Estate Debt Slaves


Mira liked the agreement and her new man and decided to fly back and sign off on her slavery contract. Other members of this new pride were not as fortunate. Gupta, the Pakistani beauty , ended up signing on with a master strictly into bdsm, without any desire for interaction save in his makeshift dungeon outside of Belfast. She and another debt slave already under contract to him were subjected to the whip almost every day. He even designed an ancient waterwheel where he would chain the two naked women, flogging them as they circled.

Though he remained within the bylaws of his contract, never really harming the women, he kept them in dire straits almost all the time, though they were well fed and cared for by his young docile wife who was allowed to speak to the women only when her husband was present. She never questioned him about his lack of interest in using the slaves in a direct sexual fashion other than to whip them and force them to labor. Some times he had intercourse in the dungeon with his wife while Gupta and her comrade were told to watch and masturbate each other as they stood over the fucking couple. After the master came inside his panting wife, he usually chose one or the other slave to tongue his unsatisfied wife to orgasm; otherwise, the slaves never were directly fondled or penetrated by him in any way.

Gupta's bankrupted husband felt ashamed of himself for subjecting her to such abuse for ninety days and nights; but, on the other hand, because she was a seasoned submissive, she received the highest bids within the new pride of salable slaves when on the block , fetching almost enough future funds for him to pay nearly a half of all this previous debts. Once she was returned to him, he swore he would make amends and never sell her off again, he prayed.

Mira finished signing the papers and was allowed, for the first time, to directly address the Estate's master, thanking him and board for giving this opportunity to begin again financially. She shook his hand and left for the airport in the estate's chauffer-driven SUV, a small GPS dildo tucked in her chastity and a little smile of accomplishment on her moistened lips. She crossed her legs in the backseat of the car and gently caressed her new gold chain adorning her right ankle. By tomorrow evening, she would be on her to way learning the ropes of her new existence, so to speak . She could not wait to be there, serving in her submissive role, working her way towards financial freedom.

Chapter Six

The standard debt slave contract was mutually self- serving: The purchaser would get the continuous service of his slave girl for the allotted time. She was always at his beckoned call. He could utilize her in any way stated in the document or otherwise. If a woman requested that certain sexual acts would not be in her repertoire before she signed, it was forbidden to her master to attempt to force her to perform those acts. Any breech of this section of the contract reported by her to the board via her confidential on line diary to the Estate master may result in a forfeiting of the owner's remaining slave service time and a payment of her debt to her credit regardless.

On the other hand, if she refused to perform any service at any time that was in the past consented to by her while in service to her master, he could report her lack of compliance to his wishes to the board at the Estate board and she might forfeit the remaining portion of funds that she was guaranteed after signing.

Attorneys on the estate's board of directors negotiated a compromise usually, perhaps trading off one whim or desire for another that both master and his slave could agree upon.

There was to be no permanent bodily modification of the slave while she was under contract. Tattooing, piercing or branding was forbidden, even if the female was in compliance at the time. If a slave already had these marks, they were surely documented in her resume video and by the weeks she spent nude and collared at the compound. This rule protected the Estate from being sued later by a woman who might change her mind about forever wearing a master's mark after her service is completed... Perspective suitors usually do not appreciate the initials of another male on his new girlfriend's ass cheek. However, using removable clips and clamps and tattoos on a submissive's body was well within the rights of her owner.

Most females were seen at private Estate functions adorned in gold or silver labia chains or rings, their present owner's initials or her registered slavery number inscribed. Certainly, nipple chains or bells also very common attire.

Any permanent bodily injury to the slave, of course, was the life-long responsibility of the property owner at the time of injury. He must pay for all subsequent damage, perhaps for the entire life span of his injured slave. The mission of the Estate is to create a positive and agreed upon contract benefiting both parties. They were not in the business of supplying unwilling slaves to sadists or the sexually deranged.

