tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Fantasies Come Alive

Erotic Fantasies Come Alive


About 17 days ago, I had a conference out of town. As it happened, 2 of my closest friends live in the city where the conference was to be held. So I decided to spend the weekend with them once the conference was over.

The conference ended up being extremely boring & a total waste of my time. So by the time the weekend came along, I was ready to kick my heels off & have some fun.

Arriving at Carina & Logan's place a little after 4pm on Fri, they quickly ushered me upstairs to my room & told me to get ready.

"For what?" I asked.

Logan laughed & Carina gave him a look.

"Ok guys," I said, "what's going on?"

Again, Logan laughed. This time Carina pushed him out of the bedroom & closed the door behind her. Carina smiled at me & proceeded to tell me that the three of us were going to go out for dinner & then coming back to their place for some drinks with friends.

"Oh that sounds like fun. But what was Logan laughing at?" I queried.

"He thinks it'd be funny to try to hook you up with one of the guys from his work. Supposedly this guy has a 'millimeter peter' & Logan wants to know if it's true," Carina replied.

"Are you kidding me!?" I laughed. "I'm not doing that just so that Logan can get some weird fantasy of his fulfilled!" I exclaimed, knowing Logan was just outside the door.

Without missing a beat Logan yelled in reply, "I heard that!"

Looking at Carina, we both burst out laughing.

"Go have a shower. We've installed a new shower head. You'll like it."

Winking at me, Carina opened the door & quietly walked out.

Undressing, I thought about Carina & Logan. They'd been together for as long as I'd known them. They suited each other well. Carina is striking with her curly dark hair. She's 5'2" with a beautiful shapely figure. She's got a great set of tits & an ass to match. Logan stands at exactly 6', so he says. But I think it's more like 5'10". He's a big guy. Not fat but football big. He's always tanned, due to his construction job.

Once I decided on what to wear for the night, I walked into the ensuite & stepped into the shower.

Carina was right, they had changed their shower head. It was the kind with the 3 different settings & you were able to remove it from its perch, as it had a 4' hose attached to it. My favorite. Feeling the stress from the conference, I decided to relieve it. I pulled the shower head down from its perch and turned the head so that it was set to the pulsating stream. Turning the water on, I pointed the shower head over my toes & ran it slowly up my lower body. The slightly cool water made my nipples tense up slightly. Liking that, I ran the water over them. The pulsating stream of water over my now hard nipples, sent tiny electric shocks down to my nether regions. Continuing to run the water over my nipples, I slid my right hand down to my now wet pussy. Spreading my lips with my index & ring finger, I slowly started to draw circles on my clit with my middle finger. Moaning, I dropped the shower head & used my other hand to penetrate me. After a min or two of self fucking, I decided that the shower head needed some action. Picking it up again, I spread my lips with my left hand & with the shower head in my right hand, I directed the 3 streams of pulsating water onto my clit. It felt amazing. I pushed the stream closer to my clit, until the shower head was almost touching my pussy. The beating of the water on my clit, almost sent me over the edge. But I wasn't quite ready for that. I leaned slightly back & used my thumb to rub my g-spot and my index finger to just slightly penetrate my hole in my ass. Feeling my fingers move in & out & the constant vibration of the stream over my clit had me moaning. As I started to climax, my moans became louder. At the peak of my climax, I let out a very loud "aaaahhhh". I actually startled myself. I had gotten so into what I was doing that I'd totally forgotten where I was: Carina & Logan's house! I quickly finished my shower, got dressed & went downstairs.

I found Carina & Logan in the kitchen. Before I could even say a word, Logan walked up to me, slapped me on the ass & said, "Enjoy your shower?".

He and Carina both burst out laughing as my face grew red hot.


We went to dinner at a little italian restaurant down the rd from Carina & Logan's. We had such a nice time. 3 bottles of wine & many laughs later, we headed back to the house.

It was 8pm by the time people started to show up. As everyone started to mingle, Carina pulled me aside.

"What's up?" I asked

"Well," she started, "Logan & I have a surprise for you." She grinned and continued, "This is a swinger's party."

Carina paused & waited for my reaction. I just looked at her, dumbfounded.

She went on, "And you're the guest of honor. I know how you've fantasized about just watching people get it on. So, tonight's your night!"

I just looked at her. A swinger's party? & I'm the guest of honor?

"Hello! Anybody home?" asked Carina, breaking into my thoughts.

"Oh wow! Wow! I," I stammered, "I'm impressed, surprised & extremely excited to see what goes on!"

Carina laughed & hugged me.

