tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEscaped Ch. 02

Escaped Ch. 02


The women were terrified when they heard the leader talk about selling them. And now they were in the back of a large van dressed in sweats and carrying some clothes to change into on the trip. The morning had rushed by as they were pushed and thrown about in a hurry to get them dressed and packed and into the van. The Asian men were smaller than the convicts but they looked very rough and mean. During the frenzied pace of the morning no one had come near them to use their bodies again.

Dee had pleaded with the convict leader not to allow them to be sold, but he ignored her as if she wasn't there. Before getting into the back of the van, the Asian man who had paid the money told them that if they made any noise or tried to escape that he would use his knife on them and nobody would ever be able to recognize them again. The trip took about 3 hours and it was hot in the back of the un-air conditioned truck. They each had a water bottle and there was no light as the worried and terrified women sat on the floor and held hands and spoke quietly about the situation they had found themselves in. Strangely enough none of them spoke a word about the other events of the evening before. It was as if the sexual orgy they had all participated in had been completely over shadowed by the way the night had ended. Even in their wildest imagination they could never have imagined that it would wind up with them being sold into slavery. They all also knew that the slavery was not to be cleaning and cooking and tending the fields. It would be sexual and they were to be their owner's whores. They had so many questions and so many fears as they rode in the back of the hot dark van.

Diane had noticed that the men had emptied the lingerie draws and also took black garbage bags full of shoes, dresses and gowns. It appeared that the clothing they wanted for these women was the best dress-up clothing they had. The girls always kept a lot of their clothing that wasn't everyday wear in their mother's home, so there was plenty to take and something that would fit just about anyone of the new slaves. The bathroom and hall closet full of cosmetics and lotions and shampoos was also stuffed into bags. In very quick time, the things the men wanted to take were loaded into the truck with the new captives.

When the truck finally came to a stop the women were thrown about by the sudden braking of the van. As they were groping around in the dark to get back to a sitting position, the back doors opened and the bright morning sun blazed into the stark van. They covered their eyes until they could adjust to the light and then they were led out of the white vehicle. They now saw that they were at dockside of the port and being pushed across a deserted open space between the warehouses and the large freighter that sat at the pier. The gang plank was really a set of metal stairs that were attached to the side of the large boat. The men pushed the women to the stairs and they began to climb. No words were exchanged among them and the Asian men did not say anything until they reached the ship's deck.

"You will be shown to your cabins now and will stay there until someone comes to let you out. There is no way to escape and the ship sails in 30 minutes," he said as the women were led below deck and to center cabins without windows. They were put inside, one per room, and then the rooms were locked from the outside. The rooms were very small with a small bathroom and shower and a fold out bunk and small dresser with a mirror above it.

Dee looked at her reflection and knew that the life of the person looking back from the mirror would never be the same. She was fearful and apprehensive, but at the same time she was curious about what this new life held for her. Her sexual encounters the night before had awakened a deep need inside of her and she knew that she was different in a very profound way. She also knew how much she had wanted and craved the sex and she wondered if this new feeling would help her withstand what was in store for her at her unknown destination. Thoughts of her daughters and her mother also being onboard the ship to be transported into this new life both comforted her and scared her. As so many things were going through her head she felt the engines roar to life and the ship started to move under her feet. She went to her bunk and stretched out and drifted off to sleep.

Hands were shaking her and Dee slowly was awakening from her rest. She looked up and saw a man dressed in a blue denim work shirt and blue jeans. He was very muscular and shook her by the shoulder as she regained consciousness.

"The Captain wants to see you but he first wants you to get out of the sweats and get into this robe," he told her as he pointed to a silk robe lying across the small dresser.

