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Erotic Motions


Lilly and Hazen Burton live in a small city in Wisconsin. Their city is big enough to have Hazen's family Cadillac dealership, but it is too small for more then three nightspots, and two theaters. Like all of Wisconsin, the winters are long, with more snow than you can imagine. Hazen's father still runs the dealership. Hazen is a salesman.

Lilly was voted best looking in her high school class. Now twenty-four, she knows that she is attractive by the way guys came on to her, even though everyone in town knows she is married. Hazen was the class geek, but everyone knew that he would always have a lot of money. By his senior year, he was voted class clown. They married a year out of school. Their life was good. His dad had purchased a new home for them.

They went on a cruise. Sitting at their assigned table was a couple that appeared to be about forty. Joyce was her name. She had been an American airlines flight attendant. Hazen could hardly take his eyes off her. Her husband, Butch, was very tall, soft spoken, and had a charming smile. They began socializing with them at the bars on the ship that had music for dancing. Things that Hazen would say got them all laughing. Soon they were dancing with each other's spouse. Joyce said of Hazen to Lilly, "He is an excellent dancer. Not many guys are any more."

It was Lilly who first started to wonder what it would be like to sleep with Butch. Hazen had been her only man. She snuggled close to Butch when a slow dance was played. Joyce, of course, noticed what Lilly was doing, so she crushed her ample breasts to Hazen's chest, while pressing her head to his shoulder.

Butch winked at Joyce. Each was hoping for some swinging action. It was Joyce who had suggested that they try their luck with the Burtons. Tomorrow was a day at sea. The ship was gently rolling a few degrees. There was the smell of salt air. Other upscale couples were dancing, holding a mate, as the spinning glass globe cast a hundred small shafts of light around the room.

Joyce nibbled at Hazen's ear. The seduction was on. Hazen kissed her cheek, while whispering, "You are a lovely lady."

Butch stepped forward so that his leg rubbed against Lilly's pubic area. It was a test of her reaction. If she moved away from him, he would have to cool it for a while, but there was no visible reaction on her part, she still was pressed against him. Lilly knew what he had done. She wondered if he would do it again. If he did, she knew that he was available for something more. But, how could she get him alone?

He dipped her so that she all but rode his leg down and up. She moaned. Butch knew that he could have her. At the end of the next dance the two couples stood together. Butch took the bit in his mouth when he said, "Joyce, why don't you show Hazen our cabin. Lilly can show me hers."

Lilly and Hazen looked at each other.

Butch added, "We can meet in the Sky cafeteria at nine tomorrow."

Joyce took Hazen by the hand and headed toward the passageway. Lilly looked up at Butch. She was a little scared. It showed. He bent over and kissed her. She was on her toes to receive it. He felt her tremble in his arms. He had great delight that she was new to all this, and he was going to get a lot of satisfaction, as the Rolling Stones would say. They walked out to the elevator, hand in hand.

When her back was to him, as she undressed in her room, he slipped a Viagra pill into his mouth. He did not need it for an erection. Oh, no, but now he would be able to ravish her for hours. He was an old hand at giving a woman all the sex that she could tolerate. Joyce at times was too much for any one man, but he had learned to satisfy her, with his tongue, thumb and cock. He wished that he were in his cabin where he had a few toys. His ace was a woman's G spot. If he could start Lilly by eating her and then get her ripping and rocking with several orgasms before he mounted her, he could keep her legs open and horny all night. Sleep was for tomorrow on deck.

She turned to face him. Not tall, she had a nicely proportioned body, with wide shoulders from working around the house when she was growing up. Her waist was trim. She had a smaller butt then he would have expected. Her breasts, he imagined, would all but disappear when she was on her back. A light brown bush that was the same color as her hair covered her cunt.

He stepped forward to hold her, kiss her. His rigid cock touched her tummy at her belly button. She felt it. It excited her. She made the first move, when she put her hand on his cock. He felt her tremble again. He moved her to the bed. He switched off the lights. At first he lightly kissed her. She reached behind his head to press him firmly to her. She opened her mouth so she could tongue him. Her breaths came in pants. He nuzzled her neck, her chest, her tits, as his hand worked up her legs. He explored her wetness. Unbidden, her jerky undulation of her rear told him how ready she was. It was captivating playing this eager young woman like a violin.

