tagErotic PoetryErotic Muses: Clio

Erotic Muses: Clio



To me, you are like the Egyptian Queen
Who made Mark Antony renounce
His power in Rome just so he could enjoy her bed.
Back in your salad days, when you had been
With other lovers, and would bounce
On them in ecstasy, and lustfully would spread,
Did you ever imagine you would rue
Your foolish promiscuity?
Although I've always coveted your feline curves,
What I find so beguiling about you
Is also what has enmeshed me.
The mouth of your wet, salivating vulva serves
My phallus' wild and lascivious urges,
Yet that hole also is a snare
From which I can't escape, for there I'd rather stay.
In you, satiety with hunger merges:
Gratification brings despair.
From my higher ambitions you've led me astray.
Therefore, since, fallen in a bed of lust,
I can't free myself from your grasp,
May that same lechery you use to keep me weak
Be used also on you--it's only just.
My phallus, thus, shall be your asp,
And what it sprays will be a poison that will leak
All over your so pretty pair of breasts.
When I'm inside you, pushing deep,
May your lewd cries of pleasure also be of pain.
Salaciousness is such that it infests
Us with desire so that we weep
From unfulfilled longing and thus our powers wane.


How like the daughter of Herodias
You are, for you entice me so!
You make a salivating, lustful Herod of me
When you, undressing, do your sinuous,
Erotic dancing, and you show
Your body in all of its sensuality.
Like seven veils, your clothes fall to the floor.
First, you unzip your tight blue jeans,
And pull them from your hips till they drop to your feet.
Swinging your buttocks in pink panties, more
You'll show, queen of erotic queens,
And soon, revealing those parts that are soft and sweet.
Off comes your T-shirt: I see your brassiere,
Which you unclip and open slowly,
Delaying the display of your so pretty breasts.
You show them with a wiggle, and you hear
Me moan, for I desire you wholly.
At last, you slip out of your panties, and those nests
Of pleasure, your vulva and anus, will
Be seen by my so hungry eyes.
What you have left to doff are your dainty high heels;
You kick them off. Then you give me a thrill
When you show what's between your thighs
By bending over, legs wide open: this reveals
Two nests, where I would put my pecking bird.
Though there is much delight in there,
I wish I, like a wise man, read Plato instead--
Indifferent to the charms of love. I, stirred
By your nude dance, will not beware
How your dominion of me makes me lose my head.


Why is your loveliness pleasure and pain?
Because what you let me enjoy,
I fear, you'll also gladly give to other men.
I see your beauty has made you quite vain:
You make yourself a sexual toy
With jewellery, dresses and high heels. I think of when
Poor Claudius, the emperor, was wed
To Messalina--royal whore!
Was there a husband more a cuckold, anywhere?
Will you wait till I am asleep in bed,
Get up, gently open the door,
And steal away to a whorehouse, me unaware?
Will you give yourself to the thirsty lust
Of strangers, just to have a taste
Of different lovers, never being satisfied?
When in your wet vagina I do thrust
My phallus, will I feel disgraced
To sense the probing of your paramours inside?
Licking your vulva, will I there detect
Saliva from another lover?
When my finger is in your anus, will I feel
Some lecher's tongue? I must be circumspect
About where you chose to uncover
Your sugary body, for I will not have you kneel
Before the loins of any other man.
If you won't be content with me,
Then we will have to end this torrid love affair.
Without me watching, you can freely fan
The flames of your lubricity.
Meanwhile, I'll find another lady to get bare.

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