These members were hopefully weeded out long before they have any opportunity to act out. So far, in the nine years of its existence, the Estate and all its members, past and present debt slave girls as well as owners have had no major suits filed on the part of either the client or the provider of their exclusive service. Indeed, many former debt slaves recommend this quid pro quo to their girlfriends if the need arises to clear their financial debts. Word of mouth and the impeccable reputation of the organization and their board and its bankers are the only advertising needed on either side of the coin.

Some auctioned off slaves sometimes end up in polygamous holdings where the master or masters have a stable of women at their disposal, much like in the literary classic, The Story of O by Pauline Reage. Some slaves prefer this arrangement and state so in their application resume to the Estate. They like the fantasy, the multiple drama of several or more slaves serving at once, the comradeship of the coffle or slave chain line, the ability to be silent yet social with the others in the chateau, manor house or stable, with other women assisting them at their dressing and cosmetics, much like Las Vegas showgirls do for each other... sisters under the thumb with usually more than one male dominant to serve under.

Some females feared being exclusively with only one master, especially if his personality lent itself to social isolation or he resided in a remote part of the globe. His demands may fossilize quickly and become more rigid as the months transpire, as in the case of the graceful Pakistani Rana Gupta and her master who used her only as a labor slave to suffer under his whipping.

Every new applicant was a bit different from the last and the Estate entrance committee tried to please the woman as much as possible in her stated choices about how she was going to submit once graduated and was auctioned off. The committee always tried their best to honor any requests, especially major ones as no water sports or breath play. A content slave is a compliant slave, and this benefits all concerned...the slave, her owner and the investors at the Estate.

Men in different cultures may differ in their sexual proclivities, much like the food they may prefer or the beat of the music they may enjoy. The English may enjoy headmaster spanking fantasies, their 'students' cotton panties around the ankles. American men seem to lean towards big boob blondes and wet T-shirt contests. The Japanese fetish for intricate rope play goes back to the middle ages with woodcuts depicting comely geishas swinging half exposed from hand - tooled rafters while her lover or master lies below her and masturbates or whips her swaying breasts with a supple bamboo switch. Germans tend towards the more crass fetishes as rubber suits and water sports while Italian like ass play and cunninglingus.

Every Estate debt slave, after being purchased, was given a morning screening of various erotic films and explicit porn from the country to which she will be assigned. This was intended to decrease any sense of shock or disgust if her new master insisted on , say, pony girl play or regular spankings while in a diapers. The more information she had about her new master and his sexual culture, the easier it would be for the new submissive to adjust once she was kneeling naked before him with her contract in her pretty out stretched hands, awaiting his first demand.

Chapter seven

The arrival of a new slave woman in a poly amorous household might be greeted in several ways, both by her new master and the women already in his harem. Usually she was greeted with some fanfare by the others, primarily because the presence of new female flesh usually followed with the other submissives being less burdened with the sexual demands of their master, a master who may be tiring of bedding and being blown by the same bevy of beautiful , yet already conquered chattel. A new woman helped to relieve his possible boredom, making him less cruel or demanding on the others. The women also have a new helpmate and slave sister to clean and cook and with when the master isn't around. They may even help the new subbie with tips and tricks on how to serve their master well, how to open her legs and lips to him, what positions foster his quick ejaculation, thus saving her time and energy and much needed rest in pleasuring him with her orifices or fingers.

Sometimes the contrary may occur in the household. The present slaves are envious of the attention that is being bestowed on the fresh flesh of the perhaps younger newly arrived female. Perhaps the master has really been taken with her by a newly acquired sexual submissiveness and beauty, ignoring one or more of his slaves who enjoy his company, his touch and his discipline, the attention that they received when in his presence, lifting their breasts to him, awaiting his touch, his command, the feel of his stern yet at times pleasurable whip strokes upon their bodies, always followed by some sort of penetration and slave heat release.

Under these circumstances, the females may conspire to lead the new girl astray, giving her false information about the pleasures and peculiarities of their master and his expectations, even after the master himself demanded that they help the new beauty settle into her temporal role as slave girl in the house.