"Clean up and put the robe on and those shoes beside the dresser and I'll be back for you in 15 minutes," he said as his eyes looked over her body as if he were appraising a piece of meat. Then he left and she heard the door lock. Getting up she went in the small bathroom and washed up and found her cosmetic case. She put on some fresh makeup and fixed her hair before walking out to get the robe. It was very shiny and pink and Dee knew it would be very short. No other closes were available and she had no underwear or bra to put on so she just got into the robe and tied it snuggly around her and looked into the mirror. She was right about the length of the robe as it was about 4 inches below her pussy. She knew that if she sat down that there was no way to hide herself at all. But Dee had no choices and this was obviously the first day of her new journey and her new life.

The door opened again a few minutes later and she walked in front of the big sailor as he told her what walkway to take and which staircase. Climbing up 3 levels of stairs, she knew the burly sailor behind her had a wonderful view of her ass and pussy as she moved in front of him. For some reason it didn't bother her at all. In fact, it excited her. She was then told to walk out onto the ship's bridge where she saw two men in officer's uniforms. Both men were somewhat older but tall and in obviously very good shape.

"I brought your guest up here, sir, as you ordered," said the sailor. The Captain dismissed him with a returned salute and the wave of his hand. The man disappeared out the door and down the hallway.

"I asked that you be brought to me so I could go over the rules you will live by while you are at sea. The trip will take about 18 days and we will refuel once during the trip. I am the law on this ship and I need you to understand that when I give an order, it will be obeyed. You are considered property while on this ship and I am entrusted with the care of that property and its safe delivery. But as with all people who sail with me, they have their assigned jobs. Your job will be as I direct," he said forcefully, "Am I clear?"

"I never asked to be here Captain. I was taken against my will and want to be sent back to my home," Dee said with as much force and conviction as she could.

"This is not possible. You are here and will be here until you are safely delivered to your destination. There will be no debate. I give orders and you obey them. These are simple and easy to understand rules. Do you get what I am saying?" he glared back at her.

"Yes, I understand," Dee mumbled back.

"Good, now come over her and stand in front of me," he ordered.

Dee moved to about a foot in front of him and waited. He reached out and took the pink belt and undid the knot Dee had tied it with. With her hands down at her sides she watched him separate the fabric where it parted in the front and then push it back over her shoulders. The robe dropped to the floor and Dee was left standing in only her high heels and nothing else. His eyes were on her huge breasts and he reached out with both hands and began to touch them and pinch the nipples and squeeze them. Her nipples got hard immediately as he caressed her. She then felt someone move behind her and knew the other officer was closing in on her from behind. The Captain dropped his hands from her aroused tits and the first officer wrapped his arms around her and took hold of the huge tits. Dee moved her ass back until she felt the hard cock of the officer behind her press into her crack. The Captain moved closer and dropped a hand to her pussy and found the moist slit with his finger. He slowly moved it along the opening and teased her clit briefly as he worked on her.

"Open your legs," he said in a soft voice and looking down her shapely legs watched her high heels move to a wider stance. She was opened now and he put one finger up inside her and began to move it slowly in and out. His finger was rubbing over her swelling clit as he worked on her. Her body was their plaything as she responded to their talented hands. Overcome by her sexual desires, Dee took her arms and wrapped them around the Captains neck so she wouldn't stumble and fall from the erotic sensations that captured her body.

"Do you like being touched like this," the Captained asked her.

"Oh, yes, it feels so good," she moaned as he added a second finger inside her needy cunt.

Dee reached down and began to undo the Captains belt and then she pulled his zipper down. Her hand grabbed his hardening cock and she pulled it out and began to jerk it off. His pants dropped to the floor and he kicked them away. The first officer had his pants off and was bending her over toward the Captain as he probed her wet cunt lips with his hard cock. Taking her hips in his hands he forced himself deep into her as she bent further forward and took the Captain's hard dick into her mouth.

The officer was now speeding up his attack as Dee began to suck and stroke the Captain. Her moaning increased as she was being used so well by both men. Her ass moved back on the cock inside her as she forced more of the Captain down her throat. The Captain had a tight grip on her hair and was now using it to move her head back and forth. Dee could feel her orgasm approaching as the first officer was pounding her cunt harder. Each stoke ended with the loud slapping of his hips on her willing and shapely ass.

