tagLoving WivesErotic Week at Haigler Creek

Erotic Week at Haigler Creek


Every Memorial Day weekend, Scott and I would join my sister's and their mates and a few friends and go camping for the long weekend at Haigler Creek campgrounds. Scott and I decided to take a mid-week break to the mountains for some renewed sex and private time. We have a quiet secluded area in a remote campground. It would be the perfect place to walk around nude, sunbathe, hike, fish, and skinny-dip in the creek. I could walk around topless all day and tease my husband and our friends. It would be quiet during the week, as most people could only camp there on the weekends, and our friends and family weren't coming up until Friday afternoon. We planned to set up camp a little better than halfway down the creek, cook a few steaks, eat, drink and build a campfire.

Seeing that everything was all set and packed, from sleeping bags to food and all the fun stuff we could think of, we placed it all in the Bronco and headed out towards the rim country. Slowly as we drove down the road, Scott took my hand in his and looked over to me with that devilish glint in his eyes. He leaned over towards me and lightly nipped at my neck, making my body shiver with pleasure. We parked the truck and brought the stuff up to the camp site. It's going to be such a beautiful night, no rain in sight. We set up the two room cabin tent, and Scott built a fire, as I got the sleeping bags unrolled. The others wouldn't join us until later this week after they make the drive up north on Friday. Then, after we sat with the fire and gotten a good, healthy buzz, we planned to engage in one of our favorite practices, one we had done many times when we were courting and early in our marriage, and that was sex under the stars.

Scott wanted to get me good and wasted and push me on my knees or on my back and fuck the living daylights out of me right there in the open. We were a horny American couple, and we had some pretty lurid fantasies and erotic stories that we often shared with each other during sex. But we still had those fantasies. I often thought back to all the different cocks I'd had before I'd met Scott, and had often wondered what it would have been like to take on more than one at a time. I always harbored a sweet memory of that first time, when Scott fucked my cum-filled pussy, knowing I'd had another man there immediately before him. After popping the top on couple of beers, we swam and played in the water with each other. Lying in the shallow water together, I crawled into Scott's arms and we kissed excitedly. My hand quickly found his hard-on, which was making a tent in his wet shorts, and I squeezed and rubbed him through his pants as we relaxed on the creek, without a care in the world.

Scott and I brought the tents, camp tables, and other gear along to establish our camp site early (first come basis). Looking over to my husband, I slowly rose up and started to disrobe myself of the sundress I was wearing. He looked up at me, and I could see the gasp of breath leave his lips as I made my way down towards the sand along the creek, my body swaying with every step that I took. Feeling free of all confines, I slowly made my way out into the cool refreshing water. I slowly turned towards him and let my fingers run along my belly, moving slowly upwards as I felt the water dance around my hips. The cold water made my body shiver as my nipples hardened into pebbles. My eyes slowly moved up towards where he was standing watching me. I saw his legs bracing him as he watched with lust filled eyes.

I slowly let the feeling of his eyes penetrate me and felt the burning of desire deep with in my belly burn through me, as I slowly slid my finger down over my belly seeking the softness of my freshly shaved pussy. It felt chilled but burned with life, as I slowly started to tease my finger around my clit, tossing back my head as I let out a sigh of pleasure. Without a thought, I jumped fully into the water, feeling it crash around my burning flesh trying to cool me, but only making me become more inflamed with my desire and love that I felt inside me. I came up from the water, my hair clinging to my face, as I slowly started to swim back to the shallow water. My husband was still gazing over my body and I felt him near me, yet so far away. I slowly lay down upon the shallow water, feeling it splash around me, the sand sticking to my skin as I slowly started to part my legs, letting him see the heat of all my desire.

I let my fingers move lower, slowly teasing over my exposed thighs, making them part wider for his view. I slowly slid my fingers down to caress my soft labia, feeling my aching clit pulse from my touch as I leaned back into the water. I let my right hand slowly slide my fingers into the slit between them and slowly teased over my clit, gently making my back arch. My breasts rose and fell with every gasp from my parched lips, as I slowly started to swirl my finger around my hard nub. I felt my hips rise and fall, matching the rhythm of my fingers. I closed my eyes, letting the cool waves caress my hot body, as I slowly teased my flesh before him. I was aware he was watching every movement that I made, as I slowly heard a splash by my feet, and then the strong hands braced my knees far apart. My eyes darted open, filled with lust, as my husbands glare devoured me.

