tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErotic Jericho Ch. 01

Erotic Jericho Ch. 01


This story is based on the TV show Jericho...of which I own no rights or anything of that sort. I did not create these characters, I just borrowed them for fun and am not profiting from this.


Jake was jealous. Partially, he believed his jealousy was brought on by multiple shots of whiskey on an empty stomach. They had come across a bottle in the back of Stanley's kitchen cabinets and decided that since no one had anything else to do, they might as well spend the remainder of the night drinking.

Now, Jake felt the rest of his jealousy was because on the opposite side of the room, Stanley and Mimi were involved in a heated make out session that would obviously lead to sex sooner than later.

Jake was jealous because it had been ages since he'd touched a woman like that. Stanley was seated on the floor, before the fire, with Mimi straddling his lap. Every now and then, Stanley grasped her hips and rubbed her against him, indicating exactly what he planned to do with her.

Jake thought maybe he should leave them alone, let them do whatever it was they were going to do. But he was too drunk to drive and he figured he'd had enough head injuries and been in enough car accidents in the last month to last him the rest of his life. And if he went upstairs to a bedroom, or even if he stayed down here, he'd still be able to hear everything that happened. So he remained, resting his head against the coffee table.

Across the room, Mimi broke this kiss and her lips drifted down Stanley's face and attached to his throat. Stanley leaned into her caress and glanced up. In the glowing firelight, his eyes met Jake's. For a moment Jake was going to move, but he caught a look in Stanley's eyes he hadn't seen since they were teenagers. Stanley gave him a slight nod, or maybe he was just responded to Mimi's tongue, but Jake took the opportunity to move closer.

Stanley stripped Mimi's top over her head and pulled her back to him, kissing her. His hands slipped up her back and unhooked her bra strap. He pushed it aside and broke the kiss. Mimi moaned as his lips found her nipples and began sucking. Jake thought it was an interesting scene: Mimi, who had been so perfect, put together and classy when she'd arrived in town, gasping in pleasure under Stanley Richmond's touch. Stanley wrapped one arm around Mimi's waist, the other around her upper back and lowered her to the floor.

Leaning over her, he undid her pants and pushed them and her underwear aside. Stanley reached down to kiss her again before sliding down her body. He ran his mouth along her stomach, down her thighs and came to settle between her legs. Jake let his head rest against the coffee table for another long moment and then got up, coming even closer to the two.

Mimi was panting, running her fingers through Stanley's hair and tossing her head against the floor. As Jake moved into the firelight, her eyes opened and she looked momentarily horrified. But Stanley kept his hands on her stomach, keeping her down.

"Relax," he kissed her thigh lightly, "just go with it." Mimi had enough rum earlier that she wasn't exactly thinking logically. Besides, with Stanley's mouth still moving over her sex, it was hard to keep her occupied on anything else.

Stanley stopped what he was doing and moved back up to her chest. He kissed her, and then glanced over his shoulder at Jake. Stanley sat down, bringing Mimi's upper body to rest on his lap. Jake crawled over to them and ran his hand gently along Mimi's leg. She looked up at him, questioningly.

"It's ok," Stanley told her as Jake replaced him between her legs, "Jake's good at what he does."

"Why do I think you two have done this before?" Mimi was breathing hard in a combination of nerves, arousal and excitement. Jake looked at Stanley and smiled. Stanley shook his head.

Jake licked her thighs, teasing her as he moved closer, before closing his mouth over her sex. Mimi gasped, her hands grasping Stanley's legs. His touch was different from Stanley's: stronger, rougher, harder.

"God." Mimi let one hand drift back and grasp Stanley's shirt. Stanley rubbed her scalp, running his fingers through her hair. He moved her slightly, just enough that he could open his pants, freeing his erection. Gently, he turned Mimi's head and guided his organ into her mouth. His hands clenched to fists in her hair as she began to suck.

"That's it, baby." Stanley continued to stroke her hair.

Jake's jealousy hadn't subsided. He was enjoying Mimi, but now Stanley was getting his own action, and now he wanted his. Sitting up, Jake looked at Stanley.

"Can I?" He glanced from Mimi to Stanley. Stanley thought for a moment.

"I've got a better idea." He withdrew his sex from her lips and pulled her up and back to sit against him. Stanley kissed her ear, before quickly licking and biting it. "I want you to get on your hands and knees." He breathed against her ear.

"Why?" Mimi asked, turning back to kiss him.

"Because I'm going to fuck you while you suck Jake." Both Jake and Mimi groaned simultaneously both at the idea and the way Stanley worded it.

"Seriously?" Mimi looked back at him.