"Pull it out and put it in her ass," the Captain told his officer. Dee tried to protest. She was so close to cumming that she wanted him where he was just a little while longer. But the officer obeyed and pulled out and then pushed hard at her tight ass until it popped and allowed him to enter her. His cock was so wet that it acted as a lubricant as he forced it full length into her. Dee was in a sexual delirium as she rotated her ass on the cock in her. It hurt her and yet it felt so good. He began to pull out and saw in and out. The more he worked on her, the better it felt and Dee could feel the orgasm coming back. She sucked the Captain in a frenzy and he used her mouth like it was her primary sex organ.

"Pull her up so I can give this whore what she really needs," the Captain said. As the first officer pulled her upright with his hard dick deep in her ass, The Captain reached under her thighs and lifted her legs up and wide open. Moving closer, he pulled her until his cock was just below her dripping cunt and then shoved hard into her.

"Oh, fuck," she cried out, "it feels so good. Oh please, oh please, oh please," she chanted as the Captain and his first officer hit a steady pace with Dee captured between them and rocking back and forth on their cocks. She came almost at once but the orgasm kept rolling through her in waves of sexual pleasure.

"Fuck me, oh yea, fuck me good," she begged as they used her naked and wanton body. She moaned incoherently as they fucked her hard. She was riding the waves of orgasm that would not release her. This went on for some time as the men were building to their own hard climax. Dee could feel the cock in her ass begin to pulse and expand and then bath her with hot cum. Then the Captain fired his cum deep inside her contracting cunt and they both were grunting and pounding the sexy captive wedged between their bodies.

As Dee was slowly eased back down, she steadied herself of the stiletto heels and felt cum rushing down from her ass and cunt and flow onto her naked thighs. She loved the feeling of the warm liquid running out of her body and the relaxed sensation of the amazing double fucking she just experienced.

"The deck hand will take you back to your cabin now, but I think we may have additional assignments and orders for you later. Is that clear?" he asked looking her in the eye.

"Yes, Captain, I understand" she replied as she took her robe and walked back to the door of the bridge and exited while putting the garment back on. As she left, she saw the sailor waiting for her at the bottom of the flight of stairs below her. She cinched her belt loser than before and descended the metal steps knowing that as he looked up, he could see directly up her short hem and at her pouty pussy lips which were on full display. He made no secret about where he was looking and Dee looked at the way he lusted after her body. She followed him down the corridor to her cabin and as she passed one of the rooms she could hear her daughter Diane moaning and pleading with whoever was in the room with her. Dee stopped to listen outside the door.

"Oh, fuck yes, give me that big cock. Give it to me hard. Oh, fuck that's good," Diane cried out as her mother listened at the door. The sailor had stopped and walked back the few steps so he too could hear what was happening to Dee's daughter.

"I think she likes Mario's big cock," he said as his hands opened her silk robe and took her big tits and nipples into his skilled fingers. They were immediately hard and Dee was still very aroused from the hot sex she just had up on the bridge. The deck hand opened his jeans and pulled them down exposing his big hard cock. Dee reached forward and began to stroke him and watched as it got bigger and bigger.

"You need some more cock, don't you, slut," he said as Dee squatted down and began to suck him. Looking up she nodded to him as she sucked on the fat cock. Her big tits were hanging down and she felt the deck hand take them in his calloused grip and work the nipples.

"Oh, yes, that's it, fuck my ass baby. Fuck it with that big cock," she heard her daughter Diane scream as Dee sucked the sailors cock. She knew Diane was getting what she wanted and somewhere in her brain she wanted to watch it. Looking at the sailor she leaned back pulling his cock free.

"Let's go inside her cabin. Let me see what they are doing. Please let me see them," Dee begged as she continued to stroke his cock. She saw the man slowly smile down at her.