As I slowly watched him lower his naked wet flesh down over my hot pussy, I felt his breath tease over my exposed labia. He pushed my hand away and slowly darted his tongue over my outer lips and teased my little nub, making it harder with every flick of his tongue, before he sucked it deep within his mouth. I felt his teeth grip it, as he sucked and nibbled upon it. My hips started to gyrate with his tongue, and all of a sudden I felt his thick fingers ram deep inside me. Letting out piercing cries from my lips, I heard the echo of my voice carry through the breeze, as the waves started to crash around us. Scott slowly rose his head up and moved, ordering me up upon my knees. Obeying my husband's words, I slowly knelt before him. His cock was hard and pulsated before my lips, as his hands grasped my hair and pulled me into his groin.

I flicked my tongue over his thick head, observing the glistening spot of water and pre cum gliding over its tip, as I slowly leaned forward and took his head in my mouth. I sucked upon it gently, as his hands gripped harder upon my long tresses at the same time. He pumped his hips hard, sending his erection deep into my mouth, almost gagging me with his thickness. I moaned around his hard shaft as he started to pound it hard and fast, and heard his groans of pleasure overtake him. His hands pushed my head harder as he fucked my mouth with his cock, filling it completely before he pushed me away. Growling out how he couldn't take it any more, he kept his hand in my hair as he ordered me forward. I braced my elbows as they sank into the sand, and the water splashed around us as waves came crashing down.

He slowly moved behind me and I felt his free hand slowly tease his cock over the crack of my ass, making me cry out with need. He slowly teased his cock-head down over my rose bud. My eyes closed, not sure what he had in store for me, as I braced myself. I felt his hand come down hard, but gently, feeling the sting to my bare ass as he slowly forced his cock deep within my hot little pussy. My vaginal walls clenched around him and sucked him deep, before he rammed himself with more force deep inside me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh YEEEEEEEEESssssss, I screamed out, as he started to pound his hard cock deep inside and my breast wiggled underneath me. I felt his balls slap up against my ass, as his hand came down again upon my other ass cheek, making me scream out with both pleasure and pain.

His right hand pulled back upon my hair, forcing my head back, as he constantly moved deeper and harder inside me, sending me to the brink of madness. My body craved for his, as I heard his growl of deep pleasure rumble from his mumbling lips and his hand came down again and again over my ass making me scream out with pleasure. He continued to pound deeper within my pussy and I craved for my release to match with his. I screamed out with broken gasps of air as his semen spewed inside. With every thrust of his cock, as it penetrated my pussy, my vaginal walls clung to his shaft, sucking against it. As I heard his ragged breath, his voice penetrated my cloudy mind which was filled with pleasure. Then he cried out, as I felt him tense up and explode deep with in me, filling me fully. My vaginal walls came crashing down like a wild fire burning deep with in my soul.

My spirit soared over head as I screamed out, matching his low grunts of pleasure, as my release hit me harder then ever. My body shook with it, as it continued with the slowing of his thrusts. He slowly fell down upon my back as my arms gave out, and I felt my body crash down into the water and sand. He lay down upon me as he ran kisses over the back of my exposed neck and shoulders. His hands held on to my hips before he rolled over upon his side, taking me with him as he cuddled me close. We tried to regain our breath as he slowly lowered his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. It made my body purr as I held on to him, shivering now from the chill of the water as it crashed around us, feeling the sand stick to our wet skins. We just lay there cuddling close.

Feeling naughty as I snuggled with my man in the cool water of the river, under the hot Arizona sun, I fished in the shallow water for his cock. I pulled the hard, purple pleaser out and began to lightly stroke it, as we kissed deeply, hungrily. Sliding down his body in the water, I bent over his crotch and quickly sucked about half of his cock into my mouth and began to work his shaft into my throat. I took him all the way for a few seconds; then resumed my bobbing motion on his cock. I could feel his pre-cum quickly rising to the surface, and he would have been content to give me the cum I craved, but just then we heard a noise coming from upstream. I just managed to get Scott's cock back in the water before two voices became audible. Scott wrapped his arms around my naked breasts in case it was a family with children.

