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and clinging together, letting the pleasure settle. When her orgasm eased Jack withdrew. The room smelled of sex and of him. Sperm ran from her pussy, further soiling her sheets. Jack held his sticky cock up to her face, and she started licking obediently. "About what you said earlier, do you understand it?"

She slurped on his cock a moment longer and then held it against her cheek. "Yes, master," she said while nuzzling him. "And I meant every word of it. You are my god now."

Jack grinned and tapped her cheek with his cock. "Good girl. Now, I think your boyfriend might be waiting for you."

Samantha giggled. "Boyfriend," she asked as Jack pulled free.

"As cute as I think that is, I still want you to answer the phone. There's no point in keeping him waiting."

Samantha giggled again and picked up the phone. "Sorry, I was busy for a bit, and I set the phone down. What were you saying?"

Her boyfriend hadn't even noticed her absence. She decided to ignore him a moment longer and cleaned up the mess she made with her god while her boyfriend kept going. Meanwhile, Jack dressed and left.

After fucking Samantha, Jack took a shower and then went to visit Ambrosine. She embraced him at the door before kissing him deeply. "Oh, Jack, it's been too long since we've spent any time together."

Jack held her close. "I know, I'm sorry, I've just been so busy," he said. She nodded knowingly and invited him in just as Miriam was leaving.

"Where are you going," Ambrosine asked as casually as possible.

Miriam glanced back. "I figured that you two would want a little privacy for...whatever it is you two do." She gave Jack a meaningful look.

"You don't have to be so considerate," Jack said. He tried to force the thought into her brain, but her will was firmly set.

"I'll be back later," she said to Ambrosine.

They closed the door and went to Ambrosine's bed.

"Damn, the harder I try the harder she resists."

Ambrosine laughed. "Don't worry, she'll come around. Give her time. Now then, I'm more interested in hearing about what's been keeping you so busy."

"Well, I've managed to recruit two more women."

Ambrosine smiled. "Oh? Who, exactly?"

"Mary and Samantha," Jack said.

"Those two are easy, good places to start. I'm proud of you, babe."

we'll get her. Now then, tell me about how busy you've been." She pulled him in close for a kiss. Their tongues met and swirled. Blushing, she pulled back and bit her bottom lip. Her gaze was lustful. "So, what do you think about demonstrating exactly what you did to them that made them so eager to worship you?"

Jack grinned. "We'll get to that, but first I want to talk to you."

Ambrosine pouted. "What's so important that it takes precedence over fucking your girlfriend?"

"There's trouble ahead, and we'll need to head home soon."

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