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The Erotica Show in London was as usual one of the highlights of our calendar. Every year Erotica gathers together artists and exhibitors from the biggest names in the industry, selling and showing lingerie, films, toys, magazines, something to suit everyone’s desires. We went down to London by car, Jayne looking great in her PVC mini-dress and high heels, setting off her petite figure and mass of natural red hair perfectly. Both of us were as always excited by the event and got there late afternoon with the event in full swing, the place packed as we ambled around the stalls full of fetish gear, pornography etc.

We spent a couple of hours just wandering, Jayne loved the clothes and as usual had her eye on some more sexy clothes for when we go to swingers clubs, one see through lace number particularly taking her fancy. Separate from the clothes and fetish stalls was a video centre, a number of retailers set up selling hard core porn dvd’s and videos. We wandered into this area and into a shop set up as several viewing booths, specifically selling hard-core porn videos, showing them on wide screen TVs in the several very crowded viewing booths. We saw a film about to start and moved in closer, people crowding in behind us to watch. Jayne and I just stood for a while watching as the gangbang video started, the flimsy plot being a woman who was being encouraged by her "husband" to dance and “entertain his friends". The scene shifted as the couple walked into the room where 5 other men were all sitting.

Jayne’s eyes were glued to the screen, she whispered, "Is she going to fuck them all?"

I heard Jayne gasp a little as the woman in the screen stripped and began to suck and fuck the five guys in the room.

“Just our sort of scene love?” I said quietly, “You like the film?”

“Enjoying the feeling up I am getting too,” she whispered back.

I glanced down and saw a forty’ish guy close behind my wife, his hand gently stroking her PVC clad bum. Jayne smiled at me and backed herself a little, so that her bum was now grinding against this strangers pelvis as we stood watching the porn. Jayne carried on gently grinding into his crotch as he stood behind her first holding her hips and then slowly letting his hand wander under the hem of her mini dress. I was just pleased that she was so relaxed and simply enjoyed the moment.

“You ok?” I whispered.

“Mm! Enjoying it,” she replied kissing me gently.

Seeing her looking ok with the situation another guy moved in beside Jayne, I noticed her squirming a little obviously enjoying the feel of a hard on against her bum as the other guy dropped his hand to her side and started to trace the outside of her thigh lightly until his hand began caressing her thigh above her exposed stocking tops.

"Do you mind?" he asked, followed by "You are a sexy woman."

She clearly didn't mind two complete strangers feeling her, Jayne just moaned quietly as they squeezed her between them and let their hands wander over her body. A hand slipped inside her thong and he started to finger her holding her with his other arm, she leaned back against the other man and let this stranger completely have her pussy with his fingers.

"You like that, don't you little slut?" I said. "You like letting a stranger finger you in front of your husband."

"Oh god, yes." was all she could manage.

The film reached its climax with the “wife” finally covered in spunk from all the guys.

“She looks good, well certainly looks well fucked,” you said smiling.

“Maybe you a little later I think.” I said.

When the scene in the film finally ended the booth began to quickly empty, Jayne looked at me with lust filled eyes and brushed her hand across my cock.

Then Jayne tugged at my hand and pulled us around and out of the booth giving the two men a quick smile as we walked away and she tugged her dress back down.

“Enjoy that?” I said giggling.

“Too true, I am soaked. I think you enjoyed it too!” She said looking down at the bulge in the front of my trousers. “Can we go and have a drink now Gary.”

We headed back to the bar. Despite stopping for a couple of drinks through the afternoon and sitting watching an excellent stage show we were starting to feel weary but I noticed Jayne had a glint in her eye obviously as horny as I felt too.

“Good time honey?” I asked as I noticed her looking across to one of the fetish clothes stalls.

“Love it as always, especially the clothes. I would like another look around the fetish stall over there,” Jayne said pointing to one of the larger stands.

Finishing our drinks we wandered over and I pulled the outfit that she had seen before from the rails, a tiny dress in see through black lace material.

“Come and try this outfit on I have picked out for you." As she brushed by me I added softly so only she could hear. "This is for you my whore wife." I whispered.

It took Jayne a little time to try on the outfit, she finally came out of the changing
room and she looked lovely, the dress quite transparent showing she was wearing just a tiny thong and black hold ups.