"I knew you'd like it!"

We parted company as the door bell rang & Carina went to answer it.

Walking towards the kitchen to get another drink, I caught a glimpse of a couple sitting on the stairs. Correction, he was sitting on the stairs & she was sitting on him. They were making out, heavily. I grinned to myself & thought what a great night this would be.

The night was in full swing by 10:30pm or so. People had had some drinks & had done enough socializing to be polite. That's about when the fun started. Logan walked around the room giving all the men a piece of paper with a # on it.

Over the hum of voices he said, "Guys, you've got your #, now go find your lady!"

At first I didn't understand but then it became evident that the ladies had been given #'s too.

I watched as one by one the guys & girls found their corresponding #. They moved off to couches, the stairs, bedrooms, any where really. Some couples went off with other couples. It was fascinating to watch.

I finished my drink, got another & began to walk around the house.

The first place I went was the guest bedroom on the main floor. There were 3 couples in there. The 3 women were on the king sized bed and the men stood around it. I leaned against the door jam & watched as a very skinny red head began to go around to each of the men & give them head. She seemed to really enjoy it. She moaned as her small mouth slid over each of their heads.

The other two women were in the '69' position. Each had their faces in the other's already wet pussy. I could hear the one on top ask the guy closest to her to "take your finger & run it over the hole of my ass."

Smiling, I watched as the guy complied. He had his other hand rubbing his rather large cock, as he waited for the red head to come back & give him some more head.

I left the guest room & headed up the stairs in search of Carina & Logan. I found them in their bedroom, alone.

"Hey, why are you two hiding out in here?"

"We've been waiting for you," said Logan. "Have a seat & we'll begin."

He lightly grabbed my hand & pulled me to a chair that was positioned at the end of their bed. He sat me down.

"Comfy?" he asked

I looked up at him, smiled & nodded my head yes.

I must be daft, because at that moment, I didn't know what they were gonna do. But once they started to take each other's clothes off, I realized I was gonna enjoy it.

Logan expertly undid Carina's bra with one hand, as his other started to undo her jeans. She moaned as he pulled the bra from her firm breasts. He dipped his head to her nipples & began sucking on them. By this time, he'd undone her jeans completely & she was slowly stepping out of them.

Carina had Logan's jeans & boxers off before her jeans hit the floor. I saw her hand caress his chest & nipples. She then slid her hand down to his semi hard cock.

I gasped as she grabbed it & started to stroke it. He was a lot bigger than she'd let on!

They stood there, kissing & caressing one another. All I could do was watch. They were so hot.

They were so sensual with each other. Logan would go back and forth between running his fingers thru Carina's thick curly hair, to massaging her breasts, to parting her beautiful bush and finding her clit. Carina moaned with excitement whenever Logan did this. Her breath would come in short gasps as he manipulated her clit.

I noticed Logan was slightly thrusting his hips back and forth as Carina grip his now hard cock. She would run her hand up and down his shaft, then spend a bit of time just massaging his head.

I was entranced. It was all I could do to not start moaning with Carina.

As I sat and watched this beautiful couple pleasure each other, I could hear other sounds, other moans & whimpers from the people on the stairs or in the other bedroom.

Carina had now positioned herself in a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She'd turned Logan towards her, so that his huge, throbbing dick was just at the level of her mouth. Carina quickly looked at me & winked b4 she placed her warm, wet mouth over Logan's head.

She stayed there for a moment, running her tongue on the under side & ever so lightly letting her top teeth brush against his head. I watched as Logan closed his eyes & let his head drop back. He let his breath out slowly. He was enjoying every minute of it. Carina had now grabbed the base of Logan's penis with her hand & was running it up and down his shaft in rhythm with her mouth going over his head.

I heard Logan moan for the first time. It was deep and sensual. The sound made my insides tingles. It made me wet to hear a man enjoy himself. My nipples became erect and I quietly rubbed them thru my clothing as I continued to watch Carina pleasure her man.

Seeming to be well aroused, Logan gently pulled Carina off his dick & pushed her back on the bed. He knelt down in front of her, lifted her legs & placed her knees over his shoulders. He parted her lips with his fingers & found her clit with his tongue. Carina's hands flew over her head & she gripped the sheets as Logan began to manipulate his tongue on her love button & his fingers in her wet pussy. She groaned & raised her ass off the bed, so as to put Logan's fingers even deeper inside of her.

I watched as Logan continued to thrust his fingers in & out of her. He himself groaned & moaned into Carina's pussy as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

I noticed that Logan had his other hand rubbing he hard cock. Now that was hot. I'd never seen a guy touch himself like that.

