tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 6

Erotic Adventures Ch. 6


The scent of my sex drifted into my nostrils and I quickly excused myself to freshen up. I ran to the shower and quickly removed all the traces of my juices, still unable to comprehend the embarrassing way that Peter had discovered me. On my first modelling assignment too. The way I had exposed myself to the old man's camera. Mmmm. My sexual excitement was undiminished as I resolved to rejoin the small group, still nude. I had looked at my discarded bikini on the way back. I still didn't know what my beloved Peter really thought about finding me stark naked, in among the others. My suitcases were neatly stowed by my bed, with all my entire wardrobe in them, including my old favourite blue bikini. Carelessly laying in the bed was that flimsy little 'Wicked Weasel' number. Three wispy pieces of cloth and a lot of string that masqueraded as a full bikini swimsuit.

"Might as well stay in the nude." I nervously muttered away to myself. I was aware of my voice. "God! I'm scared again." I agonised for a few more moments but then I decided against it. "Be yourself Pam." Harry's wise advice returned to calm me.

The small group clapped me as I re-entered the room. I smiled and sat down. They were all praising my modelling efforts, including my Peter much to my relief. It seemed he was as pleased as his sister, Sally.

We sat around the table, talking and eating for nearly another hour.

It seems that everybody knew about Sally's little prank but Peter and I. I had the distinct feeling that Harry had thought of the idea but Sally took all the credit. We all laughed about it over a late lunch. I found out that Peter's early arrival home was totally unexpected, but Sally had saved the day yet again. Peter had arrived home early but Sally had sneaked outside, in the nude still, to bring him in quietly, without my knowledge.

I was amazed that she had been silly or brave enough to rush outside the front door to inform Peter without her clothes on. Sally laughed.

"Oh that! I've had to do far more demanding things that that for Harry." She smiled at him. "Haven't I, Boss."

"It's something you will get used to." Agreed Harry, smiling at me. "Baby steps!" He said lightly. "You've done well so far, Pam."

Sally hugged me and kissed me lightly. I blushed as she pulled away.

"What a double birthday surprise!" She hooted with laughter.

"It looks like I owe you one, Sis!" Peter laughed too.

He had been amazed to find me on the floor, with Harry's camera in heated overdrive, recording the event for his birthday. I had been lost in the grip of a major orgasm and didn't hear a thing. I was glad that he didn't appear to be upset with me. I had felt like such a slut at the time. I guessed that I had been in shock.

"I'll get a few proofs out this afternoon for you." Harry promised. "You can pick the one you like the most and I'll have it framed for both of you, Peter." Harry was enthusiastic and friendly.

"Don't go on my account." Peter protested as Harry packed his bags to leave. "Carry on filming, if you like?" He gave me a wolfish grin. "It looked like Pamela was enjoying herself."

"No! I was going anyway." Harry grinned. I was simply proving my point to Pamela, before I left for the day." He patted his bag. "I now have to get these developed. I'll see you all before the party starts and show you what a great model your wife is."

WIFE! It had a lovely sound to it. Peter made no attempt to correct Harry's slip of the tongue. He just held out his hand to Harry.

Harry shook hands with Peter and left, kissing me on the cheek first.

"Now remember Pam. Be yourself." He smiled at me. "You're among friends now." He let himself out, waving goodbye.

Sally left us, not long after Harry did. She helped me explain some more about what had gone on that morning, to Peter. We were too busy explaining about the new job and reliving the session for Peter's benefit to get into the personal question I wanted to ask her. Sally and I went into the bedroom together while she dressed for the drive home. It only took her a few seconds to put her blouse and skirt on so I didn't even have time to ask her about her new piercing. I was sad that we never had time for a 'girl chat'.

"See you guys about 7 tonight!" She waved as she went out the door. Suddenly Peter and I were alone in the house, together.

Peter swooped me into his arms and kissed me, even more passionately than before. I had a warm feeling as I returned his passion.

"Just to think?" Peter was breathless. I have Sally to thank for all of this." He put me down and admired my nude body again.

"Where did you put the new swimsuit?" Looking around the room. "I don't see it!" He smiled. "You look so much better without it, to me anyway."

