Erotic Beats


As I unlocked the door my body went from beaten down and broken after a long days work to revived and excited as your words from this morning echoed through my head.

"I've got something special planned for us tonight"

I tossed my keys on the hall table as I entered a little puzzled by the silence that met me.

I checked each room, a little disappointed that you weren't in any of them, I pulled the clip from my hair and shook my head as I headed to the bedroom to change my clothes and strip off the last remnants of the long shitty day I had.

I smiled as I entered; there on the bed was some clothing laid out for me and a note placed on top in your handwriting.

'Meet me here...Wear this...I love you.'

I jumped into the shower and blew my hair dry, leaving the long brown locks hanging in loose curls over my shoulders. I stepped into the bedroom and took the first piece of clothing off the bed.

I didn't recognize any of it. I smiled as I looked at the top, skirt and little pair of underwear that I was to wear as I thought of you shopping for me. I slipped the top over my head, it was a dark blue tank top style with thin straps. I took note of the fact that you didn't include a bra in the pile. I looked down at the silky and stretchy material as it teased the soft skin of my bare breasts.

I felt my nipples harden and laughed to myself, with this little tight top on, I wouldn't be able to hide that fact from anyone.

I pulled the black undies up my legs, there were nothing more than a little scrap of satin, barely covering my no-no places, quite obviously a man's choice and not a woman's.

I pulled the black skirt on last, it was as soft and silky as the top and moved in a little flirty way with each step I took around the room, lightly caressing my upper thighs.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit the outfit was very sexy but at the same time still classy. The way the material felt against my skin, the way the skirt moved when I walked. It made me feel very, very feminine with it on.

I slid my feet into some low black pumps and headed out the door.

The address was not that far, only a 10 minute drive from home. I parked and got out, not really surprised to be walking toward a popular dance club.

The music was loud and bumping as I entered, techno style dance music and gyrating bodies all around me. The lights flashed on and off to the beat of the music, illuminating the club in flashes as I weaved my way through the thick crowd towards the bar at the other end of the large room, scanning the faces around me for yours.

I ordered a drink, a brandy and coke. A double, much needed after my long day and turned, sipping it slowly and almost involuntarily moving my body a bit to the beat. Losing myself as I watched the people on the dance floor grind and move together in what looked like one big mass of arms and legs.

A light touch on my shoulder brought me out of the trance and I turned and smiled as my eyes met yours.

"You look fabulous baby."

Your voice was deep and smooth in my ear, your scent intoxicating as you leaned forward and spoke. I couldn't resist and turned my head for a quick kiss, which quickly turned deep and sensual.

"You have impeccable taste." I smiled at you a little dazed, the kiss making my heart speed up and beat as fast at the base line thumping off the walls.

You took my hand in yours and pulled me toward the dance floor, I thought you wanted to dance so I was a little surprised when you moved to one side and leaned back against the wall, placing me in front of you so we both faced the dancers. The flashing lights mixed with the dimly club giving us an almost surreal view.

I shivered as my back pressed against your front. I couldn't help it and moved my hips a bit, rubbing against you.

I went to move away just as you placed your hands on my hips and held me there. I smiled to myself and I started to sway to the music, my ass rubbing hard against your groin. Your hands moved up, sliding over the sides of my body and back down as I moved, your fingertips brushing against the sides of my breasts.

I felt my nipples harden at the light touch and looked down, the effect was almost instantaneous as my nipples pebbled into hard little peaks poking through the thin material. My initial thought was right, I might as well not be wearing a top at all. It was plainly visible what you were doing to me.

"Cold baby?"

Your voice was filled with amusement as spoke close to my ear, your hand moving quick giving one nipple a light tweak.

I couldn't help it and groaned, my little noise unheard over the loud music.

"You'd bad,"

I turned my head smiling at you while I slipped one hand behind my back and between us, pressing it against your hardening cock.

"Now you've done it," your hands slide back down and cup my ass, "we have to stay here until I'm decent enough to walk out."

You ground against me, I feel my pussy start to throb as I got a flash our morning before you left for work, and just how good you felt buried deep inside me. You pushed the length of your cock against my palm. I gripped it through your pants, letting my fingers press hard against the head then slowly dragging my fingernails up and down your length a few times.

"Oh you want to play like that do you?" I should have known from the tone in your voice that I was outmatched.

