Escape From the Harem


Miss Jenny began to writhe her hips and moan, obviously enjoying Mr. Cecil's member. In time her moans turned to screams and those grew louder and more piercing until they became a sustained wail. Mr. Cecil grunted and tensed up too as Miss Jenny gave a final low, throaty moan of pleasure. He withdrew his cock and it shot loads of spunk onto Miss Jenny's belly. The site of the quivering penis drove Mary to an intense arousal. As his penis, which had looked so fierce before, grew limp and lifeless, (though Mary still thought it was beautiful) he lay down and they couple lay still entwined in one another's arms. As quietly as she could she slipped away to her bed and, when safely beneath the covers, her hand snaked down to her drenched sex. She replayed the scene in her mind pretending that she was Miss Jenny and Mr. Cecil's big tool was plowing into her. It was marvelous. She would not dare try to steal Mr. Cecil away from Miss Jenny but she sometimes wished she could borrow his cock for an evening. Thinking that her orgasm swept over her like a wave and she had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out. Exhausted and satisfied she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4.

Miriam's chambers were much less opulent than those of the Sultan. She had a feather bed, a brass vanity and a simple kilim on the floor. The walls and floor were covered with a pale green tile. Miriam had tried to keep it cheerful with a branch laden with orange blossoms strewn across the vanity. Despite her efforts it seemed plain, but only the Sultan's wives had more elegant chambers. Miriam was a favored concubine; though not in name, that the title "Favored Concubine" was reserved for women who bore the Sultan sons and, despite her best efforts, Miriam had not become pregnant yet. Still, she clearly enjoyed the Sultan's favor. She even had her own odalisque, a Greek girl named Artemis.

Artemis was busy polishing Miriam's jewelry when she walked in. Artemis was a lovely girl on the first flush of womanhood. Her hair was thick and black and naturally spilled down in coils. Her eyes were rich and brown. Her body had recently developed its womanly curves. Her breasts were ill disguised by the heavy garb of her servant's dress. Miriam could well imagine the flare of her hips and even felt a slight pang of jealously course through her.

"Good evening, mistress," Artemis smiled and stood up deferentially from the stool of the vanity, allowing Miriam to sit down. As Miriam did so Artemis took a comb and began to brush Miriam's hair.

"How was your evening, mistress?" asked Artemis.

"Poor, I had high hopes but the Sultan left me unsatisfied," said Miriam as she pouted.

Artemis was taken aback by the statement. She had a young girl's romantic notions and imagined every minute spent together by lovers to be perfect. "How is it that you can be unsatisfied? You were just with the Sultan?"

"I don't mean I'm unhappy, I mean... well," Miriam reflected that there was no harm in telling her troubles to an odalisque. "The Sultan summons me because he enjoys the way I take his manhood into my mouth.

"You are renown in the harem for that. The other concubines say your behavior is shameful, though I think they are just jealous. To me it sounds wonderful," said Artemis with a smile.

"Oh it is," said Artemis, glad that her skill was the cause of envy among so many, "But lately he does not reciprocate."

"I see and by 'Reciprocate' you mean he does not take your womanhood into his mouth?"

"What? No, of course not." Miriam was shocked at the suggestion. "He's the sultan; such an act would be beneath his dignity."

"Oh, I am truly sorry for my ignorance," said Artemis. She felt deeply ashamed.

"It's okay, what I meant was that the Sultan does not take me in the natural way in intercourse. Sucking him makes me feel excited, but without a means of relieving that I feel frustrated."

"I feel that way sometimes too, mistress. If I may confide in you, sometimes when I see the Sultan or daydream about the eunuchs I feel funny. I know eunuchs cannot function as men, but some of them are so handsome."

"What do you do?"

"Well," Artemis blushed, "It does make me ashamed to admit it, but I use my hand and rub myself down there."

"Oh," said Miriam sorry that she had asked.

"I know that it is wrong, and I do not blame you for not approving, but it does feel fantastic," continued Artemis.

"I'm not so sure," said Miriam.

"Would you like me to do it to you?" asked Artemis. "I would be most willing."

"No, I mean, you're a girl and I couldn't do that.

"That is true, I am sorry for suggesting it, mistress" said Artemis, and she went back to combing Miriam's hair. In the silence Miriam began to reflect on her own arousal and on what Artemis had said. She began to wish she had not been so hasty to dismiss her odalisque's suggestion. Sometimes pretended the Sultan was another man when he was deep in her; why couldn't she pretend her odalisque was the Sultan? It might be nice she thought and began to squirm in her chair with lust.

