Escapades of Eva Christmas 2008 Ch. 02


She began to cry out, "Please may I cum? Please someone, please!"

"Cum" she heard, and she released a hot flood of cum as her spasms shook her cunt hard and long as she felt his hot slick jism filling her hole.

Just as she was starting to catch her breathe another thick cock slammed quickly into her empty cunt filling her and pounding her with renewed vigor. Strong hands grabbed her hips and plunged into her again and again. This one alternated between slow quick thrusts and deep hard pounding. He would tickle her for a moment with a soft gentle push in and out, in and out. Then he would plunge deep into her soft cunt with intense concentrated power, pounding her yet again.

Without waiting for her to ask, she felt him bend over her and he growled into her ear as he rammed her, "Cum Bitch!" And once again she let a flood of cum erupt from inside her at the same time that she felt herself filled with the little man's steaming spunk.

"Hurry Buddy," she heard as she felt the softening cock pulled away and another rock hard penis slam into her again. She could not believe how hot she was already and she began to hump back onto another amazingly hard cock. This one was not as thick but it was longer and the hard man meat reached further into her giving her more of the delightful luscious powerful cock that was drilling her over and over.

Once more she felt her cunt begin to tense and she begged, "Please sir, may I cum? Please?" She felt the small man lean further up over her and as he grabbed her hips he drilled his incredible cock down deeper hard and fast into her tight little cunt. She almost lost her breath, as he demanded, "Cum now slut." She came over and over as he fucked harder and harder.

"Cum again," he snapped as he began to slap her ass as he fucked her in and out, again and again, jamming her pussy full of hard cock. And, just as she thought she could not cum any more he growled, "Cum again." Then the hottest wettest cum spilled out of her slit again and again until she collapsed in exhaustion just as he filled her with his own steaming cum.

Cher's energy was so spent that she could not move, and as if the little man who had just fucked her read her mind he pulled his softening cock our of her cunt and she felt a soft warm velveteen blanket gently pulled over her cold naked body. "Sleep for a while little one," she heard and she let herself drift into a warm comfortable slumber.

The next thing she knew those hands awakening her were taking her down from the carousel and carrying her into the fenced area of the House of Santa once again. As she brought herself fully awake she looked around to see if her Sir was back with her yet but could not see him. She felt so forlorn because she had looked forward so much to spending this Christmas Eve with her beloved Sir and once again she was with strangers.

But she didn't have long to miss her Sir when she was shocked again by a most unusual event. The little elves that had carried her to Santa's throne were still holding her in their strong hands. There was one holding each of her legs and arms on their shoulders as Santa stood up and moved between her legs. She was held so tightly that she could not squirm or move away at all as his fingers began to probe and prod her well-fucked cunt.

"Did you save some for me Pet?"

Suddenly she was startled out of her private thoughts as her mouth fell open. No one but her Sir called her Pet like that. She looked closer at his face but it was the same Santa that had left her earlier. She was so shocked that she could not even answer.

"I am sure ready for some of you my girl," he said.

"Sir?" she gasped.

But without another word the tall man who she believed to be Santa pulled his hard cock and balls out of his pants and he took a step forward and rammed his big steel hard rod right into her helpless cunt. While the elves held her tight he pummeled her in mid air and slammed his hard cock into her cunt as he fucked and fucked, over and over. She was crying and squealing in lust for the heavy thrusts of his meat hammering in and out of her hungry cunt.

He drove hard into her quivering pussy. He slammed in and out against her clit at the same time that he plunged into her tight snatch with the quick driving force of his rock hard cock. He shook her to her very core bringing her to an orgasmic frenzy. He was fucking her so hard that it made her titties and her belly shake and shudder under his drilling pistoning shaft.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" was all she could say.

As Santa slammed into her yet again he shouted "Cum Now!" and the power of his thrusts brought on a series of powerful rolling orgasms.

Quickly, he pulled out of her and sat down. "Put her down," he said to the elves. And when they sat her on her feet he said, "Turn around Pet. I want to fuck that tight little ass."

And as she turned and placed her hands on the arms of the throne she wondered all of a sudden if it really was whom she thought she was with as he guided his stiff cock to the opening of her tiny little asshole. But her mind just could not accept the possibility as she leaned back toward his magnificent cock.

One of the elves ran to him with a jar of lubrication and he put a glob of it in her ass with his finger. He wiggled his finger around and around and when he grabbed her hips he said, "Now Pet, take the whole thing all the way in your tight ass. I need to fuck that that sweet little hole as soon as possible?"

Cher lowered herself slowly onto his huge hard dick. She bounced up and down as carefully as she could until she had worked the lubrication throughout her asshole. Then when she set up a rhythmic motion she felt Santa grab her in the intensity of his urge and with a hand on each of her hips he began to help pull her up and down on his cock until he was thrusting into her just as hard and fast as she was taking him into her ass.

She felt the beginning spasms of the wonderful orgasm that only came with having her ass fucked hard and as she let her head fall back in the throes of pure animal lust she let an animalistic growl escape her throat as she bounced harder and harder taking him further and further into her tight asshole. Suddenly she went wild with lust.

Bouncing harder up and down, up and down, she took his cock all the way into her ass with all her strength and weight. And then she begged, "Oh Sir fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me, please, please fuck me."

Unexpectedly, she felt an incredible surge of energy gathering around the entire Christmas carnival and the House of Santa. She knew instinctively that the combined power of the Masters and slaves was about to culminate. She could feel it flow into and around her as tangibly as the cock that was reaming her asshole.

The sensations in her ass hit her cunt as well and she let out a howl as she heard her Sir's voice say, "I told you this big ole fucker would have that little asshole again didn't I Pet? CUM NOW!" and the hot cum flowed like a river from her cunt as it ran down her pussy and washed over her Sir's balls as she took his cock as hard as she could into her tight little asshole one last time and then she felt his hot juices fill her back up and flow out of her ass, mixing with her own cum.

He wrapped his strong arms around her waist then and pumped one last stream of hot cum into her ass. At that moment she heard what she knew were the cries and moans of everyone in this BDSM winter wonderland as they all came at the same time in one magnificent amazing orgasm. And then as her climax ended and Santa's cock softened inside her she leaned back against him in exhaustion. He held her close and she leaned her face against his soft cheek.

Abruptly she sat up straight and her eyes popped open. Who was this who had just fucked her ass? She had seen it was Santa, but it was Sir David's voice she heard calling her his Pet. She jumped and turned around quickly only to come face to face with her own wonderful Sir holding her on his bare lap as his soft spent cock slipped out of her ass. And he was once more dressed in his green and brown elf costume.

Her mouth dropped open once again and all she could say as she shook her head in disbelief was, "Sirrrr???"

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" he howled with glee, "How many times do I have to tell you to be careful what you ask for my silly little slave? Then he wrapped her in his arms and as he held her tight he gave her a long tender lingering kiss. He laughed once more and held her to him just as she shook her head again and quietly passed out.

Merry Christmas Sir!


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