For Lilly, it was so excited that she thought that she might faint. When Butch's tongue ran the length of her slip, probing for the inner nest, she used her hand to open her pussy, as she murmured, "Yyeesss."

Butch was now feasting on her womanhood. The hole, the clit, the lips each got his attention. When she was almost ready to cum, he rolled her over onto her belly and lifted her butt with two pillows. His thumb probed for and found her G spot, which was engorged, as was all of her pussy. "What are you doing?" She inquired.

"You'll see. And no, you don't have to pee."

His thumb went to work inside her. She was about to ask again when she felt a new sensation in her loins. It started deep in her body, and spread. She took a deep breath, and let it out with a hiss, as a powerful orgasm shook her body. After thirty seconds, Butch pushed her G spot harder and faster. She exploded again. After twenty minutes she had lost count of her orgasms. All she knew was that she was exhausted. He needed a rest too. So it was time to roll her over and slide his cock into her body, which never gets old, he chuckled to himself.

As his cock slide down her cuntal passage, her pussy pulsed, grabbing him, trying to milk him. Her moaning was constant. He completely filled her. He took his time. She wasn't going anywhere for hours. He was bareback. Finally she felt his warm come deep in her. She relaxed. Never ever had she had thirty minutes of sex like that.

Upon entering her room, Joyce gave Hazen a thick condom like toy. She instructed him to run it under warm water and then put it on. It had a harness to keep it in place. Now on, Hazen could tell that his cock girth was a third larger, and he was an inch longer. Joyce had to worry with any man that they would come too soon, so instructed Hazen. "Eat me Baby. Nice and slow. When I'm ready, we will have you lie on your back, and I will ride you. I love to ride a man."

"Have you ridden a lot of man?"

"You shouldn't ask a girl that."

"I'm curious. You and your husband came on to Lilly and me."

"Remember, Baby, that I was a flight attendant. If I was inclined, I could have sex with attractive men anytime that I was in the mood."

"Were you in the mood a lot?"

"You are persistent. We, hubby and me, had an agreement. If we were out of town, anything goes. Keep playing with my pussy."

"More than fifteen?"

"Hazen, I've had fifteen in one week. That happened at a swinger's convention in Las Vegas. Let's talk later. Eat me now... Yes, like that. Bury your tongue in it, Baby."

Joyce thrashed, rolled, and humped her pussy at the flicking invader. She all but screamed, "Lie back Baby, let Momma on your pole. Oh, yes, huh, huh, yesss."

She had her hands by his shoulder. He was mesmerized by her lush globes dancing just inches from his eyes. Sweat dripped off her nipples. His rubbing those same nipples caused them to jut out as her color changed to a pink. She had a nice orgasm, silently with her eyes closed. It was her open mouth panting, and her throbbing cunt that was the tell.

Hazen smiled. The toy he wore all but removed the sensation of her on his cock. He realized that the sex so far was all about satisfying Joyce. His turn would come, he would see to that. As she started to come again, he rolled her over to wildly pound into her twat as fast and hard as he could muster. "All right." She exclaimed.

When she was about to come a third time, Hazen tore off the toy. Now bareback, he rammed her as fast and deep as he could. She met him thrust for thrust, pounding her hungry cunt at his now tightening sack, until he exploded.

As they lie panting, he asked, "Okay, now, how many was it?"

She laughed. "I have a little black book with the name of every guy that I've been with, and how I liked doing it with them. You are number one hundred and seven."

"How do I rate?"

"So far, so good. You smell good, are very clean, and tried to do it the way that I like it. I haven't suggested for you to leave, you've noticed." They both laughed, but it was a telling comment for Hazen.

It would only be a one-nighter for Lilly and Hazen. The next night, Butch and Joyce spent their time with another couple.

They returned to their little life in Wisconsin. During the next year Lilly often thought about how Butch had played her so perfectly from orgasm to orgasm. She had asked Hazen to use his thumb in her, and once in a while he was successful in giving her a taste of that night on the ship.

Hazen was now being groomed to run the dealership. He was sent to a convention in Las Vegas. He took Lilly. They planed to make a vacation of it by staying for a full week. Not being into gambling, they decided to check out the nightlife. They hailed a cab. Hazen said to the driver. "We don't know the city. Take us someplace where there is some action for a young couple like us."

The driver looked at them in his rearview mirror. "What kind of action?"

"If you were with a woman like my wife, take us to where you would take her."