"I was wearing it this morning,----before Harry charmed it off me." I gave him a shy smile. "It's so light that you don't even know when you're wearing it, anyway." Peter looked so astonished and proud of me that I continued to surprise him. "I'll be wearing it for you tonight and whenever you like from now on." I decided. "I do love you so much!" I hugged him. "I put it away in our bedroom?" I beckoned at him expectantly, hoping he would take my broad hint.

"One thing puzzles me, my love?" He was smiling wolfishly at me, ignoring my invitation, furrowing his brow.

"Yes darling?" I was nervous again.

"What was it that Harry was proving to you. Tell me all about it,-----just so that I can understand those lovely changes in you."

It was obvious that Peter approved of my actions. Now that we were alone in the house, together, I opened up to him fully. I told him all about the fantasies that I had used to get over my earlier fears and girlish inhibitions. I went red-faced when I told him about the last one in particular. I hoped that he wouldn't think that I really wanted to show myself off to his team, that way. Peter smiled when I told him that I had asked Harry to be demanding, order me to comply.

"I used Harry's voice and imagined that it was yours, darling."

"So let me get this straight?" He said. "You were obeying whatever Harry told you to do and he was actually taking my place?"

"I actually told him that I would do whatever he wanted as long as it sounded like an order from you." I blushed and nodded. "I would too, darling." I defended, getting redder in the face.

"Can I put that theory of yours to the test?" Peter was still probing at me, speaking slowly and thoughtfully.

I nodded quickly. I lowered my head, thinking while Peter teased me.

"Yes darling! I really want to please you from now on." I just gushed it out. "I do love you so much." I looked him in the eye. I'll do whatever you say from now on." I smiled at Peter, eagerly scanning his face.

He got that wolfish grin back in no time. He looked me up and down.

"Very good! I'll have to think about it." He gazed at me.

I straightened up and my blood ran cold. Even before he decided how to test me, I realised what I had let myself in for. I had decided to obey his wishes, whatever they were. I had been so miserable while we were apart. I was far too ashamed to admit that taking my orders from Peter was a lot more preferable than being responsible for my actions and taking instructions from my lover seemed to free my inhibitions. It raised certain questions in my confused mind. I thought about it.

Had I enjoyed standing at the open window? Was I a slut all along and just didn't know it before? I felt scared and proud at the same time.

"Go into the bedroom and put on the same bikini that you were wearing before." He sharpened his voice. "Now, Babe!"

He sat back at the table, pointing to the bedroom, with a neutral expression on his face that I had never seen before. It was nearly impossible for me to know whether he was angry, pleased, annoyed or just being masterful. I was excited and anxious not to disappoint him by delaying the inevitable.

"Whatever you say, my darling." I smiled adoringly at him.

I left hurriedly and fumbled as I put the bikini on. My thoughts were racing but I felt the same sort of excitement that I had when Harry was taking photos of me. My mind wandered back into my fantasy world again.


I wasn't thinking about what I was doing as I put the bikini on. I had just got up this morning and I was totally nude again. The front doorbell went and Peter ordered me to answer it at once. I hid behind the door and opened it. It was the young club captain from Peter's football team and he was in a big rush. He barged in and looked at me in admiration. Now, Peter had always told me to be proud of my body. I stood there while the young player gaped at me, not attempting to cover myself in any way. He advanced toward me and-----------. I was interrupted.


"You got that bikini on yet!" Peter's voice from the living room snapped me out of it.

"Just another minute, my darling!" I called back.

I looked in the mirror and my fantasy had made me all pre-orgasmic.

Horrified but proud at the same time, I went back out to the lounge, dressed to please Peter. My nipples were straining at the wispy cloth and my aureoles were visible. My vulva was puffed up and I looked like the slut that the chaste half of me felt. The sluttish half was more than ready to obey any demand my intended husband cared to make.

"There darling!" I was breathless as I pirouetted before him.

"WOW!" He whistled as I turned in front of him. "Thank goodness you've lost those inhibitions of yours, Pamela." He was excited.

I noted the tent in front of his shorts as he stood.

"The bedroom again?" I suggested hopefully, more than ready to have anal sex if he insisted. My body was tingling, expectantly.