"Artemis?" she spoke, her voice was now dry.

"Yes mistress?" Artemis said.

"What if I closed my eyes and pretended that you were the Sultan? Would you take me with your fingers?"

"It would be my delight, mistress, what shall I do?"

"The sultan usually starts with kisses."

"Yes mistress," said Artemis. Her mistress closed her eyes tight.

Artemis had been brought to the harem later in life. When she was a young girl she had spied upon couples from the village who had snuck off to the fields to make love. She began, as many of the swains did with a tender kiss. To her delight she found that the kiss felt wonderful and she continued with bolder, more passionate kisses.

The effect was not entirely convincing to Miriam, for though she had an image of the Sultan in her mind Artemis's skin was so smooth and soft that it was impossible to think that it really was the Sultan. Still there was something nice in the girl's eager, almost puppyish enthusiasm and Miriam began to kiss her back in earnest. She felt her nipples began to harden and become even more so when she felt Artemis's small hands snake beneath her robes and cup her breasts.

Miriam's breasts were rich and full. Artemis marveled at their size; though, in truth, they were not much larger than her own. Artemis still thought of herself as a girl and positively reveled in Miriam's womanly breasts. The soft, resilient flesh topped with proud hard nipples was marvelous to the touch. She heard her mistress breath grow more rapid and Artemis began to descend, leaving a trail of kisses down Miriam's throat.

Miriam gasped as she felt her servant's mouth on her breasts. Artemis started with light, feathery kisses that grew to light biting, licking and sucking. She imagined this was the sultan, though the Sultan had never paid such careful attention to her. She felt the moisture in her most secret recesses.

Licking and sucking on another woman's nipples was marvelous, Artemis decided. She found herself becoming excited from her own efforts and, in part, wished she were a man so she could continue their session in the natural way. She was not, but she had seen other methods of bringing a woman to pleasure. To that end she unfastened the sash of her mistress's robe and slowly massaged her mistress's public mound with her hand, reveling in the strange touch of her nude, hairless sex. She slowly entered her canal with her index and her middle finger and found her mistress soaked and warm. She then found Miriam's clitoris with her thumb and began to massage that gently at fist as she moved her fingers in and out.

Miriam felt that the sensations were different than when the Sultan would take her. Miriam's fingers were small compared to his manhood, yet as she moved them in and out she felt wonderfully aroused and that final finger on her most sensitive button was indescribably. As Artemis continued to work on that Miriam felt her passion rise quickly. She no longer thought about the Sultan, but of Artemis and her rapid, puling digits. She began to moan, her senses driven the point of comprehension. She felt only Artemis; Artemis sweet tongue on her nipples, and Artemis's wonderful fingers upon her womanhood. Miriam began to moan and gasp as she felt the heat from immense fire building up within in her. Finally she began jerking her head from side to side as her body shuddered out an intense orgasm. She lay back content and spent from pleasure.

Artemis dutifully got up and grabbed a sponge and a bowl of water to wash away her mistress's perspiration.

"It's alright," said Miriam, lazily raising her hand to stop her. "Let me stay like this for a while. I enjoy lingering in the feeling of satisfaction."

"Yes, mistress," said Artemis.

"Would you like to sleep with me tonight, Artemis?"

"I would be delighted to do so, mistress," replied Artemis, her mistress's feather bed was much more comfortable than her own pallet. She got up to the bed and lay beside Miriam, who promptly kissed her on the cheek and snuggled up beside her.

Chapter 5.

Mary woke with a start to the sound of thunder. She sat bolt upright in her bed and looked about. She realized she was on Mr. Cecil's yacht and she cursed to herself. She hated storms at sea; they always left her feeling green. If it was not for the great love she had for her mistress she never would have left dry land. The boat wasn't tossing and there was no sound of wind, yet the rumblings repeated a number of times. More awake now, Mary realized it was not thunder that she heard; it was cannon fire. She heard the cannon answered by the lighter coughs of rifles directly above her and she realized there was a battle above.