I felt your fingers brush lightly against the backs of my thighs and just under the hem of my skirt. Slowly you slid them upward against my skin, making my stomach flutter and my sex clench. I widened my stance a bit as your finger toyed along the elastic of my now very wet undies.

"Hot baby?" as you spoke your fingers slipped under the elastic and brushed over the swollen my lips of my pussy, "You are a very naughty're all wet down here."

I moaned as I pushed my ass harder against you and arched my back slightly. I didn't care that we were standing in a club with people all around us; I wanted your fingers buried deep inside me.

I groaned loud as you moved your fingers up and down the length of my slit while I stood there almost motionless. I couldn't help it and jumped a bit as your fingertips bumped my clit again and again. God I needed to come so bad, it was all I could do not to turn and molest you right there against the wall.

"Oh god...please baby," my voice was breathy, almost pleading with you.

"Please what?"

From your tone, it was obvious that you were amused. I tilted my hips a bit more as you toyed with me.

"You're so wet baby, you want more?"

You spoke into my ear, your hot breath on my neck making me shiver as you gently parted the lips of my sex and moved your fingers against my aroused flesh.

I moved my hips in response, grinding hard against the length of your cock.

"You want me to make you come right here baby? Put my fingers in this hot little cunt with all these people around us?"

As you spoke your fingers circled the opening to my body.

I wanted to scream at you. YES! GOD YES! PLEASE BABY! FINGER ME! MAKE ME COME! NOW!

But instead I moaned and bit my bottom lip, looking around and making sure no one was paying attention and I moved my hips a bit, letting you know without the words that was exactly what I wanted.

I locked my knees are you slowly slipped your fingers into me, my pussy clenched tight around them as you rubbed me inside slowly then pulled out, only to repeat the action again and again. I almost screamed as the sensations of two of your fingers filling me, fucking me slowly as the lights flashed around us and the bass beat sent tremors up my frame.

I could hear your voice in my ear, the words making me hotter, bringing me closer and closer.

"Does that feel good baby? Fuck your so hot and wet...That's it move your hips a bit...make it look like your dancing." The music got slow and quiet as I barely moved and tried to keep quiet; I was on right on the edge and hoped they turned up the volume and fast! My climax was building and I knew I was going to be loud.

You slipped another finger into me and moved them faster, stretching me. My hips moved with your rhythm.

"You like this don't you? All these people have no idea my fingers are sliding in and out of your hot, wet little pussy right now...They have no idea you're about to come hard all over my fingers...You thinking about my cock baby? Thinking about how much better it would feel if I had you bent over the bar with my dick buried deep inside you?"

I couldn't stop myself and I cried out loud and came hard, my body shaking as my pussy clenched and unclenched around your fingers, my juices spilling from me and coating your fingers as they slowed and finally stopped moving.

Thankfully the DJ had just turned up the volume again and my cries were lost in the bass beats.

"Timing is everything." I just barely heard your words over the bass beats as my body came back down to earth slowly.

I was breathing like I'd ran a marathon; I felt the loss instantly as you pulled your fingers from inside me and adjusted the back of my skirt.

"Better baby?"

Your voice dripped with manly satisfaction as you turned my head towards you and rubbed your wet fingers against my mouth. I darted my tongue out and licked lightly then moaned as your mouth came down on mine and kissed me deep, taking a taste of the juices from my lips.

I slipped my hand back between us and rubbed it along the length of your cock as you tiled my head and deepened the kiss. I felt the vibrations more than heard the sound of your little groan as I pressed my palm against your hardness and slid it slowly from base to tip.

I pulled from your lips and stood on tip toe whispering into your ear,

"No...much worse...I need you"

You took my hand and led us through the throngs of people toward the exit. My legs felt like jello as I half ran to keep up to you. It was nice knowing you felt the urgency as much as I did.

Once outside I turned toward where I was parked, I was a little surprised when you shook your head and turned to walk down the street.

"But...but aren't we going home?" My heels clicked on the pavement as I trotted behind you, our fingers still entwined.

"No...take to long," you turned sharply and led me down a small dimly lit lane just beside the building that housed the club, "I need inside you now."

My pussy clenched at your words and I half smiled and half groaned. You knew I loved sex outdoors.