"There's just one last thing first?" The wolf appeared again.

"Name it!" I smiled happily. "I already told you that I would wear this tonight for you.---Nothing else." I added hastily.

"I want you to go and get my car. I've got a little something on the front seat for you. It's on the front passenger seat."

"Go and get the car?" I was confused. "In the driveway?"

"Sorry darling! I had to leave it out on the street this time."

His words sank in and I became nervous again.

"B-But y-you always park in the driveway." I stuttered. "W-Why"

Peter interrupted my question with the answer I dreaded.

"With two other cars in our driveway?" He raised his voice an octave. "I had to park it out on the street!" He emphasised as he handed me the keys. "I'll watch you from the window." Assuring me with a smile. "Now hurry along! Can't you see that I'm anxious to get that bikini off you again?" He pointed to the tent. "Now!"

I knew that I was being tested. This time, I didn't dare drift into my fantasy world. No need! As I gingerly opened the front door and peered outside I heard Peter speak to me in a soft, loving voice.

"What's that, Darling?" I replied. Had he changed his mind?

"I just said don't forget to make sure that I locked the back trunk." The wolf was back. "I might have forgotten when Sally came out with nothing on." He explained. "Be quick now! No traffic at the moment." He looked back out the window. The wolf's fangs were able to be seen. Peter was smiling and there was no point in delay. I checked the keys and ran out into the street, desperate to get it over with as quickly as possible. "Baby steps!" Harry's words rang in my ear.

My head anxiously turned from left to right and a cool afternoon breeze made me painfully aware of my lightly clad body. I was almost like I had nothing on at all. At the end of our driveway my jiggling breasts had both popped free of the cloth and I stopped to fix them up and make myself 'decent' again. While I fumbled with my suit I was even more aware of my telltale nipples, hard as rocks. I looked back at Peter and he was standing there, enjoying every minute from the safety of our lounge. I remembered that Sally had met him out in the street with no suit at all, totally nude.

"Baby steps!" I remembered.

I waved at Peter and walked slowly for the thirty yards left to go so that I wouldn't need to stop again. I could see cars approaching in the distance and two of our neighbours mowing their lawns across the street. Sunday afternoon looked normal enough. I hadn't distracted the neighbours YET!

The front car was faster than the others so I had to make a quick decision. I elected to remain at my present slower pace. I checked the trunk first. I was unlocked so I fumbled to find the right key. At least Peter's car would partially shield me from the rapidly approaching vehicle. I locked it just as the car slowed down to take a second look at me. I quickly turned and waved as they went past and I heard the brakes squeal. I edged around the car, on the driver's side with my naked bottom next to the hot metal of the car. This made matters worse. My nipples stood out like beacons and the neighbours stopped mowing their lawns. Had they had heard the car brakes too?

I was spectacularly unsuccessful in my efforts to unlock Peter's car door, with my back to it. It was impossible. The following cars were about to pass so I gave them a silly grin and waved to them too. To my absolute horror, both drivers tooted their horns and waved back. The only saving grace was that they kept on going. By now, I had a small crowd of eager spectators, waiting for me to turn around to get into the car.

I had no choice. Biting my lower lip with embarrassment, I turned to get the right key in the lock and exit myself from their view.

It's so hard to concentrate on a relatively simple task when a young girl's heart is thumping, the darned key won't fit and there is a steady chorus of hooting and whistling going on at the same time.

God knows what our neighbours must have thought of me by the time I finally slipped into the car seat, what seemed like an hour later.

I gasped as the hot vinyl seat made contact with the naked flesh of my bottom. I fumbled with the ignition key, trying to ignore my own burning flesh. My nipples were aching and I could smell my own juices as I ultimately started the car. Putting on a brave expression I tried to smile as I put the car in gear, waved at my fans and drove off.

I let out a mighty sigh of relief as the car moved forward.

"Whew!" I did a three point turn and headed back to our home driveway, noting that my fan club had grown as people seemed to come out of their houses. No doubt my spectators had called out to some of the others in the family, to tell them what they had seen.

Without thinking about it as clearly as I might have, I drove in and parked the car facing the house. Had I not been so flustered, I might have backed in instead. That way the car door might have shielded me for just that little bit longer.