We'd been on the creek for several hours and these were the first people we'd seen. We had picked a day in the middle of the week for our trip, so there wouldn't be too many people near the campground. We had come out here to be alone, as much as possible, but it now appeared that we shared the area with at least two other people. Scott and I gave the strangers a quick appraisal. They were both fairly young, college-age, it appeared. A husky young man with close-cropped blond hair and a fairly exotic-looking young man was the second. Both were fairly tall, several inches over six feet, and looked quite muscular, although the blond man was quite a bit heftier than his friend. In spite of myself, I felt a shiver run down my spine as the two men passed, and I could sense them looking intently at me. We all waved a greeting to each other before the two men disappeared down the pathway along the creek.

After we quickly recovered and put some clothes on, we discussed the two guys walking down the path alongside the creek carrying fishing poles and tackle. My husband agreed they were a couple of muscular, young and good looking men. I mumbled to Scott that this could be an interesting day with all the young cock walking around. He replied he was sure that I would make the most of it before the others arrived this afternoon. Scott later grabbed his fishing gear and sauntered off up stream to fish. I followed him slowly, but kept my eyes out for the two young guys we had seen earlier. After a short distance further, I observed one of the guys fishing along a section of the creek. I pretended I didn't notice him and waded out into the water, bending to pick up pretty stones and stopping to look at the little creatures that live in the river.

Then SPLASH! I stepped on a loose rock, stumbled and fell into the bitingly cold water! God! It was absolutely freezing! I was soaked to the skin, and needed to get out as quickly as possible. Standing up, I made my way to the bank and clambered out of the water. The guy heard the splash and got up to help me. He was laughing. As I got closer to him, the laughter stopped, and he was staring at me with his big, beautiful eyes. Glancing down, I could see the reason. The water had made my sundress transparent, and it was clinging to every curve of my body, leaving nothing to his imagination. He could see that I was wearing no underwear, and the shape of my pussy and nipples are clearly visible through the material. The coldness of the water had excited me and my big breasts were thrusting out, begging for his attention.

How long could he resist? Knowing that I am so close to tempting him thrilled me, and I ran my hands over my body, flattening the material so it stuck to every curve. I knew he wanted me so badly. His cock was hard already, and pushing against the front of his shorts, so I stepped closer until I could just feel it against me. I swayed slightly, just touching him, light as a feather.

"Do you like what you see? Do you want me as much as I want you?"

I needed to get out of the dress before I froze; so taking his hand, I led him into the dim depths of the woods, shivering slightly as we left the warmth of the sunlight. When we reached a huge old oak tree, I turned to face him and we both knew that there was no stopping now. I reached my arms around his warm neck, enjoying the heat of his muscular body, while he deftly and quickly undid the little buttons, pausing to kiss each inch of skin as he un-wrapped me like a delicious wet birthday present. The softness of his kisses contrasted with the slight harshness of your chin, making me tingle. I reached down and held on to his hips, pulling him towards me, rubbing myself, loving the feeling of his pulsating manhood through that flimsy material. I wanted to be naked in this special place and I wanted to see him naked too.

He finished unbuttoning my dress, and while still kissing me, peeled it off slowly and hung it to dry. Shuddering slightly, with a mixture of intense excitement and cold, I allowed myself to melt into his arms, drinking up the heat of his body, warming myself with the passion. He took a step back and undressed, watching my face. I couldn't take my eyes off of his body. At last we kissed a long lingering passionate kiss, exploring each other with our tongues and hands. He kissed me with an intense urgency and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me to a low branch. I felt his glorious erection pressing into me, then with one smooth movement, he used that branch to steady us and allowed me to drop slightly and with impeccable accuracy, impaled me on his cock, using my weight to force himself deep.

A low animal moan came from his throat, whilst I cried out in ecstasy, as our pubic bones met and almost fused. Pausing only to catch his breath and establish our rhythm, he began to thrust, slow and deep. I arched my back against the rough bark of the tree and bucked to meet those thrusts. He lowered his head and nuzzled my breasts, searching out each nipple in turn, alternately sucking and biting, giving each his attention, maintaining his rhythm. He began thrusting faster, grinding slightly to get maximum penetration. I could see in his eyes that he was building up to an orgasm. Faster and faster he pumped as I met every thrust, while exquisite pleasures mingled with pain as the rough back of the tree chafed my back. But I was oblivious to that, as my pleasure reached a crescendo and I climaxed, long and oh, so strong, thrusting my hips to get every last millimeter of him inside me.