She grabbed her robes and slippers and went to the main deck. There she found a scene of chaos. Mr. Cecil and the sailors were shooting at men on an approaching ship while Miss Jenny was loading rifles. The attackers must be pirates, Mary realized. The muzzle fire was blazing away, breaking the darkness with a blinding light. The other ship drew near; it was a schooner with three masts and a Jolly Rodger flag up top. It was rigged similar to Mr. Cecil's yacht, but it was much larger. Mary saw the swarthy faces of the many pirates aboard shining in the moonlight. She felt nothing but panic. She was paralyzed by fear. She wanted to help, to hide and to run away all at the same time, but her could not move. She knew Mr. Cecil was a crack shot and the rest of the crew seemed competent, but there were so many pirates. She saw them clearly as the other boat was parallel to them. They were just a few feet apart. Mary saw many men on her own ship get hit and slump over. The pirates too were falling, largely thanks to Mr. Cecil's shots. Mary felt a brief glimpse of hope but then Mr. Cecil was hit. Mary saw it and heard Miss Jenny scream. It seemed to occur slowly and in a distant haze. Mr. Cecil looked up and stumbled backwards and then fell into the ocean.

The pirates began to leap across the ships. Mary felt herself grabbed and dragged by one. She saw her mistress shoot one pirate then another with the rifle, and she continued to fire until she ran out of bullets. Miss Jenny was in a rage. She swore curses and invectives that Mary had never heard a high born lady yell. The pirates got close to her, but Miss Jenny didn't try to run or jump overboard, instead she battered everyone that came near her with the rifle butt. She clobbered a few men but then Mary saw the pirates overwhelm her mistress. She saw no more as she was being dragged below deck.

She was taken below deck into a tiny room; it wasn't much larger than a closet and was pitch black. Before being thrown in she had seen an elaborate lock at the door. A moment later she heard a series of clicks at the lock, the door was opened and Miss Jenny was thrown in by two burly men. The two women sat on opposite corners against the wall. The darkness was overwhelming. Mary dared not speak. She heard her mistress sobbing softly. As time wore on and she heard the pirates move about fear overwhelmed her until she couldn't keep still.

"Miss Jenny," she whispered, "Miss Jenny," she replied after she received no reply.

"I'm here, Mary," she said, suppressing a sob. "I'm right here."

"Are you hurt, Miss?"

"No, I'm fine. I'm quite alright."

"Oh, thank goodness, miss, with all these terrible things happening I didn't know what had become of you." A pause followed, "Miss Jenny, I'm sorry about Mr. Cecil."

"I know Mary. He was a good man. I wanted to spend my life with him. Now..." She let her voice trail off.

That concerned Mary, "What's to happen to us, Miss?"

"We'll have the fate of all women captives. We'll be sold to a brothel after the pirates weary of us."

"A brothel?" Mary was shocked, "Why the preacher would never forgive me and as for you, why they can't sell a fine lady like you to a brothel."

"They're pirates. Here on the seas there are no lords and ladies. To them all men are equal targets for plunder and all women are valued only for their sex."

Mary began to tremble and grew quiet.

"Saint Michael" exclaimed the red headed woman when she spied the mountain of gold on display. "Did you rob the queen of Sheba?"

The woman had full, pouty lips and wide curves at her hips and her bosom. Her eyes were bright green and her skin was normally pale, but had turned red in her time under the Mediterranean sun. She wore a green skirt, white blouse and a wide assortment of mismatched jewelry.

"Leave it be, Molly. That stuff's too good for a woman like you," replied the burly man.

"Is that a fact, Billy?" she said crossly as she put her hands on her hips. "Why I'll have you know my family was kings in the old days."

"Your whole bloody Island was kings in the old days."

Molly had paid him no mind and began to put on rings of gold and lapis lazuli.

"Saint Michael, what strange jewelry."

"I said leave it be," the man bellowed.

"And if I don't?" she replied not taking her eyes off the jewels. It was a mistake for he smacked her hard with the back of his hand knocking her to the ground. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Now you'll listen, won't you? So take the jewelry off or..." he balled his fist. Quick and frightened the woman obeyed.

"I'm sorry, Billy, I..."

"Yeah, you're sorry now," he said. Come up on deck, I want you to watch a demonstration."