"Okay, Man." They were off. There were a lot of busses. The sidewalks were crowded. The strip is one long wonderland of lights and theme hotels. They turned off onto a long boulevard. It was fifteen minutes until they pulled up to a large parking lot with more than a hundred cars in it. Two policemen watched the area. Under huge neon red rooster a sigh proclaimed, RED ROOSTER.

The cover charge was fifty bucks. Inside Hazen guessed that there were at least three hundred people. Some were couples, but there were groups of men and women sitting at tables. A band was putting out the sounds, which were fast and hot. A black girl was singing. She was really good. Lilly went to the ladies room. Hazen read a sign. It had all the usual swinger's rules, such as no means no. And no touching unless the woman gives you her okay first. It spoke of the rules in the couples's area, and the rules in the private or open rooms. Hazen wandered to the heated, indoor pool. Everyone in it was naked. One girl was giving a guy a blowjob. A guy was behind a woman screwing her with at least fifteen people watching as they sipped their drinks.

He went looking for Lilly. Upon finding her he took her first to read the sign and then to the pool. Now there were two couples screwing. Two guys approached a naked woman sitting on the edge of the pool. They asked if they could touch her breasts. "Sure, go ahead."

Hazen watched Lilly's reaction. She got closer to the couples to see well. Hazen remembered that Joyce had told him of taking on fifteen guys at a swinger's convention in Vegas. He now could understand how that could be done.

For Lilly, this was all so very exciting, and so different from Wisconsin. Her little pussy was aching for some long hot sex. But she was at a loss as to how to see if it was okay with Hazen. She decided to let him make the first move.

Hazen had decided that he was not comfortable encouraging Lilly to go upstairs with a stranger. He might lose control. So he watched. That was all that they did for an hour. Lilly went over near the bandstand. Hazen struck up a conversation with the guy on the next stool at the bar, who seemed to be alone. "So, do you come here often?"

"Once a month or so."

"This is our first time here. My wife and me would like to try something, but this is a little crowded for us."

The guy, who looked Lilly over, said. "I'm Ted. I usually pick up a gal here and then take her to a private club that I belong to for some intimate action. Haven't found a girl tonight, but I'd be happy to take you and your gal there."

"I'm Hazen. That sounds good to me. Let me find my wife. Be right back."

Ted phoned his club. "Bringing a couple over. Be there in fifteen minutes. Tell Kathy to come on to the guy and take him upstairs. I'll take his wife down to the basement."

As Lilly and Hazen walked into the building which had a small sign out front saying, Erotic Motions, they were each handed a tall drink that looked like the drinks that were served in Mexico. "I'm Kathy," the tall blonde said to them both. "Glad that you could make it."

Ted made the introductions. "This is their first time visiting Vegas," he said as he placed his arm around Lilly. Lilly had sized up Ted since they had met. In her mind she had decided that he would do just fine. Now, she had to get alone with him. Kathy stood next to Hazen. Looking into Hazen's eyes she said. "I would love to show you around. We have three floors."

Both Hazen and Lilly noted that Ted, who still had Lilly around the waist, did not take a step to follow Kathy and Hazen as they went to the elevator to explore Erotic Motions. Hazen was now very aware of his cock. As for Lilly, she was with Ted, who seemed like an okay guy. Ted, he was sure, would give her a good screwing.

Kathy took him into a room that was clearly used for sex. The entire ceiling was a mirror. There was a wet bar. Kathy fixed them both another drink. The phone rang. It was Lilly asking to talk to Hazen.


"Honey, Ted suggested that you stay with Kathy until three AM. It is eleven now. Is that okay?"

Hazen thought fast. He was delighted. Kathy was young, shapely, and hot looking. The last thing that he wanted was to leave her anytime soon. He turned to her. "Ted asked Lilly to ask me to stay with you until three. Is that okay with you?"

"C'mon, let's get undressed."

To Lilly, Hazen said. "See you at three. Have a good time."

The basement room was posh, with long, leather, four pad couch. There was a huge circular bed, that was much bigger than a king sized bed. In the corner was a wet bar with any kind of booze you might desire. From the ceiling hung several velvet ropes. From one hung a contraption that looked like part padded board with movable arms and levers, belts and swivels. "What is that, she asked?"

"That is a love seat. A woman can be placed in it. Then, she can be moved into any position she and her mate desire. Would you like to try it?"