As I was watching Logan pleasure himself & Carina, I realized how turned on I was. I could feel how wet it was between my legs. Wanting to touch my hot wetness but not wanting to disturb Carina & Logan, I slowly & quietly slid my skirt up my thighs. The cool air on my inner thighs sent little shivers thru my body. I wanted to touch myself so bad. However, just as I was about to slid my panties off to the side & find my clit, Carina began to moan & groan very loudly. She had arched her back & was rhythmically bucking her hips & pushing her pussy into Logan's face. Logan fervently thrust his fingers in & out of her as she began to cum. It was spectacular to watch Carina go over that edge. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth & let out a load groan. Her hips moved faster as the waves of her orgasm went thru her. Her hands came down to Logan's head & pushed him away from her pussy.

"Enough! Enough," gasped Carina. "Now fuck me!" she demanded to Logan.

Standing up, Logan swung Carina's legs onto the bed. He positioned her so that she was length wise on the bed. Kneeling, he pulled her towards him, while placing one of her legs on either side of him.

At this time, all I could see what Logan's back. So I moved myself and the chair to the right side of Logan. I had just seated myself when I saw Logan slowly insert his throbbing cock into Carina's wet pussy. They both moaned in pleasure. Carina's hand flew to her clit as Logan began to pump his dick in and out of Carina's pussy.

I was so wet now. I had to touch myself. I again pulled my skirt up my thighs and slid my panties off to the side. Using my middle and index finger, I began to draw circles on my now very wet clit. I moaned. Hearing this, Logan and Carina both looked at me and grinned.

Carina said, "You like this?"

"Oh yes!" I replied.

I continued to masturbate in front of Logan and Carina.

"Hey Logan," Carina panted, "let's switch to doggy style."

And with that suggestion, Logan gave Carina one more thrust and pulled out. He got up off the bed and allowed Carina to re position herself. But she didn't go the way I thought she would. Instead of facing the head board, she turned herself towards the end of the bed.

Logan looked at me and smiled. It was a smile that said, "this is gonna be fun."

Logan got back on the bed. This time, behind Carina, who had positioned herself on all fours. But before Logan entered her again, Carina spoke.

Looking at me she said, "Come here. Put your chair right up against the end of the bed. But before you do that, take off your clothes."

I complied, trying to guess what she had in mind.

Once undressed, i pushed the chair up against the end of the bed. The only problem being now was where to put my legs. Carina saw my question and told me to prop them up on the bed and spread them. Obeying, I did just that. Logan moaned and licked his lips at my exposed and wet snatch. He began to rub his dick as he eyed my now bare breasts.

Carina moved closer to me. She leaned slightly over the end and kissed each of my tits. She then licked and sucked on each of my erect nipples. It felt so good. I couldn't stop my hand from going to my snatch and massaging my clit. Carina lifted her head and eyed me. I knew what she wanted to do, just by the way she looked at me. I removed my hand from my sopping pussy. And it was replaced by Carina's hot tongue. The pleasure that ripped through me was more than I'd ever felt. My hands grabbed my nipples & I plied them as Carina expertly flicked and licked my clit. My eyes closed for the first time since the show had first began. But they quickly flew open when i heard and felt Carina groan. Logan had just re entered her. He was thrusting himself hard into Carina. His rhythm became our rhythm. Logan fucking Carina. And Carina's tongue fucking my clit.

I could hear both of them panting, moaning and groaning. I could feel Logan's thrusts begin to get harder and faster. I pushed my pussy harder into Carina's face as i could feel myself getting closer to my orgasm. I could tell by each of their moans and groans that they were getting close too.

I threw my head back as the first wave of my orgasm came over me. I bucked as Carina pushed her face further in my pussy. Logan let out a loud groan and speedily began to pump Carina. Carina moaned into my pussy just as she was beginning to cum. And then it happened: we all came at the same time. Each one of us letting out their breath thru moans and groans of pleasure. Each one of us feeling the waves of ecstasy flowing through our bodies. Each one of us coming to a stop at different times.

We all just stayed there for a moment. None of us moving. Finally Logan pulled out of Carina and collapsed on the bed. Carina fell over on her back and smiled. I relaxed my butt and hips and giggled.

Feeling high from my orgasm and exhausted from all that had happened, I crawled onto the bed with Carina and Logan. They both kissed me. They then got up, got dressed, told me to relax & left the bedroom to re join their other guests.

With a huge grin on my face, I laid back on the pillows, closed my eyes & re lived every minute of the last hour.

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