tagErotic CouplingsEros Extended Ch. 27

Eros Extended Ch. 27


Chapter Thirty-Four: The Forth Week

Monday morning Jack went to his algebra class with high expectations. By the day there would be no more games. Mrs. Meter, at the very least, would his slut and would officially join his religion.

He walked to class with Maggie wrapped around his arm. They ate a small breakfast while waiting for the teacher to arrive and discussed homework. Jack didn't have to worry about grades, but sometimes he liked to hear from normal, everyday students and experience the trials of college through them vicariously.

Mrs. Meter arrived and started class not long after they finished breakfast. Sex oozed from her, and everyone in the class seemed to notice. Her lust made Jack's presence stronger, and he kept his jeans undone to allow his scent to fill the room. All eyes were on him. Mrs. Meter, for one, kept staring at him throughout class.

Early in the lesson Maggie not-so-discreetly passed him a note that read: "I can smell your cock."

Jack wrote back: "My pants are undone."

Maggie grinned when she read it. Her nipples were popping up beneath her top as she folded the note up and reached one hand beneath the table to palm his cock. Jack stopped her before she could.

"You're such a slut," Jack whispered in her ear. It was loud enough for everyone to hear but no one was brave enough to acknowledge it.

"Yeah, so," she whispered back.

"I'm saving it for someone else."

"Another slut," she asked quietly. She nodded meaningfully toward Mrs. Meter. Jack grinned back at her. "Well, good luck."

"I won't need luck."

She suppressed a giggle. "I know, but I'm wishing you luck anyway."

After class Jack approached Mrs. Meter. He button up his pants but kept them unzipped. By the end of class his smell was so thick in the air that every woman in the room wanted to mount him, but Jack remained focused.

Mrs. Meter was wiping the board clean but seemed to notice Jack's approach. "May I help you, Jack," she said without looking back at him.

"Yes, you can. We're going to your office."

"Of course we are," she said through a short burst of laughter. She smiled back at him while slinging her bag around her shoulder. "I could use a mouthful."

They walked briskly down the hall and hid away inside of Mrs. Meter's office. Jack closed and locked the door behind him before saying, "Do you know what today will bring you?" He was looking at her as if he possessed her, and Mrs. Meter seemed to love it. After betraying her husband, her family, and her morals for the chance to suck Jack off then he did own her.

"No, I have no idea, but whatever it is I'm ready."

Jack caressed her cheek. "Don't sound so upset. I promise, I'm going to give you what you want." He smiled. "After today you're going to obey my every command."

She giggled and nuzzled his hand. "Don't I already?"

"Yeah, but after today it'll be more than a little sex game to you. After today I will be your god."

Mrs. Meter stared at him in complete shock. The idea of Jack as her god was so extreme that it was nearly ridiculous, and yet it also seemed somehow logical. He was the most perfect man alive, with a broad, muscular body, a strong jaw, beautiful eyes, and the confidence that comes with it. Everything about him was perfection.

She hesitated, choosing her words carefully. "How, exactly, will you change this? How will you become my god?"

"I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to merge your soul with mine and then consume you, and when I release my seed inside of you it will burn away everything unnecessary and leave a new, better you." He cupped her chin and pulled her in close, to where their lips nearly met. His hot breath made her skin tingle, and from that point resistance wasn't even possible. "Once I cum inside of you we will meet the true Mrs. Meter."

He stripped his pants and revealed his beautiful cock to her. It was still limp and yet more impressive in size than her husband's proudest erection. He wrapped her hands around it, and she held him in reverence, awed by the beauty found between his legs.

"Does the idea of me fucking you scare you a bit?"

"Yes...But I also find it...arousing!"

"Then get naked for me."

Mrs. Meter nodded and stripped. Naked, she was an attractive, if somewhat aged, woman. Her skin was naturally tan. She was a slight woman, with small breasts proportionate to her frame. Her nipples were already hard.

She looked up at him in wanton lust. Jack cupped her head and pulled her into a deep kiss. He hardened as they kissed, swelling along her stomach and up between her small breasts. She grasped him with both hands and stroked him.

"Your cock is so fucking huge," she said once their kiss broke. His scent was thick in the small office, and her resistance was failing. She leaned down slightly and kissed his cock. "Maybe you are a god..."