“That looks lovely,” a deep voice beside me said. I saw you look and smile that glint in your eye again!

“Thank you,” Jayne replied softly to the young tall, young black guy standing beside me as he openly leered at my wife.

“Well I think I should treat you to that dress darling with compliments like that!” I said.

“My names John and we do like to look after our customers. As an added incentive we have a small get together in the hotel where we are staying for after show drinks and party fun for friends and select customers. Will you join us?” He said handing Jayne an invite.

“Love to!” Jayne said taking the card and holding onto John’s hand. “I like the sound of some drinks and fun later.”

We walked around more of the exhibition, watched the stage show again and as the show was about to close got our coats and went outside.

“Well, what do you fancy next? No rush to go home.” I said.

Jayne was still wearing her new see through lace dress, but with a coat over the top to keep out the cold October wind. Despite the cold Jayne was still very horny still and said to me, "I have to be honest I fancy some drinks at that party? I quite fancy seeing John again.”

“Mm! Thought you did, you’re feeling really horny aren’t you?”

“You could watch me with his big cock. Do you think you could handle it?"

"Mm! I fancy that my little slut, maybe we could have some fun in his hotel."

So that’s how we found ourselves walking into the reception area of a hotel just across the road from the show with John’s invitation in our hand. As we stood for a moment getting our bearings a voice called out to us.

"Hey, Gary and Jayne." His voice made us both jump a little, as we walked into the bar where music was playing.

"Oh. Er, sorry. Hi John," Jayne said. "Sorry, didn't see you there!" She said her voice quivering with nervousness and excitement. For a moment before I shook hands with John I looked him up and down quickly, six foot two of lean, muscled body.

"You two look like you're in another world," he laughed.

John quickly bought us some drinks, I notice ordering you a double! Over the next 15/20 minutes we chatted and I saw John leering at my wife as we exchanged stories about our swinging fun, the talk was really turning us on. John ordered more drinks and I notice Jayne gulping down another double for some courage but clearly she was well up for some real fun. The conversation was fun and the atmosphere good as more people joined the impromptu party and danced to the music.

“I love this song,” Jayne said.

“You want to dance?” John replied.

I saw Jayne nod and his hand reach out to grasp her outstretched fingers. They rose and walked slowly to the dance floor hand in hand. Jayne looked at me as she went past, smiled and mouthed "I Love You" and she and her John went to dance.

I took the opportunity to get another drink and stood as at the bar as they disappeared into the throng on the dancefloor. He held her by the hips from behind and seemed to thrust his crotch against her ass as he moved in time to the rhythm, it seemed so natural as she spun around and slipped her arms around him and fell into the rhythm of the dance his hands gently massaging the small of her back pulling her closer to him. I watched transfixed, she looked so fucking hot dancing in front of me being a real slut rubbing herself into John’s groin. Her eyes were closed and I saw the passion on her face as he began to grind into her. Jayne lifted her head to Mike accepting a deep lewd kiss from him as he grabbed her bum with one hand and her breast with the other; she reached back, pawing at the bulge in his trousers. I was a little bit surprised at her actions but it had been a horny day, but I was not surprised at myself for getting really turned on by it! But then the music stopped, John broke off his kiss and began saying something to her as they wandered back over and sat at the table.

John said to me, “You have a beautiful sexy wife. You are very lucky.”

I leant over to Jayne and whispered quietly, “Why don’t you fuck John tonight? I know he wants to fuck you; his hands were all over you. I’m surprised he didn’t try to fuck you right on the dance floor.”

For a second Jayne just closed her eyes and let out a little moan and then leaned over to John, "Can I tell you a secret?" Jayne said.

Without waiting for his response, she leaned over and whispered something in John's ear that made him sit up straight and look at me smiling widely.

"What did you say to get him so excited?" I asked

"I just said I want his cock! I want him to fuck me like a slut."

"I would love to treat you to that Jayne," John said rising from his chair and kissing her on the cheek. "I have a room here, please come up to the room, both of you."