If the master were to become aware of this conspiracy and his loss of pleasure due to it, pity those submissives who were involved. The master may even hand over his bondage session to his new slave, having her devise various ways to punish some of the conspirators herself while the master looked on his from enormous bed as the ringleaders mouths were glued to his cock on both sides of his shaft and his whip was lashing at their exposed pussies and asses from behind. Usually, the new female blends in quickly. The other women accept her presence and the master is pleased to add another set of breasts, another pussy and behind to his holdings.

An incident such as the above happened to Fanta, the stunning Nigerian/English mulatto whose once wealthy family had urged her to enter debt slavery on their behalf after they invested their Nigerian petroleum based funds in futures and lost millions in the space of one week. Her brothers were casino gamblers and squanderers of the family future even before the stock margin fiasco. They pleaded with their twenty- four year old law student in London to help them before elements of the Russian mob broke all of their lazy limbs or threw them in the Thames.

Fanta acquiesced to her siblings pleas and applied to the Estate through a girlfriend for entrance into a three in month stint of debt slavery with an Arab Emirate pair of twin sisters who bought her via the Estate's website. They then traded her to their uncle in Dubai for their right to immigrate to Germany and live a free Western lifestyle without Sharia law looming over them every time they attempted to express their sexual urges. The uncle complied and added to long legged Nigerian to his household of various females and servants in Dubai, his first wife overseeing the females ranging from nineteen to thirty-five.

The first two months were awful for Fanta, a withdrawn virgin whose Estate price at auction was nearly three times higher due to her untouched status, at least in her hymen. She endured the Estate's training program, ranking well among those who trained her in receiving anal and oral pleasure, and for her soft spongy lips and long fat tongue whose muscles were developed early on as a choral singer in her country.

The usually blaisé Estate master never experienced a rimming any better than the one he received from Fanta the evening when he squatted in the middle of the open court assembly in the conference room and sat gingerly on the beautiful girl's face, she extending that tongue of hers and fluttering it so deftly that the master almost expended his load on contact. And when he was reviewing her dossier and noticed her virginal status, he immediately connected with the twins in Dubai, knowing the intrinsic value of such a female in their realm.

The other women in the Sheik's harem were not so impressed with the curvaceous black girl with the long tongue. They ostracized her almost upon arrival, mainly because she was central African, virginal and a great threat to all their unity as a pride of permanently conjugal slave girls. Fanta was only a debt slave. She would not be tattooed or branded and forced to bear male children. She would not be whipped if she didn't bear children. She would be pampered and held in high esteem until the Sheik decided to use her vagina. Until then, he would utilize that glorious tongue and puffy pair of nipples and lips to his and his guests' full advantage.

Fanta always was seen in a silver-plated chastity belt when outside her small quarters. Though her bubble-like ass was almost exposed save for a thin strip of silk covering her ass crack , no women in the quarter had ever seen her pussy. Even in the women's bathhouse, she was compelled to be belted. Rumor spread among the other concubines that she was circumcised like many African Moslem females at puberty. If she was, her price upon resale could even go higher, for many ignorant fundamental oil emirates prize a docile woman whom they know cannot feel clitoral pleasure. It is a sadistic thrill for this type of man to know that whatever thrills he may get from using to the woman, she will still not be aroused by his ministrations.

Some of the envious wives and slave girls prayed for a chance to punish the big-eyed, conically breasted African beauty. They hoped that in some way she would displease their doting master, perhaps by spilling some of his sperm after he shot on that tongue of hers or accidentally forgetting to prostrate herself fast enough when he entered her chambers and called upon her to spread her ebony ass for him while on her belly.

It never occurred.

Fanta was as virginal and compliant as the day she arrived. She spent her entire stay without ever being resold, perhaps because the sheik's asking price was too high, or perhaps because he could not bring herself to part with those oversized lips of hers. No one ever revealed if she was sexually mutilated or not. She left the household exactly on the ninetieth day of her arrival, strutting past her harem enemies in a new tailored business suit with matching heels, her head and ass held as high as ever.