"No use crying over spilt milk." I nervously muttered.

Peter was still watching me from the lounge window, smiling like a Cheshire Cat crossed with a wolf. He had finally got his wish and he succeeded in showing me off to all our friends. He must have been ecstatic.

I sat in the car, trying to normalise my breathing and hoping like crazy that the neighbours would go back inside their houses. Quickly I checked the rear view mirror with baited breath.

"God! There's more people out there than ever." I muttered.

I was more sexually excited and Peter was now beckoning me inside the house. I couldn't disappoint Peter now. I had to move.

A combination of mounting sexual need, false bravado and a mistaken belief that the neighbours might turn away their eyes prompted me to open my door again. I put my legs out, making sure all the little knobs were down and extracting the ignition key. I made sure that I had the right door key so that my time of exposure would be limited to the least possible time. I checked that my erect nipples were as decently covered as they could be, bearing in mind their excited state, and bit my lower lip.

As reluctant as the chaste half of me was to show my naked backside to my public again, I was tingling with excitement at the same time. My sluttish half was severely tempted to remove my swimsuit and walk around the back of the car, totally in the nude.

My former self won! I quickly got out and locked up Peter's car. "Whoops! Forgot the parcel!" I muttered, nervous again.

Sensing a hundred pairs of eyes, evaluating my bare bottom, I quickly unlocked and reached in. The hoots and cheers confirmed my worst suspicions. My fan club had definitely grown. I was shaking with fear

as I reverted to my previous fantasy, having no choice. I re-lived it again as I relocked the car until I got to the front door. It helped me to deaden the cheering and whistling in the background. I ignored my bikini top when it slipped sideways, off my nipples.


The same as earlier, I stood there as the handsome young club captain advanced, rooted to the spot. His intentions were now very clear and I moved my feet apart, a little. I blushed as he groped around at my vulnerable body. I gasped as his hands moved downward and I began to moan.

"Yes! That feels good."

He put his eager hand in between my legs, silently nodding. I opened my legs up fully, powerless to resist. I melted. Mmmmmmm???

"Why? I whispered. "Peter's in the bedroom!" I warned him.

"Peter told me that you can't get enough." He leered crudely.

I closed my eyes and allowed his index finger full access to my, now aching, love nest. If this was what my beloved wanted, then who was I to stop the young man? I co-operated as Peter would wish, shuddering as the young man lifted me off my feet and laid me on the living-room sofa. He stood there for ages, just admiring my body.

"Do you like my new piercing?" Pointing to the object of the young man's attention. "Do you want me?"

"Oh Yes!" He was struggling with his shorts, muscles bulging.

I smiled as I opened myself more fully and beckoned him over. To my surprise, I wanted him inside me more than ever. I spread myself wide as he ripped off his shorts. He was---

My dream was interrupted, just before the player ravaged me.


"Jeez! You did well!" Peter was excited. "I thought you would run like a frightened rabbit, from the car to the door." He carried on enthusiastically. "You were just MAGNIFICENT!" He breathed.

My eyes came back into sharp focus and the front door was shut and I was on the right side of it at last. I was totally nude and my bikini lay on the floor with the unopened parcel, at my feet. Peter was kissing me passionately again. I melted into his arms and allowed him to pick me up. When our lips parted and I could talk, I did.

"Did I walk slowly enough for you, Darling?" I smiled at him.

"Your top came adrift while you were still half-way back to the house. You just carried on walking with the parcel in one hand and my keys in the other. You had a dreamy look in your eyes. Even all our neighbour's cheering didn't seem to bother you a bit. I've never been so proud of you!"

He was delighted and couldn't keep his hands off me, or stop talking. "What were you fantasising about, this time, my love?"

"I was just thinking about us having anal sex together, last night." I lied. I was loving the feel on your penis inside my bottom when you fill me that way."

"Let's make it come true, then?" The wolf was grinning.

I smiled as he led me into our bedroom. I hated lying to Peter but my reasons were reasonably honourable, I think? Would he have still made that same final remark? I shuddered to think. My sluttish half took firm control of my confusion as we ran for the bedroom.


* * * * *

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