We both sat silently for a moment and Jayne smiled nervously at me as John rose from his chair and then bent down and kissed her cheek holding her hand. I looked at her hand trembling and I could see goose pimples on the skin. She sat for a moment and then gulped her drink down, "Come on then, where's your room John?" She said as she stood up holding onto to John. We all walked silently along a corridor until we stood outside John’s room, which he very promptly opened and we followed him into the small room, which was nicely furnished, a huge double bed the centrepiece. John sat down on the bed and looked lustfully at Jayne as she grabbed me by the hand and held me close.

She nodded, hugging me and then pulling back said, “I’ve been looking forward to a fuck all day.”

“Are you ready, lover?” I asked, circling Jayne in my arms and kissing her head.

"I love you very much. But I want to fuck John, you can watch, but that's it."

"I have to be honest, I love watching you getting fucked. Seeing you being fucked by John will be the highlight of my day," I replied. "I love you very much and you fucking another man while I watch really turns me on."

We had over the years had shared our bed with other people and I had always been an active participant but tonight was to be different, Jayne had a fantasy of me watching her with another man and I was completely turned on by it.

Jayne walked to John and began to rub his groin, she undid his zip and slid her hand in, all the time grinning up at him, “You want to fuck?” John nodded, “You want to fuck me on the bed?” He carried on nodding.

“I just want to freshen up,” Jayne said turning into the bathroom and locking the door.

“I suggest you get straight down to it when she comes out of the bathroom so she doesn’t have time to change her mind.” I said quietly to John.

“No problem man,” John said as he began to undress.

He undressed completely and stood at the foot of the bed. I knew Jayne would enjoy him, his body was lean and fit without an ounce of fat, his arms and legs thick and muscular, his cock was big and hung down onto his thigh.

"Guess you'd like to watch her be fucked, huh?" John said quietly to me as I sat in a chair beside the bed.

“Yes I would.” I replied listening, as the bathroom door was unlocked and Jayne emerged looking stunning, naked except for a black sparkly bra, matching thong and high heels.

"How do I look?"

"Now that’s more like it,” John said and gave his huge cock a few strokes.

Any doubts I had that she was up for this were dispelled; she was ready for this right now as she stared down at his cock, her mouth open as she licked her lips.

John laughed and said "You like that babe?"

"Mm! I do, very much. Big and hard."

"It'll get bigger and harder if you stroke it."

Without looking at me she crossed the room, put her arms round his neck, then kissed him with a long lingering kiss until after a couple of minutes they came up for air.

"I want you to suck my cock. On your knees to me and suck me."

My wife slowly knelt before him face to face with his big black cock. She just looked at it for a few moments, then licked her lips and dipped her head and wrapped her soft red lips around his semi erect cock. As I looked on, I saw her move forward and take the head and half the shaft into her mouth as John's hands grabbed her thick ginger hair and he threw his head back with a loud groan. I watched her face as the now huge, hard black cock descended a few more inches into her mouth. Jayne’s eyes were tightly shut in ecstasy as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked the large cock, and he began to fuck her mouth. My wife was giving this black man the blowjob of a lifetime; I was developing an almost painful hard on as I watched up close.

"Oh yeah baby, suck it. You're so fucking horny." She just grunted a response.

As Jayne sucked his cock John reached down and undid her bra strap, exposing her hard and pink nipples. My wife looked so petite kneeling against John’s huge frame as she slid her lips deep down his cock and held onto to the his hips letting him literally fuck her face. His large black hands held onto her long ginger hair to keep his knees from buckling under him.

"Your wife really has a sweet mouth man."

“Come on babe, on the bed before you make me cum in your mouth. I want some of that sweet pussy first!” John said.

Jayne stood up and I sat forward in the chair as she looked across to me and spoke, "do you mind if he fucks me? I've dreamt of fucking like this for a long time. I want his big black cock inside me."

"You're all worked up and randy as hell. Go for it, be my slut!"

Jayne slipped her thong down her thighs and lay back on the bed naked, legs apart her cunt glistening as John clambered up on the bed.

"Oh yea baby, that's it. I love your ginger pussy."

John started to rub the inside of Jayne's legs and dipped his head between my lovely wife’s thighs. There was no turning back now as John parted her legs and began to suck her cunt. She opened her legs further, wrapping her thighs around his neck as I watched him slide two fingers deep inside and begin working them in and out. The bed creaked as I sat near to watch the action. John buried his face in her sweet pussy; her face was a picture as he ate her. John lapped away at her pussy making Jayne moan and writhe. My cock was aching now, all I wanted to see now was my wife getting fucked and fucked hard by this man. I couldn’t resist the urge to undo my zip and stroke myself.