Jack laughed. "Let me show you."

She nodded and pushed everything off of her desk. Papers went everywhere. The photo of her family shattered on the floor. She climbed onto the desk and spread her legs.

"Are you ready for me," Jack asked while lining up. His crown brushed against her vulva. Mrs. Meter kept her pussy hairy but well-groomed. The dark curls were damp with her arousal, and Jack could feel the slick, familiar heat on his crown.

"Oh, Jack...That day I measured you I fell in love with you. You took me by surprise, to say the least, and I became immediately infatuated. Your cock has turned me all topsy-turvy, and I want it."

"Well, if measuring me did all that to you, then I wonder what this will do." He hooked one of her legs and, with one firm push, speared into her. Though she was well-lubricated, Mrs. Meter was an extremely tight fit. Her small body was not well-suited to him and could only accommodate six inches.

She flinched and pushed her computer back into the wall. He thrust forward again and the screen cracked behind her. "Oh, so big..."

The pain was indescribable. Her husband was a bit over six inches, and while he could reach her depths, Jack was nearly three times as thick. Fitting him was an entirely different experience.

Jack didn't give her time to adjust. The entire point of fucking her was to show her that he owned her. So, he aimed to take her and pounded her from the started. Given time she would stretch for him, and given time she would learn to love it.

Of course, that happened sooner than later. The pain was intense to start but gave way to even more intense pleasure. Soon she was rocking to meet him while wearing the most terrific smile.

In a show of flexibility, she lifted her legs up and gave him a view of the six inches that were disappearing inside of her. "Oh, fuck me! Fuck me with your big, thick cock. It feels so huge, like it's going to tear me open. I'm going to burst! I'm going to burst around your big cock...It's spreading me, changing me for you."

Jack reached forward and cupped her breasts. He pinched her nipples roughly while fucking her. "Is that what you want? Do you want me to change you?"

She giggled madly. "Yes! Yes, I want you completely own me. I did from the-Ah! Coming!" She winced as juices ran down his shaft. She bit her lip to contain any screams before saying, "So good..." She rolled her hips into him and grunted in the process.

It was beautiful to see such a small, introverted woman let go and submit to his depravity. She smiled like she was in awe of him, and as another orgasm passed through her she truly was.

"I'm so lucky. Like I was saying earlier...I've wanted this from the start."

Jack grinned. "I could tell, and now that I've fucked you I own you. Are you ready?"

"Ready? Ready for what?"

Jack pushed in deep and crested, filling her to bursting with one wad. As he continued to cum he swore that her tiny belly bulged. For her part, Mrs. Meter tried to contain her pleasure but couldn't, and finally let out a high, shrill scream of rapture.

Jack withdrew and pulled her forward. He pressed his cock into her face, and she cleaned it for him. Cum oozed from her stretched cunt, but she didn't notice. All of her focus was on his godhood.

When he was clean Jack rested his cock on her shoulder. It was still huge and thick. Clearly, his arousal wasn't entirely sated, but he had other places to put it. He looked down at her. "So, now that I've fucked you what do you think of me?"

"You're my god. From the moment you met me you were my god, but it took me this long to realize it." She laughed and stroked his cock gingerly. "It's funny. Everything has changed and nothing has changed. You own me, but then, you always did."

"I'll hold you to it," Jack said, and he slapped her across the cheek with his cock. She smiled and even laughed before kissing his cock head.

Jack stepped away and dressed. She watched him while scooping up his cum and eating it. "You cum so much," she said.

"Are you complaining?"

She scooped up another drippy string and swallowed it luxuriously. "Never," she said.

Jack laughed while doing up his pants. "Well, I'm out of here. I'll see you later."

"Call on me whenever you want," she said while finally sliding from the table. "I'm yours."

After his success with Mrs. Meter, Jack decided Mrs. Pratt had waited long enough. So he skipped history and went straight to her, calling her out of the adjunct instructor office and into the hall.

Mrs. Pratt was surprised to see him, and Jack was surprised to find that she forewent a bra for that day. Looking into her eyes, Jack found that her light was burning brilliantly but was almost entirely pink. She wasn't quite his slave yet, but she was well on her way.

"Jack, what are you..." She examined his face for a moment and then shook her head. "No, I don't think this is..."