My frenzy spurred him on and with a cry, and he too reached a magnificent orgasm, biting hard on my shoulder as his fingers dug into my flesh, pumping deeper, deeper, faster and faster, then slowing to an exhausted stop. We rested a while, propped against that ancient tree, witness to the most primitive and delicious of acts that man and woman know! Only the distant sound of voices stirred us as a party of hikers navigated the footpath, but by the time they reached our tree, we were dressed, decent and civilized again.

Later that afternoon, are other friends and family arrived and we finished setting up camp for the weekend. Everyone else was tired from the long week, so they retired to their tents early to get a good night's rest. Scott was lying on the sleeping bag, looking up and contemplating the stars and the cosmos. A warm breeze was blowing across our campground when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a movement. He turned his head to see me sit up and look at him. The firelight was reflected in my eyes and I licked my lips.

"Couldn't sleep?" Scott asked.

"No. I have something else on my mind!" I answered, as I tapped my finger on my lip and looked deep in thought.

I began to trace my lips with my fingertip and slowly, it entered my pouting lips. Scott's interest was peaked. He turned over, his head resting on his arm and watched me. I was so into my finger, sucking it in and out of my mouth. I took the wet finger out of my mouth and looked at him, as I traced a path down my throat, and slowly down between my breasts. My t-shirt was small and white. I was leaning on my left hand, so the right nipple was slightly raised, protruding so hard and supple. My finger made a trail to it and began to trace a small circle around it. I pinched it and looked at him. Scott was licking his lips. A naughty smile spread across my face as he asked what I had in mind.

I took the palm of my hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down, the nipple getting harder and harder. I leaned over and picked up my canteen. I slowly unscrewed the cap and took a long, slow drink. I just knew he was intently watching my Adam's apple move up and down with each gulp. The water came out too fast and began to overflow from my mouth, dripping down and drenching the front of my t-shirt. He watched, wide-eyed, as the coolness of the water and the breeze made my nipples even harder. You could clearly see them through the thin bra and t-shirt. I giggled as I put the canteen down. My hands cupped the sides of my breasts and pushed them together, as I looked up and saw the hunger in his eyes. I slowly moved my hands down to the bottom of the t-shirt and began to pull it over my head.

I threw it at him playfully, but there was nothing playful in his eyes. All I could see was pure animal lust. I threw my head back and a lusty laugh escaped from my lips. My hands moved down over my breasts and moved to the center, where I unhooked the bra. As I peeled the wet material from my nipples, I could see him begin to move.

"Uh-uh", I whispered. "You just sit back and watch".

My hands moved down my stomach to the button on my little beige hiking shorts. My knees were bent and slightly apart. My right hand moved down over the material between my legs. I could feel myself getting wet. My hand traced a path down my thigh and inside the pant leg. I could feel the wetness from my pussy, but I didn't want to keep it all to myself. I unbuttoned the shorts and slipped my hand down over my thong and slowly, methodically, rhythmically I began to stroke myself through the cotton material. I could feel the wetness begin to soak the thong, so I put my hand up to my face and licked it for my husband. I looked over to see him kneading his rock hard cock through his jeans. I asked him to take them off. He began to unbutton the button fly jeans and I could see it bulging against his briefs.

I called his attention back to me by lifting my hips and slowly peeling my shorts from my body. I still had my hiking boots on. My husband had a perfect view of the area between my legs. I'm sure he could see the wetness spreading. I slid my right hand back down and moved my fingers down the inside of my thong. He watched me as I rubbed my clit. Using my index finger and my ring finger to pull the lips of my pussy apart, my middle fingers caressed my clit. I lay my head back, smiled and commanded that he watch, but he was not allowed to touch himself. I could feel my breath becoming shallow now. My knees were beginning to move and open up even wider apart. I was really getting into this! I could feel myself building up as I began to move my finger faster, then slipped it inside.

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