Molly fought back tears as she climbed the stairs onto the deck. Bill followed her up. They had first met in Cadiz about a year ago. Molly's father was a soldier stationed in Gibraltar and Bill made no secret that he was a pirate. Molly had worked at an inn at the time. Her father, and his company, practically lived there and she made good money serving them. Bill walked in and all the barmaids immediately looked at him. He stood tall, had rugged good looks and had a swagger. The other women walked up to him, but her and Bill's eyes met. She felt struck as though by thunder and wanted to walk up to him. Before she could go the owner sent her to the back for a bucket of beer. She went and while back there she heard the door close behind her. Turning around she saw Billy in the lamp light. She felt her knees go weak. He kissed her thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth and he fished his hand down her blouse. Before she even knew what happened her breasts stood exposed. She had dropped the bucket of beer on the floor, not caring that the owner would yell at her, or that she would have to clean the mess, or anything else but the strong masculine hands about her and the rough, insistent mouth upon her breasts. He had deftly slid her skirt to the floor and dropped his pants giving Molly a view of his red, engorged cock. It was luscious, she thought as he began to nudge it against her nether parts. It was all too much for Molly and he gently helped her down into the puddle of beer; she didn't care she only wanted his thing inside her. He readily thrust it in, there was but a moment of soreness and she soon found herself in a state of bliss which lasted for what seemed like an eternity as orgasm after orgasm swept through her until she found herself on a sea of euphoria. She felt regret that it had ended when Billy erupted in her, but still she felt bliss as they lay together in a mixture of beer, sweat and their love juices.

"You're the finest wench I've ever laid," said Billy. "My ship pulls out tonight why don't you come with me?"

Oh to be that girl again, Molly thought, to have that moment again. She immediately agreed to run off. For nine months or so her life had been bliss. Piracy excited Billy. He'd take her roughly as many as four times in a single night after a raid, but now things had changed. He grew weary after raids and pushed her away, even when she tried to take him in her mouth.

Molly grew afraid when she saw the entire crew on deck. Bill, however, strode out like a fighting cock and greeted the men with a "Morning gents."

"Morning yourself, captain," replied Jack, the quartermaster. "Captain, I ain't never complained before, but last night we took us in some real morning glories. I ain't seen the likes of the blonde one never and the other one is plenty stacked. Now the boys and me did as you said and didn't molest them or nothing, but we've all been walking funny since seeing them. So when do we get our turns with them?"

"Use your head, man," replied Bill, "How much do you think a madam would pay for them after they've been pumped full of seadog spunk. They'd be worth less than Molly." He gestured towards her and the whole crew laughed. Molly grew redder.

"No you'll get your chance with the ladies soon enough and if she brings in what I think. You'll be able to afford the high class whores; but first we'd better check out the goods. Bring them up."

Two men disappeared and the captive women were brought on deck. Both were still in their night clothes. The shorter one had a long white robe and a night cap. She looked terribly frightened. The other one wore a thick Turkish robe. Even so she was like a queen.

"You," Billy pointed to the blonde. "I have a task for you." He unlaced his pants and pulled out his cock, displaying it to everyone. "I want you to bring me off in your mouth."

The woman's only acknowledgement of the obscene command was to raise her nose higher and sniff.

One of the men grabbed the cat-o-nine tails and walked towards her. Jenny looked at him coolly.

"Not her, man, whip the other one," said Billy.

Two men grabbed the other woman and turned her around. "Miss Jenny," the woman pleaded, "Don't let them do nothing awful to me."

"No," the blonde woman's eyes changed and now shone in terror. "I'll do as you ask."

The whip struck and cut through Mary's thin robe into her back. She yelped in pain and tears welled in her eyes.

"Now," said the captain, "Suck me off."

Jenny looked at Mary, and saw the terror in her eyes. She saw the whip was still raised up, and the man who held it was looking at their captain waiting for permission to strike another blow. Jenny knew what he wanted, what she had to do. She unfastened her robe and it slid off her shoulders forming a pool on the floor. Every pirate in the crew's eyes were fixed on her lithe frame, pert breasts, tight ass and the sparse blonde hair that did little to conceal her nether lips. She made a few graceful steps forward before falling on her knees and crawling like a cat to her prize. "This is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen," she said breathlessly.

It wasn't, of course, Cecil's organ was larger and much cleaner. It looked like it had been carved of ivory. Jenny had slyly peaked at many of her servant's cocks, but she had never seen one of them as lovely as Cecil's, certainly not this pirate's, but Jenny's mind wasn't in the present. She wasn't performing for a group of pirates, but was thinking of a night a long time ago in England.

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