I leaned over and kissed her gently. “You ok lover? John is going to fuck you in a minute while I watch!” I whispered in her ear.

After I said it, Jayne started to shudder and cry out, hers fingers clutched at the mattress, her toes curled and her whole body spasmed in a mighty orgasm. She let out a shriek only partially muffled by my kisses and almost wheezed as she fought to catch her breath. As I watched, my breathing heavy, I had to touch my cock before it burst. I undid my trousers and slowly massaged my cock making myself harder.

I sat back in the chair as she composed herself as her orgasm subsided and John knelt between her legs. I saw the lust in her eyes and knew what she wanted next. She didn't look the least bit uncomfortable laying naked on the bed as John stood over her slowly stroking his big black cock.

"I'm going to fuck you now, you horny white slut, while your husband watches, is that what you want?" John asked.

"Fuck me," I heard you murmur.

"Spread your legs and take a deep breath. I'm going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut," John said as he rolled on a condom looking down at Jayne. He grinned as Jayne raised her knees and exposed her sopping cunt, kneeling between my wife’s thighs he started wanking his big black cock slowly pointing the knob at her dripping pussy, she stared at him hypnotised as his big cock moved ever closer.

"I’m gonna fuck you Jayne, put my black cock in your white pussy and fuck you."

"Oh yes, I want to." Jayne told him as he started to ease between her wide-open thighs, I saw his huge cock rub against her wet slit, and begin to disappear inch by inch into her gaping cunt. Her eyes opened wide and she threw her head back as he entered her, making Jayne moan as he penetrated her. He gripped her hips and rammed his big black cock deep inside Jayne's pussy; she let out a loud groan and began to push back against him. He had his hands on both sides of her hips ramming his black cock in and out; it was so sexy to see the contrast of their skin. His cock slammed deep into her pussy again, the force of his fucking intense. I watched as his hands grabbed her thick red hair, pulling her head around so our eyes locked as he fucked her, his cock, pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Hold your husbands hand while I fuck you," John said in a very domineering way. "Keep looking at your husband, turn him on by letting him see you cum." She opened her eyes and looked directly at me, and my hand on my cock.

He was fucking her now with long slow thrusts, slapping his balls against her bum every time he thrust fully, her hair was turning wet with sweat and she moved her hips in time with his. John's hands went to her breasts and I could see her soft flesh move as his dark fingers compressed them, the contrast in colour between her breasts and his hands so sexy.

"Yeah, fuck me harder! Fuck me!"

I saw Jayne’s eyes locked on my hand pumping steadily, she has always had a fascination for men wanking, and I stood and slowly moved closer until her lips were just inches away from my cock.

"Mm! You love my black cock don't ya Jayne? Slut! Fucking me with him watching."

John was pumping my little wife faster and deeper, both of them breaking out in beads of sweat. His black cock was pumping in and out of Jayne's pussy; I was so turned on by my normally prim wife behaving like a slut, Jayne smiled up at me as John thrust his hips forward.

"You're wife's got a real hot little pussy, see how she loves to take black cock?"

My throat was dry and all I would do was stare as her back began to arch, his black cock disappearing into my wife’s cunt.

"Kneel up, get on your knees Jayne." John said as you obediently got on all fours. I noticed you rubbing your pussy; I slid down near your and stroked your back before whispering in your ear, "You enjoying this? You like being filled with a strangers cock?"

“Mm! I love it and love watching you wank too.”

John moved closer and started to tease her pussy with his cock, he started to ease it inside, making her moan as he penetrated her slowly.

"Okay, it's time you got fucked!" He gripped her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her sopping cunt; she let out a loud groan and began to push back against him.

"Oh yes, just like that." I heard her whisper as she began using her free hand to rub her clit and as she did her whole body quivered for a moment with a moan. She was groaning loudly and closed her eyes as she started to cum, she tensed and I realised she was cumming, big style, she started to shudder and cry out and her whole body spasmed in a mighty orgasm.

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