"Follow me," he said, and he walked away from her. Halfway down the hall he looked back and found her following.

Jack led her to the nearest men's room and made her wait outside while checking the interior. Then he held the door open and motioned her inside. "Come on."

"Jack, we can just go to the car..."

"No, we're going here. Get inside."


Jack yanked her inside and swatted her rear as she staggered. She yelped and looked back at him in embarrassment. Before following her inside Jack put a rune to the door.

Mrs. Pratt looked around the restroom. It had been recently cleaned, but she was still visibly disgusted. "Jack, I don't think we should be in here. My car is fine."

Jack undid his pants and stepped out of them. His cock wasn't up to its normal epic standards, but it was beautiful enough to render her silent. His scent was strong, and the way she sniffed the air showed her affinity for it.

"Jack..." His name was hardly a breath from her. She wanted him to back down and leave her alone, but she clearly didn't want that either. No matter the guilt or the betrayal, she could not resist Jack. Seeing his cock only solidified his control.

"I think you've waited long enough. No more games. You will suck my cock until it's nice, big, and hard, and then you're going to keep sucking until I cum down your throat." Jack grabbed her by the hair. "Doesn't that sound nice," he asked while releasing his godly breath in her face.

"It...It does," she admitted in a daze. For a moment she worried they would be caught, and then she decided not to worry at all. Being caught with Jack's big cock in her mouth should make her proud, not embarrassed.

"Then get on your knees."

"Yes, sir," she said, and she kneeled before him. Her breasts bounced heavily, and her nipples were scrapping her blouse. The way her chest strained her shirt she didn't look like an instructor anymore. To Jack, she looked more like a lascivious whore.

"Remember to show my dick proper respect before sucking."

She looked up at him and nodded before planting a single, lingering kiss on the tip of his limp cock. Then she lifted it and placed a kiss on each of his testicles. After that she sat back on her knees and looked up at him again, awaiting his instruction.

Jack took her head and pulled it toward his crotch. As she came forward, Mrs. Pratt opened her mouth, let his limp penis in, and sucked noisily on him. By then she was possessed by lust and bobbed her head on what she could.

In short-time Jack swelled. His meager cock grew, and so did his smell. Mrs. Pratt lost herself sucking and choking on him. At eight inches she gagged for the first time and was delighted to see him returning to the gargantuan size she loved.

The larger he got the more depraved she became. She salivated around his cock, sucking sloppily and losing all control. By the time he was fully erect she had become an unrestrained whore, choking on his cock and stroking him with both hands.

Jack pulled her from his cock and went into a clean stall. "Get your pants down!"

For a moment Mrs. Pratt thought that she shouldn't, but her body obeyed regardless. Her mind and conscious were no longer in control. Jack was. He had replaced all of her higher function. Now he was her will, he was what drove her, and she was just an obedient body ready to serve.

She slipped her pants and panties down her womanly thighs. Her pussy gleamed in the dim bathroom light as she stepped forward into the stall. The look on her face spoke her excitement.

Jack pulled her forward and lifted her leg to examine her pussy more closely. He slipped a single finger inside of her, and she shivered. "You're giving in surprisingly easy," Jack said.

"Please, just hurry and fuck me," she whined. "I...I don't want to be caught."

Jack teased her clit for a moment and then withdrew his finger. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down toward his cock. The crown brushed her vulva. "Is that the only reason you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes...No. No!"

"Then tell me why you want it," Jack said. He kept one hand on her hips to signal control but used the other to yank her shirt off. She helped him remove the restrictive garment and then crouched above his cock, poised for penetration. Juices from her pussy ran down his cock.

"I...I want you to fuck me, Jack. I want your enormous cock inside of me, and how could I not? You're perfection made real. You're everything a woman could want, and I want you desperately. Please, Jack, please...fuck me. Give this woman the pleasure that I'm sure only you can."

"That was almost poetic," Jack teased. "I like it!" He grabbed her firmly by the hips and pulled her down. In one thrust nine thick inches of thick, divine cock entered her. Though a good portion of his cock was still outside of her, she looked full to bursting. She tensed above him and let out a deep, impassioned groan of pleasure while bracing herself against the walls.

Jack fucked her swiftly, giving her no time to think about it. If she did there would be a chance of resistance, and Jack wouldn't allow that. He wanted to fuck her into submission as quickly as possible and mark off yet another of his conquests that evening.