When Mira arrived at her new master's luxury apartment at lakeside in Chicago, a jovial doorman gave her a coded door card to enter , already being warned of Dan's new house guest. When she entered, a computer screen message was staring at her from the entrance: "Welcome. Your quarters are in the third bedroom on the left. I hope you will enjoy the view and your temporary assignment. A voucher for your debt reduction has been wired to the Estate. Please adhere my requests (commands) completely while in your slavery to me and any guests I may offer your services to in the course of your stay. Make yourself at home. Champagne is in the bar fridge. "

Upon his king size bed was another note, shorter and to the point: "Remove everything except your collar and the high heels. When ready, stand against the plate glass window in the room and begin to rub your tits lightly against to pane glass, extending your tongue to lick the glass in front of you. Don't stop until you get four rings on your cell phone in your purse. Kiss and tongue the window as if were my penis or ass... I want to show my friends in the other high rise how submissive you will be to me while in my hands. Please begin."

The petite Latina, now naked, let down her voluminous black hair and it cascaded halfway down her backside, and as gracefully as possible climbed upon the interior ledge of the windows overlooking the lake and banking district. As told, she cupped the undersides of her small yet firm breasts and began to rub her dark brown nipple stems softly against the glass while making out with glass, kissing and tonguing it as if a rigid cock in front of her lovely face.

After several minutes, Mira began to wonder if anyone was really viewing this event at all. Were there men and perhaps other women observing this show? Why didn't the phone ring? Slowly, she began to lose her focus and enthusiasm for her new master's order and began to slow down her grinding the window glass almost to a halt. Just then, a whip stroke caught her ass and she jumped out of position while covering her soft olive-skin ass.

Daniel stood in front of her and she immediately regained her composure and fell to her knees and then to her belly, extending her arms and clearing away her curled tresses so that her leather collar was fully exposed to him.

Still fully dressed in business clothes, he silently tapped her on the back of her head and she rose to her knees and presented her breasts to him. Another tap and she unzipped his trousers as called for in his list of house rules that she memorized prior to arriving in Chicago. His cock was still quite soft, but she immediately began the tongue and kiss it rather loudly until it reared up in her face. Still without a word passed between the two, her new master grabbed both breasts in his large hands and squeezed them into position for a vigorous tit-fucking. Mira rubbed and moaned until his cum was spurting all into her hair, across her face and tits and dripping down her belly into her ringed navel.

After a moment to recuperate, she returned to her kneeling position and her master zipped up his pants.

"Welcome to your new life, Mira".

"Thank you, master," she replied, eyes down to the plush carpeting and cum soaked tits still being held up to him by her long slender fingers.

Daniel extended his hand and she rose to meet it. "Now I'll show you how to make a drink for me and properly serve it while I relax and read my paper.

The first half of Mira's slavery went exceedingly well... Daniel seemed to just adore his little pet and usually acted as if she were his fiancé rather than his indentured sex slave. He gave her an American Express expense card and told her to shop for elegant dresses and scanty lingerie as she wished. She loved the light in his lustful eyes every time she would greet him on her knees when he buzzed himself in at the lobby door. A skimpy lace bra with uplifting cups and a newly bought whip or sex toy always had him hard as soon as a open the door and saw her there in her welcoming position, hands over her head and knees spread to reveal her labia tag declaring her his sole possession. Many nights, he would take her right there, just unzipping his trousers and having her kiss his cock tip with her red lipstick marks showing all over his belly and thighs. He seemed to desire Mira as a lover would rather than a slave . Many times, he would fuck her face to face in missionary position, her ankles and slave chains locked over his strong backside as he pumped away caressing her raised ass cheeks with his strong hands. Their orgasms were at times mutual and explosive and Mira could not begin to thank her great fortune of finding such a master. She was in love.

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