"You are a dirty whore aren't you? If you want to see your daughter getting fucked, baby, just open the door and walk in," he told her. Dee stood up and while still holding his cock in her hand she turned the knob on the cabin door and walked in. Her daughter Diane was on the floor in the middle of the small room with Mario standing behind her with his cock driving deep into her ass. Diane looked up at her with a sexual glaze in her eyes as the black sailor with the big cock worked her hard. He never let up his relentless pace as Dee and the other deck hand walked in.

"Get on your hands and knees in front of her so your daughter can watch me fuck her mother," he told her as she dropped to the floor and felt him positioning his cock behind her. She felt him move close and place his cock between her wet pussy lips and he then began to force into her open cunt. With just two or three short strokes he was able to move deep into her and start a constant and hard motion as he watched Mario and Diane and then looked back at Dee's upturned ass.

"Oh, yes, like that," Dee moaned as the pace quickened. She looked in front of her and her daughter was facing her and in the same position as Mario was deep in her ass. Dee saw the lust and need in her daughter. Her eyes were half closed and Dee knew she needed it just as much as she, herself, craved it. Those black convicts had awakened something in all these women and they all knew they would never be the same. She heard Mario say something and she looked up to watch him motion to the man behind her that he wanted to switch. Suddenly, both women were totally empty and the men walked around and without ceremony drove into the exposed ass of Diane and the well used cunt of Dee. Dee screamed a bit because of the added size of Mario who attacked her cunt with a fierceness she needed. Dee looked up as a soft hand was caressing her face and she saw Diane's blue eyes look directly into hers. With a slight move forward, Dee's lips met Diane's and they explored each other's mouth with wet probing tongues. The men watched them and began to move in a steady motion as they moved these sexually aroused women to a heightened sense of excitement. It was inevitable when they felt the men begin to cum which ignited their own orgasms as their lips stayed glued and hungry to each other. The moans were deep and they shared them with their lips and tongues as they came for these sailors. Pulling out of them, both men pulled their heads back and the women began to lick and suck their spent cocks and clean them for their captors. Dee was then pulled to her feet and out of the room and realized she was just 2 cabins away from Diane. As she entered her room she saw two other crew members enter Diane's room and she knew that her daughter was in for a very active day.

Each day they were served food in their cabins and it wasn't until the second week at sea that Dee saw her twins and her mother being pulled from their rooms and marched up the stairway to the Captain's quarters. She knew they were in for a full afternoon of continuous fucking as she had experienced on that first day and twice since then. Mario had told her that they loved using her mother because she screamed so loud and begged so much for their cocks. He said it was obvious where all the women in this family got their genes. Days went by and each day was like an orgy except she and her family were ushered from cabin to cabin to satisfy the men aboard the ship. Sometimes it was just one man and other time it was 3 or 4 of them taking their turns in her every hole.

One day as the Captain had just finished fucking her from behind, he pulled out and Dee immediately began sucking him clean as she was taught to do.

"We land in port tomorrow morning and I have clothing for you to wear when they come to pick you up," he said putting his dick back in his uniform pants.

"Where are we and what are they going to do to us?" She asked as she rose from the floor and put the pink robe around her.

"I am not 100% sure, but you are certain to be high class call girls for your owner. You are in Thailand and there is no way out," he told her.

"How did this happen? How did those men back in the states know enough to sell me and my family into sex slavery like this?" Dee couldn't understand how a group of just escaped convicts could make this happen so fast. The Captain started to laugh when she said this.

"You mean you don't really know? My poor deluded woman, you were not sold into slavery by your captives that night. They were working on orders from the men who commissioned your sale to my Thai clients. Those black men were simply working for the sellers," he smiled down at her.

"But if not those convicts, then who were the men who sold us," she asked with a stunned look on her face.

"But my dear, you must know that it was your husband and your son-in-law who have sold you," he said simply and with an ironic smile.

"My God," she gasped. "That rotten bastard sold me and his own kids to be whores? How could he do this to us? My God, this is incredible," she exclaimed in total disbelief. But she knew that this was true. She could see it in the eyes and the manner of the Captain. It was true.

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