"Maybe later. Let me finish my drink."

Ted turned on some mood music. He sat next to her on the couch. It was all so relaxing, secure. Her mind was on the feelings she received when she moved her pussy on the couch. She looked at Ted, wondering how soon he would start, and how she wanted him in her. As soon as she finished her drink, Ted took it from her. He stood her up. Piece by piece he removed her clothes. He placed her on the bed. He took off his clothes. Gathering all the clothes, he placed them in a closet. His cock was thickening, but not hard as yet.

Ted flipped some switches. Blinding, bright, spotlights came from two walls and the overhead. Lilly did no know it yet, but she was to be the star in the Erotic Motions production: "The Wayward Wife Discovers the Love Swing."

Her drink had made her horny and passive. She hardly looked at the Love Swing as Ted lowered it. Instead her gaze was on his cock, which was now sticking straight out. It was too heavy to go any higher. That she could see the thick veins fascinated her. She had never experience a cock that was too long, or way too thick, so she was not anxious.

When the swing was on the bed, Ted pushed her onto her back. His mouth briefly lapped at her slit, stopping and tweaking her clit. Her eyes closed. At that moment, he slid her onto the swing. Deftly, he secured her legs, arms, waist, shoulders, and neck. Five more men, all naked, entered the room. Now, she was very anxious, even struggled a bit.

Ted sat her up. Putting a bottle to her mouth he said. "Gargle."

She did. Now something in her throat would not cause her to gag. Each man in turn placed his cock within inches of her eyes, so that she and the viewers would know the size of what was to come. There were six camera operators, of which two were women. Each woman inserted a slowly humming vibrator in her pussy. Oh, how they wished that it were they in that swing. Each had stared in her own movie, and knew exactly how Lilly would change as the night progressed.

Lilly was rotated so that she was sitting. He legs were lifted so that her pussy was the lowest thing. A vibrating toy was fastened to her clit. Ted got under her. She was lowered onto his cock. When two-thirds down on it, a motor was started that rotated her body so that she was actually spinning on his cock. Another motor bounced the swing so that she was receiving more of his shaft each time she bounced. It was all too much. She raised her head and wailed as her body shook with her first orgasm. During the orgasm, she was dropped so that all her weight was on his cock that now was stretching her vagina.

Rotated again, Lilly was now face down, with her legs still up by her head. A cock was eased into her cunt. Ted stood before her, his cock by her lips. "Suck it," he whispered.

She opened her mouth. Gently he eased his gland in. In, out, in, out, in, out, it slowly disappeared so that her checks bulged more and more. He felt it coming. His balls tightened. "Lilly, take a deep breath." Ted said with his cock at her lips. She did. At the same time the man behind her trust up to the balls in her. He was in deeper that any man before him. Ted buried his cock so that her nose was in his muff. He clenched his ass, so that his cock was a good three inches down her throat. With three thrusts, he had shot his first load. He pulled out. She coughed twice.

A butt plug was placed in her ass, when she was head down, with her ass in the air. "I don't do it there."

"Sure you do." a voice said, with a snicker.

"We have an ass cherry" Another voice chimed in. "I get first dibs."

"Lower her on me. She is lubed and ready."

Lilly looked down on the shaft that was headed for her ass. "It won't fit."

"Honey, you have your choice. You can have it in your pussy or your ass."

Before she could speak, Ted told her. "Lilly, he is way too long for your pussy. It will hurt if he puts it there, and trust me, he will put it all in you."

She tried to relax, but this was her first cock in her ass. It hurt until he was past the sphincter muscle. They bounced her lower and lower until she thought that he was in the middle of her stomach. She had never experience a feeling like it. They rotated her backward, so that another long cock could be eased into her gaping pussy. Her legs were sprayed out. As both men moved inside her, it was awkward, but strangely exciting. Never had she felt so full, alive, and animalistic.

They came. Now she was released from the swing. She was placed on her back with her legs held beside her body. The last man, who they called Beer Can, knee walked to her. He was not tall. He had wide muscular shoulders, a narrow waist, and a tight, pile driving ass.

Ted spoke to Lilly, and for the cameras. "Lilly, there is no one like Beer Can. Look at his cock. It is seven inches long, and nine inches around. He is going to put it all up your snatch. It will set off your G spot like a fire alarm. We took you out of the swing, so that you would not hurt yourself thrashing as he has his way with you."

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