Once he started fucking her she lost all self-control. All of her loyalties shifted. Years of marriage became unimportant, and the pleasure was all that mattered. She cared only for Jack and his wants.

Jack released her hips and sat back on the stall he was on. Mrs. Pratt, who had her arms against the sidewalls, looked back at him but kept moving her hips. "Wh-What..."

"Show me your loyalty by riding me. Ride me like the slut you are."

"Y-Yes, master," she gasped, and she began moving her hips more dramatically.

Even when he didn't move Jack was a better fuck than her husband. He could just reach deeper and stretch her wider than anyone else. The longer she fucked him, the more she loved him. An image of Jack as an idol took shape in her mind and solidified, and he became more than man. He became the sole reason for her existence.

In that moment sexuality bloomed within her, and her true nature became realized. She was both the intelligent, cultured woman who taught classes twice a week, and she was the lewd slut who lived to serve Jack.

She bounced atop him madly, and her body jiggled. She braced against the front of the stall now and howled each time his cock speared her. He was unyielding and though she controlled the pace, he still seemed to be the one fucking her.

Jack placed a hand on the small of her back. "Is this what you wanted?"

"Yes! Yes, this is it. This is the best sex of my life!" She groaned and shivered as an orgasm ran through her. "I...I realize now that the true self can only be found through something bigger, better than yourself." She was picking up speed as she spoke, developing a new, more intense rhythm that worked her body but also granted more intense pleasure. "For me, Jack, you are that something. You are sexuality incarnate. You are transcendent and above. You are the realization of my enter life, and you are a way of life in and of yourself." She came again, and this pleasure galvanized the words that would forever change her. "Jack, you are my god!"

"Good girl," Jack said, and he took to fucking her relentlessly. He grabbed her hips and stood into her, fucking her hard against the door. She braced against it, her hands and face flat against the cold metal. With each thrust the door groaned until it buckled, and she went tumbling forward with Jack shortly behind her.

He buried into her while she was kneeling on the ground, and filled her with his essence. Mrs. Pratt, who was still in a daze from the fall, then had the most powerful orgasm of her life. It seized her soul and drained her of any free will. She shook and was burned out by pink light from within, and only once the orgasm eased did she return to the real world and regain her breath.

"That was...life changing."

"I hope you mean that." Jack stood and walked around the door they knocked onto the ground. "Because I'll be expecting your undying loyalty from this day forward," he said, and he held his cock out to her. She grasped him while looking into his beautiful eyes and sucked him lovingly.

"I meant every word," she said between licks. "I've become a different woman, a happier woman, and it's all thanks to you. You completed me, my lord."

"Then from this day forward you will do whatever I ask, whenever I ask. No more resistance."

"I understand, my lord, and I must say, resisting never did much good for me anyway." She laughed and licked at his cock a bit more. Then she hugged the sticky thing to her cheek. "I am yours completely, and I thank you for this chance at pleasure."

"Good, then get up and get cleaned. You'll be late for your class."

"Of course, master, though the sex is well worth the tardy."

Later that day Jack goes straight to Mrs. Mueller's office. She was surprised but not at all put out by his visit, and almost immediately she fell to her knees and eagerly sucked his cock. While she did this Jack stripped, revealing his muscular body and infusing her with even greater lust.

"Today I want to try something different," Jack said, and Mrs. Mueller groaned happily around his dick. "Today I want to show the world who you really are." He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up. "Do you know who you really are?"

Mrs. Mueller's lips were swollen and smeared with an even mix of saliva and pre-cum. She stared into his dark eyes and said, "I'm a slut. I'm your slut, and I worship you."

"That's right, and today we have no shame!" Jack shoved her office door open and gave an open view to anyone who passed by. The hall between offices was empty at that point, but should someone enter they would be greeted by a view of Jack's godhood and Mrs. Mueller worshipping it. "Do you have any complaints?"

"Of course not! If it pleases you to show the world what a slut I am then do it!"

"Then get on your back."

Mrs. Mueller fell back spread eagle. She had stripped naked while sucking on his cock and her body was now on display. Her pussy was gleaming wet from the thought of being caught while Jack speared her with his massive godhood. She was more than proud to be displayed; she looked forward to it.

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