A few steps down the lane and you turned to me and pressed me up hard against the cool cement building. I moaned loud as your body pressed full against mine, your hands pulling mine over my head and holding them there while you kissed my lips and moved your mouth to my throat, moving your hips against me and dry humping my pussy..

"Keep them there."

Your voice was gruff as you took your hands from mine and moved them down the sides of my body. I complied and left them over my head as you tugged my shirt up and bared my breasts to the cool night air.

I moaned as your lips closed over one tight peak, the sensation of your hot mouth on my cooled skin was amazing, it sent a jolt of pleasure down my body as you nipped and teased me. You squeezed me breasts in your hands, moving your mouth from one to the other, lifting them to your lips and toying with my nipples. Pinching and rolling them as my pussy throbbed in need.

"Baby please," My voice was pleading with you, "Please...I need you inside me."

Your hands moved lower, cupping my pussy through the wet undies as I spread my legs, giving you more access. You pulled them to the side and pushed your fingers deep into me, making me cry out at the sudden invasion.

"Oh god baby...that feels so good"

My words came out on a moan as I let my hands drop and worked frantically at the buttons on your jeans. I groaned when your cock popped out into my palm. I closed my hand around you and stroked your length, squeezing and tugging at your hot, hard shaft.

You pushed my hand away and pressed me harder into the wall, the cool concrete scratching my back as you lifted one of my legs over your hip and moved closer to me.

"You want it baby?"

As you spoke you rubbed the head of your cock up and down the length of my slit, bumping my clit again and again, driving me insane. I shifted my hips to try and take you inside me.

"Oh god baby...please." My hands gripped you tight, trying to pull you closer.

"Tell me you want it." Your voice was muffled as you nipped and bit my neck. "Beg me for it."

"Oh god baby...please,"

I didn't care that you were playing with me. I was lost in the sensations of your smooth hard cock stroking my wetness,

"Aww fuck baby....please...I need you....your driving me fucking crazy....please....Oh god please!...FUCK ME!"

I screamed as you pushed hard into my body. Filling me with one hard stroke. My pussy clenched tight and I came almost immediately. My body shook as I lost myself in the sweet sensations as you started to move, pounding into me hard and fast, dragging out my pleasure.

I held your shoulders as you slammed against me over and over, the squishy sounds of your cock moving inside my very wet pussy clear in the quiet night.

I slid my hands over your hips and dug my fingers into your ass, feeling it flex and relax as you moved. I was immune to everything around, totally focused on you sliding in and out, grinding me against the wall.

Your hands came down and lifted my feet from the ground, pushing me hard against the wall and making your strokes deeper. I came body spasmed as my pussy clamped down tight around your cock, like a hot, wet silken vice.

I held on to you like a life preserver and rocked my hips back and forth to your rhythm riding out my orgasm, coating your cock in my juices as you reached for your own release.

You slowed your strokes and let my legs slide back down to the ground, turning me fast and pushing me against the wall, then gripping my hips and positioning me. I moaned and arched my back as you prodded my pussy and pushed back into me from behind.

"Oh fuck yesss baby."

I braced my hands against the cold, rough wall as you slammed back into me.

I worked with you, pushing back against your cock as you pounded hard, one hand on my hip and the other fisted tight in my hair. I came again, crying out loudly as you leaned over and sunk your teeth into my shoulder, gently biting down as the slapping sounds of our skin meeting rang in my ears.

"Awww fuck baby, you're so fucking feel so good." The words came out on one breath as you never let up your pace...working me hard and fast until you were there...right on the edge.

I clenched around you tight, coming with you when I felt your cock jump inside me, I pushed back against you hard as my pussy contracted around your cock tight. A low groan came from your throat as you lost yourself in your own satisfaction.

Your cock pulsed and spasmed as you filled me with your come, both hands on my hips as you held tight and pressed against me letting your climax overtake you.

We both heard noise at the same time and straightened quickly, glancing toward the opening to the street as we got ourselves together.

I bit back a small moan as I felt your juices mixed with mine slowly seep from me, soaking my undies and coating the insides of my thighs while I watched you struggle with the buttons on your jeans.

You took my hand and led me back to the street, passing a group of clubbers that were just entering from where we were exiting.

We smiled as we passed them and walked hand in hand to my car.

You turned to me and pulled me close and leaned down for a quick kiss, opening the door to my car.

"See...I told you, timing IS everything baby...I'll meet you at home."

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