"Oh yeah." Stanley held her against him, massaging her lower back with one hand. He helped her, guiding her down to her knees. Mimi looked at Jake. Her eyes gleamed in the firelight indicating desire and slight fear, all mixed with mild intoxication. Jake unbuttoned his pants and eased his zipper down. Mimi watched, her eyes fixed on his member as he pulled it out of his boxers. She ran her tongue over her lips, moving closer to him. Opening her mouth, he pushed forward, his breath catching in his throat as her tongue began to work over the glands. The sensation got even more intense as Mimi's mouth tightened suddenly around him when Stanley pushed into her. Jake closed his eyes.

Stanley couldn't believe he was in this position again. He couldn't believe this was happening.... He leaned down to kiss her back, rubbing her hip gently.

"Yes," he whispered.

"She's so hot." Jake ran his hands through Mimi's hair, piling it on top of her head.

"I know." Stanley leaned down to kiss her back. "I know. She's so good with her mouth." Jake's eyes momentarily rolled back in his head.

"You're telling me." Mimi moaned as Stanley thrust harder into her. The moan's vibrations went through Jake's cock. "God, keep doing whatever you're doing to her. You have no idea how good it's making this feel." Stanley's hand moved from her hip, stroked her clit. Mimi whimpered around Jake's sex. She licked the head with her tongue, tracing the tip of it against the underside. Jake grasped her hair tightly, pulling her head against his body.

"What do you think, baby?" Stanley whispered, moving up to her ear. "You are so fucking hot right now. I was never sure you'd like this, that you'd be into it. But obviously, you are."

"Mm," Mimi whined. Stanley's fingers sped up on his clit.

"I want to come, baby, but not before you. I'm going to get you off first, then I'll come, then Jake will come. That's how it's going to work. Ok?" Mimi's response was a staggered gasp. He twisted her clit, liking the way her body tightened around him. Stanley's actions were making her suck more forcefully on Jake's organ.

"God." Jake groaned. "Don't stop." Stanley felt Mimi's body tremble in a way he was familiar with. He'd taken note on the first night of what her orgasms felt like. He wanted it more than ever now.

"You're so close, aren't you baby?" Stanley gasped against her throat. "Come for us." Her orgasm was so intense it shook all three of them. Jake's cock almost slipped from her mouth, he watched as her fingers flexed against the floor, Stanley watched as her toes curled.

"This is incredible." Jake looked at Stanley. Stanley closed his eyes. He let himself rid out the waves of Mimi's orgasm, letting it bring him to the edge of his.

Stanley was breathing harder, panting, bringing his hands to clasp her hips tighter.

"I can't take..." He groaned and let his head fall against her back.

"Oh God." Jake reached down and began rubbing Mimi's breasts with one hand. His other was still tangled in her hair, pulling her mouth faster against him.

Stanley felt his orgasm rush through him and his body fell forward, pushing deeper into Mimi. Jake came, grasping her hair one final time to hold her head against his body as he came in her mouth. He sank back onto the floor. Stanley fell back, catching Mimi and pulling her with him.

For a long moment, no one moved and the only sound in the room was of the crackling fire and heavy breathing. Jake slumped against the sofa. It was taking ages for his breathing to return to normal. Stanley held Mimi on top of him. Her cheek was pressed against his chest as he rubbed the back of her neck. After another minute, Stanley shifted Mimi off of him, got up, closed his pants and retrieved a blanket from the laundry basket on a kitchen chair. He reached down and wrapped the blanket around Mimi before picking her up and carrying her towards the stairs.

"Be right back." He called over his shoulder to Jake. Jake waved half heartedly from the hearth.

Upstairs, Stanley pulled back the blankets on the bed and placed Mimi gently beneath them. He pulled them back over her and sat down beside her.

"Thanks for going along with that," he stroked her cheek lightly. Mimi looked up, her eyes focusing for the first time in several hours.

"It was definitely a new experience." She ran her fingers through his hair and then let them drift down his chest. "So am I right? Have you two done this before?" Stanley smiled.

"I'll never tell." He kissed her forehead lightly. "Go to sleep."

"Where are you going?" She grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer.

"I'll be up in a second. I'm just going to make sure Jake's settled." Mimi nodded and rolled over, pulling the blankets over her shoulder.

Downstairs, Stanley found Jake under a blanket on the sofa. Jake turned over and glanced at him.

"You know what?"

"What?" Stanley stayed on the stairs, preparing to return to the bedroom.

"That was so much better than that time with Emily...."

The next morning, when Bonnie came home from Skylar's, she found the house silent, Jake asleep on the sofa, a nearly empty bottle of rum with three shot glasses on the kitchen table, and Mimi's clothes on the living room floor. A quick survey of the scene told her she didn't want to know.

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